iphone 5 Plans for Smart and Globe – Prepaid and Postpaid

Now that the two giant telecommunication companies, Smart and Globe, released their iphone 5 plans for Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, let us compare the prices here. Will you upgrade your microsim into a nano sim with your existing number or just buy a new one with a new mobile number? Tell us your views by commenting. In the mean time, here are the comparisons for the Globe and Smart Plans for iphone 5.

Iphone 5 Prepaid Prices for Globe and Smart

(as of December 20, 2012)

                                               Globe              Smart 

iphone 5 16gb                35,400             33,600

iphone 5 plans philippines
photo from my good friend Lea Nicdao

iphone 5 32gb                40,800             38,780

iphone 5 64gb                46,300             43,950

Globe offers 24 months 0% interest installment terms for the iphone 5 and choice of 3,6,12 and 24 months installment terms for major credit cardholders; BDO, BPI, HSBC, Citibank, Metrobank, Allied Bank, PS Bank, RCBC, Bankard, UnionBank, Security Bank, Diners Club and East West Bank

Smart also offers credit card payment scheme with zero% interest monthly for the mentioned major credit card companies.

If you are choosing the prepaid, Globe and Smart will assist you in downloading free apps associated with their services so you can enjoy surfing, texting, calling and browsing the internet conveniently. Prepaid is cool because you will likely have no unexpected charges because you just load every time a service expires or when your prepaid runs out of balance.

Iphone Postpaid Plans for Globe and Smart

(as of December 20, 2012)


globe iphone 5 plans


smart iphone 5 plans

Postpaid plans offer different features for Globe and Smart All in and Unli services like Super Combo Text, Call, Net or Smart UnliText and the like… Check the services you want to avail like unlimited calls, text and internet surfing or mix of consumables you want by visiting the Globe and Smart Centers near you.

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5 thoughts on “iphone 5 Plans for Smart and Globe – Prepaid and Postpaid”

    • I suggest you use credit card and just buy iphone 5s and opt for 12 months 0% interest. That is much better. Postpaid Plans is too much compared to just buying the unit.

    • Go to Globe Center and fill up the application form, pass 2 valid IDs and proof of financial capacity such as credit card or ITR or latest payslip

      • pwde po ba online ang pag apply pwde proof billing kapatid NG asawa ko o kaya sa asawa pwde po ba kc CIA kumpleto reguirment kaya Lang NASA abroad po CIA


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