List of Accredited Schengen Visa Travel Insurance in the Philippines 2020

Updated List of Accredited Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Companies Philippines this 2020. One of the requirements in the application of Schengen visa in the Philippines is the travel and medical insurance. This page displays the complete and updated list of accredited travel insurance companies associated with this special travel visa.

list of accredited schengen visa travel insurance companies philippines

What are the requirements, how much would it cost for this coverage and how to get this document? Let’s proceed..

Embassies like Italy, French Embassy, Switzerland, Norway among others that belong to the 22 European countries and 3 non-European countries require this travel insurance policy so we must process this document before our visa application in the embassy of the country we choose to apply.

Schengen Visa Requirements for Travel Insurance

According to the VFS Global, the medical policies must state the following points:

  • Medical attention and treatment will be given in case of illness or accident
  • The injured or ill traveler can be transported home for treatment plus and with body repatriation in case of death
  • The insurance coverage is at least 30,000 Euros (50,000 USD)
  • The insurance must be valid for all 25 Schengen member states which should be listed on the policy
  • The insurance company must be re-insured, the name of the re-insurer and his Toll Free phone number must be listed on the policy
  • The policy must allow cashless settlements of claims. The name of the company in-charge of such settlements and their toll free number must be clearly stated on the policy

Travel Insurance (Minimum coverage of 30,000 euro with 15 days allowance). Some countries also require additional day-allowance so double-check the requirement from the embassy.

How much is the cost of travel insurance for a Schengen visa in the Philippines?

It depends upon the insurance company you choose but the price of premiums range from 50 Euro to 55 Euro (or 3000 pesos and above) for the P2.5 Million insurance coverage and closer. So prepare P3000 and above for your coverage.

How to apply for this travel insurance document?

If you have an agency that is processing all papers and requirements for you, they can easily get you one together with other groups of travelers.

Insurance policy and certificate is issued once you paid and filled out their application forms. You have to keep that certificate because it is required to submit in the embassy on your application for a Schengen visa.

If you want to get it yourself, you can do so since it’s so easy. Tell the insurance staff or underwriter you need travel insurance for your Schengen visa. They will then give you the forms you need to fill out with your personal information.

Choose the premiums and coverage required by the embassy (ie French Embassy, Spain Embassy, Italian Embassy in Manila etc). If you don’t know the requirement, just choose the minimum coverage listed above which is 30,000 Euros with 15 days allowance (current minimum requirement as I write this page).

List of Accredited Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Companies in the Philippines 2020

The following lists are accredited by the countries under the Schengen visa treaty. You can apply for your travel insurance in any of their office or branch nationwide. I have listed the contact numbers and email addresses, too for your reference.

  • ACE Insurance Philippines (Telephone: 849-6057 / 849-6022 ; Website:
  • Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc. (tel. 878-5578)
  • Assist-Card (
  • BPI – MS Insurance Corporation (
  • Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. (
  • MAPFRE Insular Insurance Corporation (
  • Pacific Cross (
  • Paramount Life and General Insurance Co. (
  • PNB General Insurers Co, Inc. (
  • Standard Insurance Co. (
  • UCPB General Insurance Co.,Inc. (
  • WorldWide Travel Insurance Plans (tel: 028904916)
  • Everest International Group Administrators, Inc. (tel: 026920835)
  • FPG Insurance Co., Inc. (
  • Philippine British Assurance Co., Inc. (tel: 8904051 to 57)
  • Starr International Insurance Philippines (
  • Oriental Assurance Corporation (
  • Philippines First Insurance Company (+632 892 888)
  • Pioneer Insurance Company (
  • Liberty Insurance Corporation (
  • QBE Seaboard Insurance Philippine, Inc. (
  • Reliance Surety & Insurance Co., Inc. (
  • Prudential Guarantee PGA Insurance (
  • The Mercantile Insurance Co., Inc. (
  • AXA Philippines (

If you want to apply and get a Schengen visa approved easily in the Philippines, you can follow the tips in this page: Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens

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  1. How to apply and buy a travel insurance for schengen area….i will travel to norway for about 90 days…..i need ur reply ASAP plz


  2. I will apply my tourist visa in sweden for 90 days . Where and how much it cost? And anyone who knows where the exact address of sweden embassy? TIA

    • The updated address of Embassy of Sweden in Manila is below:

      11th Floor, Del Rosario Law Centre
      21st Drive corner 20th Drive, Bonifacio Global City, 1630 Taguig,
      Metro Manila, Philippines

      Phone, fax, email:

      Tel: +63 (0)2 811 7900
      Fax: +63 (0)2 811 7940

  3. Hello ms Fehl, I’m going to apply a visa for 90 days. Just want to ask if I should buy 90 + 15 days allowance (105) travel insurance? Or it’s better to buy 75 + 15 days (90days)?


  4. How much the cost of travel insurance in peso? I mean how much i need to pay for the travel insurance in peso..I will travel in schengen country, 5 of us in the family. Did the 30000 euros are for only one applicant or its my family included?
    Please I need your response in my email..
    Many Thanks

    • This is my first time to travel abroad.
      How much will be the cost of everything, from schengen visa to insurance. Please e-mail me to know what will be the important informations.

      Yours truly,

  5. I am a filipino in citizen. I want to travel germany, to use a schengen visa.
    This is my first time to travel abroad.
    How much will be the cost of everything, from schengen visa to insurance. Please e-mail me to know what will be the important informations.

    Yours truly,
    Roy M. Daabay.

  6. What if im going to apply a visa to visit my fiancée in sweden.. if i have the insurance and have money of 6digits in the bank do i still need to have a documents of my siblings proving that they will provide funds for me.. well since im unemployed now bec were about to process my citizenship in sweden. But since we are waiting for court order of my annulment so we decided that i can visit him for 3mos while waiting. .. should i need documents provibg that my siblings will provide me money if i already have 6digits in my bank account.. and what if i have a credit card but im only supplementary of my sister… will that be enough

  7. New for you: schengen-traveler-insurance
    Custom travel insurance among the cheapest for your visa to the Schengen area
    From 0.49 € / day,
    No limit to the age at which you can be insured,
    Visa costs refunded in case of refusal by the embassy or consulate,
    Renewable coverage period of between 3 days and 12 months,
    Extension of the cover to countries not belonging to the Schengen zone,
    You can subscribe and manage folders for the account of third parties (family, relationships or group),
    You will receive your certificate directly by email,
    Your account allows you to print your certificate in the desired language, modify your information (create an addendum) and declare and follow a claim.

  8. hi,
    would you happen to know if the free insurance with citibank premier miles credit card is accepted?
    also, which among the embassy is more linient?

  9. i just want to know how i can apply for my travel insurance since i will apply my tourist visa for 3 months ien denmark,,and how much is the possible

    • You must apply for Schengen Visa at the Norway Embassy in Petron Mega Plaza Building, Makati City. Usually around P3600. You can get travel insurance at the companies listed above. There is now Online Application Portal for Norway Embassy visa application. Use it it’s more convenient 🙂

      • Is it required to get a travel insurance first before applying for a visa? what if the visa application gets rejected?

        • Yup, travel Insurance is one of the requirements when applying for a visa. Your visa will be refused if you have incomplete requirements. If you’re rejected, apply again or not. It’s your choice

          • hi.
            my mom is a senior citizen and she need a travel medical insurance for her application for traveling to Norway for 1 month. how to apply can she apply for travel medical insurance? and how much its cost?


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