Complete List of GSIS Benefits in the Philippines

Updated and complete list of GSIS benefits in the Philippines and how to avail them. The GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) supports terrific benefits to all government employees and members, including insurance, retirement, pension, loans, scholarship, and many more.

We share the complete list of GSIS benefits for its members and pensioners. We don’t know if they have been discussed with you when you became a member or a beneficiary of the GSIS, but we are sure you will love to know your benefits.

Types of GSIS Members:

  • Active Members – government employees at present who are working in any government agency or government office
  • Old Age Pensioners – these are retired government employees or officials who are already receiving a pension from GSIS
  • Survivorship Pensioners – these are beneficiaries or dependents of deceased GSIS member or old age pensioner (example: spouse of a deceased pensioner or member, minor child of the deceased)

What are the benefits of GSIS Members?

  1. Life Insurance Benefits
  2. Retirement Benefits
  3. Survivor Benefits
  4. Loan Benefits
  5. Funeral Benefits
  6. Disability Benefits
  7. EC Benefits
  8. Housing Benefits
  9. Affordable Insurance Products
  10. Scholarship Program
gsis benefits for members philippines

1. GSIS Life Insurance Benefits

As a member of the GSIS, maybe you’re wondering what that stuff, such as policy and insurance coverage, are. There is a reason why you’re paying your GSIS monthly contributions. It’s because you are paying for insurance, too.

With insurance, you or your eligible beneficiaries will be getting benefits. The following are two types of life insurance benefits you will get from the GSIS:

Enhanced Life Policy (ELP)

ELP is an enhanced life insurance coverage that gives death benefits to the member’s family or beneficiaries and cash in the form of termination value which you can withdraw upon retirement or separation of service.

In a nutshell, with ELP, you’ll get Cash Termination Value + death benefits + policy loan + dividends, if any. If you entered the government service after July 31, 2003, you are automatically covered by this policy. Members with the old LEP policy (see below) can also opt for ELP, according to GSIS.

Life Endowment Policy (LEP)

LEP is the old insurance policy offered to members who entered the government service before August 1, 2003. This insurance policy will give maturity benefit + cash surrender value + death benefit + policy loan + dividends, if any. If you are under LEP, you can also convert your policy into ELP according to GSIS approval.

2. GSIS Retirement Benefits

Maybe you’re wondering, too, why you are being deducted every month for your GSIS contributions. It is like investing money every month. Your GSIS contributions will accumulate and appreciate in value. That is why members can receive dividends when the board declares some depending on the revenue the whole GSIS has earned.

You will also be entitled to retirement or pension benefits in the future. The following are the types of retirement plans offered to GSIS members.

What are the Different Types of GSIS Retirement Plans?

1. Retirement under RA 8291 (5 year lump sum cash payment or instant pension plus monthly pension for life)

This is the most common type of retirement plan and pension chosen by many government retirees in the Philippines because you will get a lump sum amount of money and monthly pension for life.

It has 2 options when you avail. To qualify for this retirement plan, you must have rendered at least 15 years of service and must be at least 60 years old upon retirement. Your last 3 years of service must also be continuous.

2. Retirement under RA 660 a.k.a. Magic 87 (annuity plus lifetime pension)

If your age + years of service = 87, then you can avail of this retirement plan. It offers 3 options: automatic pension, initial 3-year lump sum and 5-year lump sum.

3. Retirement under RA 1616 (refund all your GSIS premiums plus gratuity payment from employer)

Under this retirement option, you must have rendered at least 20 years of service regardless of age and employment status. You must also have entered the government service before June 1, 1977.

4. Portability Law RA 7699 (Combine your GSIS Plus SSS Creditable Year of Service)

You have the option to combine both your GSIS and SSS creditable years of service to qualify for retirement programs offered by both pension funds

5. Retirement under Presidential Decree 1146 (Basic monthly Pension or Cash Payment)

This retirement plan is for those who have been working in the government after May 31, 1977 but before June 24, 1997. You have the option if you want to receive pension every month and cash payment.

3. GSIS Survivor Benefits

These are cash and or pension benefits provided for the surviving legal spouse (as long as he/she doesn’t remarry), dependent minor children, or incapacitated beneficiary, when a member or a pensioner dies.

4. GSIS Loan Benefits

Members of the GSIS also have available loan benefits. However, loans are still loans, so we don’t suggest anyone avail them unless they need them badly. Loans bear interest payable. Focus on income-bearing investments, not loans.

Enhanced Consolidated Loan

It is a consolidation of 5 loans into 1 – Salary Loan, Restructured Salary Loan, Enhanced Salary Loan, Emergency Loan Assistance, and Summer One-month Salary Loan. This type of loan is payable in 6-10 years.

Applying for a GSIS conso-loan is straightforward: just place your GSIS eCard Plus in the G-W@ps Kiosk and follow the on-screen procedure. How much can you avail of this GSIS loan? It depends upon your minimum premium payments. Check out the data below:

Minimum Premium Payments RequiredMaximum Loan Amount
(Basic Monthly Salary)
25 years14-month loan
15 years12-month loan
10 years10-month loan
5 years7-month loan
40 months4-month loan
20 months3-month loan

Policy Loan

Since every member of the GSIS is automatically covered with a life insurance policy, you’re also eligible for a policy loan benefit. You can apply for this loan if you have been insured for at least one year, provided you have updated premium payments and has an active policy.

What’s the catch? It bears compounded 8% interest annually (for LEP) and 8% interest compounded monthly (for ELP).

Emergency Loan

GSIS Emergency loan is so special because not everyone can avail of this. You must be a resident of a declared calamity area before applying for an emergency loan. Your place must be declared under “State of Calamity” by the city council and approved by the GSIS Board of Trustees.

5. GSIS Funeral Benefit

Burial benefits are funeral benefits given to GSIS retiree’s survivors (spouse, child) or any person who shouldered the funeral expenses of the deceased GSIS member.

6. GSIS Disability Benefits

These are benefits resulting from disability or incapacity to work because of physical or mental injury, impairment, or disease. GSIS assigns a medical evaluator for members who avail disability benefits.

7. GSIS EC Benefits

It is also known as the Employees’ Compensation benefit. It is another disability benefit provided for public and private sector workers and their dependents in the event of work-related injury, sickness, disability, or death.

gsis benefits in the philippines

8. GSIS Housing Benefits

Their acquired assets are available on a cash basis and “as is where is” policy for interested members.

9. Affordable Insurance Products of GSIS

The GSIS also offers affordable insurance products such as personal accident insurance coverage, fire and comprehensive vehicle insurance, and other traditional insurance products like aviation, bonds, property floater, marine cargo, and marine haul.

10. GSIS Scholarship Program

The Government Service Insurance System also offers a scholarship program every academic year for children of low-income GSIS members. The selected qualified scholars will receive up to P 40,000 in tuition and miscellaneous fees per academic year plus a monthly allowance of P3,000.

There you have them, folks. I hope you have learned about your benefits and privileges as a GSIS member. Cheers and kudos to all government employees for their dedicated service! You deserve all the best in the world.

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  1. If my father died with a salary of 13k, almost 18 yrs in service. Hw much estmated pension shall we get?we only hav 3700 monthly pension this tym.

  2. Hi, My aunt who is a spinster and will be turning 80 next month did not receive her December 2018 pension. Verified in the Union Bank, but was referred to GSIS because there is no floating amount for Dec 2018 pension. Called the GSIS office, was told that she had an existing loan while she was in service. Per GSIS policy, all outstanding loan amount will be deducted to the proceeds of the chosen retirement benefit. She retires on year 2004 with 39 years in service. Today is 2018. Who will know that she has an existing loan by this time? Besides, it’s GSIS lapse not to deduct all of her loan.

    Okay, given. That’s my Aunt’s obligation to pay. But do you think it’s fair enough to deduct all of her pension and there will also be future deductions until such time that the full amount ot loan (loan while she was in service decades of decades ago). Why they did not inform my Aunt first or let’s say a staggered deductions?

    Per Labor code, an employee should not receive a zero net pay. Must be paid atleast 30% of the basic salary to survive until such time that the full amount will be recovered. For a pensioner who is turning 80 years old, do you know if there is a Law for this? Do you think what GSIS did is makatarungan na matatawag? Ni walang pasintabi man lang na wala palang matatanggap ang matanda na mag-isang namumuhay?

    Besides, there is this Magic 87 that my Aunt applied. If there is an amount to be claimed for this Magic, why they did not deduct for the Magic 87 claims?

    Please advise me po if ganito talaga policy ng GSIS. Pensioner po ito na bigla ni cut ang pension ng walang abiso.

    Looking forward for any response that help me understand what GISIS did.

    Thank you.


  3. Good day, i am ex officio sangguniang bayan member since Dec. 10,2010 until present. I am paying my contribution for more than 7 years but i am only 42 years old at present. I just want to ask what are the benefits i will receive if there are any because my term will end this coming june 30, 2018.

  4. Good morning GSIS,

    My querry is regarding disability benefit. Can I avail of disability benefit? I have undergone total hysterectomy procedure last February 17, 2017 and on sick leave for 2months. I entered government service in July 1, 2015 up to present.

      • Contestable clause:

        My mother is a government employee for more than a decade before she died with cancer year 1997. She had an approved government lot loan under the GSIS and wasn’t able to fully pay the amount because of her terminal disease. DBP or DEVELOPMENT BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES called up my attention because they want us to settle the remaining amount to them OR else they are construed to sell the property to some. And they did…

        Our question is, what is the law applicable to this?Base on our knowledge, those government employee that has outstanding loan and was not able to come across the mortgage plan completely will be zeroed and the property will be given to the heir.

  5. I retired in June 30, 2015 and immediately availed my pension benefits under R.A. 8291 pension agad +monthly pension for life.. May i ask if when can I receive my pensioner’s cash gift..I habe not received a cash gift since.i retired in 2015. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  6. My aunt Marcelina Garcia retired last 2004 and has rendered 17 years as a public teacher.She has a loan of 300,000 pesos while in the service.can she have a retirement benefits or not .

  7. hi im vanessa. i had a niscarriage. i am a public school teacher. can i have maternity benefit from gsis? of there is? then how can i avail?

  8. hi,

    my wife was a member since 1982 up to 2001 when we moved in canada. she died in 2009 and when i sent my sister to file on my behalf to claim her benefits, she was told that it was already claimed by someone else. gsis staff said there’s no such name of my wife’s on their record and her benefit was released based on a slightly different name. i don;t want to bring my wife;s name here so i’ll just cite an example (ex. my wife is maria garcia gonzales and they said there’s someone named maria garcia gonzalo where they have already released all her benefits).

    i haven’t done anything about this since then (almost 4 to 5 years passed) but i plan to fight for her benefits when i return next month. can you give me the gsis hotline number, the benefits she’s / we’re entitled to, the forms to be downloaded and all the documents i need to bring? is there an expiry date as to death benefit claim?

    thank you so much.

    • Good evening Sir…i think, we have they same problem here. My late Father is a G.S.I.S pensioner and died last April 15,2017. What i find out today that the illegitimate daughter of my late father to his mistress who already claimed my late Father’s funeral benefits that was last May 16,2017. My Father was legally married to my Mother who is still well and alive..she is now in Seoul,S.K.
      What i don’t understand …why the G.S.I.S agency released a funeral claims without the Consent from the living spouse (my Mother) and secure an S.P.A or a Marriage Contract . Those are some of the check list requirements should be follow…
      I know that the sole beneficiary of funeral claim and survivorship is my Mother. I saw it in my own eyes when the G.S.I.S staff in the counter in cebu office show me the zoom in full name of my Mother in his computer.

    • Hi you mind to tell me where did you find out that your father`s benefit has already claimed by someone?Because my sister in-law is about to file her pension and theres no record indicated to her as their mentioned?I wonder somebody has already claimed for her which she didnt know thats why she cannot get a record.we just only want to find out who is from gsis employee or somebody else.thanks..Methy.

  9. My late sister (single status) filed disability retirement from PNP due to her illness before she died, does my mother (88 years old) may claim pension as her survivor?

    • Magandang araw,tanung ko LNG po bakit ala kaming nakuhang benefits claim s gsis gayong ang aking ama bilang sundalo noong 1977 hanggang 1990 hanggang malipat cya ng PNP, nkamatayan n ng aking INA ay ala p kmi nakukuhang benepisyo s gsis, ganun po btlga?

  10. Hi there. I worked for the government since 2004 and resigned in 2015. How can I continue my contribution?

  11. I’m a retired public school teacher and now base in Ca. I need a certification as pensioner to be used in my Medical. How can I get this? Can I use my email address for this request?
    Thank you and have a nice day.

  12. Hello! i have a friend who retired from government service at 65 yrs old but did not reach 15 yrs of service so he cannot get any pension. i know he can claim his contributions but the things is that upon retirement her wife past away and he got so many problems that he forget to process the claim until 4 years has passed. When i helped him claim the said contribution the GSIS employee said to wait until the law on claiming will be changed that if 4 years has passed one can still claim contributions.

    Please, if anyone know another way that he can get his contributions please share it to me because the retiree now needs the money more than ever because he is suffering from cancer.

    Thank you very much.

  13. May I know when my pension be credited to Union Bank. I retired effective Nov 11, 2010, but the effectivity of my pension was Dec. 1 2015, until now none yet. three times already I followed-up. What is really the cause of the delay.?

  14. Good day! I understand a lot of people mistake your blog as an official GSIS customer service representative.

    I have a curious, albeit innocently ignorant question: Once employed by the government, are all these benefits automatically availed of? No need to fill up any forms and pay anything more?

    I wonder if you know how much GSIS is deducting from an average employee’s monthly salary (I know it varies, but the percentage relative to basic salary rate would suffice), and if this deduction serves as payment for all these benefits… or are they just payment for some “default” benefits, while the other benefits listed above need to be “actively availed of” where one needs to go to GSIS, fill up forms, queue along with other applicants, and make additional payments… We don’t have a phone yet and the GSIS office is quite far from my place. In addition, the GSIS website is down as of this comment’s writing, so you’re my only source of information as of the moment. Thanks.

  15. good pm, I’m a secondary teacher at Padre Garcia National High School, Division of Batangas province..I would like to know my status , since I was resigned last 2004 at Pansol National High School and I started again to teach at Padre Garcia NHS dated June 2, 2014 almost 1yr. until now I’m not updated. ||Please update my membership at my present station.

    thank you very much,

  16. I am a Landbank retiree under the Separation Incentive Program (SIP) who retired from the service on March 1, 2014. However, i will receive my monthly pension starting August, 2029 since i retired at the age of 44 in 2014. After a year, I am employed again by a LGU for a permanent position starting again for a new government service. I am qualified to received again another pension from GSIS if I rendered another fifteen years of service in the government?

  17. Please update the information regarding different types of GSIS members, kindly include Special Members. Special members are constitutional commissioners, members of the judiciary, including those with equivalent ranks, who are required by law to remit regular monthly contributions for life insurance policies to the GSIS in order to answer for their life insurance benefits under R.A. No. 8291.

  18. My elder brother died in active status thtu posthoumous death at age 52 late spo2 palang, wilfredo villarin died jan 23 2010.
    is he entitled for death or burial benefitd

  19. As what ive known that both my parents are all members of GSIS. But as a beneficiary im trying to follow up on their claims, but unfortunately your office told me that there was no record for my both deceased parents. I emailed you for the concerns but there was a reply from your gsis website apologizing that due to the system of 2009, they told me to file a creation of claims so that i may know what claims i am qualified for. Its almost 5 yrs from the death of my father that we always wasting money and time going to your office but still nothing and its because of your system…Now that im in critical condition, would i should wait when that the claims would be in process or to wait till i will be the next to die and again cannot claim for what is entitled for us..

    • Hi, this is not GSIS. This is only a review of GSIS benefits. That is so sad and disappointing. I hope GSIS will make that a priority.

  20. April 7, 2015

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Good day— I am legally married ( with legal document of marriage contract) to a government employee (GSIS member) of the House of Representatives (office of OSAA) but since beyond circumstances that separate our ways unintentionally since 2004 (missing up to the present 2015) where we have no choice but have to leave Cavite as of January 2004 due to traumatic experiences so agreed to transfer to another location (our own house and lot in Camella/Springville, under the TCT name of my husband and me as the co-maker but rent a place instead supposedly momentarily at the downtown area advising the landlady of my missing husband and if found, he will stay with me and my daughter), however, knowing the nature of his job/out of town assignment and the date cannot be moved pn a latter date as per agreement and all keys were turnover (supposedly with agreement for a rent to own scheme as plans for housing loan with a financial/banking institution where I used to work as housing loan –have to bring along his things/documents with us but have no choice to leave the place momentarily but due to tenants chaos so have to leave momentarily and brought only two back-pack (keys left inside rented room other than the 2 bedroom house inner with other things/appliances)—cannot go inside room but learned that other things transferred to the 2 bedroom house and when kept coming back the owner;s house cannot be found for us to go inside so decided rent places for a place to sleep with proximity of office address since work back in different industry companies from 2004-2007 (verification was also made from my husband’s sisters in Valenzuela and Nueva Ecija if found already and left my contact number (office phone and cellular phone) but tragic events beyond our control/ precaution and prevention that lead us to be missing also —-kidnap twice within the neighborhood by known personalities (inside rented places) so no things brought along. With the said turnout events of our life, back to my relatives residence in Cavite aftershock of tragic event (stayed for awhile with baranggay clearance as part of my relatives household but transferred again nearest location of office address but week-end stay). Sent by my relatives to my hometown Davao, try to locate my husband—-got married in one of the localities of northern mindanao officiated by the municipal mayor at that time, verify his Pag-Ibig contributions and GSIS policy and learned per verification made that my husband resigned from House of Representatives as of 2004 accordingly (worked since 1986 so have no whereabouts of him up to the present (2015) and if with continued employment in other government agencies— Please clarify what could be the benefits of the members/dependents (legal spouse not remarry /not married child but working though college undergraduate) if the government employee have no more than 10 years of contributions with GSIS and have resigned from the current job? What would the stand of the surviving legal spouse/wife and child on this circumstances?

    My contact details (mobile phone 09124264534 and 09329471897 and email —NO CORPORATE JOB from 2008 – present (2015) upon arrival hometown Davao by relatives though accepted freelance marketing meantime but cannot rely financially since overriding commission basis from sales of my recruits (unit managers/sales agents (no luck and frustrations).

    Your attention on the matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,


    Davao City Philippines born and resident ( with legal documents – Birth Certificate requested from Davao City Local Registrar upon arrival Davao and Marriage Contract from NSO Davao) including my daughter requested from NSO Davao.

  21. I resign in my job as a public health dentist in the Philippines since 1994 and before then i am paying my GSIS,SSS,& so with Pag-ibig.I start working as a government employee since 1985-1993 & that’s also the start of taking the money of this company from my pay stab. So now what will be the requirements to apply for my benefits as a member? Hope i can receive a reply or advice about this problem. Thanks…..

  22. my father is a military officer for 24 years,he retired last jan 2,1993. He died last june 3o,2012, are we entitled to receive funeral and survivorship benefits? thank you.

    • If he was an active GSIS pensioner, yes you may be entitled for funeral benefits. If his wife is still alive and not married to anyone else, she may be entitled for survivorship benefits. Go to the GSIS and verify and check if really eligible

  23. I would like to know my status as a member since I was resigned last December 1,2012,if all my loans are cleared and is there a possibility of a separation pay?more power to GSIS…

  24. Good pm. I”m a DBP retiree under the Early Retirement Incentive Program (ERIP) who retired from the service on Dec. 31, 2008. I started to receive my GSIS monthly pension last June this year at the age of 60 with E-Card No.

    As of date, I have not receive my X”mas bonus from your good office. As such, may I be enlightened on this matter.

    Thank you.

      • Good day.
        I met a vehicular accident during class hour due to run errands.. I am now on leave for 2 months coz of my pelvis and foot injury. Will I receive any assistance from your good office?


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