List of Philippine Holidays 2023 – Walang Pasok

Official List of Philippine Holidays for 2023 including regular holidays, special non-working holidays and additional special holidays declared as walang pasok.

Cheers for the full list of work-free holidays this 2023 proclaimed by our dear President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. through Proclamation No. 90. The complete list here includes all regular holidays, special non-working days and special holidays for all schools and apparently offices.

Based on this year’s declared holidays list, there would be at least 8 special non-working holidays for the year 2023. We also see lots of long weekends. Wow, plan your travel or vacation in advance now!

It’s better to know the regular holidays and non-working holidays especially to employees who love to fix their schedule in advance for traveling and planning their vacation.

If you want to know the dates of Holy Week in 2023, see the schedule below as well. Holy Week 2023 falls on April 6, 7, 8, and April 9 as the Easter Sunday. But it’s gonna be a very long weekend (5 days straight) because April 10 is a regular holiday as well. Mark your 2023 calendars now!

Philippine Regular Holidays in 2023

  • January 1, 2023 – New Year’s Day (Sunday)
  • April 6, 2023 – Maundy Thursday
  • April 7, 2023 – Good Friday
  • April 10, 2023 – Araw ng Kagitingan (Monday nearest April 9)
  • May 1, 2023 – Labor Day (Monday)
  • June 12, 2023 – Independence Day (Monday)
  • August 28, 2023 – National Heroes’ Day (last Monday of August)
  • November 27, 2023 – Bonifacio Day (Monday nearest November 30)
  • December 25, 2023 – Christmas Day (Monday)
  • December 30, 2023 – Rizal Day (Saturday)

Philippine Special Non-Working Holidays in 2023

  • January 2, 2023 – Additional Special Non-Working (Monday)
  • February 25, 2023 – EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary (Saturday)
  • April 8, 2023 – Black Saturday
  • August 21, 2023 – Ninoy Aquino Day (Monday)
  • November 1, 2023 – All Saints’ Day (Wednesday)
  • November 2, 2023 – All Soul’s Day – Additional Special Non-Working Day (Thursday)
  • December 8, 2023 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (Friday)
  • December 31, 2023 – Last Day of the Year (Sunday)
list of philippines holidays 2023 walang pasok

According to the new proclamation, President Marcos Jr. declared Jnauary 2 (Monday) as an additional special (non-working) day in consideration of the Filipino tradition of spending time with their families and relatives.

“In commemoration of Araw ng Kagitingan (April 9), which is a regular holiday and falls on a Sunday, April 10 may be declared as a non-working holiday, provided that the historical significance of Araw ng Kagitingan is maintained.”

“Pursuant to RA 9492, November 27, 2023 (Monday nearest November 30) may be declared as a non-working holiday while November 30, 2023 (Thursday) may be declared as a working day.

Furthermore, the proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha shall be issued after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined.

Source: Official Gazette of the Philippines

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