How to Get a Postal ID (in 24 hours) Requirements & Steps in 2023

How to get a postal ID in the Philippines? We listed the complete requirements and application procedures here. The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLpost) announced that they would issue a new postal ID card in the previous years and that became a reality already.

The new and improved postal ID card will now be accepted to any office or agency, just like the other government-issued IDs in the Philippines. It is easy to apply for the new postal ID, and it will be delivered to your doorstep after a few days.

The old laminated postal ID was very vulnerable and easy to copy. That’s why PHLpost launched a new ID card system. You can also use the new postal ID card when getting a passport as DFA approved it as one of the accepted valid IDs. Likewise, we can use it for our transactions at the banks, hospitals, ports, and other offices.

It’s a pleasure to share the details, requirements, and procedures in getting the new postal ID card. I would like to thank Marie Grace Dizon and Gia Anne Villanueva from the PHLpost, who contacted me to spread the great news.

What is a Philippine Postal ID?

A Philippine Postal ID is a valid identification card issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation to resident citizens and resident foreigners of the Philippines. The postal ID has advanced security features such as an automated fingerprint system and sophisticated identity verification.

What does the new postal ID look like?

The new postal ID card is hardbound, just like an ATM card and a UMID card. In addition, it also has electronic security features (listed below). It will be valid for 3 years for Filipino citizens and foreign residents with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV). For the rest of the foreign residents, it will be valid for 1 year.

how to get postal id card philippines

Who can apply for a Postal ID card in the Philippines?

  • All Filipinos of any age, living here in the Philippines or abroad (but were in the Philippines at the time of application), are eligible to apply
  • PHLpost now allows foreigners residing in the Philippines for at least six months to apply for a postal ID

How to get a New Postal ID Card in the Philippines?

Step 1: Gather the complete requirements

Prepare all the necessary documents we listed below and submit your documents to the nearest post office in your residential area. Resident citizens and resident foreigners will need to show proof of identity and proof of address.

how to apply postal id philippines step 1

Step 2: Accomplish the Postal ID Application Form

Fill out the application form with accurate information. PHLpost will provide the documents for you. You can also get the application forms at the nearest PHLpost office or download the forms online.

postal id application form

Step 3: Attend the photograph and fingerprint capture

After your documents are screened, you will go to the nearest ID “capture” station for your photograph and fingerprints scan. There are 260 postal ID capture stations nationwide, and you can find them at the website of PHLpost.

Step 4: Receive your new Postal ID card

PHLpost will deliver your new or postal ID to your doorstep. You will receive the card within fifteen working days from the date of your completed application if you’re residing in Metro Manila.

If you’re residing outside the metro, expect around twenty working days. If you live in a remote area or island province, expect to receive your card in around 4 to five weeks.

New Postal ID Requirements for Philippine Citizens or Residents:

Unlike other identification cards like SSS, GSIS, PRC license, etc., getting the new postal ID does not need particular skills, qualifications, or employment records. You only need to show the following requirements. Bring the original and photocopy of the following documents:

  1. Two copies of duly-accomplished application form (form is provided by PHLpost)
  2. Proof of Identity – Submit any or one of the following:
    • Birth Certificate Issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or Local Civil Registrar
    • SSS or GSIS UMID Card
    • LTO Driver’s License
    • Valid Passport
  3. Proof of Address – Submit any or one of the following:
    • Barangay Certificate of Residency issued withing three months prior to your Postal ID application
    • Certified True Copy of Lease
    • Certified True Copy of Titles issued by the Land Registration Authority (LRA)
    • Certified True Copy of Real Estate Tax Receipt
    • Bank Statement
    • Credit Card Statement
    • School Billing Statement
    • Utility Bill (electricity bill, water bill, cable, internet, telephone bill)

Important Notes:

  • Married females must bring their Marriage Certificate to validate change of name from birth document
  • Minors or those below 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian
  • Applicants with no Birth Certificate, UMID Card, LTO Driver’s License or Valid Passport may submit ANY TWO (2) of the following documents, at least one of which should bear the applicant’s photo and signature: Valid paper-based Postal ID, Valid NBI/Police Clearance, Old SSS or GSIS card, Valid OWWA ID, Valid PRC ID, Digitized BIR ID, Valid Seaman’s Book, Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID, Voter’s ID, Valid Company ID, Senior Citizen ID, Baptismal Certificate, Certificates of Birth/Marriage from National Commission for Muslim Filipinos (NCMF), National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Elementary or High School Form 137, Transcript of Records with readable dry seal (for applicants 18 years old and below), Marriage Contract, Valid University/School or Alumni ID, TIN card

Postal ID Requirements for Foreign Residents in the Philippines:

  1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished application form (provided by PHLpost)
  2. Proof of Identity
    • Passport – must be valid for at least six (6) months prior to postal ID application
    • Any one (1) of the following documents relative to the stay in the Philippines valid for at least six (6) months prior to application
      • Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACRI-Card)
      • Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE)
      • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
      • Diplomatic Visa
      • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)
  3. Proof of Address – Submit any one (1) of the following:
    • Barangay Certificate of Residency – issued within three (3) months prior to Postal ID application
    • Certification or statement of account from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to application
    • Certification from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to application
    • Notarized, if applicable, Land, House or Condominium Lease Contract
    • Bank statement
    • Credit card statement
    • School billing statement
    • Utility bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)

How Much is the New Postal ID Card in the Philippines?

Applicants will pay the a fixed fee of P504 anywhere in the country. The breakdown of postal ID fees is listed below:

  • Postal ID Card + Delivery Fee P450
  • 12% VAT P54

Rush processing of postal ID costs P650.

Postal ID Released and Delivery:

How long do you need to wait for the release of your postal ID? PHLpost will deliver it at the address you provided in the application form in:

  • 15 working days – for Metro Manila address
  • 20 working days – for other major cities and municipalities
  • 30 working days – for island provinces and remote barangays

Security Features of the new Postal ID:

  1. On-site digital capture of fingerprints, photo, signature and personal details
  2. Centralized ID printing and database to guarantee that the cards are authentic
  3. An encrypted QR (‘quick response’) code printed on the card can verify the identity of ID holder using a downloadable smart-phone application
  4. Overlaid with a hologram that can be viewed only at certain angles
  5. Has a ghost image and UV ink that illuminates in UV light
  6. Applicant uniqueness check via the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). It compares the fingerprint collected with the fingerprint database records to ensure the applicant’s identity.

What will happen to my old but still valid Postal ID?

The old postal ID will remain valid up to its date of expiration. Post offices will stop issuing paper-based IDs when the new Postal ID becomes available in their area. Old but valid postal IDs may also be converted to the new Postal ID at a price discount.

How to Renew Your Postal ID Card?

If you want to upgrade your existing postal ID into the new, improved Postal ID or simply renew your expired postal ID, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the nearest PHLpost Office
  2. Fill out two copies of the duly-accomplished Postal ID application form
  3. Submit your current Postal ID
  4. Your existing ID will be perforated with a puncher in the QR Code and be returned to you

Postal ID Benefits and Privileges:

  • A postal ID can serve as a proper valid ID you can present in banks, hospitals, and offices
  • You can use a PHLpost ID card when boarding a boat or an aircraft
  • The new postal ID card is accepted at the DFA when applying or renewing a Philippine passport
  • It is now accepted as a valid ID when applying for a job or a loan
  • It serves as a valid proof of identity and residential address
  • The new postal ID is equipped with high-tech security features; thus your identity is very safe
  • New postal ID card gives numerous privileges including discounts, freebies, and exclusive deals with PHLpost’s partner merchants nationwide

For questions and Postal ID concerns, you may contact PHLPost at their official website.

Information above are updated and were shared officially from PHLpost. Again, thank you very much Marie Grace Dizon and Gia Anne Villanueva for sharing the new postal ID requirements.

FAQ About Postal ID:

How to get a Postal ID in 24 hours?

The PHLPost has launched a Rush Postal ID Application, where applicants can register their Postal ID faster. The card will be released within the day of application or the next business day. The processing fee costs P650. Only selected PHLPost branches serve rush postal ID processing.

UPDATE: The PHLPost has suspended the Rush Applications for Postal ID. It will not resume until further notice.

Is Postal ID a valid ID?

The new Philpost ID is now accepted as a valid government-issued ID in the Philippines. Thus, you can use it as proof of identification in any government and private office. Ensure that your card is not expired and it will remain valid.

Does postal ID expire?

According to the Philippine Postal Corporation, the new Philpost ID card is valid for three years for Filipino citizens, residents of the Philippines, and foreign residents with a Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV). The postal card of other resident foreigners is valid for one year.

How to apply for a Postal ID online?

The PhilPost office doesn’t accept online applications for postal ID yet up to this time. There can be an online appointment or schedule before the application for postal ID. The primary process is still face-to-face since biometrics scan, signature, and photo capture are done in real-time.

How to verify if a postal ID is legit or fake?

Your Postal ID card is legit if the official Philpost office issued it and if you have applied at any PhilPost office near your residence. You can verify the authenticity of your postal ID by scanning the QR code on the card.

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      • ang swerte ko pala. ako last two weeks lang ako nag apply dumating na today. partida ang dami pang holiday na tinamaa so it means wala pang 15 working days. tapos d ako nag iwan ng authorization letter sa bahay. sabi pa naman dapat meron in case wala ka sa bahay pag dineliver pero binigay naman sa tatay ko. Sa Paco, Manila ako.

    • Tama po kayo sa akin Oct 25 pa ako nag apply wala pa hanggang ngayon tumawag ako sa number na binigay paraag update sabi ako daw pupunta sa post office eh may binayaran akong delivery fee tapos pumunta ako post office cainta wala pa I’d ko dun

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    My thoughts: Better stick with the paper cards and pay less while spending few hours in processing since you expect that card to sit in your wallet for only just 3 yrs or go with the plastic cards with all those pains but how about increasing the validity to atleast 5 years..

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        • Kuha ka ng authorization letter sa tita mo to use the address tapos kuha ka barangay cert ipakita mo yung authorization letter ng tita mo sa pagkuha ng barangay cert kasi yung barangay cert at birth cert ang importanteng req sa pagkuha ng postal I’d

      • Good day! This is my first time to apply for a postal ID and I badly need a valid ID after I graduated college. I just want to clarify with regards to the proof of address. I’m still living with my parents and I’m worried if they’ll acknowledge the utility bill that we usually have which is named after my father. Will they accept it? Or are there any other documents that I can present to them that proves my current address?

        Looking forward for your response. Thank you and God bless!

  20. Mygahd! Kakakuha ko lang netong NEW Postal ID last year pero eto at may IMPROVED Postal ID naman. Nalaman ko lang na may IMPROVED Postal ID na dahil di sana tatanggapin ng LBC yung NEW Postal ID ko para magremit kasi yung IMPROVED black-colored Postal ID lang daw tinatanggap nila.

    500 pesos for NEW Postal ID + 400-something(discount daw para sa may mga NEW Postal ID) for the IMPROVED Postal ID. Dapat free o mas malaki yung discount na binibigay.

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  22. Hello! Good day po! I would just like to clarify about the steps on how to acquire a postal ID. Since I am staying in Marikina, I should go first to the post office here in Marikina and submit my downloaded application form and the other requirements. Then, I would be asked by them to go to the nearest ID capturing station. (I prefer Camp Crame).

    Sir, please tell me, did I get it right? I would highly appreciate your response.

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      • try nyo pong puntahan sa pinakamalapit na post office sa inyo,,yung postal id ko po,,mga 1 month mahigit kopong inantay,,nung my ngsabi sakin n puntahan ko s malapit na post office sa amin..ayun,,august pa pla andun,,,mnsan kc pag hindi ganung kilala sa lugar ang nangyayari binabalik sa malapit na post office

        • Sept. 20 ako ngapply… Kapag di xa dumating ng Oct. 20 eh puntahan ko na yung pingapplyan ko… Hay patagalan… Dati within that day na ngapply ka eh that day mo rin makukuha… Shocks ngayon u’ll wait for about a month! ?

    • May mga ganyan na courrier actuaaly ung akin mag 2 mos na bago ko nakuha . at ako pa ang punta sa post office para malaman ung delivery ng id ko. pag dating ko postal andun na pala ung i.d ko then i ask the courrier / staff dun , sabi ko bakit hndi naideliver sa house/ address ko ung i.d? the the staff /courrier said : Ma’am ikaw lang po kasi naktira sa address na yan “.. So thats mean wala talagang attempt for delivery ang nangyare . Katamaran yan ng mga courrier .

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    Proof of billing and proof of identity lang talaga?
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    • Pwede na NSO birth certificate and police clearance since it’s the easiest to acquire (kailangan lang ng cedula bago kumuha). Kung yung bill na gagamitin mo is named after your relative, submit ka din ng photocopy ng valid ID nila tapos papirmahan mo for authentication or samahan mo ng authentication letter from them para tanggapin nila.

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    Does anybody knows the email of the supervisor of the Manila Office?

    So we can escalate this issue!

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  32. good afternoon po..mag-inquire lang po sana about sa requirements para sa postal ID..pwede po bang mag-apply sa post office ng quezon kahit na taga-negros po ako? at saka para sa proof of residency, pwede na po ba yong community tax certificate or CEDULA?thank you po..

  33. gud day maaam.ask q lng po if ung foreigner n more than 20yrs ng ngsstay d2 s pinas is same rqrmnts dn dun pra s foreigners n nklgay s itaas.thnks in advance po.

  34. June 23 ngpunta ako ng postoffice para sa postal id. Kumpleto ako ng requirements bayad nako. Pero hnggang ngaun hindi pa nila ko kinukuhanan ng biometrics. Kaya nga ako ngapply kaagad para sa passport ko dahil un nalang kulang ko. July 21 schedule ng passport ko. July1 na kelan pa nila ko kkuhanan ng biometrics. Itxt ko lang daw siya pero hindi naman ngrreply. Pahelp naman po. Nung ngbayad ba kau kinuhanan kaagad kau ng biometrics? Un lang gusto ko malaman. Salamat

  35. the process is to long and not acceptable whatever the reason it is. It is only I.D and can work within 2 to 3 days. Why it takes to long. Please justify.

  36. Hello ma’am, does the utility bill to be in my own name? Or is it okay to have it in a relative’s name, say, like a grandparent? or a cousin?

    • It doesn’t have to be under your name. Just submit a photocopy of your relative’s ID and have them sign it for authentication.

      • What if deceased na po yung name ng nasa bill? He’s my grandfather po kasi and sa kanya pa din po nakapangalan, though kami na yung nagbabayad. Thanks!

  37. Hello po tanong ko lang po bakit po temporary postal id lang ang na deliver sa akin ? nag aalala po kasi ako 🙁 Please let me know why temporary postal id lang po ang meron ako..


    • I also received a temporary postal id. But my friend who applied last week of May had her postal id with 3 years expiration. I just hope for the replacement to be done the soonest.

  38. Hi. Good day. Question lang.. Ang total po na babayaran ay 504.. Pero po kanina sa Philpost namin dito. Ang kinukuha sa’kin ay 550? Sabi ko bakit po 550 php ang total ng babayaran pero nilagay niyo sa receipt ay 504 php lang? Sabi niya para daw yun sa “processing fee”? kaso wala lang daw silang receipt para dun kaya 504 ang nilagay niya instead na 550.. So hindi ako pumayag, sabi ko gawan niyo po ako ng receipt na ang nakalagay 550 php ang siningil niyo sa’kin dahil need ko ipakita sa parent ko. Ayun binigyan niya ako at pinirmahan niya.. Talaga po bang may processing fee pa na nakabukod sa babayaran? Kaya ako humingi ng another receipt ay para may proof ako na yun ang sinabi niyang price sakin. Thanks po.

  39. I just got my TEMPORARY postal ID today June 8, 2016. Applied last May 30 at Robinsons Otis. it looks the same as the original postal ID. Valid lang sya for 3 months, nakalagay sa kasamang letter na yung replacement will be delivered before my temporary Postal ID expires. Akala ko eto na talaga, yun pala hindi. Katulad na katulad ng original card talaga yung temporary postal id. I think pineperahan lang talaga ng philpost mga tao, tapos wala naman darating na replacement. Buti na lang may OLD postal ID ako na laminated valid until 2017. Yun na lang gagamitin ko kesa dito sa bago na within 3mos mageexpire na agad. Kurakot talaga sila!

    • Wala pa namang 3 mos eh and ang sabi sa blog 15 nonworking days before makuha. Let’s wait for 3 mos and see kung irreplace ba talaga nila yung temp ID mo.

  40. Good Day!

    I want to get a postal id in rush is that possible? dn paano to? yong permanent adress ko sa catmon cebu province pero nandito ako sa mabolo cebu city ngayon, pag e deliver nyo yan sa province namin sobrang layu may trabaho kasi ako dito sa cebu city, pwed po ba kunin ko nalang sa office if ever ready na ang id? ibigay ko nalang contact number ko para alam ko kung ready.

  41. Hello po. Just want to ask kung pwede po na dito ako sa Quezon City kukuha ng Postal ID ko. Taga Cagayan de Oro City po ako. Kung pwede po na dito ako kukuha, yung address ko po ba doon sa Mindanao ang gagamitin ko or yung present address ko po? Ang requirements ko po ay NSO Birth Certificate ko at utility bill ng tinitirahan ko ngayon.
    Thank you.
    GOD Bless po sa inyo.

  42. bakit matagal ang postal i d na makuha ? sabi nila 1 month lang daw makuha na peru until now hindi ko pa nakuha, dapat last may 28 ko makuha peru until now hindi pa, puta talaga sila ! malaki pa ang bayad ko sa id.! tanga jud ang sila ! ang bagal! kung hindi man 1 month ang pag process nila dapat hindi sila nag sabi nha for 1 month n=lang ! grabe nag expect pa ako na 1 month lang peru untilm ngaun hindi ko pa nakuha! ILIGAN JUD CORRUPT! KWARTA RAY GI HUNA-HUNA !

  43. Nakalagay dto 5 working days lang pero its been a week since I applied for it hindi ko pa rin narereceived. Mahal na nga bnayad tas ang bagal pa. Pilipinas nga naman!

  44. expired na ung postal id ko feb 2016. problema ko nagpadala ang pinsan ko ng pera. ito lang ung id ko. wala ng iba. diba pde pa gamitin ito hanggat hnd pa 2017. kasi 2016 pa naman ? pakisagot naman po please.

  45. i was upset kanina noon nag claim po ako sa isang remittance center..sabi nila..yan daw ay policy ng central bank…Di ba gobyerno pa rin yon?Ano naman silbi o gamit sa aming postal i.d..kung may iba dyan ay hindi ito tatanggapin….Sayang lang ang pera namin o pera ko

  46. To Postal Office In the Phil…..i have a postal I.D already..and im glad nga mayroon na akong i.d,,para magamit ko ito sa mga remittance claim…Sir..ang tanong ko lang sa inyo….mostly sa mga remittance company..pag nag claim po kami ng pera padala sa akin…bakit may limit amount ang pagkuha namin sa ipinadala..pag ipinakita namin ang postal i.d..Sabi nila..hanggang 5k raw pababa..ang ma cla_claim ko….pati na sa Bank..parang hindi pa nila i-ni-honor ang postal i.d..Pwede ba gawan ninyo ito ng solusyon…Dapat may connection po kayo sa Bank at sa mga remettance center

  47. may tanong lang po ako about sa delivery sabi nila dun sa may postal office 2-3 weeks daw po i dedeliver sa akin ung i.d pero almost 3 weeks na po wala pa rin yung i.d

  48. Hi! Pwede ba na sa central office ako magpagawa ng id pero yung requirements at payment ay inasikaso ko sa province? Thank you!

  49. How about those who already have a Postal I.D.? Can they just go their nearest post office and ask for their existing Postal I.D.s be replaced with the new one?

  50. ryou i dont think you are erquired to tick the box kasi nga initial ang request unless papalitan postal id mo dun ka lang mamimili.

  51. hi po..ask kulang dumating na po ba yong postal id k ?? feb 10 po akong nag pa id? san ko po makuha yun f dumating nah ang postal id?

  52. Nagpunta po ako ng Pasay Post Office last Feb 16, 2016 Tuesday to get Postal Od, with all the requirement with me.. pagdating po ko po dun around 8:00am po nagfilled up po ako ng form.. tapos pinasa ko na po sa attending employee.. tapos inenterview po ako a few minutes regarding dun sa apps ko., then sani sakin babalik pa ako ng Feb 23, 2016 for the biometric daw po. And its one week pa. At binigyan ako ng contact number (cel no.)
    Bumalik ako Feb 23, 2016 for the sais biometric. Na late ako ng almost 2hours at nakarating ako past 9am na po. Tapos sabi sakin bat ako na late? Bat di ako nagtext? Nag apologize naman po ako dahil sa pagkakalate ko.. at sabi nung assigned sa biometric maramindaw syangginagawang mga sulat for delivery kaya di nya ako makukuhanan ng biometric.. sobranb nagmakaawa po ako pero dipo ako pinagbigyan to know na wala naman pong ibang nag aaply dun at wala pong nakapila for biometric. Sabi ko po pagbigyan nyo naman po ako kasi papasok po ako sa work mag hahalfday nalang po ako. Sabi nung employee mamayang hapon bumalik ka. Hindi na ako nagsalita kasi baka anu pa masabi ko. Tapos ang sabi sakin mag lunch ka muna.

    Bumalik ako 1pm at ng pumasok ako ng Pasay Post office may kumakain pang mga employee tapos ang sama ng tingin sakin na para bang “bat ito pumasok eh alam naman nyang kumakain pa” umupo ako sa upuan at sabi nung isang employee 2:30 pm pa ang sched ng biometric”. Sabi ko sa sabi nyo sakin kanina mag lunch muna ako kaya po to assume na ma ke cater nyo na po ako after lunch kaya bumalik po ako baka ma late na naman ako at dina naman ako makapag biometric. Walang may nagsasalita at ako ay umupo lang dun hindi ako umalis. At sa tagal kong nakaupo nag observe ako sa paligid. Hanggang almost 2pm na saka ako tinawag for biometric. At after ng biometric sinabe sakin na March 16, 2016 pa ang Postal ID ko ma dedeliver sa adress na binigay ko which is sa Pasay lang din po.
    Nagtataka ako kasi ang nasa website:
    METRO MANILA 5days,
    Other municipaliteis 7days
    Provincies 3weeks
    Ganito po ba ang kalakaran? Kahit Pasay lang ako? March 16 pa ang receiving ng Postal ID ko?
    Nkaka frustrate lang po dahil maliban sa di maayos na COSTUMER SERVICE, delayed pa masyado ang delivery., to know na may kasamanb TAX ang binabayaran namin sa pagkuha ng POSTAL ID.. pagpasok palang sa office nila wala kang makitang may facial good mood ang mga mukha nila! Na kung titingnan natin kaya sila sumusweldo dahil sa mga costumer nila na katulad kong kumukuha ng postal ID including tax..!

    Government service? Costumer service? Asan?

    • HI lea, if I were you I should have taken the identify of that employee and reported right away on that very day, may smart phone ka naman siguro sna navideo mo usapan nyu, we are in the technological generation everything might be solved with that way, and that evidence is valid to all authorities. So next time you go back there to claim ur id, be sure to be ready, because I know your ID might not be available yet.

  53. gud day po paano po kung kinuha ng postal ang original nso saka marriage mahal po kc un 500 pwede po b mbwi tlga po bng orig kinukuha sa gma cavite po sya plsss reply

    • Copy is enough, sna nagpa photocopy kayu ng isa pra un binigay nyu na copy lang. Kapag ganyan ang issue, haisst alam ko na mangyyari next dyan…if you want to get Ur original copy back from them, pay a certain fee siguro, that how it will work I guess…she or he might say, do u want to pay only ____ to get Ur original back or get another copy from NSO and pay and wait for a month…

      • ang sabi ng ate ko photocopy lang NSO kaya photocopy lang dinala ko.
        pagkadating ko dun ayaw tanggapin napabalik pa ako sa bahay at NO CHOICE binigay ko na yung original. sobrang nakakastress sa feeling pag nababasa o naririnig ko photocopy lang pero gusto talaga marami ganyan gusto lamunin yung orig. 🙁

        • the original copy is just for cross reference for the photocopy that you’ll be submitting. They shouldn’t have gotten your original copy.

  54. hi po..taga negros po ako..dto po ako ngaun nkatira sa pasig…anu po dapat ang ilagay ko na address ok lng po ba dto nlng sa tnitirhan q ngaun?..requiremnts q po NSO ko poat Bill ng may.ari ng unit na tinitirhan ko..please pikisagot….thank you

  55. Kpag po pina-rush ang postal Id mgkano ang bayad?kc kailangan kailangan ko lng po..bkit ung sa kaibgan ko po 2 months p bgo mkuha?sobrang tgal nmn kpg ganon..bka wla na yung trabho n inaapplyan q..sna mreplyan tong message n to..kc yung mga nbsa Kong tanong wlang reply e..

    • OMG. Please read above regarding the requirements before leaving a comment. It’s specified there “Requirements in applying for Postal ID.

  56. Hi po, dun po sa Proof of Address ok lng utility bill kahit di sakin nakapangalan? sa nanay ko kasi nakapangalan ung utility bills.

  57. HAYYSS ANG TAGAL NG PROSESO NILA 1 month na ko naghihintay wala pa rin .. Tsk tsk . nagabayad naman kami bakit sobrang tagal nng serbisyo nila ID lang yan, bakit aabutin pa ng buwan. KKailangan ko na yang postal ID … Dapat 5 days LNG meron ka na agad

  58. Gud day po.ask ko lng po if i nid to renew my old postal id valid until feb.6 2016..kelangan pa po ba ng birth certificate? Ang meron lng po ksi ako is marriage certificate..ok n po ba yon?thnx po

  59. Hi Sir/Madam.
    I’m applying abroad, and yung agency hinihingan ako ng postal id w/ certification(?), ano po ba yung certification na sinasabi? And kung mag-renew po ako, ano pong kailangan kong dalhing requirements?


  60. Pagkukuha po ba ng postal id yung bago na po na postal id card ang nirerealease at pudi po ba yan gamitin pagkuha ng passport as a primary requirements?
    ….thanks po

  61. Pumunta ako sa post office ng makati kanina para kumuha ng postal i.d. Ang sabi one month pa daw idedeliver tapos kinuha yung original copy ko ng birth certificate at hindi na daw yun ibabalik.

    • Gud evening po maam. Tanong ko lng po pwd po bah passport at nso po ang dadalhin kng requirements pra kumuha ng postal id po .wla po kc ako barangay nmin ngaun at wla pa po akong 6 months dto sa caloocan po. Kng sakali pwd po bah maam.. Salamat po

      • try mo rin kung may alumni id ka. pwede sabi sa taas na nabasa ko..
        OR just to be much sure tumawag ka nalang sa kanila para sure na sure na

  62. Hello po. Kukuha ako ng Postal ID pero wala akong NSO Birth Certificate.
    Baptismal Certificate at Brgy. Clearance lang po meron ako. Pwede na po ba yun ? Wala pa din po kase akong ibang valid ID ‘eh.

  63. Sabi nila yung Philpost bukas Monday-Friday 8 A.M-5 P.M.. Bakit nung pumunta ako ng friday 4:00 pm plang sarado na sila.. anu ba yan!! In need ko na…

  64. Dati po kasi nung kumuha ako ng postal id nakuha ko po agad yung id ko within the day bakit ngayon po 5 working days pa po? I badly need my postal id. Please answer me.

    • Baka dahil sa centralized ID printing, digital na kasi eh, noon ang postal id, may id card na pagsusulatan ng detalye mo gamit ang old typewriter saka ididikit yung picture na dala mo tapos ila-laminate. Ngayon lahat digital na.

  65. Hello…!…thanks

  66. Hello po!
    Ask ko lng makakuha po kya aq ulit ng postal I’d if dun sa old postal I’d ko is may space young name ko.halimbawa po mary joy
    Eh ngaun po s iba kong I’d like philhealth,sss e1 form nbi clearance ay mgkarugtong yung pangalang maryjoy.sana po masagot nio..thanks!!:-)

    • Hi Alla,
      Pwede naman ang baptismal plus another valid id.
      Dalawang (2) Requirements lang ang kailangan. Dalhin ang original at photocopy ng mga sumusunod:
      1. Isang (1) PROOF OF IDENTITY* – Bukod sa Birth Certificate galing NSO o Local Civil Registry, pwede na din ang UMID Card; LTO Driver’s License; o Valid Passport (Kailangang magdala ng marriage certificate ang mga babaeng kasal)
      2. Isang (1) PROOF OF ADDRESS – Maaring Barangay Certificate of Residency; o Utility Bill (kuryente, tubig, telepono, cell phone)

      *Kung walang Birth Certificate, UMID Card, LTO Driver’s License o Valid Passport: magdala ng DALAWA (2) SA ALINMAN SA MGA SUMUSUNOD (Ang isa sa mga dokumento ay kailangang may picture at pirma ng aplikante): Valid paper-based Postal ID, Valid NBI/Police Clearance, Old SSS or GSIS card, Valid OWWA ID, Valid PRC ID, Digitized BIR ID, TIN card, Valid Seaman’s Book, Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID, Voter’s ID, Valid Company ID, Senior Citizen ID, Marriage Contract, Certificate of Birth Marriage from National Commission for Muslim Filipinos (NCMF), National Commission for Indigenous People (NCIP), Elementary or High School Form 137 (for applicants 18 years old and below), Transcript of Records with readable dry seal , Baptismal Certificate , Valid University / School or Alumni ID

      • Hi taga las piñas ako sabi 5 working days with in metro manila pero ang sabi 15 to 1 month ang waiting eh ang sabi dito pang provincial lang yun pede ko po ba puntahan yun sa philpost sa manila after 5 days??
        Please do email me bout this i really need my postal id so badly thanks po

  67. Sure ba na tatangapin to as main id pag nag apply ng passport? wala kc sya sa list ng acceptable id’s na nakagay sa site nila. Baka pwede lang sya as supporting documents kagaya ng voters id. Pls confirm….thanks!

      • Hi, needed ba talaga na halimbawa, yung postal id ko old na ang ipasa ko sakanila? nainis kasi ako , galing ako dfa davao kahapon, dala2 ko nso ng anak ko kasi nakalgay sa site okay lang daw yun, at meron pa nga ko barangay clearance eh.di tinanggap kesyo bago daw dokyumento ko! kainis ha.

        kung kumuha kaya ako nito, tanggapin kaya nila o kailangan atleast 1 year na talaga yun sakin? 🙁 Answer please, frustrating na to sobra. Naka limang balik nako sa DFA.

          • Nakailang balik na po kase ako dito sa post office sa Silang,Cavite..
            nakakainis na lage nlang narereject! nung unang beses kong pumunta dun dala ko yung NSO birth certificate (negative record), Brgy. Clearance, Police clearance, School Records ko nung high school, pati marriage contract nila mama dala ko yun.. sa dinami-dami ng dinala kong pwedeng requirements para makakuha ng Postal ID, ni-isa walang tinanggap ang hayop na matandang yun! ang arte-arte! kala mo sya nagmamay-ari ng Post Office! kakabwisit! Ilang beses na ko pabalik-balik kase sabi din ng mga kaibigan ko accepted yung mga requirements na yun..

      • Maam ilang days ba bgo makuha ang postal id, kc po kumuha ako nung 19 po itong buwan na to, sabi idedeliver po ei 1week na po ala pa gagamitin ko pa nman sna,

      • bkit po gnun dito sa gma cavite kylngan pa ng senomar sa requirments ng postal id samantalang sbe nyo 2requirments lang bkit po gnun

  68. with regards to the discounts when it comes to converting our paperbased postal i.d’s for the new postal i.d card, implemented po ba ito sa lahat ng philippine post office? I just recently visited our phil post office here in Camiling, Tarlac to inquire about the discounts but they said there is no discount kasi panibago na daw pong i.d. yung iaapply.But my i.d was released last Nov. 2014 which is sayang naman yung 25% pa sanang discount. your immediate responce to this matter would be highly appreciated. thank you and God Bless.

  69. may tanung poh aq anu ba yang postal new id card na yan its same sa atm hindi na kailangan ilaminate. how many weeks bago ideliver.

  70. Bakit hindi niyo na lang lagyan ng caputring at accepting lahat ng Post Office ng Cities para mas maging convinient sa amin, aba nagbabayad kami.

  71. Pwede po bang passport na lang ang gamitin instead of birth certificate kasi kabibigay lang nun sa dfa nung nagapply, pero meron pong photocopy wala nga lang ang original nso.

  72. bakit ganun may fixed price po ba sa lahat ng lugar pag kumuha ng postal id? sabe kase iba iba.. totoo bang pag sa metro manila nasa 500 above ang price.. TY

    • I can only comment on the price provided by Philpost officially which is posted in the article. I suggest you ask an Official Receipt bearing the Philpost logo so may habol po tayo in case may complain

    • akala q b 7 days ang process at delivery 15 days pnka matagal? bkt ung iva 1 month na ala pa eh ung iva sa men kelangan sa work at importanteng bgay! bliktad ata bgu nga ung id npakatgal naman mas mganda pa ung dati on d spot kuha agad pancnin nyu ung mga feedback namin tungkol dto d ung puro price kau nag fofocus at requirements dahel pag nkuha nyu na lahat magrereklamu din sila pag hehentay

  73. Nagapply ako ngayon ng Postal ID at ang sabi sakin.. 3-4 Weeks p daw makukuha yun.. Totoo ba?
    Kailangan na kailangan ko pa naman kala ko 7 days lang.. -.-

    • hay naku ganyanganyan sila nakakainis ung id kong pinagawa mali spelling ng lastname ko tapos kala ko magagawa agad …nung pinuntahan ko ulit nganga ..may no. ngang pwding tawagan di naman sinasagot..kaasar sobra

  74. Hi, Bakit po ganun until now wla pa postal id card ko, nag apply ako may 29,2015 until now wla pa june 25,2015 na ang sabi sa akin sa alimall post office branch 3weeks lng dw waiting pero mag iisang buwan na wala pa.. sinayang nyo lang pagod ko.. Ayusin nyo serbisyo nyo hnd nakakatuwa ..

  75. hi! ask ko lang, what if walang proof of address? sa parents ko ako nakatira at sa mother ko nakapangalan yung proof of billing, wala akong credit card or any subscription na nakapangalan sa akin, valid po ba yung billing na nakapangalan sa mother ko?


  76. hi po may old postal id aq,sa 2017 mag eexpire,gusto ko kumuha ng bago,I’m from ozamiz city but now living in cebu city for 7 months,pwede bang dito nalang ako kukuha ng bago

  77. Untill now wla pa din po yung pinagawa kong postal i.d 🙁 nagpagawa po ako nung may 19, sabi 10-15 days lang tapos na gawin at dadalhin nlng sa mismong adress na nakalagay sa i.d .. Eh kaso po lagpas na hanggang ngaun wla pa din ..

  78. bakit hanggang ngayon wala parin postal ID ko arpil 22 ako kumuha. may 27 na lagpas isang buwan na sabi within 10days lang.
    tumawag at email na ako wala naman sumasagot. sayang pagod at 470 ko!

  79. sabi po new postal id is accptable for applying passport pero dfa marquee mall they do not accpt postal id ,,at ang gusto pa nila old nbi 2003 old below …ano po ba totoo .

  80. Hanggang kailan po ba ung Validation ng Postal ID? meron po bang malapit na Registration d2 po sa Bulihan, Silang, Cavite? San po ba ang malapit d2? Sana po ma Help nyo po ako? 🙂

  81. Hello, just wanted to share the below, which happened today at 10-10:20am.
    I went to the UP Diliman Philpost branch to submit my postal ID application, because it says we can go to any branch, only to be told that they don’t process ID requests and that I should go to City Hall.
    At the City Hall, the lady at the counter very grumpily asked for my barangay clearance, even though the revised requirements say any utility bill will be accepted. She did not accept the utility bill I presented.
    Just wanted to share this because I thought the new requirements would make the process easier and more efficient. Either the instructions published in the gov website are incorrect, or the employees are not following them. Either way it is very inconvenient and I wasted time, money, and effort.

    • I also experienced the same thing at PhilPost Makati. But I told the one who assisted (unsatisfactorily) me that it was stated in their poster that a proof of billing is OK. I demanded him to ask his supervisor and it was accepted. The problem with government employees is that akala nila ang tataas ng position nila. Imbis na tulungan ang mga tao mas lalong pinapahirapan pa. We must all be very firm too with our rights. Di yung pag sinabi hindi, hindi na talaga.

        • Hello.. Ask klang po kung pwde ba palitan yung middle spelling.? Kc kumuha po ako ng postal id kanina, so dala ko po birth certificate ko. Pero yung nsa birth certificate ko ngayon mali po yung middle name ko mandaue po nkalagay pero ang gamit ko sa philhealth id ko mandawe po kc e2 po tlaga tamang middle ko Mandawe hindi mandaue, pwde kb palitan agad ang middle name? Mgbayad lng ako kc soon ipaayos ko din sa attorney birth certificate ko please pki sagot tanong ko.. Thanks

  82. Good day

    San po kami pwede mag apply ng PHILPOST ID if nakatira kmi dito sa ibang bansa, Pwede po ba mag apply sa Embassy


  83. gud day my postal i.d po ako dti ung address poh zamboanga del sur ..gsto ko po kumuha ngaun kc nid ko po for passport pero dito n po ako sa cavite nkatira pwd po bng mpalitn ng bago postal ko kht di po dto un sa cavite knuha..slmat po

  84. Hey? Hi? Good Eve. I just want to ask if what ADDRESS am I gonna put in there? I’m originally from General Santos City, and I’m just applying here in Manila. Kindly reply, THANKS!

  85. i have my valid philippine DRIVER’S LICENCE and UMID, pwede na ba yun na lang ipakita ko when applying for postal ID instead na yung birth certificate ko na more than 6 months old?

    • Yes, you can submit Driver’s License or UMID card instead of NSO BC. You also need to show proof of address (requirement #2)

      • Kailangan parin po ba na mgdala ako ng cenomar?? Khit hnd nman nka post sa requirements na kailangan pra sa pg kuha ng bgong postal I.d?? Ang nkalagay lng po kc ay b.c , barangay clearance at proof of billing.. tatanggapin na po kya kung yan lng ang dadalhin ko?? At mgka iba po ba ung office na pg papasahan ko ng mga requirements?? At ung capturing station??

  86. Good day!

    My niece applied for the postal ID today April 8 which she needs on April 23 for her college scholarship requirements. However to her dismay, she was told the ID will be delivered after 3 weeks after , way over the day it is needed. My mother who accompanied her told the post office officer if the process can be expedited and willing to pay for the rush processing. Negative.

    I found on this site that for those living in Metro Manila it would only take 5 days.

    Please help how I can help my niece get her postal ID before April 23.

    Hoping for your positive response.Many thanks!


    • go to a radio station like DZMM much better if you call for public service program during on air
      ask for letter of assistance
      they will address it to the head of philpost
      Head will endorsed it to department concerned
      viola 3 days lang ayos na!
      Fastest way to get ur card!

  87. Pwede ba dto yung original birth certificate?yung nanggaling pa sa baul pero readable parin? And meron ba dto laguna postal i.d capture station ? Tnx and more power..

  88. I went to UST Post Office today to apply for my son’s Postal ID. I have all the requirements (BC-Orig & Copy; Barangay Certf). Lady in charge told me that the date on the OR of my son’s BC is way back in 2008. She said that they only honor BC’s w/ OR-Date that’s within 6-months old. On the requirements to apply, it said: Birth Certificate, original and copy. Doesn’t say that the date on the OR of BC should be within the 6-months old. Why is this lady saying a different story? Is she just giving us a hard time or is she not competent enough to handle her job?

    • Government agencies are very strict when it comes to NSO BC and other docs. 6 month freshness is the usual requirement even for DFA authentication. The lady was just following government order

      • just another scheme of the government to generate more funds to buy NAPOLES’ LV BAGS! NSO CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS PRICEY!!!! 6 MONTHS FRESHNESS! MY A**

      • Government agencies are very strict when it comes to NSO BC and other docs. 6 month freshness is the usual requirement even for DFA authentication. The lady was just following government order.

        —> Di naman po.. i applied last week for passport and they accepted my 3yr old NSO BC…

    • Thank you Ms. Fehl for clarifying the issue. I would suggest then that the 6-month time or 6-month freshness of OR on new BC’s should be added on the “The New Postal ID Requirements”. There might be other people that have their original BC & their OR is past the 6-month time limit. It will at least ease the confusion. At least they will be aware and save time when applying for the Postal ID. Thank you and God Bless!

  89. MAy problema ako sa NSO birth certificate ko, wala din akong proof of billing.
    Hindi ba pwedend yung issued Postal ID ang ipresent para makakuha ng PVC-type na postal ID?

    Sana naman pwede.

  90. It’s really an inconvenience that the list of capture sites posted on PhlPost’s website is inaccurate. I went to the satellite office of Taguig City Hall located inside Market Market mall because it was supposedly a capture site based on the list; only to be informed by the information desk that they do not process postal id applications there. Worse, I think the officer behind the info desk does not have any idea on the Postal ID application process as she pointed me to a PhlPost mailing booth. /facepalm/ The government really has to work on their accuracy in information dissemination on their websites. Checking online has always been the most cost-efficient (no need to travel to their offices) means of researching procedures on transacting with government agencies.

  91. I noticed lang po na gaya dto s uae,one national identity card lng ang gamit at yun na ang pinakavalid sa lahat ng mga transaction..ang daming id hinihingi s atin, matagal nang isisulong yung ganung sistema e, wla daw budget dahil mahabang proseso,.. Dto kung meron kang ganung nagiisang emirates id, sakop na lahat ng anu paang transaction.. Govt natin tlga oh, tapos my validity pa siya, pera-pera nga naman ang gobyerno, papasukin kung saan my pagkakakitaan s mga mmamayan..

  92. Wayback 2011, I applied for the renewal of my postal i.d. at Lipa city Postal Office. I was told that I have to apply again as new member and I have to submit again the requirements stated. I went to NSO to secure my birth certificate, I have my barangay certification, my marriage license and I even presented my old postal i.d. but sad to say, the postal personnel rejected my application saying that my surname in my birth certificate is unreadable. No matter how I argued with her showing her all my pertinent documents, she still refuse my application. In my anger, I went to DFA Batangas to secure my passport renewal and without any hassle, I was able to get it. My question is that why is it that the postal personnels are making it hard for ordinary people like me to get a postal i.d, claiming that it might be used for criminal activities. My gosh, I just can’t believed what I heard then. What can you do to ease up people just like me who need a valid i.d? Just for your information.

  93. Nagpunta ako sa post office at nagdala ng mga kailangan requirements base sa website nila.dahil married nako nagdala ako ng NSO marriage certificate,BC,utility bill at yung lumang id ko ng postal na 2016 pa maexpired.sabi sakin hindi daw sila kasali sa nagbibigay ng discount.edi sabi ko ok.then kahit may dala na ako Nso MC at BC kung wala daw resibo galing NSO hindi daw nila tatanggapin.Ang sakin lang pano kung may available naman ako na NSO marriage cert at Birth cert pero nawawala na ang resibo?.ang sagot sakin kailngan ko daw kumuha uli at ang tatanggapin lang nila ay may hindi lang 414 ang mgagastos kasi original w/ resibo daw ang kailangan nila.sobrang hassle kasi daig pa nila ang DFA kasi sila di namn naghahanap ng resibo na galing sa NsO.Sa San Jose del Monte Bulacan na post office po itong sinasabi ko..

    • yung receipt po kasi ang nagpapatunay ng authentication ng NSO papers kailangan po un sa lahat ng transaction na pag gagamitan ng certificate from NSO.

    • Dito sa santiago city isabela okey naman kahit walang resibo iba iba nga ang panuntunan nila kasi sa kabilang bayan din dito sa isabela hindi pa sila tumatanggap ng computerized ID application. dito lang sa santiago city ang pwede.

  94. My mom does not have a birth certificate? What other id can be presented? We checked thru NSO but they just sent us a letter saying that my mom was not registered to them.

  95. Ok lang na nasa 400+ yung babayaran. Pero the last time na kumuha ako postal i.d nung 2013 binaran ko is nasa 700.

  96. I went to the Ayala Alabang office only to be told that all New Phil[post ID will only be done at the post office at south station. When I got there I was told of the requirements and it will take 3 months for the ID to be release!!!

    What?? Parang LTO!

  97. I’ve got mine.. pero feb 24 since kumuha ako. Then they said na after 2weeks pa deliver na sa bahay. Pero yesterday lang sya dumating. Hindi ko na naasikaso yung dapat ko asikasuhin sa sss because im pregnant.. it took 4weeks bago nadeliver sakin.. so many reasons pa sila. So disappointed. Now di ko na maasikaso sss ko 🙁

  98. Sure po ba na tatanggapin ‘to sa DFA for passport application. I’m planning to have this as an alternative for the UMID card; 2 to 4 months pa kasi bago madeliver yung sakin.

  99. sir/mam
    tanong ko lang po pano po kami mag apply ng postal Id kung nasa ibang bansa po kami tnhks po.god bless.

  100. maganda ang bagong postal ID at mabilis lang kumuha walang hassle basta kumpleto ka lang ng mga requirements… nung nag-apply ako ng postal ID sa pasay 8-10 working days mail na nila sakin ang ID ko 414 pesos ang binayaran ko…

  101. Nung kumuha ako ng postal id, sabi sakin mga 15 to 30 days bago makuha. Hassle kasi kailangan ko na ng ibang valid ids. Sana naman mas mabilis yung process.. And diba sabi idedeliver sa bahay, e ang sabi nila dun sa office, itetext na lang daw ako kung nandun na yung id ko.

  102. Congrats sa bagong New Postal Card ng PhilPost! ..:)
    Sana magkaroon naman ng on-line applications…God Bless!

  103. We have so many I.D.s in our wallets. I don’t understand why the Philippine government doesn’t want to implement a universal card or a single identity card? Like in other countries, for example Malaysia, all citizens have their own identity card with a microchip that stores all personal information about the person. Everything you need to know about the person is on the identity card like SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth etc. It would be easier to identify persons who violated the law. It will be very convenient for all because you will only need to renew 2 of your Identification cards, the other on would be the driver’s license. It would also benefit our government offices like SSS, pag-ibig, Philhealth, Philippine Postal Corporation etc. Instead of wasting time and resources just issuing I.D.s for everyone, they can focus on services that we Filipino people really needed.

  104. Is it renewable? And is it cheaper?
    I mean, after it expires is it going to be the process of application still? Thanks.

  105. .. gud afternun pu .. ask ko lng pu kung pwde sedula at brgy clearance lng ung gamit pag kuha ng postal .. ? at magkanu pu postal ngayun?

  106. madam/sir,
    ask ko lang po kung meron napo ba yang new postal id card dito sa lipa city hall( lipa city batangas)? tsaka magkano po?

  107. Maganda yang new postal id na yan, accepted..considered as phil identity mas magtatagal dahil di lang cya tulad ng dati na hard paper lang., Kukuha ako nyan dahil malapit na expire passport ko , at pang replace as my national id..wala pa masyado hassles sa mga requirements ang pag kuha ..thanks for the info..more power philpad..

  108. Thank you very much for this very valuable information, i hope that this is the eye-opening of our government officials that all filipino citizens of the republic of the philippines should undergo the postal identification process inorder to facilitate the faster transaction of our fellow to any Private and government sector—dapat dito nila ibuhos yung mga Pork barrel nila para lahat ng pinoy magka ID pagtuntung palang ng 7 years old dapat may postal ID na para magkaroon ng disiplina ang ating mga kababayan…pag may Postal ID yan hindi basta basta gagawa yan ng kalokohan kasi naka ID system na sya.

  109. For inquiries, complaints, questions and other concerns regarding the New Postal ID, listed below are the following contact persons/details:

    Contact Persons:
    Ms. Jeanette Agamata or
    Ms. Carla Lacson

    E-mail Addresses:

    Mobile Nos.:
    Smart – 09985300520
    Globe – 09173110923
    Sun – 09228327706

    Telephone Nos.:
    (02) 527-5872
    (02) 527-0151
    (02) 527-0107

    To facilitate immediate reply and action, please ensure that the following information is provided:
    Name of Applicant
    Capturing Post Office
    Date of Capture
    Official Receipt Number

    • Good day,
      I check yun Postal ID Capture Station, wala po Olongapo, sa buong Zambales ang nasa list lang, Castillejos, Sn Antonio @ Iba. Ni wala din ang Olongapo sa Accepting Post Office,ibig po ba sabihin bandang Zambales pa po mag aapply ang mga taga Olongapo?
      Salamat po sa inpormasyon.

  110. Dapat wla na iyang postal id (Philpost ID) na iyan mam.Dapat ang ipush ng government natin ay Philippine Identity Card para kahit anong transaction sa phil govt agency ay iyan lang ipakita.

    • I agree, Doble-doble gastos lang itong iba’t ibang IDs ng iba’t ibang agencies dito sa bansa kung pwede naman ang iisa, nationally-recognized na I.D. kung maiimplement.


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