Philippine Citizenship – How to become a Filipino Citizen if Foreigner

Because it was Independence Day on the 12th, I am inspired to post about this topic. How to become a citizen of the Philippines if you are a foreigner? Perhaps you are an American or Canadian, or British or Japanese or Korean or Australian and you decided to get Philippine citizenship for some reasons. This post is for you.

How to become a Filipino Citizen if Foreigner

There are millions of Filipinos who want to migrate to other countries and decide to leave their citizenship and adopt the new ones or decide to have dual citizenship; however, there are some foreigners who want to become Filipino citizens. If they meet the requirements, they will be granted the citizenship. The most common way to get this is through Naturalization.

Before we give the ways on how to get Philippine citizenship, let us first discuss who the citizens of the Philippines are and how to become a Filipino citizen.

Philippine Citizenship Law

There are 3 bases in Philippine nationality law:

  • By Birth
  • By Blood
  • By Naturalization
how to become a filipino citizen if foreigner

By birth a.k.a Jus soli is quite self explanatory. It means you’re an automatic citizen if you were born in the Philippines soil or territory.
By blood a.k.a. Jus sanguinis is also obvious. You are a citizen if any of your parents is a Filipino citizen on your birth date according to the Philippine Nationality Law.
By Naturalization according to the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines is the judicial act of adopting a foreigner and clothing him with the privileges of a native-born citizen. It implies the renunciation of a former nationality and the fact of entrance into a similar relation towards a new body politic.

  • If you are a foreigner born and lived in the Philippines:

On June 2001, Republic Act 9139 was approved and it provides that foreigners under 18 years old who were born and resided in the Philippines and have resided here since birth and meet the specified qualifications under the act may be granted citizenship. Such requirements and qualifications are posted in this link. If you want to file for a petition, you are required to file 5 copies containing what is required on Section 5 under that RA 9139.

  • If you are a foreigner who was not born in the Philippines:

The Revised Naturalization Law may be applicable for you.
The following are the requirements according to the Section 2 of the Revised Naturalization Act of the Philippines on how to acquire citizenship by naturalization:

He must not be less than 21 years of age on the day of the hearing of the petition;
He must have resided in the Philippines for a continuous period of not less than 10 years;
He must be of good moral character and believes in the principles underlying the Philippine Constitution, and must have conducted himself in a proper and irreproachable manner during the entire period of his residence in the Philippines in his relation with the constituted government as well as with the community in which he is living;
He must own real estate in the Philippines worth not less than P5,000, Philippine currency, or must have some known lucrative trade, profession, or lawful occupation;
He must be able to speak or write English or Spanish or anyone of the principal languages;
He must have enrolled his minor children of school age in any of the public or private schools recognized by the Bureau of Public Schools of the Philippines where Philippine history, government and civics are taught or prescribed as part of the school curriculum, during the entire period of the residence in the Philippines required of him prior to the hearing of the petition for naturalization as Philippine citizen;”


Under Section of 4 of the Revised Naturalization Law, the following persons cannot qualify for Philippine citizenship:

Persons opposed to organized government or affiliated with any association or group of persons who uphold and teach doctrines opposing all organized governments;
Persons defending or teaching the necessity or propriety of violence, personal assault, or assassination for the success and predominance of their ideas;
Polygamists or believers in the practice of polygamy;
Persons convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude;
Persons suffering from mental alienation or incurable contagious diseases;
Persons who during the period of their stay in the Philippines, have not mingled socially with the Filipinos, or who have not evinced a sincere desire to learn and embrace the customs, traditions, and ideals of the Filipinos;
Citizens or subjects of nations with whom the Philippines is at war
Citizens or subjects of a foreign country other than the United States, whose laws do not grant Filipinos the right to become naturalized citizens or subject thereof.”

Philippine Citizenship through Marriage

Can you become a Filipino citizen if you married a Filipino? Lots of foreigners think if you have married a Filipino, they can also become a Filipino citizen right away. The fact is you won’t be entitled automatically.

If you have married a Filipino, you are entitled to the citizenship privilege your spouse have received when he/she married you. Unlike a foreigner who can apply for citizenship if he stayed for 10 years here, you being married to a Filipino allow you to apply after 5 years instead.

Under the law of Naturalization, you must take an oath and renounce your citizenship and leave your former nationality. Your wife however can choose to be a citizen of this country or your country or both according to the Philippine Dual Citizenship Law.

It is surprising how lots of foreigners and people want to settle and become citizens here while lots of Filipinos want to leave the country. The Philippines is a beautiful country and the weather is so nice. But jobs and the economy are not so good due to not so nice political splice and corruption.

Anyhow, it’s still a nice place to retire and to enjoy paradise. The world’s most beautiful beaches are here. The friendliest people are here, too. Life is easy and simple. Anyone can survive comfortably even just having one job.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional lawyer or an expert of immigration. I am only sharing this post as a result of my research and a brief background of Law from my college degree.

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  1. I am married to a Filipina and have stayed in the country for over 6 years. I am also a US citizen. It is stated here that a foreigner married to a Filipina who has resided in the country for more than 5 years can apply for citizenship by naturalization. Where and how do I submit my application for naturalization? Thanks.

  2. Hi? My Mother’s mom and dad is pure indian. however, my mother born and raise here in Ph. She already has a PSA BC and PSA MC, PSA Death Cert as well because my father is already dead (which is a full blooded filipino). My question is, does she needs to get Certification of Naturalization? or anything like that?

    She tried to get a Filipino Passport this afternoon and the consul told her to get one. very confusing. as indicated here, you are an automatic Filipino citizen when you were born here. right? please help.

  3. I was born in (Subic Bay Navy Base) Olongapo in 1955. Both of my parents were Filipino citizens but at the time of my birth, my Dad had already switched his citizenship from Filipino to U.S.A . However, my mother kept her Filipino citizenship. We left the Philippines to immigrate to the U.S.A. when I was 9 years old. I am interested in obtaining dual citizenship (U.S.A./Philippines). My question is if I received dual citizenship, would my son, his wife, and two children ages 3 and 7, qualify to come to the Philippines to live. I understand that I would have to go through the process and paperwork but would they qualify?

  4. Hi, I’m wondering if my aunt is able to apply for Filipino Citizenship through blood, my great-grandfather was from the philipines and born about 1910, his daugther my aunt and my grandmother and other relatives were all born between 1939 and 1968 in Hawaii those born before 1959 were also born U.S. nationals, I’m wondering if any of them are allowed to petition for Filipino Citizenship, seeing as if my greatgrandfather were born in 1910 this would have meant that he were a U.S. national (at birth) as well due to the Philipinnes being under U.S. Jurisdiction.

  5. I’m English in the Philippines married to Filipino Hilary just over four years been coming and going to the last eight years but the Philippines don’t be very transparent with a costings
    and it frightens me because I am not got a large pension and I cannot find out all the costings and the time it takes to get residency something must change John Steeples

  6. Hi good evening
    My Name is Hassan moroccan im married filipina from ilo ilo …we get married in the Philippines …now we are living in the uae we get one child last mind i want him to hold the filipino passport not mine if theres any advices i can follow thank you so much in advance

  7. Hi I m from India.. And I have gf in Philippines .. We are not married because she Already married. And she’s husband leave her.. Few years before Already . We have in last year baby boy. On his birth certificate have my name as father. Many many time I will travel Philippines on tourist visa . But this time I want stay there long time with my son and with her. . Can you suggest me what type visa I apply. Can I have visa for my baby reference . . Pls help and reaply . Salamat

  8. Hello! I want to ask a question to get about filipino citizenship. I was born in Saudi Arabia having Pakistani father and Filipino mother. Now i am having pakistani nationality with my other mother name not birth mother name. But i want to take filipino nationality with my mother name can i be able to take nationality of philippines.

  9. Hi,

    My Name is Nic im from Bacolod City, Philippines, merried ako sa isang Kiwi dito kami nag pakasal sa philipinas noon 2014, at noong nag buntis sya ay, nag desisyun kmi na dun sa new zealand sya mangaganak sa 1st baby namin, . so my question is since i am a natural born filipino, so means kapag pumunta ang anak ko dito automatic na sila maging filipino or dapat pa applyan? what i imean do i need to apply him sa dual citizen. and how? and i want also my wife if she can also qualified for dual citizenship dito sa pinas,

    help me please,, kais di na ako makakbalik sa nz, due to my medical unfit, so in time sila na dito ang mag move sa pinas,


    • Hi Nic, you have to register your baby with DFA first, to let them know that you wish to provide him with Filipino citizenship through blood. Once DFA has entered the application in their records, he is officially a Filipino Citizen, and you can legally acquire his Philippine birth certificate / passport. It’s an easy process, just takes a few months. Good luck.

      • Hi sir question kasi naka processes na po kmi ng mga requeirementrs sa DFA last year for dual citizen from nz immigration pina pa certify ko na a BIRTH CERT. naka red ribbon na po ito. kulang nalang ipasa para ma iprocess ito but sa masamang palad kinapus kmi ng budget sa stay namin sa maynila so ayon di ko naipasa, sir valid pa ba ang docs ng anak ko?

    • Hi,
      I’m not sure I am in agreement with Angelo’s advice above. I was born in Australia to legally Filipino parents. However, upon returning to the Philippines, it was not automatic that I became a citizen. I had to undergo and apply for the process of RECOGNITION. It takes a few months. Here is the link to the immigration website for all the requirements:

      • @mrsvsqz because australia does not allow dual citizenship, when your parents became Australians they have renounce their filipino citizenship and thereafter whatever offspring they will have will automatically be australians even if you are of pure filipino blood.

  10. I have a question about a naturalized Filipino who lost his Filipino citizenship.

    Male, (let’s call him Pedro) born in the Philippines in 1960 to Chinese parents. Pedro then became a naturalized Filipino. Years later, Pedro became a naturalized US citizen which then meant he lost his Filipino citizenship.

    RA9225 (PH citizenship retention and reacquisition kaw) applies only to natural-born Filipinos.

    What are the implications for Pedro when it comes to living in the Philippines (he lives half of the year in the US and half in the Philippines)?

  11. Hi, i got married with Philippina girl on 2009 . I have daughter also holding philippino passport. And i have my own property in manlia worth 2 Million pesos. I am a Pakistani National.
    My question is can I apply for Philippine Citizenship???

    • yes if you have the qualifications and none of the disqualifications. there are different modes of acquiring citizenship, namely: jus soli (by place of birth , jus sanguinis (by blood) and naturalization. the philippines follows the by blood and naturalization. you cannot become a filipino by simply marrying a filipina. you have to go through the process. in your case, since you are a pakistani national/citizen, you may qualify under the revised naturalization law.

      • Good day. My mother was raised and born in the Philippines. But my grandfather is a Chinese and my grandmother is a Filipina. So our worried is hinde po kaya siya magkaproblem if kukuhanan namen siya ng passport. And what are the requirements and things na kailangan naming ayusin if ever maquestion ung nationality niya. Thanks in advance.

    • hello brother i am also living in Philippines almost 3 years and i got married in Pakistan since 2012 i want to apply Filipino citizenship but i dont know about procedure. i have two children Filipinos can you contact me maybe we can help each others i appropriated your feed back

  12. Hi. I was born here in the philippines and both my parents is american citizen nung pinanganak ako (pero na acquired lang nila yun kasi they stayed in U.S before, previous citizen talaga nila filipino). I’m already 24 years old now and i live here for like 24 years already and ngayon pa lang mag pprocess nang passport, I’ve never been sa U.S. because my parents got seperated and became complicated. Getting U.S. passport now is so difficult for me because they need too much requirements na wala na ko. My question is, can i still get philippine passport? I’m not really interested sa U.S. cit ko because ang hastle na for my age. Thank you if mag reply po kayo. GodBless.

    • I was born in the Philippines in 1961, my father is a chinese citizen and my mother is a natural born filipino, when I was 21 I was not able to to oath to become a Filipino citizen, I came here in Us with a chinese passport. Now I am thinking about going back to the Philippines permenetely, Am I qualify to get a dual citizenzhip? If not, how to I go about with this. Where do I start and what form do I use to apply? Please Help!

      • if your parents are married, you follow the citizenship of your father which is chinese because, under philippine law, you are a legitimate child. if they are not married, you follow the citizenship of your mother which is filipino because, being an illegitimate child, you follow your mother’s citizenship. In the latter case, however, under the 1987 constitution, you have to elect philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority within reasonable time (preferably 3 yrs based on jurisprudence). but as you said, you were not able to elect phil. citizenship. As a result, you cannot be a filipino citizen. Also, the dual citizenship law (RA 9225) applies only to natural-born filipinos who lost their filipino citzenship through naturalization or foreign citizenship. if you are chinese, you are disqualified under this law. Your remedy is to apply for naturalization under the Revised Naturalization Law.

        • hi atty. i have a question. i was born in the phillipines and both my parents are filipino but i am now a us citizen thru naturalization of my father. i am currently overstayed in the philippines for 9yrs what if i apply for dual citizenship would i still need to pay my overstaying penalty fees cost around 300k in the Bureau of immigration? Thanks

  13. Hi, I’m a natural born Filipino with a filipino parent. I was not born in Taiwan. but my father is a Taiwanese. I acquired my Taiwanese citizenship by the principles of Jus Sanguines when I was a baby, I’ve been staying in Taiwan for the past 18 years, and my mom is planning to go back to the Philippines after I graduate from high school and I plan to apply for my Filipino Citizen

    Under RA 9225, you don’t need to renounce your foreign citizenship if you acquire it by birth. In that case, do I need to renounce my Taiwanese citizenship if I apply my Filipino citizenship?

  14. My common-law Filipina wife and I (I don’t believe in government marriage) view government–or what we might call the State–as a morally illegitimate entity. Moreover, I believe polygyny is morally acceptable. I guess I don’t qualify for citizenship then. Ha. Oh well. Oh, and may God strike us dead if we ever send our daughter to a government school, either here in the Philippines or anywhere else. Statism is a deadly cancer, and government indoctrination camps thankfully don’t have a monopoly on education. Homeschooling is a great option.

  15. Our Son is a USA Citizen with a PR Card in Canada. The other son is a Duel USA/Canadian. The mothers grandparents were both born in the Philippines. The mother was born in USA. Could the sons still become Philippine citizens and live their if they desired.

  16. We only knew that my father’s birth certificate states that he is a “Chinese” citizen.
    He was born 1959 through a Filipina mother and a chinese father.
    He’s applying now for a passport but got lost in the process due to this problem..

    question is:
    1. dad is 56 yrs old now, how do we get to fix his citizenship?
    2. should he apply for chinese or filipino passport? – we prefer the latter. All his IDs states he’s a filipino..

    Bev Ma-Morato

  17. I am an American who has resided in the Philippines on a quota immigrant visa for 20 years. I have a 17 year old daughter born in the Philippines who received her American citizenship in 2013 and a U.S. passport in 2016. She is still studying and has never been to the U.S or any other country.

    My question is; Does she have to apply for dual citizenship so that she can live, work, vote in the PI?

    • Assuming your wife (or your daughter’s mother) was a Filipino at the time of her (your daughter’s) birth, your daughter was a Filipino citizen at birth. Since she recently acquired US citizenship, she will have to re-acquire her Philippine citizenship and become a dual citizen in order to continue living, working, and voting in the Philippines. On a side note though, I also want to point out that if she already has some form of any government-issued ID that indicates her citizenship/nationality as Filipino, she’s very unlikely to be questioned about her “current status” in school or when finding employment. However, do take note that when filling up any kind of document or forms that she may be subject to a case if she falsely identify herself as a Filipino citizen without legally re-acquiring it first.
      However, if your daughter’s mother is not a Filipino, then your daughter is not considered a Filipino at birth and will have to go through naturalization through some other means in order to become a citizen. As your dependent however, she may continue to legally study, live and work (but not vote) in the Philippines.

    • I live in Rep. of Ireland with my Filipina wife. We married in August 2012 in the Philippines. She moved to Ireland in May 2013. Can I apply for Filipino citizenship ?

  18. Hello, I have married a Filipina since 25 yrs. Our civil marriage has been accomplished in Philippines.I have a daughter 24 yrs and son 18 yrs old who are holding Philippine passport. We are both working and kids are studying here in middle east.. I am from Bangladesh and I have visited 5 times with my family in Philippines. But now due to the age factor, me and my wife going to retire. I would like to stay permanently with my family in Philippines. Would it be possible for me to get residence visa in Philippines. Please do advise me in this regards. It would be appreciated! Thanks-Dominic

    • You ca try to look up SRRV (Special Resident Retiree’s Visa). This will give you a permanent resident status in the Philippines and if you so desire, you can also apply for citizenship after 5 years. There are different visa types under this program and you can choose whichever one is most applicable to you. Good luck!

      • Mr. James, thanks for your explanation but a bit confusing, is that for me (Dominic) to obtain initially SRRV? From where to collect it before entering Philippines from local embassy or after entering in Philippines? Thanks once again!

  19. I was born in the Philippines in 1972, my mother is Filipino & my dad was in the military. They were not married when I was born, but he signed my certificate of Live birth & I was considered automatically U.S. citizen. I do not even have an actual birth certificate. I tried to apply for Dual citizenship so I can eventually retire in the Philippines, but I was advise that I do not qualify since I’m not considered Philippine citizen at birth. I was also advised by the Embassy of the Philippines located in Washigton D.C. that I will need to go to Manila & apply for some type of form for the Philippines to recognize me as one of their own before I can even be eligible to apply for a Dual. Is there an easier way that I can do this stateside or any other options. The Embassy was not much help with details & was rushing me off the phone.

    • Whoever advised that you were not a citizen at birth must have been misinformed. If you a certificate of live birth (I assume from the hospital), there’s a big chance you also have a true copy of your birth certificate from NSO. You may try to request one from PSA and have it delivered to your home in the US. Once you have this, you can show it to any Philippine consulate anywhere in the US to re-acquire your citizenship and passport.

      • Hi, I’m a Filipina married to singaporean and we had 1 son who was born in china but holding singapore citizenship. Now we are all staying in phils. And plan to let our son study here in phils but the tuition for foreigner is too expensive. So I want to apply a philippine passport for him. But unfortunately he don’t have phil. birth cert cos he was born in china. Can you give me some advice what steps, requirements and right government dept that I need to go to check? Thanks!

  20. Hello,
    hope you can answere my question. I was born in the Philippines in 1969 and at the age of 18, as it was then I had to decide between the German and the Philippine Citizenship, as Germany did not allow a dual Citizenship. But as of today they do. Under what can I apply for a Phillipine Citizenship?
    Brgds R.L.

    • You are a Filipino citizen by birth. All you need is your birth certificate and you can present it to the Philippine consulate in Germany to re-acquire your citizenship and passport.

    • I buy land
      And im 5 year living in the philippine
      With my waif and 3 kids
      I apply but Nathing
      D dont accept my paper
      Im paying my tix all
      I cant understand why very hard here to beome philippine citizenship
      In the USA only 3 year you beome citizenship
      Why here very hard

  21. hi my name is pravin shrestha im from nepal im 22 years old and im hving girlfriend from philippines we met in phippines college and our relation been 3 years ago i wana marry with her and settle with her how do i get philippines citizen ship can you give me some suggestion

  22. hi my name is kim jung woo from korea im 26 years old i hv girlfriend from philippines she is 17 years old but she is pregnant by me what i do now to stay in philippines

  23. I am an Indian within 3 month I am gonna to marry by Filipino girl frd . she is 26 and studying teaching job . she had two more years to complete . I don’t want to apply Philippine citizenship . but after marriage legally in both countries I want to stay with her in Philippine for two or three years so she can complete her studies . after that we both will come back to India and she is ready to live in India with me , so my doupt is is it possible for me to stay in Philippine 3 yrs , without job visa from multi national companies . ?? BC I am more business oriented ,.. Will find possibilities to open a small scale business ,.

    • yes but you will have to renew your visa every two months do not be late as the fines do mount up quickly also be advised that once you have been in the philippines for a period of 6 months before you can leave you must obtain a clearance from the B I now once you are married you can request to become a resident after all the forms are submitted and you pass the interview and pay the fees you will be given a probationary resident card current cost just for the card is around 11 t0 13,000 peso,s it will be good for one year at the end of that you go for you permanent residence card this will allow you and your wife to enter and exit the country as often as you wish now be for warned if you are coming here to start a loansharking or other illegal business my advice do not because they will deport you in a heart beat married or not the NBI has been doing a crackdown on people from your country that have engaged in illegal activities so do expect your process to be thorough

    • Why are you taking her away from her family and culture, to a far off country and alien culture? India is not a good country. I am a Filipina who lived there for 5 years, it was a nightmare. I know some Filipinas who made the mistake of going there and suffering heavily. sorry, no offense, but your country is not the kind of place for a Filipino to move and settle or adjust.

      • I have never been in India but I visited Manila, Philippine, once and found that this place is terrible. Not safe at all for foreigners. scammers are everywhere. I have few Filipino friends here and they all admitted with this.

      • What do you care where her husband is taking her? You apologize and say ‘no offense’ but you are indeed offensive in telling him that his country is ‘not a good country’. Doesn’t matter if you lived there for 5 years, take your racism elsewhere. If you want to warn his wife, choose your words carefully and be nice.


        And Tristan is right

  24. Hi,

    I was born in 1968 here in the Philippines to parents who are both Chinese citizens at the time. My father was naturalized as a Filipino in the 1970s. I was raised and eventually had a family here as well (I married a Filipina, my 2 kids are Filipino citizens). I work here and pay taxes.

    Do I qualify for naturalization under RA 9139? If not, what are my other options?

  25. Dear

    I have married, with Filipina women, for 6 year and i have 3 kids also
    Im living here since 2014
    and what are the procedures for Filipina passport or citizenship .
    Where to apply and how ???
    Can you plz asisst us
    If you have or you know any atty can help us

  26. Hello my name is Garry and I’ve just married a Filipino woman in Canada and we have talked about retiring in the Philippines what type of requirements would I have to go through to be able to live in the Philippines . I am currently 57 years old and looking at retiring with the pension from both work and the Canadian government my wife owns a house and farm in the Philippines and we are looking at buying an oceanfront property for our retirement. She has one daughter from a previous relationship we have no children of our own but I am very much interested in retiring in the Philippines with my wife and my new daughter any and all information you could help with would be greatly appreciated . Thank you very much Garry.

    • its nice to meet you here mr Gary,I am Mrs digna lopez I recently relocated to Philippines, with my daughter,from the UK,I can share with you a very well enlighten information and procedures on how to go,just contact me via my email and I give you all needed information and requirement,
      my email is
      happy retirement in advance.

  27. hi!
    i would like to ask regarding my son who holds india and philippines an oversease filipino worker and got married to an indian here in saudi arabia as per rules,the child should inherit the fathers we used the indian passport in going to philippines.we stayed there for 2 years and just last year i came back to saudi for i left our child in philippines in my parents right now me and my husband are applying visa for him to come saudi arabia using indian there any problem that i can face in immigration upon coming here to saudi with my son? asked immigration 2 years back to extend visa of my son but according to them they cant do that because my son is a philippines passport holder.but my friend said that i have to cancel phil passport to avoid trouble.beacuse india dont recognize dual nationality.please give me a clear insight reagrding this matter thank you so much..

    • Your son cannot hold India and Philippine passport at same time. India does not offer Dual citizenship. India offers an OCI sticker which is not citizenship. Indian constitution forbids dual citizenship. If they catch you, your son could be arrested at the airport.

  28. I’m Palestinian living in Kuwait marriage with Filipina since 2009 and I have 2 children have Filipino passport.
    I hare that I can apply for 13A visa this visa let me live and work in the Philippine for ever.
    Its true or not. please reply.

  29. Hi! I hope you can help me out here, I have a few questions..How would I go about becoming a Filipino citizen? Because I don’t have any plans to go back to the states and I want to work here, because I have a family of my own. I was born in the U.S. but grew up in the Philippines ever since I was 5 years old. My father that I lived with here ever since, recently died and we weren’t able to renew my visa that has been expired for about 10 years. My mother (Filipina, but American citizen now) is working in Guam and is not supporting me. I am independent. I’m making my livelihood by doing online teaching for a friend in Japan, and it’s JUST enough to get by. I want to legally work here, so I can make extra. Any help would be appreciated! I hope there is hope for my situation. I don’t want to get evicted from the country or worse, go to jail. Please..

  30. Hi, Me and my wife are Japanese citizens working in the Philippine. We have our daughter born in Makati last October.
    Can she acquire a Filipino citizenship? Thank you

  31. hi ,

    I have married, with Filipina women, and what are the procedures for Filipina passport or citizenship .

    how many day/months/years are required for

  32. Salamat for All the Information, I am Indian National presently residing in India married to filipina. I want to live in phillipines permanently with my wife and acquire phillipines citizenship. I also want to know what’s best visa type can my wife apply for? getting me there? from whatever i can make out is as i am already legally married to filipina and if i stay there more than 5 years continously then she can file petition for me. Thanks A Lot

  33. Dear Madam
    I’m an Australian missionary married to a pinky for almost 19yrs
    I have a son 16 born in Phil and attends school here.
    I have a permanent residency with Icard. And have been living here almost 20yrs. How can I become a citizen is it an easy process concerning my situation.
    Thank you for your reply.

  34. Hello,

    Im born in belgium but my mom is a filipina, she was belgian citizen the time she gave birth to me .
    I can not find clearly information about this but is there really no possibility for me to get a dual citizenship or something because im half blood ? Embasse just send me away to the immigration office in manilla but im just wondering what i can do .. im actually whiling to go back in philippines for my family and my mom is depresed so i guess she better enjoy her life there then staying here where we have no one anymore ..

    Would love to have response..

    Thank you

      • Hello, I am also in the same predicament. I am half, born in the country of my father(australia) where my mother had already became a new citizen of australia. I want to be eligable for dual citizen which seems ridiculous that if i was just 4 years younger I couldve applied under the child under 18yo rule. Did you find out any more information? I am also willing to sort it out in the philippines if need be.

    • The Indian government doesn’t allow dual nationality, but the Philippine government does. So your kid can only have either Indian or Filipino citizenship.

      I’m currently going through the process of revoking my Indian passport in favor of a Filipino one so I can move and study in the Philippines.

  35. paulo here im planning to do this he right way…u s passport….but living and working here in phils…..i have sss tin work permit from dole..want to become a citizen in 10 years……i heard that i cant leave the country even for one day or i cant get citizenship…..i heard that if i can prove im teaching i can get citizenship in two years?????? ……i have purchased two condos and plan to be here habang buhay….but want citizenship without marriage to a filipina…..can you clarify please???

  36. Hi ask ko LNG po kc c mother ko was born in Bataan on 1949 ., her father is American while her mother is a Filipino .. Last year Inaapply ko sana c mother ng ph passport pero ayaw ng dfa kc nga daw po American daw cya kc anak ng American pero kasal c mother ko sa Tatay ko na Filipino tapos dito pa sya sa pilipinas ipinanganak at nanirahan .. Di pa rin ba cya tlga Filipino .. Pls help thanks

    • Your mother supposed to be naturally born Filipino citizen.

      Filipino by birth

      Jus soli (right of soil) which is the legal principle that a person’s nationality at birth is determined by the place of birth (e.g. the territory of a given state)

      Jus sanguinis (right of blood) which is the legal principle that, at birth, an individual acquires the nationality of his/her natural parent/s. The Philippine adheres to this principle.

      Filipino by naturalization which is the judicial act of adopting a foreigner and clothing him with the privileges of a native-born citizen. It implies the renunciation of a former nationality and the fact of entrance into a similar relation towards a new body politic (2Am.Jur.561,par.188).

  37. Hi. I hope you could help me with my case. I was born and raised in the Philippines. My mom is a Filipina while my dad is a Korean. I’m currently holding Korean passport since I acquired Korean citizenship when i reached the age of 21. Do you think i can still apply for Philippine passport? What would the requirements be? Thank you and im hoping for your response

    • if you have a birth certificate from NSO, you are a legal filippino. You can use that birth certificate and get a Philippine passport.

  38. Hi

    I have been in the Philippines for 6 years, and now I’m going home, I am currently applying for Recognition as a Filipino citizen as both my parents were Filipino citizens at the time of birth, how long will the process take? And will I be able to leave Ph freely and immediately once It is complete and I receive identification as a citizen?


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