RTB Offering 2024 – Retail Treasury Bonds Philippines

We have the latest available RTB offering in 2024 in the Philippines on this page. Check out if you want to invest in RTB (T-Bonds). RTBs are brilliant investments because they can generate fixed income guaranteed by the government.

What are Retail Treasury Bonds?

Retail Treasury Bonds, a.k.a. RTB and T-Bonds, are medium to long-term investments issued by the government for retail or small investors (individual or corporations) to aid the government for their massive infrastructure program. These types of investments are affordable. In fact, the minimum fund you need to invest is P5,000.

RTBs are low-risk investments and produce fixed income, meaning investors will earn fixed income based on the principal market on a quarterly basis.

According to the Bureau of Treasury, “the increasing interest of Filipinos in RTBs has been particularly encouraging. The government has been issuing RTBs as part of its effort to promote financial literacy and wellness among Filipinos.

Financial literacy is a key component in attaining inclusive growth as it enhance the public’s knowledge on available financial options, allowing them to make the best decisions for their finances.”

Retail Treasury Bonds Tutorials:

This post is intended for general information purposes and should not be taken as professional advice, and should not be used as a sole basis to invest your money. Every individual has their risk tolerance, investment knowledge, objective, and goal, which should guide them accordingly.

Financial investment is a serious business and requires enough knowledge and awareness about how you invest and manage your wealth. We recommend learning from the tutorial above before you invest in RTB.

Why do investors like to invest in RTB in the Philippines?

The Bureau of Treasury in the Philippines administers and issues Retail Treasury Bonds. The government backs these types of investments, so many investors consider them “risk-free,” although the truth is never far from that.

Since the government backs them, the guarantee of profit is almost 100%. No matter what happens with the economy and the world market, Retail Treasury Bonds still reward fixed income.

rtb offering philippines 2024

We compiled the available RTB in 2024 on the table below. So bookmark this post to visit again for any updates and upcoming RTB offerings.

Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB) Offering in the Philippines

RTB Name / ISINInterest RateMaturity
RTB 306.250%5 Years

Note: Info may update anytime so bookmark this page to check for additional updates

Schedule of Latest RTB Offering in 2024

The schedule of the latest RTB offering in the Philippines is updated regularly, so always check it out. We compile the latest Retail Treasury Bonds offerings in the table above. We gather the data from the Bureau of Treasury. You may use it as a reference or visit their official website for further updates and offerings.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice or endorsement of a particular investment. All investments have risks. Always perform due diligence when investing your money.

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