Spotted, Azkal’s James and Phil Younghusband in MOA

Saturday, October 20 was totally amazing in Mall of Asia when we saw Azkal’s hotties James Younghusband and his equally hunk brother, Phil. There was a Samsung Event at the heart of Main Mall promoting the latest Samsung Galaxy Note II. Me and my friends – Kate Yap and Raymond Manabat were one of the crowd lucky to capture closer photos of the two football players.

James Younghusband

I didn’t expect they were coming. I was actually asking my friend if she wants to see Phil in person. I was gonna show her the life-size-talking Phil instead (laughs). Samsung Galaxy Note II is awesome just like the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. The event made people crazy not only because of James and Phil but also ‘cause of the Samsung trade offer for the Galaxy Note II.

Phil Younghusband

See you in MOA another time folks! By the way, Jamba Juice in MOA is now serving. It’s beside the Ice Skating Rink.

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