New SSS R3 Program Installation using New R3 File Generator Library

In this page, I’m sharing how to use the new SSS R3 program using the new contribution brackets. Since SSS released the new contribution table for 2014 – 2018, same brackets will also be applied in generating R3 reports or employees contribution reports for employers. The new software is available online for free and you can also get it from the SSS office personally or you can just tweak the old program installed on your computer by adding and updating the library file.

I have successfully generated my R3 for January 2019 and I’m sharing here how I’ve done so.

How to update the R3 File Generator library for the New Contribution Schedule?

SSS has given simple instructions for this but personally I had no successful result. Per SSS instruction,

  1. Download or copy the library.dat file SSS website or ask SSS office personally
  2. Go to the image subfolder
  3. Replace the old library.dat with the newly downloaded file
  4. Open the program to test if update was successful

I have done the steps 5 times but unfortunately the R3 Java executable Jar file hangs up and freezes every time I do the Employee Record Maintenance File function. So instead, I checked the files saved in my USB given by the very kind SSS employee. She has given me 2 files namely:

  • R3 File Gen
  • SSS R3FileGenerator

Checking my software in my computer I already had the second program installed. The one I was using last 2018. And I used this for the replacing of library.dat per SSS instructions. Since it didn’t work, I deleted everything in my computer knowing I had the files saved in my USB anyway. I just saved R3 File Gen 2019 file in my computer alone. I opened the R3 Java executable Jar file from it and presto, it was working with the new SSS contributions bracket!

How to use the New SSS R3 Program Installation

Note that the 2018 software is also the one used for R3 File Gen 2019 software.

  • Delete all old R3 files on your computer
  • Save R3 File Gen 2018 on your desktop
  • Open R3 FileGen 2018 and select the Executable Jar File
  • Since this R3 File Gen 2018 has already one SSS detail stored (BRIAN), you have to delete it by:
sss r3 program

Go to File Maintenance then to Employee Record Maintenance and delete the old file by entering the SSS number 02-3417027-2. Press delete and you can now start using R3 2019 and print transmittal reports and employee file.

  • Enter your SSS details as shown on the screenshots below. Congrats!
new sss r3 program

1. Start with Employer Record Maintenance

2. You can now enter new brackets for the new contributions 2019. Enter employee details and Update them.

sss r3 new brackets

3. Inquire Totals once all employees SSS contributions are completely entered.

sss r3 format

4. Create SSS Text File.

create sss text file

5. Tick the box if you already paid the SSS contributions for the corresponding month and enter the payment records – date of payment, TR/SBR receipt number and amount of payment for that month. These info will appear on the Transmittal Certificate you will upload on the R3 online or you will submit at SSS.

sss r3 file generator 2014

6. Congratulations!!! You can now print transmittal certificate, employees files and submit them to SSS or upload your R3 file reports online.

Important Notes:

Make sure you have the following programs installed on your computer so you can successfully execute and work the new SSS R3 program.

  • Java
  • WinZip or WinRar

If you want a copy of the R3 File Gen 2019 I got from the SSS, just message me. Happy to share it. THANKS!

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    R3 File Gen 2014

    SSS R3FileGenerator 2003-2013

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    • There is an attachment. My email sent files confirms it. Maybe you cannot view it because you don’t have Rar file reader in your computer. Please read the email message I sent.

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    • That is so strange. I could help fix your computer if only it’s in front of me now. I think your computer is slow or has many bugs or maybe it has no enough memory. Try to clean it and tune it up 🙂


    • Your computer cant open the file because you don’t have a program to open it. Download the latest Java and Win Rar to open it

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    • Program should work. If it doesn’t work for the next month you are reporting, try doing the reports for April on the first week of May. It should work then 🙂

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    • I already sent it in your gmail. If you have typed the wrong email, it won’t send. So make sure you typed the correct email when you make a comment here. Thanks 🙂

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    i’m new with sss r3! my problem issue is this, after installing, encoding employers information and choosing the applicable date, the only text that are available from employee record tab is the ss number field and close button. there is no way i can add info. please help.

    • Geez that is weird. Check your computer’s available memory and make sure it’s not loaded. If it is, uninstall unnecessary programs by going to Control Panel, then to Programs, then Uninstall Program. Uninstall your R3 too and restart your computer. Install R3 program again and do the reports. Hope it will be fixed now 🙂

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    • There is no new values yet and I don’t think they will release or change the brackets again kasi kakapalit lang 🙂 If there is a major change, I will post the update and the new info here in Philpad. Thanks!

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  55. I followed the instruction on how to install the new R3 from SSS website below:

    If program fails to run properly after update, please follow the following procedure to reinstall the program while retaining your data:

    1. With the program closed, perform a manual backup by copying your data files: er.dat, eeDB.dat, and r3File.dat from the folder where your existing r3filegen.jar is located into a backup folder ( e.g., D:\R3BackUp\ )

    2. Download the R3FileGenerator from the R3 page of the website or get a copy from an SSS branch processor

    3. Install the newly-downloaded program in a new folder ( e.g., D:\NewR3\ )
    4. With the program closed, copy the er.dat, eeDB.dat, and r3File.dat from the backup folder into the new folder where your newly-installed r3filegen.jar is located

    5. Open the program/r3filegen.jar to check if your data was properly restored

    but the program will “Hang Up” when i click Employee Record Maintenance. What went wrong. Please me.

    Thanks a lot

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