Starmobile Astra Price in the Philippines – Dual Sim Android Features and Specs

How much is Starmobile Astra in the Philippines? The first Dual Sim Android Icre Cream Sandwich phone in the country has an awesome affordable price. For only P5,990 right now as I write this post, you’ll get a very elegant and ICS Android already plus free 8GB memory card and screen protector when you buy one. The phone features are listed below.

Astra Features and Specs

  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS
  • 1GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 8 Megapixel camera with VGA Front Camera
  • Dual Sim
  • With Mobile TV
  • 4.3 inch touchscreen
  • Wifi + 3G functions
  • Triband
  • Video Call and GPS support

astra starmobile price

Astra Starmobile Price

P5,990 and it comes with free memory card and screen protector. Some cellphone shops will reward a buyer of free phone case, too. I think few months from now, this phone will be available on sale so expect lower price.

Starmobile has been one of the fast growing affordable Android makers in the world not only here but this brand has been one a favorite in the Philippines. They also produce tablets which run the latest OS of Android like ICS and Jellybean. This phone was given 5 stars out of 5 from most reviews in terms of cheap price and in demand features.

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2 thoughts on “Starmobile Astra Price in the Philippines – Dual Sim Android Features and Specs”

  1. Android mobile phone with awesome camera resolution, and can manage to have 2 sim cards. So basically I can use this to travel abroad and have a local sim and another sim for cheap long distance calls? Just to have that ability in any phone is nice, but to have it in an android mobile is a major reason to want this smartphone. That way, I can have all the extras that come with Android. This is every person’s dream phone. 4.3 inch display. What is not to like? Great review. I want one. And I’m tweeting this to my buddies. 🙂

    Thank you Fehl for another fine review. Philpad is a great website, and just gets better every time.

    Cathy Nerujen

    • Hi honey 🙂 Yes you can use this to travel abroad since it’s Triband and yes it is dual sim meaning you can use 2 sims at the same time. I was surprised it is so cheap considering it runs in Ice Cream Sandwich OS although there are Jellybean phones already now. I saw some from Samsung but they cost like the S3 family LOL Thank you for tweeting this. You are sexy awesome! :p


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