Vaultpress vs Blogvault – Which Backup Restores the Best?

You have the most reliable hosting but do you have the most reliable backup plugin which restores everything in your WordPress website or blog? Vaultpress vs Blogvault – which one is better? Which one easily and completely restores your web database and files? See the comparison in this page. I’ve compared the two famous and most trusted backup plugins for websites.

We all know that the best paid and premium WordPress backup plugin right now are Vaultpress and Blogvault. I don’t really trust a free plugin although some work just fine but with my website’s content and database, it is really safe to pay a company to protect your online content and creations.

Even techy guys keep backups, what more those not-so-techy ones. Without a reliable backup system means risking all your online hard work.

Without a trusted back up system it feels like keeping all your treasure in a ship sailing on a stormy night where pirates roam around and any minute your ship could sink or pirates could burn your ship or stole your treasure.”

Security is so important to everyone who has blogs and websites.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin Comparison


Vaultpress costs $15 per month for the basic plan while Blogvault is cheaper, only $9 per month. V almost doubled up the price of B. In all fairness, I understand why. Vaultpress features are worth it although you can restore your website or blog content with that nine dollar. The ways are just different. In Vaultpress, any change like update, new comment, new plugin, just anything new within your website is being back up even while you sleep.


Vaultpress  is from Automattic – developer of WordPress, Akismet,  Pingomatic, and the amazing Jetpack plugin. If you are a fan of these things, then surely you would love Vaultpress.

BlogVault is created by Inactiv Media Solutions and based in India.

vaultpress compared to blogvault

Free Trial

Blogvault offers a 7-day free trial before you sign up. You will know and get familiar with its features and you can test your back up and try restoring your site before you choose to sign up. Vaultpress has no free trail in the moment.

Test Restore

Blogvault has this feature now but Vaultpress apparently will add this in the future. Blogvault wins in terms of this now.

Automatic Restore

Both have this option. You don’t need to be geeky to restore. Just hit AutoRestore and your site will restore in minutes.

Real-time back up

Vaultpress backups your database and files even without you touching a thing or even while you sleep. You can also close the dashboard back up browser and backup still resumes. It backups every second or minute you made a change or revision. Blogvault makes backups daily and keeps the recent 30-day history.


Blogvault maintains multiple copies in highly secure locations using Amazon S3 while Vaultpress security is excellent too – it notifies you of any security threats, malicious software, changes, and attacks. It also keeps 11 copies of your data and syncs with your WordPress activities in real-time.

Back up History and Records

Blogvautl maintains 30-day history while Vaultpress maintains everything including backups while you sleep. The latter keeps archives, stats and activity log in place so users can monitor restoration properly.

Site Migration

Vaultpress doesn’t offer site migration for the starter membership while Blogvault offers this in the basic subscription which is so cool.

WordPress Sync

Vaultpress is synced with WordPress. Not only it is configured within Jetpack plugin and features, it is also tied up with everything going on inside your website – any activity you do, post, update, themes, plugins, revisions, new comments, photos, videos, everything are back up and stored in the vaults and safe in realtime under your nose.

Blogvault is not synced to WordPress 24/7 and will not back up your content the same way and the same time you made changes within your blog site or website.


Blogvault users can ask assistance via personalized email and they gladly help anyone always while Vaultpress users are assisted by concierge support and Safekeepers.

Vaultpress vs Blogvault, which one is better? I confess, I use Vaultpress for my one website, the others, I won’t need them since they are safe in a secret place. I chose V because well firstly, it is made by the creator of WordPress too. It comes directly from the Jetpack plugin and all you have to do is install it and it will be configured well just like the other Jetpack features.

You can retrieve all files within your WP dashboard just like that. I know it costs almost double the price of buying the Blogvault back up plugin but it’s worth it. I know I can be so sure that my backup system is compatible with WordPress even after an update. Any Vaultpress user can sleep soundly without any danger going on inside their website. Rest assured every second counts inside your website.

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