Best Mutual Funds Companies in the Philippines 2013

In this page are the best mutual funds to invest with in the Philippines for 2013. I call them as top and best performing equity mutual fund companies in the country, too. Some of these companies also offer UITF or Unit Investment Trust Funds which offer specific features according to the investor’s options and status. I choose Equity Fund from the types of all mutual funds since it gives the most earning potential.

If you’re looking for the latest list, go here : Best Mutual Funds in the Philippines 2014.

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There are lots of mutual funds companies in the Philippines to start investing with but it’s always best to know and choose the top ones and the ones with impressive performance for the past years because they will give higher assurance of successful investing and earning potentials. One of the great tips I won’t forget about stock market and mutual funds is “invest in a well-proven company that’s been here for so many years.” Well, I’ve got more tips and I will share them in this website under the MONEY topics in case you’re curious of more…

What is Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund has a broad definition but to make it more simple, I’m gonna be straightforward – it is a type of investment wherein you join other investors and corporations to form a massive fund which will be handled by an expert/professional fund manager for diversified portfolios of stocks, bonds, securities, money markets and other mutual funds.

Why Invest in Mutual Funds?

Investing in mutual funds and equity funds are favorable to those who don’t have enough knowledge on stock market and other investments. If you don’t have enough time to monitor and assess your money performance, choose mutual funds. Investing is always risky so we must have enough knowledge and time about what’s happening with the market and the economy. And because money is always unpredictable, let a fund manager do the works for your money and profits .

Mutual Funds earnings are also beneficial to retirement. The money you will invest today could be millions in the future. There are also types of mutual funds that suits low investment every month but high yield and return, too. Choosing short term and long term would still produce earnings, it’s just depends on you, your mutual fund company and the type of fund you chose.

Mutual Funds/UITFs 1 Yr. Return 3 Yr. Return 5 Yr. Return Type of Fund
BDO Equity Fund 38.15% 35.04% 13.34% UITF
Philam Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. 34.21% 26.97% 12.41% MF
Philippine Stock Index Fund Corp. 44.16% 24.42% 8.46% MF
Metro Equity Fund 33.47% 29.91% n.a. UITF
Philequity Fund, Inc. 38.34% 28.85% 14.23% MF
Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund Inc. 33.60% 23.53% 9.38% MF
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc. 36.52% 34.7% 17.75% MF
Philequity PSE Index Fund Inc. 33.89% 24.98% 11.49% MF
ATR KimEng Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc. 28.07% 23.90% 7.53% MF
Rizal Equity Fund 25.53% 25.29% 11.67% UITF
BPI Equity Fund 28.54% 21.63% 4.69% UITF
United Fund, Inc. 20.22% 13.09% 7.11% MF
Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund 23.43% 29.63% 7.77% UITF
ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund, Inc. 0.73% 0.62% -0.93% MF

Sources: Philippine Investment Fund Association and Pesos and Sense

The data above is based from the third quarter of 2012. I will post the last quarter by the start of 2013 and the quarters that follows once available…in the mean time, I added NAVPS on a certain day of 2013 see it below.

Mutual Funds for 2013 are expected to improve more as the Philippine stock market recorded consecutive highs and the whole economy grew by 7.1 percent this year (third quarter) overtaking other South East Asian countries. I say invest now as early as you can to earn more in the future. But first, learn the basics of investing because knowledge is power.

Mutual Funds/UITFs 1 Yr. Return 3 Yr. Return 5 Yr. Return Type of Fund
BDO Equity Fund n.a. n.a. n.a. UITF
Philam Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. 26.47% 30.96% 19.64% MF
Philippine Stock Index Fund Corp. 34.94% 30.78% 16.84% MF
Metro Equity Fund n.a n.a n.a. UITF
Philequity Fund, Inc. 35.11% 35.50% 22.92% MF
Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund Inc. 35.10% 29.89% 17.50% MF
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc. 28.77% 36.04% 24.11% MF
Philequity PSE Index Fund Inc. 31.62% 29.85% 18.65% MF
ATR KimEng Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc. 26.68% 26.76% 14.74% MF
Rizal Equity Fund n.a. n.a n.a UITF
BPI Equity Fund n.a. n.a. n.a. UITF
United Fund, Inc. 22.84% 15.20% 11.65% MF
Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund n.a. n.a. n.a. UITF
ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund, Inc. n.a. n.a. n.a. MF

NAVPS Performance as of March 6, 2013 (you can find the values of those marked with “n.a.” at their respective Performance Report

I recommend you read our latest post about How to Invest in Mutual Funds in the Philippines to make money and make millions. It’s everything you need to know about investing in mutual fund especially if you are a beginner.


  1. says

    Fehl, this is a hands-down great article on Mutual Funds. With so much scares in finance these days, people are wary of what is safe to put spare money in any more. You are writing some great features in this growing site and I am truly impressed! Damn girl, I ought to buy you a drink and pick your financial brains sometime! LOL!

    Cheers from this Cheeky Girl! – Cassy.

  2. says

    Hi, Cassy! Mutual Funds are great wheels to invest money if someone is not as good as you (smiles) and aware of investing in stocks and others.. Oh thank you for the drink! :) Damn I need another! LOL Cheers my cheeky curly friend! :)

    I love your avatar by the way :)

    • says

      ” The data above is based from the third quarter of 2012. I will post the last quarter by the start of 2013 and the quarters that follows…”

      Please post update, I’m getting more interested :)

      • says

        Yeah I know :) I’m so interested in knowing the data for this too :) Once it’s available, I will post it here :) Right now, some banks here are into merge-talks. Allied Bank was acquired by PNB then BPI and PNB were into merge-talk but I heard recently it’s PNB and Metrobank in the talk… :)

        • robert says

          is it advisable to invest in another equity fund even if you have one already? like for example i have one in bpi is it advisable to invest in other banks like BDO?

  3. rhia says

    Is it timely to invest in mutual funds this year if you’re looking for long-term capital appreciation, since stock price is the highest this year historically?

    • says

      Equity Fund is advisable for those aggressive types of investors who seek moderate to long-term capital growth through stock market investments. I think it’s still positive to invest now even if the stock prices are high. Just make sure you choose the right company to invest with. BDO EIP is cool if you aim for a long-term investment and won’t meet a bad weather in the game, because you will be using the peso-cost averaging method. Their fund management is genius it seems. Time is money (no matter how high or low the stock prices are). If you won’t invest now, you’ll miss a thing you won’t ever get back. If you won’t invest now, when will you…

        • says

          Any BDO branch near your home or office so you have easy access. Um which is better, BDO or BPI? In my opinion, it’s still BDO since last 2012 BDO was the best bank in the Philippines (ranked 1) in terms of capital, assets, deposits and loans. Kudos to BPI too since it’s been an amazing bank for so many years now. Things could change anytime especially banks are into merging… Let’s just see who’s acquiring who :)

          • buhawi says

            thanks a lot for the info! you are heaven-sent to people like me who
            are thinking of the future and searching for the right answer on
            our financial queries! God bless you!

          • says

            You are very much welcome. Having Mutual Funds helps a lot for our future. Besides, we have to take the opportunity the stock market is giving us nowadays. I wish things will remain positive for long years. God bless you too and thank you for commenting here and to my other pages.

          • Anne says

            Good day Ms. Fehl! :)
            Im just a commoner who’s willing and interested of investing my hard-earned, not-so-big amount money but thinking about my future. :) And as I understand, NOW would always be the right time to save and invest. Would it be possible for an OFW like me to get involved with this kind of investment? I am thinking which bank is reliable or of with great performance, bdo or bpi? Thanks. :) oh, i forgot to mention, i was amazed on your articles, you’re an asset in disguise. :) Have a nice day! :)

          • says

            Hi Anne! I’m smiling reading your comment now :) Yes it’s possible for an OFW to invest of course. If there are investment products available like UITF and Mutual Funds in where you live right now, you can open one or if you want to open one in the Philippines you can open an account when you visit here. They require personal appearance since you will sign papers and documents. I’m not sure yet if they allow SPA (Special Power of Attorney). They allow co-investor or corporation to products like UITF though. UITFs are available in banks like BDO, BPI, Metrobank etc while Mutual Funds are available to companies like Philam and Sun Life. If you will apply UITFs, you’ll be assisted by a banker or an employee in the Trust department. If you’ll apply for mutual fund, apply directly to a licensed mutual fund advisor. If you read my recent Mutual Fund article here, you’ll know that already :) Thank you and I hope you’ll get back to tell us if you successfully opened one. Happy investing!

          • Anne says

            Thanks for acknowledging my comment, Fehl!:) I will surely am. ;) God bless you more on imparting your knowledge about such matter. Have a nice day!:)

          • Randy C.Nabor says


            always follow your posts…great..I’m currently based at New Zealand and really interested to investing for my retirement and for the kids. May you help me the Do’s and Dont’s to start where and how please..thanks and God bless

          • Fehl says

            Hi Randy. I suggest you start with Mutual Funds or UITF since they have fund managers already who are experts in making your investments grow and make more money. Assess your self if you’re risky or aggressive. Know your goals. If you are aggressive and you want long term and capital appreciation, choose Equity Funds. I recommend Sun Life, Philam Asset Management, Philequity and BPI ALFM for mutual funds. For UITFs, I recommend BDO, PNB and Security Bank. Keep your investment for 5 years or so, they will surely grow much.

    • says

      Choose your Mutual Fund Company and fill up an application for. It’s really just the same as opening a bank account. Just prepare the requirements and your fund.

      • john says

        Ms. Fehl,, I want too.. I was trying to look your account on facebook, because I want to ask you more about mutual fund and equity fund.. long time ago I heard about mutual funds and I am very much interest to be in this kind of investment..pls I want you to give me the basic and how it is works.. pls.. so far I really dont have that much idea about his but I am willing to know more about this thing. also this is my facebook, I want to know more and when I come back to Philippines this november I am willing to learn and to invest,,,

        • says

          You can read the related articles I mentioned above to know more about investing in Mutual Funds in the Philippines. If you want to connect at our FB page, just like it. You can find our Facebook page below. Thank you and happy investing!

    • says

      Some companies require about P10,000 start up. There is a cool and effective way like Equity Fund which uses aggressive and effective strategies. If you are aggressive and wants to risk with higher returns, try P100,000 in BDO Equity Fund for a year and see how much you’ll earn :)

      • morris delos santos says

        hi miss fehl,is P100k the minimum for the bdo equity fund???cause i was palnning to open just for it possible or should it be 100??because as i have read the minimum deposit for it is P10k..

        • says

          Actually the minimum for UITF Equity Fund in BDO right now is P10,000. You can open 10,000 or 50K or 100K – it’s up to you as long as it’s above P10K.

  4. kristel says

    can you explain what is the difference between a mutual fund and an euity fund? which is bettter to invest into?i am a newbie about stocks and wanted to invest in one.tnx

    • says

      Mutual Fund has been defined in the article. There are different types of MF. Equity Fund is one type where it invests on stocks. It is also referred as Stock Fund because of that. If you want specific fund investment, choose a specific one like Equity if you want to be involved in pure stocks investment. Or choose the other types like bonds, money market, securities or all rolled into one.

  5. Chy-Chy says

    I tried the free calculator for websites of banks RCBC, BDO and BPI tried out these details:

    Date of Investment Navpu:Nov 5, 2012
    Date of Redemption of Navpu: April 5, 2013
    Amount: P100,000
    Type: Equity Fund

    Results are below highest to lowest rates ROI:

    Surprising that BPI is the lowest.

    With what I did in here, is it a good reference/basis in choosing the bank for UITF? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

    • says

      You can also use their Monthly Performance Reports as basis for choosing. They are much more comprehensive. The strategies are there plus you’ll know too what companies they participate with. I like BDO’s approach

  6. Franjo says

    Miss Fehl, I dont have any knowledge and experience yet and also I dont know how to invest haha. Can you be my Mentor? XD

  7. cyrus says

    hi Ms. Fehl.. I want to invest in mutual fund but I don’t have idea how to invest and so on..Can u guide me step by step.=)

    • says

      I’m making a post about my experience and opening an Equity Fund from one those companies. I’m gonna post it here soon. :) Follow us so you’ll know once it’s here

  8. says

    Tanong ko lang po Maam Fehl, may compounding interest din po ba ang UITF? Plano ko din kasi na mag invest ng UITF pag uwi ko. May FAMI mutual na din po ako equity po ang kinuha ko, gusto ko rin sana na equity din po kukunin ko sa UITF. Sana po ay may maipapayo ka po sa akin regarding investing in Mutual fund and UITF. Many thanks.

    • says

      UITF is a form of investment Trust Fund so the account holder may incur income or loss depending on the performance of the market it is connected with.. Income or loss is based on the NAVPU (Net Asset Value per Unit) on the Fund you invested with.

      • Iris Perez says

        Hi! I read your article and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am also interested in mutual funds but I’m afraid to invest because of our limited resources and I have doubts if what will happen to our hard earned money if we cannot get it back. If whatever happens to our investment can we get back the full amount of our principal investment? We are planning to invest around in a time deposit coz it’s the only thing we know for sure that we can get back our money although we know of the less ROI in it. We are BDO clients and we plan to invest in our bank.

        • Fehl says

          Hi there! If you want to invest but you are so afraid of risks, you can choose Money Market Funds. UITF and Mutual Funds have them. They are suitable for conservative types of investors. You can earn more than by putting your funds in time deposits. Money Market Funds don’t incur loss because they are invested in short and long term fixed income money instruments

  9. Rey Batac says

    Hello Fehl,
    I am a naturalized US Citizen of course residing here in the U.S. I try to visit PI whenever I can though.
    I’d like to get information how I can open a mutual fund account. Can you refer me to any legitimate MF investment broker and/or local bank that offers MF? I look forward to hear from you. Thanks, Rey

    • says

      Hello Rey :) Sure, Sun Life Financial is one of the best here. Just go to and check out their Mutual Funds to know what suits you. They also offer Funds in Dollar if you are interested. Banks like BPI and BDO are one of the top banks when it comes to investment here. You can also check them out.

  10. Charles says

    Hi Fehl,

    Its good to know that you put up a website like to educate some of us interested in investing some of our savings. I’ve been away from Philippines for the past 13 yrs. , but hearing financial news abroad that Philippines is the fastest growing economy in Asia. I just want to ask your opinion , which one should I put my hard earned money, as Im in my forties, should be in Mutual Fund or Equity ? I’m planning to go back to Philippines soon to invest.

    • says

      Hello Charles :) Thank you for the kind words here. I’m also new to investing and I always ask questions like you to bankers and people with experiences with these stuff. In my opinion, you must diversify your savings to Mutual Fund, Trust Fund and Stocks. For MF, companies like Sun Life and well known banks here like BDO and BPI will explain you their available services for MF. You must then choose the MF according to your money, risk tolerance, target time, profit and type of MF. Bookmark their web pages that contain their available MFs and read and get to know them. Also check performance reports as they are also available online.

      As to Trust Fund, many people also choose to invest their money via this because the rate for SDA (Special Deposit Account) in the Philippines has been decreased. Trust Funds are also available to well known banks here and you can start putting your money there and let it grow for a year or 3. Some banks offer Peso and Dollar Money Market Fund, Bond Fund, Government Securities Fund, Fixed Income Fund, Balanced Fund, and Equity Fund like the one I’ve mentioned. You can choose a Fund again according to your risk tolerance, money, target time and type of TF.

      As to stocks, all I can advise is buy only to well performing companies that will always be here no matter what. Sell them at your target time when they’ve reached your target price.

  11. Jeff G says

    Are the banks also providing their forecast with their stocks? Or we just relying on the historical data to identify which will be the best financial institutions/banks to put/invest our money in. Sorry, I’m new in stocks and only got limited info about it. Thanks.

  12. Anne says

    Hi Fehl!:) Thanks for acknowledging my comment. I will tell you right away. :) Thanks and God bless you more on imparting your knowledge about such matter. :)

  13. enzo says

    Hi Ms. Fehl. What can you say about Philequity mutual fund? Mas better pa rin po ba ang BDO than Philequity even the returns of Philequity are much higher than BDO? Thanks in advance and more power to you!

    • says

      Different MF may outdo performance of each other anytime. I suggest you download an app called Bloomberg. It’s free from the Appstore (if you’re using an iphone, ipad or any Apple gadget) I think it’s free too for Android users too. Add the Mutual Fund companies in your watchlists and monitor their performance easily. It’s very cool to check that app than checking on Facebook hehehe

      • enzo says

        Thanks so much for your response Ms. Fehl. Actually na try ko na i download before yung Bloomberg di ko alam pano mag create ng watch list. hehehe… try ko ulit. God bless.


    Good Morning…im interested about investing my money can you help me to join

    • says

      The first step to investing is to have basic knowledge because investing is risky so we need to get to know what are we getting into before we invest. If you read our related articles, you could learn some of the basic… You can ask anything and share anything here after you read them. God bless :)

  15. Omar says

    Dear Ms. Fehl,

    I am also an OFW and had spent almost half of my entire life being one. I am already 45yrs old and I hope I am not that too late to invest and make my money work for me. I’m planning to have a short vacation next month and thinking about investing in MF or UITF. Any advice?

    Omar of Qatar

    • says

      You can open either. I suggest start with UITF coz banks are accessible. Talk to a Trust employee or a banker and let them assess you. You’ll know then which type of UITF suits you. After that, you can try MF. The companies though are from Manila. You may contact their office to ask if there’s a branch near you so you can easily talk to a Fund rep who will also assess you and discuss the accounts. God bless and take care!

  16. princess says

    hi i juz love this article..i just wanna know how were u able to get in at JOLLIBEE.. wanna invest in em too..

    • says

      If you want to buy stocks of Jollibee and other companies, find a broker first. Better yet, find an online broker. We also the list of accredited online brokers in the Philippines here. Check out that page. God bless!

      • Gharie says

        Hi Ms. Fehl,
        I was just reading your articles(almost all about millionaire and money tags) just yesterday and I have finally decided na magiinvest din ako soon. I am only a 22 years old female and a fresh grad last March. I got a good long-term job for about 3 months now and I have been saving at least 3000 for each month. I actually have 10000 now. Do you think I can invest na rin like you? (I mean, is it practical for me to invest na in such a young age?) I also want to know what did you choose in getting the stocks in Jollibee, is it Mutual funds, UITF or stocks only?

        Thanks Ms. Fehl. You really enlightened my mind and made me realized to have some interest in money-making. =)

        • Takoyakiyummy says

          It’s ideal to invest while you are still young to take advantage of time. The longer your money stays invested, the greater it will become when “pulled-out”.

          For me, if I have P10,000 now and it’s the only money I have, I wouldn’t invest it immediately. Why? For emergency reasons. In cases you need to have an immediate money, atleast you have something to use.

          Siguro palakihin mo muna yung naipon mo para may pang-invest ka at the same time may emergency fund ka rin. :)

          Just my 2 cents.

        • Fehl says

          Hi there! Personally, I just started investing when I saved around 100K because that’t the time I had learned about these investments. I asked my sister about it too so it’s important you have a mentor or mentors. The Jollibee stocks mentioned from one of my posts was direct stock investing or stock buying. It was not via Mutual Fund although you can also invest in Mutual Funds that participate in stocks investments thru Equity Funds

  17. morris delos santos says

    hi there fehl..i am interested and planning to start investing on an equity fund..actually i was looking and searching for the top ones and gladly i saw the bdo equity cam i apply for it if i am here in saudi i able to get one???i am planning to invest maybe just P50k,..

    • says

      If there is BDO there in that country, you can apply. I’m not sure if they allow online application because the applicant needs to sign papers including signature card. Also you need to answer the Investor Questionnaire. I suggest you do this once you go home. Or just ask your wife to invest instead if she is currently in the Philippines

  18. Nichol says

    Hi Ms. Fehl! Sobrang laking tulong po nito para sakin. 21 y/o pa lang po ako pero parang gusto ko na pagipunan ang mga gantong investments hehe. salamat po ulit at babalik balikan ko po ang website na ito for more updates. :)

    • says

      Hello there. What are you waiting for then? Invest :) BTW, I have a new post about the “Ultimate Guide on How to Buy, Sell and Trade Stocks in the Philippines.” You can read and share it with your friends so you learn more about investing

  19. odielon gamboa says

    I am a newbie in investing. I am glad seeing a trend like this helping out people in learning the ins and outs of investing! Well, my first month in stocks investing, I’ve got 1200.not bad for a first profit in uitf?15 pesos that is why I redeemed it early.but since I saw ur article, I will subscribe again and try to wait for a year to redeem.tnx for the best info.God bless

  20. jon says

    hi! ms Feh! i am an ofw here in south korea, i am inspired to invest in UITF at BDO but the thing is there is no BDO here in SK..:( but they have only here a partner remittance bank here seoul sk, is it possible that i can open a transaction through that bank i want to invest in BDO . tnxs ahead and god bless!

  21. jon says

    hi! ms Feh! if ever i invest now a 100k pesos and put it in uitf for five years can u make a estimate or how much my money would be in 5 years from now, let say the lowest or break even, money can i have in time.. tnxs!

    • says

      It depends what kind of UITF you put them into. The higher the risk, the higher the returns. Take note there is no guarantee you’ll earn from your investment. There’s always risk attached. If you are asking my estimate for that value in 5 years assuming good performance of the fund and assuming you invested in equity, it would be 100K and above like I said assuming very good performance like 15% and above growth

  22. Lolito N. Tagle Jr. says

    Miss Fehl,

    Is all the NAVSPU price in diffirent bank the same … if not why! please let me understand this before i invest.

    Best regards,


  23. jessa says

    Grace to you, miss fehl.
    thank you for your great article
    im also new about this things, but my friend suggested it to me she said rather putting the money into the savings account why not in mutual funds so i started searching, from the start i could not i understand it but thanks to you :), you made it simple:)
    i have questions if you dont mind
    for example i would investment in BDO for a trust fund for just 1 year, i will invest minimum amt of 10k for the 1st month, and i will just add-on monthly that would reach my max amt of 100k.
    is this a good plan? or should i invest my max amt of 100k on the first month?
    thank you
    God bless

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Hello Jessa. I’m glad you find our post helpful. We also have a post bout the guides in investing in mutual funds in the Philippines. I recommend you read that to learn more and UITF vs Mutual Fund since you are interested in Trust Fund. Also, I’ve made a review about my experience in UITF BDO. I think you’ll find your the answer to your question there :)

      But I’ll answer your question here too coz I love my readers :) If you want to open a trust fund in BDO, they have different types. Bond Fund, Equity, Money Market, GS, Fixed Income, etc. Each one has different minimum investment amount. If you chose Equity, the minimum is 10K. You mentioned you want to be putting up monthly funds on your UITF, you can open an EIP (Easy Investment Plan) which allows the investor to invest monthly once, twice etc. with her given amount. Investing 100K right away (in a single deposit) has advantage too. If you are aggressive, you can invest all you fund. If you are conservative, I suggest you do the monthly. Right now the market is so-so and there are declines in stocks value so if I would invest RIGHT NOW, I would chose Fixed Income or Balanced Fund and make it long term. If 100K is 1/4 of my earnings in half-year, I would put in Equity and have it for 2-3 years there. Bottom line, it really depends upon your capacity, goal and the market status right now.

  24. Donis Ayu says

    hello ma’am, had a great time reading ur articles as well as your advices to fellow “invest-enthusiast”, just wanna ask sumthing then, btw, am a seafarer po, and my run time is 6mos. on board ship, 3 mos. (max) on vacation. am just 22 y/o (turning 23 this nov 15), and an officer on board, sadly, i dont have a plan of staying long in this career kasi naman sobrang napakahirap, besides i want to raise a family having me on their side, physically and financially of course. expectedly, will have a net income of 300kphp, can you advice me kung paano ko po ida-diversify ito, any rule of thumb, nahihirapan po kasi ako whether sa TD ba ko?MF?equity?UITF? ano po ba ang pinakaideal saming mga seaman, marami pong salamat.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Since you are an OFW, I assume you have SSS and Pagibig since they are mandatory and Philhealth too. I recommend you keep them active so when you retire you have monthly pension. Keeping them active means paying monthly premiums until you retire. Pagibig is also a Mutual Fund so I really recommend you keep that account active. It’s tax free pa.

      If you want additional financial security and growth, you can open another Mutual Fund/s. If you are not aggressive and you don’t want so much risk, you can try Balanced Fund or Fixed Income types. Also you mentioned you’re planning to stop being a seaman so you must think to build a new regular-income producing business. Maybe if you saved some, you can start a small business your passions and hobbies relate to.

      Time deposits won’t give so much income. You can hardly feel you’re earning LOL

      • Donis Ayu says

        Thanks a lot for the information ma’am. pwede pa po bang humirit ng isang question? what other reading materials could you recommend me to nourish more my knowledge regarding investing, saving money and other more financial management stuffs, which you think could make me, somehow, be as clever as you in terms of handling money LOL

        • christian infante says

          Sir Donis, you may send me questions at

          I might be of help to enlighten you more about investment facilities in the Philippines. By the way, I am a Financial Advisor of Philam Life, and my main market are OFWs and seamen.

  25. john says

    I’m new to this and I would like to ask why in the chart above is the 1 yr return higher than the 3 yr and 5 yr returns?

  26. Nestor M. Garcia says

    thanks 4 d very educational & informative post… please continue in providing us vital infos abt this endeavor.

  27. Cherry Ann Vergel says

    Hi,If I invest 10k for BDO anu po ang marerecommend nyo sakin MF or UITF? anu po mas better sa dalawang trust fund?

  28. Cherry Ann Vergel says

    Follow up question pa po, 10k muna naisip ko para matry po kung kikita tlga ako sa napili ko trust fund anu po much better? MF or UITF?

  29. Josef dela Cuesta says

    UITF is not that governed by Bank laws and insurances also hindi kailangan LICENSED sa mga nag mamanage or sales person on the other hand sa MF, dapat licensed dapat. so I say go with MF kasi handled ng LICENSED MF people.

    • Fehl says

      It’s a pleasure. Hope you’ll read my next posts about Trust Funds and opening one online. Subscribe so you don’tr miss it :)

  30. Kevin Cavada says

    Sounds awesome. Thanks for the info.How much is the minimum investment for mutual funds? Im a call center agent so i dont earn as much as other investors of mutual funds :((

    • Fehl says

      Usually P10,000. You can choose an investment product that suits your needs, capacity and goal. To make it easier and convenient, invest periodically.

  31. Andre says

    I am an ofw and retiring after 4 yrs and could save now monthly from 50 to 100K. What is the best investment (either Mutual Funds etc) in my case? Appreciate much your advise. Thanks Fehl.

    • Fehl says

      Mutual Funds are very good for everyone wanting to invest. It depends upon what type of investor you are – are you aggressive or conservative, how long you want to maintain that investment and your goal

      • Andre says

        Thanks Fehl for your reply. I am conservative and can wait minimum of 5 years where my goal the passive income as a result of my mutual fund investment at least will additionally support my wife and I needs when we retire. Please advise what type of Mutual Fund do I have to invest?

        • Fehl says

          look for Money Market Funds and Fixed Income Funds if you’re conservative. There are also Bond Funds for moderately aggressive and conservative investors

  32. Takuyakiyummy says

    Hi po. I’m new to investing. curious lang ako, may compound interest rate ba sa mutual funds? kunyari nag-invest ako ng 25k/yr for 10 years. kasi ang pagkakaintindi ko sa mga nababasa ko, hindi compounded ang interest sa mutual funds. may “appreciation” lang na nangyayari. thanks :)

    • Fehl says

      Nope. Earnings in Mutual Funds are computed using NAPS (Net Asset Per Share). Some articles just use the compound interest term because they estimate the income.

      • Takuyakiyummy says

        Thanks for this. Medyo malinaw na. Pwede ba sa mutual funds yung, kunyari, mag-iinvest ako ng 25k/yr for 10 years. Sabihin nating 25 yrs old nako ngayon. Pag 36 years old nako, hihinto nakong mag-invest. hindi nako maghuhulog ng money yearly. pero iiwan ko lang dun ung 25k x 10 years = 250k total na naipon. then nagdecide akong kunin na ung pera ko na tumubo pag 50 years old nako. so medyo malaki laki na yun. pwede ba un?

        • Fehl says

          You mean you will invest 25K per year so you will have 250K? Or you mean just 25K and no additional investment? Sorry I’m confused hehe

          • Jophi Lopez says

            I mean I will invest 25K per year so I will have a total of 250k invested within that 10-year period. parang ganito:
            hehe :)
            may ganito ba ang mutual funds? thanks. :)

  33. Julianne says

    Hi. tanong lang po sana. Just wondering sa mutual fund po ba possible na maubos ung 10k na ininvest mo in just 1 year? or may lost lang pero hindi gnun kabigat? Sorry noob question.

    • Fehl says

      It would be a worst case scenario. If you choose a well performing Mutual Fund, it would be almost impossible. I don’t want to say it’s really impossible because we know risks are always there especially to Equities since they are very volatile. I think in 1 year, it cannot happen. You would lose some due to bad events but you would only lose maybe 20% or 30% at worse. 10K is not too much to lose as it is not much to earn… 10K wont earn not much either in 1 year

      • Julianne says

        ahh. thank you. I have another question. I’m a fresh grad and a conservative type of investor, may I ask for an advice what type of MF is good for me? Upon reading comments above I’m a bit interested in Balanced Fund, Fixed income and government securities.

  34. edmond says

    hello miss fehl,may 500k akong nakalaan para sa mutual fund investment nagustohan ko yong equityfund im 36yo seabase, ang pinag aralan ko ngayon anong strategy ang dapat kung gamin,naisip ko maglump sum ako ng 300k tapos monthly ko nalang yong 200k let say 10k or 20k a month,or ako nalang mismo mag transfer ng money sa fund ko kung gusto ko magdagdag ng kahit magkano,hindi ko kc masundan yong decline o pagtaas ng napvs kc nasa barko ako ma check ko nalang minsan kung may cgnal ako sa net thrue magbakasyon na ako dis coming july 2014,gusto ko magmadali sa invest baka makahabol pa ang edad ko,gusto ko makaipon ng 5m w/in 10yrs pra pang college sa dalawa kung anak,magkano pa kaya ang dapat ko e invest pra sa goal ko 5-10yrs kung lump sum?pra mas comprtable maglump sum ako at mag monthly mix ko nalang ang strategy or lump sum?sana mabigyan mo rin ako ng mas magandang strategy ngayong 2014,500k muna budget ko kc may life insurance ako annualy binabayaran at pang emergency fund so 500k ko ngayon naka tambay lang sa savings,need ko na mag open ng acct sa equity mutual fund,sa philequity or sa fami?hintatin ko advise mo miss fehl..

    • Fehl says

      If you are into Equity Funds, they have the highest earning potential. If you are asking my personal advice, 500K lump sum wont give you 5 Million in 10 years. In my estimate, it’s performing tremendously better, it would give you around 2.5. Sun Life Prosperity Fund (Equity Fund) will be a good option for you. They also have option for additional periodic investment if you don’t want lump sum

  35. tess says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, Hope you can help me out. I’m a conservative type of investor and don’t have a big fund for investing but willing to add funds monthly. What type of Mutual fund is best for me?

    • Fehl says

      For conservative types, there are Money Market Funds and Fixed Income funds you can try. If you opt for Monthly Investment Plan, there are specific Funds to choose from. It depends upon the bank and the investor ie. if they are not resident citizens or OFWs

  36. Jannet Jane R. Cuepo says

    Hi ms Fehl,

    Just by reading your thoughts and sharings in your article, you helped me understand more on UITF side compared to mutual funds. I am learng all sides of investments since I am a financial advisor of one of the top companies. Please help me on how to reach your followers on their concern on how to apply for long term goals and investment. They can email me or add me in facebook. I can share the best funds that can provide their needs and dreams as well as during their retirement.

    • Fehl says

      It you ask me, yes. I would put that in Mutual Fund in Equity like PAMI Strategic Growth Fund or Sunlife Phil. Equity. I would wait for September though coz it’s usually a downfall curve so price per share are low. Assuming that 500K is my savings and I have extra money, and future income, I would definitely invest that without thinking twice haha

  37. edmond says

    tnx fehl,mag open lang ako kahit 10k ngayong july tapos saka ko nalang e lump sum yong 500k pag bumaba na ang navps.

  38. JOSEPH S. REYES says

    Hi Miss Fehl,
    Great site, great articles! If I could be of any help to your readers, I would be glad to give several proposals and investment options on mutual funds, VUL, etc. for free. I’m a licensed financial advisor and any inquiry is welcome. My email is. My celphone is.
    Many thanks!

  39. Dale says

    Hi Ms Fhel

    i already have 50k of savings that i want to invest and i am interested to put it in Equity Fund in BDO i was just wondering if after i have put in the 50k minimum do i have to top up monthly or is it okay to just top up whenever i have extra savings that i can invest to the fund.

    • Fehl says

      If you wish to invest monthly, BDO has a product called EIP (Easy Investment Plan) wherein investors can opt to add funds monthly to their UITFs. See our latest post about BDO EIP so you will know more about how it goes. have a great day!

  40. Jannet Jane R. Cuepo says

    Hi ms Fehl,

    I would like to asked if you read my comments on this site? I wonder if you see my account.wala kasing sagot. Please help me, i want to be part of this article and i want to help the people who joined and asking for investment.

  41. cris says

    I am going to retire next year and I reserve PHP 1 million of my savings for investment. Is it favorable to invest in different companies like 500K to BDO and 500K to BPI. Which investment products do you think is better to UITF or MF…for a starter I will invest for a one (1) year period and after if there is a good return, I will reinvest it….i know its hard to start a business at present situation coz a lot of factors to be consider. Please advise me on what investment is best for me.

    Thanks Ms. Fehl…i read a lot from you and I gain great information in money investment. MORE POWER AND BLESSINGS TO YOU….

    • Fehl says

      There are also trust funds offered to millionaires like Investment Management accounts usually offered to individuals with higher networth. Starting from 1 million and up like 100 million. There are higher earning potentials but they also charge higher management fees per annum. We know now how banks make money. :) Anyway, yes it’s favorable to invest to different channels. Like I always say, “diversify” and “never put all your eggs in 1 basket” :) Trust Funds in BDO and BPI are very good. Personally though, I would opt for Mutual Funds too like Sun Life Equity Fund. I’d put most of that 1 million in MF then some for UITF and a little direct stocks trading if I am retiring coz then I would have plenty of time to trade and monitor stocks performance.

  42. jeff says

    Hi Ms Fehl,

    How often do you sell/withdraw or get a chunk of the profit or your Mutual Funds, UITF investments?

    • Fehl says

      To be honest, I opt for long term investment of 10 years so yeah as of now, I never yet redeem a fund. I just enjoy seeing the portfolio reports every now and then :) Let them grow and work for you, that’s the way it is. If you’re into selling/withdrawing instantly, opt for real time trading in the stock market

  43. Vince says

    Hi. Good day Ms. Fehl. This would be my 1st time to invest/deposit in a mutual fund or time deposit.So I have no idea which one I choose.I am willing to risk my money for a higher return.Please advice me which company will I choose.I will start P100k for a year.Thanks and God Bless.

    • Fehl says

      Hi Vince! Time Deposits are like savings account and they only have low and fixed interest rates. Mutual Funds are not deposit accounts, they are investments and they have risk although can give you higher earnings. If you want capital appreciation with low risk in Mutual Funds, choose Money Market Funds.

  44. joan flores says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, wala po akong masyadong alam sa MF pero gusto ko po malaman kung ano po opinion nyo for ALMF peso bond fund. Ano po yung performance nya? Thanks!

    • Fehl says

      ALMF is doing good. See the latest Best Performing Mutual Funds this 2014 in our other page (related articles above) to know more

  45. chrizelle mae says

    For example, if I invested 60000 for Dec.31,2014 and an additional 60000 for Dec.31, 2015 how much will I get if I redeem it on Dec.31, 2019?

  46. chrizelle mae says

    I’m confused because in another site (pinoymoneytalk), the money invested for 5 years earn more than those invested for a year, and in your table, it’s the opposite. I can’t quite understand this and I really wanted to know. I hope you’ll reply to this. Thank you so much!

    • Fehl says

      The table above shows the performances of the Mutual Funds. Growth changes everyday because NAVPS change everyday. Those are not money, those are performance data. What confuses you po? Check out the data gathered for 2014 in our new post, they change again. Yes, growth may be higher in 1 year than in 5 year or vice versa. That’s is so true. Be confused if they never change at all.

  47. edmond says

    hi fehl,nag lumpsum ako sa MF and UITF last august 2014,sa MF philiphine stock index worth of 212k tapos sa global fund of funds UITF worth of 3,600usd.tama ba yong diversify ko or anu ang ma advise mo pra may ma patotonguhan yong investment ko at anu ang dapat?maraming salamat at sana ma share mo sa akin yong advise pra mapalitan ko agad ang investment kung anu ang dapat kung sakaling ikaw yong na sa katayo-an ko,parehong equity kasi kaya confused lang ako pro willing ako for the long term kung tama yong pag invest balak ko pa dagdagan kung ok ba ito hintayin ko lang ang advise mo fehl at dagdagan ko pa yan after 6mos.

    • Fehl says

      Hi Edmond! The funds you have chosen are for very aggressive types. Sounds like you have invested at BPI ALFM? Their Money Market Fund has been doing really good (#1 last Year). If your plan is long term, I think you’re doing the right thing. Since you have already have MF, why not invest in the stock market directly? It’s about time :)

  48. maia juarez says

    Good day Fehl..
    I found your page while reading informations on Mutual/Investment Funds and the like and i must say that your page is very helpful, informative and a great importance especially to anyone who’s new into investing or for those who are planning to make future investments. Just yesterday, i made the decision of investing my hard earned money with BPI-PHILAm. I think that i made a right decision.. I will also post the performance of my investment here. I salute your page. Godspeed to you…

  49. edmond says

    hi fehl,thank u for your rply.gusto ko narin mag direct to stocks kaso lang nasa seabase po ako hidi ko masyado ma monitor kung ako mismo mag manage ng investment ko kasi pagnag bakasyon naman ako busy narin sa family bonding tapos nag upgrade training pa ako sa mga certificate pra sa work ko.inisip ko rin na may MF at UITF na ako kung mag direct stocks pa ako mas madagdagan yong expences ko sa mga management fees or brooker fee etc.kung mag direct stocks ako magbawas ako ng isa sa investment ko pra maka save ako sa ngayon 3% na annualy ko plus magbrooker pa ako,pro papasok rin ako sa direct stocks kung maintindihan ko talaga ang pasikotsikot dyan.gusto ko rin mag trading medyo exciting ang labanan pro need more learning pa ako,baka pag magstop na ako sa work ko,sa ngayon busy pa sa nahap buhay diko pa kaya, ipon muna ako ng puhonan at tamang kaalaman subukan natin yan..

    • Fehl says

      Actually, you don’t need expertise and daily monitoring of your stocks if you will invest directly in the stock market for long term. You can check weekly or monthly, just install a mobile app of your broker in your phone and it will help you too. It’s always better if you have Mutual Funds + direct stocks because you diversify your portfolio. If you don’t know which stocks to buy and sell, follow our Facebook page:

  50. sweet angel says

    Hi ms fehl!merry christmas!after q mtgpuan to site u mrmi kong ntutunan @ nging adik n tlg ko sau..nging interesado tuloy aq mg invest n din hbng and2 p kmi abroad.ask q lng sna ms ok b if lump sum q ung pera q @ den mg monthly p aq. Or ung pera q lets say 500k,i monthly q n lng xa unti unti?pwede b q mg apply s sunlife vul,or mutual fund khit nsa abrod po aq?thanks a lot!

    • Fehl says

      Hi, Merry Christmas! I always recommend periodic placement because it minimize risks. Investments are risky so if I have 500K I prefer investing 4K every month on Mutual Fund and Stock Market. If you spread your funds to different investment wheels, you minimize risks. If you do it long term, you also minimize risks :)

  51. jowie lazarte says

    Hi ms. Fehl,
    Ano kaya mas magandang fund ang maisasuggest mo para sakin? Kasi plano ko magdeposit ng 20k then 2k monthly deposit for 10 years para sa pagaaral ng anak ko someday.thank you in advance…

    • Fehl says

      Hi there. There are available investment products that suit your plan at Sun Life and Philam Life. Check them out. :)

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