Caregiver Jobs, Nanny and Au-pair in Canada for Filipinos

I’m sharing this post to those who ask about caregiver jobs in Canada for Filipinos from the page about direct hiring. Canada has a live-in caregiver program to those who wish to apply or for those employers who wish to sponsor caregiver, nanny or au-pair. And because many applicants are from the Philippines, I’m sharing about the requirements and procedures for Filipinos applying for that job here.

What and Who are the Live-in Caregivers?

According to the Embassy of Canada and the,

Live-in caregivers are individuals who are qualified to provide care for children, elderly persons or persons with disabilities in private homes without supervision. Live-in caregivers must live in the private home of their employer in Canada.”

caregiver jobs canada philippinesThat means you must not be just someone who wish to apply as a nanny or caregiver, it means you must be “qualified” and must have proper and enough educational and training associated to be a caregiver. Now you ask, “I’m a Nursing graduate, am I qualified? Can high school graduates apply?” The answers to those questions are YES provided you meet all the specific requirements so continue reading.

How to apply for a caregiver job in Canada if you are a Filipino or in the Philippines?

  • You must meet the requirements (see them below)
  • You must have a valid employment contract from a Canadian Employer
  • You must have a positive LMO (Labour Market Opinion) sent to you by your employer
  • You must apply for a working permit / visa at the Canadian Embassy (this includes Medical Exam)
  • You must register yourself as an official OFW at the POEA to have PDOS (Pre-departure Orientation Seminar)  and e-clearance (exit clearance)

Caregiver Jobs in Canada Requirements in the Philippines

  • At least high school graduate with 2 more years of post-secondary education (since high school in Canada is 12 years of education.
  • Must able to speak, read and understand English or French (IELTS is not a requirement but it’s an advantage having passed IELTS or TEF exam)
  • With 6 months of full-time training or course from accredited training centers by TESDA or with 12 months of full-time paid employment related to caregiver or nursing (with at least 6 months of continuous employment) within the past 3 years (at the date of application) with one employer
  • Must have a written employment contract, signed by you and your Canadian employer. The contract includes your job description, duties and responsibilities, salary, benefits and hours of work.


If you are a registered nurse with related work experience, you are considered qualified.

The training must be strictly done and successfully completed in a period of at least 6 months with at least 25 hours/week in a classroom setting. OJTs and practicum are NOT part of that 6 month period requirement. Choose your training center that complies with the full-time 6 months classroom training setting because the embassy is so strict with this as there are many training centers who don’t comply with this requirements.

Caregiver Jobs in Canada for Filipinos

Applying for caregiver, nanny or au pair jobs in Canada is usually done via direct hiring where an applicant finds an employer himself without the assistance and supervision of an agency. Thus this method doesn’t require processing fees and placement fees like the usual hiring of foreign workers done by agencies. Should you wish to use an agency or not, it’s up to you but really, all you need is a prospective employer who will process your LMO in Canada and your humble self to process the necessary permits and documents here in the Philippines at the embassy in Makati. See the address below.

Embassy of Canada in Manila
Levels 6-8, Tower 2
RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1200

If you have all the necessary and required documents and credentials, pluck up yourself and apply for a visa at the embassy. You can apply for a working visa online or personally.You can download the application form online and make a schedule for the courier service to pick up your documents. Pray and think positive. Let me say in advance, welcome to Canada!

To know more about visa and working as temporary foreign worker in Canada, visit

To find direct employers in Canada, visit Direct Hiring Jobs in Canada.

Avoid fake recruiters that offer nanny jobs in Canada

There are many fake jobs offers online today so be careful of replying and sending your personal info to them. True and legitimate employers never ask money for processing fees. If someone offers you a job online or via email, make sure you know them personally or have talked to them face-to-face.


  1. Sadeka T. Beltran says

    Hello Ma’am! I am from Agusan del Norte, i am interested to apply any job to Canada, is there any job I may qualify? I am 22 years of age, graduated my 4 year degree course of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. I am an office clerk of a public school for 1 year and 8 months now.

  2. says

    Hi again ms fehl. tnx again for another information that you have shared. May i know what are the different locations in Canada who needs an au pair, nanny or a caregiver? And what are the other jobs available in many places in Canada? Thank you and God bless. looking forward to your response.

  3. Macel says

    Hi ms.frhl, ive been reading your articles even before..mi would just like to ask if you know where I/we could find a prospective employer?i mean, if there is a recommended website? Thanks :)

    • says

      You can find employers through relatives or friends in Canada for people needing caregivers. You may try job bank websites too

    • says

      Wow, thank you for that :) Prospective employers for caregiver jobs are usually found through friends or relatives in Canada. You may also try although this type of job is really hard to find online. Usually you know someone from Canada for possible referral and sponsorship to find a caregiver job

  4. Leizel says

    Hello Ms. Fehl,

    Good day!

    I had 3yrs. worked experience as a caregiver (with NVQ certificate)
    In England, I end up my contract last December 2012.
    I am very much interested to work as caregiver in Canada,
    My question is, where can I find a list for online website
    For Canada?

    Thank you & God Bless!

  5. belle says

    gud day! i would like to apply as a caregiver, im a nurse here in the philippines. i hope someone could help me..please..thanks!

  6. rochelle says

    Good day!!
    I would like to apply as a nanny in Canada but I don’t know how or where to start.
    I’m a nurse and I’m willing to take this job.
    I hope someone can help me.

      • jheem says

        Hi good day,I am currently work here in hongkong as helper but I have taking care one elderly.I want to apply in canada but I don’t where ‘m start kindly help me thanks.

      • Maricel says

        Hi ms.fhel,I’m currently working as dh here in hongkong,nagtry na ako nag apply sa mga agency dito sa hongkong as caregiver sa Canada,but nireject nla application ko kc dw hindi ko natapos ang 2yrs course ko,requirements kc nla at least 72 naka 83 units po ako,kng tanggapin dw nla ako ereject pa rin dw ako sa Canadian embassy kc requirement dw sa Canadian embassy at last 72 units kng 2yr course lng dapat na graduate mo yung 2yr course.kc ako hindi ko natapos kc pa shift ako 4yr Course that time nung college ako.then nabasa ko sa site mo about sa requirements ng caregiver,nanny,aupair at least high graduate lng may experience naman ako as caregiver kc twins ang alaga ko dito sa may caregiver training din ako.please advice me nman po.

        • Fehl says

          Hi, 72 units requirement is equivalent to 2-year course here. I suggest you have that requirement of 2-yr course before you apply. Anyway, you have enough experience already

  7. Marjorie says

    Hi . Fehl. .:) i would like to apply as a caregiver, i have a CG certificate accredited by the TESDA, but how and where is your agency here in manila? I hope someone could help me please thanks. .! :)

    • rochelle says

      I wish to apply as a live-in caregiver for canada but how and where?
      can someone help me. tnx..God bless

  8. ana says

    hello sir, madam.
    I am ana from philippines, i am willing to apply as nanny/au-pair because i already experienced it for 3 yrs in kuwait and another 4 and half year in the netherlands. i hope that i can hear something from your site asap. thank you so much

  9. jonna says

    hello sir/madam
    I am Jonna from Philippines currently im here in Hongkong and worked as a domestic helper for about 2 yrs this year. I am willing to work in canada. I earned 52 units in my college…Maam/sir is there any job for me which is fitted on my qualification? thank you and hope to hear soon from your site…

  10. Luz says

    Hello Ma’am,
    I’m currently stop from studying which is related to health care/medical course, i’m already in my 4th yr, am I already qualified for a caregiver and do not need to study a 6 month short course? I have no experience in any work since I just stop from studying. I hope you can help me out. Thank you

    • Maye Soliman Tanhueco says

      hi Ma’am Fehl,

      Im Maye SolimanTanhueco,Im applying as a nanny ,im 4yrs course graduated ,Actually mam i tried already in other agency but sad to say its a thatswhy us of now nagbabayad pa po ako ng utang because of faje agency..hirap na nga po sa buhay tapos ma fake kapa..i hope you can help me mam because i need it..mam thank you..



    • says

      If you are in Italy, apply at the Canadian Embassy in Italy or look for the official website of the embassy in Italy. Laws and rules are different in every country/territory. Good luck and God bless!

        • says

          First, understand the ways and the requirements. then find an employer. Everything including the visa and job contracts will follow once you have all the necessary requirements. Good luck and God bless :)

          • Maye Soliman Tanhueco says

            mam fehl,

            mam hiring din pu ba kyo ng house keeping?or waitress ..mam paano pu yung first step na gagawin ku po..?kc mam hindi ku pu alam kung saan pweding mag apply and ano pu yung lahat ng requirments..thank you po

          • jacqueline says

            hi madame,sir i willing to apply nanny,cleaner or cook i have a experience for 13years here in united arab of emirates.still working here in emarati people i hope i can find a job in canada.please help me madame,sir.thank you so much…

  12. george piencenaves says

    is it ok if i took my cargiver course at st. agustine school of nursing (AMA) for almost 8 months, (vocational course) and then took nursing course and having a degree,and just graduated, but i didnt took the board exams yet..and having the experience for just OJT’s of the schools provided..

  13. Donna says

    A good day to you!

    I saw on this website a checklist for live-in caregiver. It includes “Letters of reference from present or past employers which detail your duties”. What does it mean? Does this pertain to caregiving jobs I had in the past? If it is for any job/s performed in the past, then, would a bad employment record (such as going on AWOL) be an issue for a successful application? What should I do if can only get 3 out 5 reference letters? Can I instead send in other proof of employment like payslips?

    I am currently looking for a Tesda accredited caregiving school, my sister, who is in canada agreed to be my “employer”. Really want to increase my chances of being approved. I don’t have any issues with other requirements except for this one.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Can I submit my application to another asian country, where processing will be quicker? If yes how long should I stay in that country and what is the timeframe?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Hello Donna. Good morning. Caregiver jobs in Canada require the applicant to have related job experience such as nursing and caregiver so being employed currently in one would support your job application. I think it’s ok if you only got 3 out of 5 letters as long as you have worked the required period related to caregiver which is at least 12 months of paid full-time work. You must submit your application where you currently live. Thus, here in the Philippines.

  14. Jean D.Fernandez says

    hi mam,

    Im interested to apply as care giver graduate po ako ng nurSing 25yrs old n po ako nkapagalaga nko ng mtanda pero kamaganak ko dn po lolo at lola ko.pwd rn po ako s bata kc my anak nko kaya my experience nko s pagalaga ng bAta. Thanky0u.

  15. says

    Live-In Caregiver (Vancouver island Canada)
    I live in British Columbia, Vancouver island. Good weather. I am looking for a live-in caregiver, hopefully a three-year contract. I have multiple sclerosis, I use a wheelchair full-time. Complex care. Willing to train on the equipment. Must have the proper qualifications(TESDA). I have submitted for an LMO, expect to get it in January. I have government funding, meaning that work is steady, all is legitimate with proper documentation for getting your PR. I am a good employer and follow the Canadian employments standards act. I have two caregivers, one works Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays, 12 hour shifts. Work starts at 9:30 AM-approximately 6:30 PM. . . Then come back and get me into bed. The following week would be Thursday Friday Saturday’s and Sunday’s. . . Same shifts. Each pay period has a total of eight hours overtime. The rate of pay is $10.25 an hour, overtime is properly compensated. You must pay $325 room and board. We must be compatible, you must be patient and have some experience with disability. Maybe in Taiwan or Hong Kong.I am not looking for an RN because I do not believe they would stay with the job. They’re overqualified.

    Must Be Female! Must be physically fit, willing to learn. Some strength required, no heavy lifting but I still require someone with some physical strength or they will not be able to do the job. Please contact at the below e-mail address.
    Location: Vancouver island Canada

    • rochelle says

      I’m a nurse and I’m really willing to work as a nanny.
      I don’t believe that all nurses are like that as you mentioned above ma’am. Try me. I’m willing to stay,I’m flexible, patient and most of all a dedicated worker.

      • Colita Tabo Austria says

        Hello Maam,

        I am not sure if you already found caregiver as i see this post just now and i am aware that this post way back 2013.

        I am interested working with you and your place,
        My name is Colita , 38 yrs old with 14 yrs old son, i am recently working as care giver here in Kuwait, I’ve been with my employer for 12 yrs now, my work is not only caring mama but also do some house work as only us in the house, i cook and clean for us too.

        The reason of finding another job in your place was for my financial needs.
        my salary here is very small that only enough for my son need, cant even save for his future.
        i talk with my employer about salary issue, but they’re not willing to pay me more than i am receiving now.

        Working with you can help me financially stable , and help my son future which is my goal in my life to let him finished study.
        I am in good health and strong, have patience,hard working, my work here may different working with you so i am willing to learn from you and try the best i can do.

        Thank You.

    • ]Erna Acain says

      hello ms Mary i would like to apply this job hope you can help me. im very interested and willing to work there.. may god bless you and have a nice day mam…

    • Leizel says

      Hello Ma’am, I am interested to work with you, I have been working in the United Kingdom as caregiver for 3yrs and at the same been studying for National Vicational Qualification (NVQ). I’ve been worked in one if the nursing home in the UK infact we have had case like yours (MS). Please let me know if I am qualified my contact # is +639157495430.

      Note: I have certificate for NVQ

      Thank you,


    • rochelle says

      hello ma’am,
      I really want to work as a caregiver,i worked in saudi arabia as a nurse for two years and i am currently looking for my next job. I am really interested to work as a caregiver this is my contact no.+639474901473

    • Minerva Sulleza says

      Hi I am Midwife in profession and presently working here in Saudi Arabia as Patient Care Technician in a Tertiary Hospital with 16 years of experience. I am a God fearing woman and I am willing to work by heart if you will considered me. My mobile number is 00966508903759.

      Take care and God bless,


    • Roselyn P. Rillera says

      Good day Madam Mary, Am I qualified as as your caregiver? I am a BSN graduate and longing to have a job there in abroad . I could say that I am patient and willing to learn for additional knowledge . I am also a hardworking lady and if you will hire me as your caregiver , I promise to be a good caregiver to you and do all my best to satisfy your needs in Gods help and guidance with me… I promise that we will build a good rapport for us to be a good employee and employer relationship and to be more patient to u maam…

    • Honey Jane Arevalo says

      Hello Mary,

      Good Day!

      I hope this email finds you well. I would like to take my chance and apply as your caregiver. I am a nurse and have 9 months experience as an Emergency Staff Nurse. I am knowledgeable about your condition and I understand that it is very important that you have good and qualified caregivers who will assist you in your daily needs. I believe that my educational background and positive outlook in life would serve to be helpful for you as move on with your journey each day. I am proud to say that I build good and lasting working relationships with my employers and I would also like to build one with you. You do not have to worry about me leaving you for as long as I am treated well, I stay with my employers nad provide them with quality health care possible. I hope to get to know you better and learn more of how I can better serve and assist you in you medical condition. I look forward to hearing from you. You may reach me at

      Thank you for your time.


    • Raquel says

      Dear Madam Mary,
      Greeting of peace. And hope your doing well upon giving attention on my apllication. My name is Raquel, 35yrs old, certified caregiver and a healthcare provider. I have Red Cross training such as first aid and CPR, I was assign to duty in a hospital in ICU intensive care Unit as part of my OJT,It was a great experience I have learned a lot like preparing food and medicine of the patient,feeding the patient thru NGT,suction the patient in mouth and endotracheal tube, monitoring urine output, Cleaning Bed sore(4th degree)Monitor blood sugar using glucometer. Presently I’m a caregiver to an elderly woman 85 yrs old, My duties includes,prepare nutritious food as prescribe by physician,assist in taking medicine,changing diaper,cleaning and bathing the patient,accompanied her and assist whatever is order, and a companion, good listener. Assign for buying medicine and supplies. If you will be given a chance to work with you, rest assured that I would repay all your kindness with all my dedication and devotion on taking care of you treating you as my family. I’m so blessed that my parents have raised me up with a fear to god. Putting high respect on the family. Thank you so much for reading this and God Bless

    • Juliet Tanes says

      Good day Maam, Im jheng and willing to work in Canada and give my full service, loyalty and compassion to work with you… How i wish you will acknowledge my service, I took up BS Psychology, 45 years old….Thank you so much for reading this,God bless…

    • Emily S. Portez says

      Hi, I’m Emily Portez from Philippines. I’m looking for an employer like your family. I am married with 2 children, a 9 yr-old girl & a 6-yr-old boy. I have finished my 4-yr course Education but I didn’t pursue it due to some reasons. Instead I’m working as document controller in HGST Western Digital Company here in the Philippines. After my 10 yrs of service from the company I resigned & decided to take care of my children & have my third baby but unfortunately I got miscarriage twice last year. So I took Caregiver. I just finished my studies & On job Training in three institutions Mother Ignacia Home for Elderly, Sunflower for children & Calamba Doctors’ Hospital & was assigned in ICU. I am also a trained & have certificates of Basic Life Support particularly CPR, AED Defibrillator support & Healthcare Provider Services. If you’re interested & want to know me more you can mail me on my email address. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward working with you guys!!

    • Emelita T. Diva says

      Hello mam, I am Emelita T. Diva i am a filipino citizen. i am presently residing at Dipolog City Philippines.
      I am willing to work as a caregiver in Canada. I finished 6mos caregiver training course at Saint Vincent’s
      College, Dipolog City Ph. I already have NC11 from Tesda. I do not have work experience yet on taking care of elderly but i had already an experience on taking care to my children because i am already married and i have 3 kids.
      I am hoping for your help on how to apply in canada as a caregiver.
      thank you so much!

  16. New Canadian Immigration Services says

    Do you need assistance in the processing of Canadian Visa? A vancouver based immigration company has setup an office in Makati City. Visit The office is located at Room 906, National Life Insurance Building, 6762 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines. Tel No +63 5110098. Send email to

  17. Analyn m.lutang says

    Hello.good pm.l am baby setter her from saudi arabia riyadh i stay willing to work ask baby setter or caregiver i Hope That .thanks God .

  18. Mary says

    I am sorry, Analyn, I don’t believe your qualified unless you have the TESDAspace certificate. Canada will not issue visas. Unless you meet all the requirements.

    • Analyn m.lutang says

      Hello.good pm ma’am ok f im going Phil ma’am i Will take tesda certification nexts year. How bout as a domestic helper man.i have expérience 6yrs Jordan amman,and also her saudi arabia maam i have ready tesda certification the way This s my mobile# 00966553941390

    • zamira gili says

      hi good day ms mary im interested in your job offer but i dont hve that tesda certificate i have other certificate but not on caregiving i only have personal experienced caregiving my grandmother whos half body willing and determined to get your job.hope i can hear from u.heres my contact number +639485567412 or email me u

  19. dolores navarro says

    hello ma’am,sir im willing to apply as cook or care giver im work here in taiwan as cook…..i hope you help me to find a job thank you very much….

  20. maritess villnueva says

    Good day
    Hi maam i really want to work in canada as a nanny or any available work there,im a field researcher here in philippines ,i just want to ask what are the requirements and how do i apply.thank you

  21. Lee G.Abela says

    Dear sir/madam: Very much for a job in Canada for brigther future of kids which I know your country have this. Im a graduate of four year course with a deploma of management. Im not looking a job that suit my course what is, important is i can find for any positions that needs my service but if ever there’s a job that suit my educational background then Im so glad for it. Hope to hear it from you. God bless.

  22. Lee G.Abela says

    Dear sir/madam: I intereasted for any job in your country, Canada. Im a management but willing to work any jobs as long as it is presentable lets say cant harm people. Any hardships can tackle just for the sake of the future of my kids in which I know your country can give me through my service. God bless….

  23. Ilyn V. de la Cruz says

    5yrs nag alaga po aq ng mei Alzheimers.. pwede po bang mag inquire if mei possible job po suited for me…currently in Cyprus po ako..looking forward for ur immediate response…thanks po and God bless.

  24. mary jean gigataras says

    good day maam…i am very much willing to work with of this moment im here in hong kong working as a nanny and taking care of an elderly person..i am 39 yr old and i am a filipino…maam i realy want to work in canada so that i can support my family but i have a problem in my school credential because i am only a 1yr in university…maam pleasa be my hope in the future of my two children…i know i can do the job because its in my heart…if you are interested here is my contact #0085264228461…anyway im working here in hong kong for almost 4yrs w/ only 1 employer…thank you so much..GOD BLESS AND GOOD DAY…RESPECTFULLY YOUR’S…MARY JEAN Q.GIGATARAS…

  25. irene mesiano says

    gud day madam would like to apply as a housekeeping staff…i do my medical,i have my ns2 certificate….hope you can help me how get an employer there…im only highschool graduate….is that qualify?

  26. lilibeth M,Abellar says

    Hellow madam,,i will ask only if i am capable of dis job,,,im willing to work w/u as a care giver,,,im under grad of my college level,,i take up only my 2 yrs of my course,,,its an education course,,,,,,,i have experience in my working abroad as nanny,,,before im in abu dhabi,,,,but now im kuwait,,,i hope so dat u will get me,,heres my # in kuwait +96599101759,,,AND IN PHILIPPINES #+639498595659,,,HOW CAN I GET JOB FROM MY COURSE AND FROM MY EXPERIENCE,,,THANK IU ANG GOD BLESS U,,,,

  27. Janice manieg says

    Hi mam just wanna ask if how can i apply,im working here in saipan northern marianas island as a caregiver for 7years

  28. marilou s aminyo says

    Hi im looking for a job im here at hk for 11 yrs…as a domestic helper I am take caring of twoo kids 3yrs old and a two months old baby

    I am enterested to work there at canada

    More info plz send me message at +85293421265 ,thank u God bless us all

  29. Catherine Garcia says

    Hello po I would like to apply for any work in Canada. But im working as a photographer. Cake decorator. Waiters. Dj for the party for the kid’s. Or any work for Canada even bby siter. Or chambermaid in hotel. I know how to change the bed bcoz I work also in hotel before. Please msg.e or call this number. 0097466741017. Thanks a lot thank you so much

  30. Bernadette says

    Tnx for encouraging words from u. Godbless u. I’m hoping also to have a chance to work in Canada to help my husband to provide our children’s needs and to finish their studies. I’m Bernadette b. Mendoza from antipolo city Philippines.

  31. shenna marie dioquino says

    hi maam,,im nursing assistant,gusto ko po makapag work sa canada bilang isang nursisng assistant..completo po aq sa certificate and nkapasa po sa asesment..gusto ko po kc tulongan ang parents ko para mka ahon sa kahirapan…eto po ung nomber ko..09122111710..thank you po..and godbless

  32. Loryjane says

    Good day mam, sir can I ask I’m here and Dubai now working nanny both housekeper I just ask if we have vacant to there canada the same may job here I’m only 7 months after I’m finish my 2 years contract here and Dubai

  33. Raquel says

    Dear Madam Mary,
    Greeting of peace. And hope your doing well upon giving attention on my apllication. My name is Raquel, 35yrs old, certified caregiver and a healthcare provider. I have Red Cross training such as first aid and CPR, I was assign to duty in a hospital in ICU intensive care Unit as part of my OJT,It was a great experience I have learned a lot like preparing food and medicine of the patient,feeding the patient thru NGT,suction the patient in mouth and endotracheal tube, monitoring urine output, Cleaning Bed sore(4th degree)Monitor blood sugar using glucometer. Presently I’m a caregiver to an elderly woman 85 yrs old, My duties includes,prepare nutritious food as prescribe by physician,assist in taking medicine,changing diaper,cleaning and bathing the patient,accompanied her and assist whatever is order, and a companion, good listener. Assign for buying medicine and supplies. If i will be given a chance to work with you, rest assured that I would repay all your kindness with all my dedication and devotion on taking care of you treating you as my family.i won’t leave you or my services to you unless you’re no longer needed me and not happy with my services I’m so blessed that my parents have raised me up with a fear to god. Putting high respect on the family. Thank you so much for reading this and God Bless

  34. Suzy says

    Hello, we are jordanian family living in EUROPE ,, im looking for a honest baby sitter and house maid to live with us at home to take care for kids , with experience, i can make the work permission for u , if u r interested please send me email at .

  35. michelle says

    Greetings of peace.. I’m Michelle currently working in dubai as a waitress, I’m about to finish my contract on October, I am very interested to work in Canada any jobs that may qualified me.. sincerely I’m hoping you can help me ma’am.. God bless.

  36. lori says

    Hello maam..

    I am currently working here in qatar for 7yrs as nanny,and I am a bachelors graduate too…im planning to apply in canada but i dont know how to start and where i apply here in qatar…can you please help me or any agency you can refer?…
    I hope you can help me…thank you and GODBLESS YOU!!!!

  37. Analyn.lutang says

    Hello good morning i wanna ask f they have a job ask about domistic helper..i have experience 8,year sinces 2005 im her saudi arabia reyadh this comming oct i well go to phillipine..

  38. Alexis says

    Hi ma’am, I’m looking for a job in Canada as a caregiver.. hope you can help me po. Thanks and god bless.

  39. gudelia santos says

    Hello mam I am interested to work as caregiver for elderly people in Canada, hope you can help me , I’m a dentist by profession but had experience being a caregiver for my mom for ten years who was sick with alzheimers disease, is there an age limit for this job and do I need to enrol for a caregiver training course please help me

  40. Meldie Berador says

    Please accept my resume for caregiver job positions, my professional experience, background and skills abilities are highly suited to caregiver job openings.

  41. Oriente G. Diaz says

    Hello Maam,

    Im a registered nurse,43. I worked as a staff nurse in KSA for almost 8 years. Presently Im home looking after my kids. I am interested to apply as a live in caregiver. Am I qualified? Please help me
    Thank you and God bless

    • Fehl says

      Yes, you are qualified since you already have 8 years of experience related to caregiver. You need to find an employer in Canada now

  42. marie says

    hello madam,

    i currently work in hong kong for almost 6 months as a caregiver.i had a bachelors degree and took caregiver course at Phil/Canadian school and training for caregiver..i am trustworthy,reliable,hardworking person..i wanted to work in canada sa a live in caregiver..can u help me find good employer?? email me..thank you

  43. Bel says

    Hello good day! I’m bel,27y/o graduate of BSN,RN. I have BLS(CPR Pro), ECG interpretation & mechanical vent. Trainings. Presently working as a regular clinic nurse bale mag one year dis September. But I don’t have Tesda certificate. May sister ako sa canada . Possible ba na pwede n akong mag apply as caregiver/ nanny? . Fitted ba ako as qualifications? Then ku so much po

    • Fehl says

      You don’t need Tesda training anymore since you already are Registered Nurse. However, you need at least 2 years of work experience as a nurse

  44. analyn says

    Hello ma’am may i ask something if i dont have experience in canada or in abroad and im graduate in nursing aide and i have certificates of ojt in caregiver but i am willing to apply this job…

  45. lovely says

    Good day! Im a domestic helper here in hongkong, and im planning to apply at canada soon.. But i just want to know,what if my experience here is only taking care of 10years old not elderly or baby… Is it ok? Is it possible to get hired even though that is my work experience? Or do i have to change employer which is my job description is taking care of below.5yrs old.or elderly? Please i need your advice.. Thanks and godbless!

  46. jheem says

    Hi good day ma’am, I am currently working here in hongkong as helper but I have taking care one elderly I’m almost one year working,but I plan to apply in canada kindly help me.thanks God Bless.

  47. Rowena Digdigan says

    Hi im rowena I have 4 years experience working as a housemaid/nanny here in dubai..I know how to cook, clean and take care of the kids..please contact me at 0502367134

  48. annabelle saballa says

    Hi I want apply as nanny n Canada I have 4yrs working experience dh n uae ..somebody fine for me employer…

  49. mieanne alindajao antonio says

    ..hi maam,,im mieanne i want tO work abrOad one of my dream so i can help my family..i have no experiece actualy im working now as Nanny for 5 years i want big saLary what is my 1st step,,i’m high school graduate onLy ,,am i qualified…please hepl me :-)

  50. Verna R. Evangelista says

    Dear Mam/Sir,
    I am Verna R. Evangelista , I am 38 yrs old I am a certified Nursing aid and Certified Massage Therapy with nc2 Tesda.I am willing to work in canada can anyone sponsor…
    Thank you mam…God Bless

  51. haidz says

    Ms fhel,

    Hello im heidi from leyte,im a caregiver with tesda NCII cert.nakita ko po yung site na nag apply po ako doon and my nag reply po sa akin na employer yun nga pina send saakin yung cv/resume ko he ask me few questions and later on he send me another email regarding po sa terms and condition nya at eto po yung email nya,tinatanong ko lang po kung too ba eto kasi po kailangan ko e shoulder yung 50% ng visa and travel expenses fee,pls help para malaman ko if totoo po ba eto..
    Thanks alot..


    Job Hiring position of a (Baby Sitter / Care Giver / Chef / Security / Gardener / Cook Nursing Job / Au-pair / Nanny /Housekeeper/Driver/ Hotel attendant and other Workers)  are valid  for a Minimum period of  2-3 years and above.

    The Terms and conditions of the job are as follows :


    *You will be required and expected to work for approximately 40 hours per week (8 hours /day  Monday  to  Friday). Every weekend, will be spent with your family or anywhere as you would have the weekends off.


    *AU PAIR/NANNY/CHILD CARE/ CHEF: $3,800 Monthly (weekly allowance $150)
     DRIVER/CUSTOMER SERVICE JOB: $3,800 Monthly (weekly allowance $150)
     HOUSE SITTER/HOUSE KEEPER: $3,800 Monthly (weekly allowance $150)
     CAREGIVER/COOK/NURSING :  $3, 80 Monthly (weekly allowance $150)
     SECURITY/GARDENER/NURSING : $3,800 Monthly (weekly allowance $150)
     HOTEL ATTENDANT/BABY SITTER : $3,800 Monthly (weekly allowance $150)
       God bless you as you come 
    Thank you.
    Mr.James Powell

    • Fehl says

      That job offer is obviously a fake. Check out the name Mr. James Powell in google and you’ll find that it’s a fake job

  52. tamiko bastro says

    I’m 39 yrs. of age I graduated BS nursing in college am I still qualified to find a job in Canada? i don’t have job experience relating to caregiving beside my OJT in college.
    But willing to have one if really necessary.

  53. Tamiko Bastro says

    I’m 39 years of age took up BS Nursing in college 2010 don’t have any field experience besides my OJT. Am I still qualified to apply? Im willing to train if really necessary. Thank you

  54. pards says

    Hi fehl and to everyone.
    If my working visa na..ano requirements na dpat dalin sa poea?

    If it could be specific that will be better
    Ex. Contract red ribboned in canada or philippines?

  55. Rhesa pioquinto says

    I have a question regarding the LMO. I saw on the cic website LMIA, is that the new process now? It seems more difficult than LMO because the employer needs to look for canadian citizens first as nanny before hiring foreign workers. My sister is in canada and she found an employer for me. I have not taken caregiver yet. I’ll start studying on January. The employer will need me 2 years from now. Im concerned about the LMIA.

  56. jovelyn geron says

    hai.. mam/sir i’m a care giver,i gradueted of sex month course,i having a experence more than two years and i still working as a caregiver here in philippine,i want to apply theres in canada if having avialable. thank you and godbless you all.

  57. riza says

    I am looking for a job preferably in canada or singapore, it would be nice if it is direct hire I am a teacher as well as an admin staff in my recent school i am employed. A house keeping job, nanny or whatever jobs. Can you please help me. Thank you so much!

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