How to Install the New and Latest SSS R3 Program

In this page, I’m sharing the complete guide on how to download and install the latest SSS R3 program because many readers were asking about the new one. The SSS R3 Program is so important to all employers because it is a software provided by SSS to every employer to assist them for reporting SSS contribution collection lists and transmittal certificates to facilitate R5 payments. If you are an authorized signatory of your employer and you are assigned to upload R3 reports, you must download and install the R3 program correctly and properly in your computer to ensure posting of SSS contributions of all employees in your company are uploaded regularly.

Before you install the software I recommend you have the following:

Latest Java installed in your computer – make sure your computer has the latest version of Java installed. If not, I suggest you download the latest version of Java from Oracle which can be found at If you already have Java installed in your computer before, uninstall it and just install the latest software to avoid errors in handling the R3 program. Don’t know how to uninstall? Simply go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall Program and find Java and uninstall it.

Win Rar – this is needed to uncompress rar files of the R3 program given to you by SSS.

Unexpired anti-virus software – you need an anti- virus in your computer because you are dealing with SSS files which contain important personal information. You don’t wanna compromise your security on this or your employees’ security especially if you use the internet in uploading R3 and viewing your SSS online account. I recommend Norton 360 and Kaspersky. Ask your employer to have one; it’s just about 1200 pesos. Nobody wants their personal identity or information stolen by web thieves right?

New SSS R3 Program using New Contributions 2014, please read my new updated post here:

For first timers or beginners of installing the program, this post will help you too so it’s important to continue reading below.

New SSS R3 Program System Requirements

The software discussed here is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8. I’ve tried XP and it worked too. Just make sure you have enough extra memory in your hard disk of 100MB. That’s not really a problem since majority of computers nowadays have more Gigabytes of memory already.

Installation of SSS R3 Program Instructions:

1. Save the R3FGComp file in your computer. You can either ask SSS-R3 processor personally for this file and save it in your USB flash drive or just download the file online at In my case, I asked the SSS employee personally since I asked another questions from them. They will ask you what OS (Operating System) you’re using because they will give the software compatible for the version of your Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8) or Linux.

latest sss r3 program

the folder given by SSS usually contains these files

2. Save the file into a dedicated folder in your computer. Rename the folder. (e.g. R3_Employer)

r3 program windows 7

3. Double click on the R3FGComp and uncompress the file in the same folder.

new sss r3 form

5. Install the R3 File Generator

6. Create a shortcut icon – right click on the R3FileGen.jar and choose Send To and select Desktop to create a shortcut.

new r3 prog5

new r3 prog6

7. Rename the shortcut. (e.g. R3_Employer)

new sss r3 program for employers

That’s it. You can now use the new SSS R3 Program and print SSS R3 forms anytime. Your next job is to encode and upload R3 files to finally see your employees contributions posted at SSS database. Read the next article below.

Next article:

How to use the new SSS R3 Program to make Collection List and Transmittal Certificate

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  1. rvsolomo says

    Who may qualify for a retirement benefit?
    A member who is 60 years old, separated form employment or ceased to be self-employed, and has paid at least 120 monthly contributions “prior to the semester of retirement.” Ms. Fehl : ano po ang ibig sabihin ng prior to the semester of retirement. ibig ba sabihin nyan kailangan continuous ang contribution mo for at least six months bago ka magretire? thanks.. rvs

    • says

      Semester means 2 consecutive quarters. A quarter has 3 months a semester means 6 months. Yes contributions must always be continuous because it is an insurance

      • rvsolomo says

        thanks for the reply.. I have a 240 contributions sa sss, as I understand sa program nila you will qualify for a pension or lumpsum when you already have 120 contributions.. so qualify na po ako. ang confusing lang is yung ‘prior to the semester of the retirement”. wala na kasi ako job so di na ako nakakahulog sa sss, pano po yun di rin ako makaka-qualify since di na ko makakahulog “prior to the semester of the retirement” which is 60 years old? di ba yung iba huminto na pero nagkaron pa rin sila ng pension or lumpsum?..please help me understand this.. thanks

        • says

          In my understanding, you have to wait until 60 because it is the retirement age for SSS retirement pension and benefits. I suggest you still continue contributing so you’ll get higher amount of pension and benefits. You know the time value of money – the earlier and longer you invest, the higher you’ll earn. Don’t depend on 120 months requirements coz after many years, 5000 pesos will just be 1000 pesos. Know what I mean? If you don’t have a job anymore, contribute still as voluntary member. Update your status.

      • Mt. Carmel College of San Francisco, Inc. says

        Hello Maam:
        Health in the Lord and Blessings of the Holy Spirit!

        Na received ko po ang R3 2014 at maraming maraming salamat po ha… ask favor na naman po kindly send me your SSS LMS program para sa Loan Remittance report.. Salamat po ulit. God bless….

  2. kris says

    if someone has been unemployed for years now, and would like to complete the sss contribution before turning 60, how will we know as to how much will they be paying monthly?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      If you’re not employed, just update your membership as voluntary or self-employed so you can still pay contributions. Check the new SSS table to know the latest amount of contribution you want to pay according to your capacity to pay. I suggest you go to the SSS personally to discuss fully about your inactive account

  3. Von says

    Ma’am tanong ko lang po about sa R3 File Generator, mayroon na po akong copy ng r3 file generator and latest JRE and then for the 2014 contribution library, nag download for ako ng new library.dat. and nireplace ko yung luma and nag back up po ako ng er.dat, eeDB.dat, and r3File.dat na na mention naman sa guide ng installation sa sss website. Ngayon po nag run naman ang program pero pag click ko po ng file maintenance ayaw gumana, Ang OS ko po ay Win XP. Thanks po.

  4. bob says


    Good day!

    Ito po ung error sa EMPLOYEE RECORD ” Invalid amount for ss contribution. Amount is out of bracket. correct the error and try again”. kasi po nag update po ako ng ss amount dahil may bago na tayo bracket. (Ex. before,ss amount 416 + ec 10 = 426 and latest ss amount 440 + ec 10 = 460) kailangan po ba ng bagong program para ma correct po yong error.


    • Marifel Dungo says

      Please see the new post we published yesterday about the NEW R3 PROGRAM 2014 with R3 File Generator Library update for the new brackets

  5. Estelita V. Operario says

    Good Afternoon Mam! Can i have also copy of the new SSS program. kindly send it to my email. Thank you so much!

  6. Arden Mendoza says

    Can I have a copy of R3 File Generator 2014

    I recently downloaded a copy in the and when I enter the date March 2014 It has an error “Invalid Values”


  7. sharmaine says

    Good day mam!..

    nareceived ko na po yung inemail nyo sakin about R3 Program.. thank you so much mam.. :) i have another question regarding sss loan, yung isa sa mga employee namin ay twice na nagloloan pano po kaya sya ipopost sa posting??


    Ma’am kindly send me a copy of the latest SSS R3 program. I need it so bad because I can’t post my latest contribution covering the year 2014. I am given a deadline to post it till April 2014. I look forward for your extended help regarding this matter. Thank you so much in advance.

  9. Robi says

    Good Morning Ma’am. Can I have a copy of the new SSS r3 program? Pls send it in my email. Thanks in advance and more power. :)

  10. Cris says

    Good Day Ms. Marifel, Can I have a copy of the new SSS r3 program? Kindly send it to my email. Thank you:)

  11. William says

    Na tro trouble ba ako sa r3 regen na ito naguguluhan nako mag mula ng nauso ang online shopping online etc. etc. etc. pati SSS gumawa ng ganito pano naman ung mga taong walang kaalam alam sa comp. katulad ko ung mga walang panahon para sa ganito sana naman wala ng ganito ang hirap kasi, asan po ung r3 regeneration file? para po idownload link naman po salamat po.

    • Fehl says

      R3 program is for employers only. It is made to help employers for their SSS reports. If you are a member and want to have an SSS online account, you can do so by registering as a MEMBER in the SSS website. We also have a post about how to do that. Just read the related articles listed above.

  12. Arnel Marasigan says

    Hello po. Pahingi po ng program and updated library para po sa new bracket this 2014. Thanks in advance po..

  13. grace says

    Good Morning Ma’am. Can I have a copy of the new SSS r3 program? Pls send it in my email, because I can’t post my latest contribution covering the year 2014. I am given a deadline to post it till April 2014.Thanks in advance

  14. Faye Canero says

    Hi! May I have a copy of new SSS R3 program? I tried to install yun nakuha ko sa sss website but it’s not working. Thanks.

  15. nel says

    Hi. Can you please send to me the new sss r3 program? I’m having a hard time accessing it at sss website. Thank you.

  16. Jasmin says


    Just want to ask, kasi everytime po na iopen ko yung file maintenance para po mag update nag hahang po siya and nagiging blangko. ano po gagawin ko?


  17. Mia says

    Hello good day :) pwede po ba manghingi ng copy po for the SSS R3 Program. kindly send it to my email. thank you so much and God bless.

  18. michelle mariano says

    hi, got it thank’s a lot…you just save me a trip to the sss office for just the software…. God Bless

  19. Catherine Fernandez says

    hello po, may question po ako, naka instaal na po ako ng r3, tapos bakit po pagkalagay ko ny ss amount ay sinasabi po na invalid amount for ss contribution, ehh tama naman po ang nilagay ko base sa mga previous report na na submit ng last bookeeper namin..pls reply po asap…sa email ko nlng po kayo mag reply

  20. Leanie says

    Good Morning Ma’am pwede po bang humingi ng copy for the SSS R3 program 2014. kindly send it to my email Thank you po! :)

  21. Carolyn Chua says

    hi, pwede rin pong mkahingi ng copy ng new sss program n R3file generator.. thanks in advance, God bless po…

  22. jaime sandio says

    hindi ko na po matandaan kung sino ang nakalagay na benificiary ko. pano ko po ito malalaman at pwedi po ba ito maguhin?

    salamat po..

    • Fehl says

      You can update your membership and update the list of your beneficiaries by going to the SSS branch that handles your membership

      • vill says

        Hi Mam,

        Ask ko lang dinownload ko sa site ng SSS ang SSS LMS then inistall ko sa computer windows 7 64 bit, after mainstall mag priprint ako sa report generation , employee file , then press ok ,
        prompted error printing employee details.

        Can you help me para ma solve ko itong problem ?

        Can you send sss r3 diskette to my email..tnx ..

  23. Jonathan Singson says

    maam, required po ba na gamitin tong system in passing an R3 form? or pwedeng via other methods like manual writing or editing a preformated R3 MS Excel form? thank you in advance

  24. myrna says

    Hi Ma’am Fhel,

    Good day po..
    Hingi po ako ng New R3 File Generator 2014 with updated generator library. Kasi po old library po andito sa akin..Kindly send that file thru my email. Thanks po.

  25. Erickson Castillo says

    Hello Maam!

    Pwede po makahingi ng kopya ng SSS R3 program?

    Kung ok lang po pasend na lang po sa email ko. Na add ko na din po kayo sa Google+

    Thanks po.

  26. lheny carigma says

    I cant install r3file generator on my computer. hope you can send me new format thru

    my email account. thank you.

  27. joan says

    Hi! Pahelp naman. Error pa din eh. Tapos ask ko lang may di na kasi pumasok na kaofficemate namin paano po yun irereport? Thank you!

  28. Karen says

    Hi po. I downloaded the R3 installer from the SSS website today but when I go to add a new employee, the fields are grayed out. Ano po kaya error nito? Thanks.

    • Fehl says

      Hi, you must follow the R3 2014 since it follows new SSS contribution brackets. Replace the old library.dat with the newly downloaded file. Follow the complete instructions in our post entitled “New SSS R3 Program 2014 Installation using New R3 File Generator Library” at the related articles above

  29. joyce r. gernale says

    hi mam can u please give me the file for R3 and lms. we are just having a problem downloading and installing the file thru internet. it will be a good help if u can give us a copy.
    thank you

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