How to Use SSS R3 Program and Generate File

Not everyone knows how to use the SSS R3 program a.k.a  R3 Diskette Project properly to generate and input files. In this page, I’ve discussed the step-by-step ways on how to enter and post details of employer and employees updated SSS contributions and premiums. Recently, SSS announced that they now require all employers to have an online employer account before submitting SSS R3. I think they implemented it to make everything else online and paperless.

It is so important to enter SSS contributions and update details to the SSS R3 file generator program because it is one of the requirements after paying SSS contributions. It is an assurance that each employee’s SSS premiums are posted properly at the SSS system whenever they pay or remit. SSS R3 displays the Contributions Collection List and gives a print-out of SSS Transmittal Certification and employee file. If you are a first time employer, you can read “how to pay and post employees SSS contributions.”

How to Download SSS R3 Program File Generator

Where to get the SSS R3 file download? After an employer or a company was registered at the SSS, they are usually given the SSS number plate and certificate plus the file containing the SSS R3 program. This file must be downloaded and installed by the employer to a computer –laptop or desktop. Check the system requirements to be sure the program will run properly and faster. The file also contains the user’s manual which includes instruction on downloading the file. You can also download the file online at SSS website. Once you successfully installed it, you can start uploading your data and employer’s info for SSS contributions collections.

Follow the procedure below in entering your employees SSS payments and EC shares.

Steps in using SSS R3 Diskette Project

  • Tap the R3 icon in your desktop.
  • Start by selecting File Maintenance in the Main Menu.


  • From the File Maintenance Menu window, choose Employer Record Maintenance and enter your employer’s name, employer’s SSS ID number, and the applicable month of contributions. See the screenshot below as your guide.


This is just an example. You have to post your own details

  • Then click UPDATE the Back to Main Menu.
  • From the File Maintenance Menu again, choose Employee Record Maintenance this time.
  • Then enter your employee’s SSS number and other details such as last name, first name, middle initial, SSS amount, ECC amount and the applicable remarks for that employee (ie: N for normal employee) By the way, you can press enter whenever you are filling up the next info (ie: SSS number hit enter to proceed to last name…and so on)


  • Hit Update when you’re sure all data are correct. Double check all data before hitting update to avoid errors or wrong inputs.

  • Once you have entered all your employee’s contributions, go back to the File Maintenance Menu and choose Inquire Tools at this time. A window about your total SSS amount and ECC will be displayed then for the applicable month. Go back to the File Maintenance Menu if it’s correct.

  • Choose Create SSS Text File at this time. Your computer will tell you that a copy was saved for your file. This file must be saved (copied) to your USB or diskette (whatever you are using) and must be brought to the SSS branch together with the applicable receipt for this payment and the print-out of transmittal reports discussed on the next step. Once this file was received by the SSS, all employees’ contributions and collections will be posted accordingly.

  • Go back to the Main Menu and choose Report Generation.
  • Print your Transmittal Certification and Employee File. Print 2 copies because the other copies will be left at SSS, the other ones will be your own file copies.
  • You are done. Tap Exit.

When to submit the transmittal and R3 USB file?

You must submit them within 10 days after the applicable month of the payment. You can pay either monthly or quarterly. To avoid late payments, know the latest Deadline for SSS Contribution Payments.

Share your experiences about this software by commenting below. Thanks you!

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  1. virginia esteban says

    got incorrect on encoding on date hired/separation this is how i encoded ex. 06-15-2012 not accepting my encoded item what is the right thing to do thanks and God bless…

      • caloy says

        r3 program wont accept or update if you tick 2, with date hire/separated,( ex 01212013) and with 0 ss, 0 ec., how do we go around that? thanks!

        • says

          I never tried ticking 2 though so I wouldn’t know. hehe If an employee was separated, I think it will be ok if you wont tick a thing since he won’t be contributing anymore. His new employment to another company will tick that anyway if you know what I mean. :)

          • ATHENA says

            ask ko lng po if mas maganda ed?po ba na ilagay is no earnings than separated kasi po dumadagdag parin po sia sa computation pagseparated po anf pinipili

      • Ma. Lourdes Austria says

        good morning po mam ask ko lang po if how to compute yung dapat na employee’s contribution if hindi naman po niya natapos yung month,1 week lang po kasi ang ipinasok nya last September at nag resign na po.Ano po ang formula to compute yung dapat po na ihulog para sa mga gaya niya na hindi natapos ang 1 buong month?thank you po mam.


      gud pm po,,nagbayad na po ako sa SSS ko kaso po hindi ko pa po na naipasa sa SSS since 2012 pa po..nahirapan po kasi ako sa paggamit ng USB..ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin?baka po msayayang yong hinuhulog ko..pls help me thax po in advance

    • says

      You must first install/download the file/software for the SSS R3 Diskette/USB Project either you save the file from SSS or just download it from their website online. I got the file saved in my USB by the SSS staff when we first opened an employer account as it is one of the requirements to post monthly payments and other stuff. I installed the file in the computer and just opened it every time I have to encode and update SSS records. To go to the R3 Project after installation, just look for the SSS_R3 icon on your desktop and you’ll see the stuff I provided in the article right away.

  2. sharon says

    hi, tanong ko lang kung bakit hindi na nabasa ang usb ko na may r3 gen program simula na nagpareformat ako ng pc ko? ang laman ng usb file ko mga na save kong r3 collection list at recycler folder. Yung icon ng r3 gen wala na. Window xp ang gamit ko. anong dapat gawin ko? pls. help me.

    • says

      If you have reformatted your pc, you need to install again the SSS R3 program. If you have the installation file, just follow the ff instructions:

      1. Tap and save “R3 Diskette.exe” into your computer
      2. Tap on “R3 Diskette.exe” to unzip/extract the files in c:(slash) r3tdvb folder
      3. Go to c:(slash) r3tdvb(slash) and install the folder and choose “setup.exe” to start the installation
      4. At the set-up menu, choose the CHANGE DIRECTORY button, then select r3tdvb from the directory list. The path must be c:(slash) r3tdvb
      5. In case you were asked if you want to keep the old files or overwrite it – CHOOSE TO KEEP YOUR OLD FILES
      6. You are done. Start using the SSS R3 program by going to the SSS R3 icon in your desktop or by going into START –> PROGRAM –> SSS_R3 –> R3

      • Lala says

        what if I R3 save is in .jar? and if I double click that Jar, a symbol version of r3 open… how can i proceed?

          • jem says

            Hi Ms Fehl tanong ko lang po kung per month ang input sa r3 or for 3 months na. let’s say january to march na. applicable month na ay 032013. total of 3 onths ba or per month pa din? thanks.

          • says

            I make mine always per month and submit 3 months at the same time when I pass the reports. I pay contributions every quarter kase.

          • HILDA says

            HI MS. FEHL!

            ASK KO LANG PO…
            PLEASE TELL ME….

          • cherry says

            hi maam fehl, paano ma edownload ang software na yan? na reformat po kasi sa USB nami.. please reply me ASAP.. Thank you

          • says

            Due to many questions about the specific steps in downloading the R3, I’ll make a post about it here this week. See ya!

          • dolores doloso says

            hi ask lng po ako, kc kumuha n ng sss ang kasambahay nmin…binigyan xa ng r3 contribution list…n dapat dw pirmahan ng employer, every paymnt quarterly…so paano yan f wla kmi s pinas…need ba pirmahan talaga yan pra makapsok ang paymnts,my iniwan nmn kmi authorization s knya wc is also the requiremnts they ask…

          • Myrna Legaspi says

            What if I forgot to print the employee file. Can I retrieve it for printing?

          • says

            Yes :) There are 3 ways: From the files that you have saved (employer’s R3 reports file), PDF file given to you b the SSS, and thru your SSS employer online account

          • cherry says

            hi ms fehl, ask ko lang kung pano mag edit or mag delete ng na-enter na contribution kasi na double input yata yung month of january 2013, iba kasi ang nag handle nito dati kaya hindi ko alam na na input na pala. pero hindi pa na click yung generate report.

          • says

            You check the data if it’s saved in R3tdvb. If it’s there, delete it and just repeat the steps discussed in the article above.

  3. Heden Aragones says

    Hi.. I can’t print transmittal forms. Do I need to print transmittal forms for all the last 15 months of unsubmitted R3 usb file? or ung latest na lang? Thanks..

    • says

      Yes it is required to submit each month’s Transmittal Report and Employee File. Prepare 2 copies each month so that when SSS receive them, they will stamp your copies with the “Received” stamp. SSS will also save a PDF receipt of your submitted R3 whenever you submit them. These receipt copies are your file copies and proof that you have passed to SSS the USB file and transmittal. They are also used to post your employees premiums in the SSS system

      • says

        Hi Ms. Fehl, How could I generate underpayment ?I’m paid already and even submitted it to SSS, Upon checking, one of the staff was paid 1040, while his bracket is 1092 from his previous;last year we are manually submitting that is why error was committed. So for now, ill be paying 52php, my problem now is how to generate it though i had already edited the right bracket. How will I generate the 52php, as far as i know it should appear at the payment information with the TR/SBR Number.How will I encode it to arrive at a correct procedure? Thank you very much in advance..

        • says

          Social Security Contribution of 1040 plus 10 EC is the correct input in the R3 for that bracket looking at the current SSS Contribution Table. I recommend you print the SSS Contri. Table so you avoid errors. For underpayments, go to the SSS and let them fix that for you.

  4. yin says

    Hi there!

    Why is it that whenever I create sss text file, it always says that i have entered “insufficient R3 payment”? when that is the amount written in the R-5 (payment form) should I (1) input the total amount paid for all the months? (2) input the amount paid per month (i did this already but it still doesn’t proceed)? I really need help here it frustrates me cause i cant do any work. My boss have been paying 914.00 per month and there are 3 employees, I was told to divide the 914.00 to 3 as the sss contribution, I did so but it prompts that the “amount i entered is insufficient for SSS contribution” does that mean I have to input the 1040 sss contribution and 10 EC even though it will deviate from the info in R-5? sorry this is my first time doing this. I will greatly appreciate your prompt reply. THANKS A LOT!

    • says

      Hi there! Relax, you can do it correctly by doing it ONE AT A TIME. First look at the SSS Contribution Table. If you don’t have one yet, go to the SSS website and print it out. You need this. Then if you have 3 employees, check their SSS Contribution by looking at the table. Base the amount from their Salary. For example, salary of P10,000 will have an SSS Contribution of P1040 and EC of P10. Do the same for the other 2 employees (according to their salary). Then do the steps I discussed in the article to derive of the correct R3 reports. I think I might publish a page about the posting stuff to guide first-timers. I’m gonna do it next week. I hope my reply would help you though. :)

  5. rvsolomo says

    ate hello… isa lang din ang employee ko.. ok lang ba na di ko na idownload ang r3 program at i-input na lang sa”Create collection list online” ang payment ko ng R5? first time employer din po ako.. gusto ko po sana dito na lang ako sa online magsubmit ng r3 since 1 to 3 lang ang magiging employees namin.. safe ba na dito na lang po sa website ng sss gawin ang submission.. and please teach me kung pano.. iisa-isahin ko poo ba input ang sss info nila? thank you so much

  6. says

    R3 File Gen is installed on my computer, however when I click Employer Record Maintenance the system hangs. I can’t do anything. What do I need to do? please advice. Thanks

    • Fehl says

      I have checked mine just before I reply at this and it works fine. Maybe your computer is slow. Try deleting unnecessary software or program installed on your computer to have more memory and space. If possible, delete old files like photos, videos or anything that has huge space on your pc. Also make sure your internet connection is fast.

  7. Len says

    hi. good day. bakit kapag pinapasa ko na yung usb ko, hindi nila maopen ung file. wala daw pong laman. pero kapag dito naman sa computer namin, naoopen siya, please help. pabalik balik na po ako sa SSS.

    • says

      If you choose the “Create SSS Text File” after you have done all the steps, the file for each month will be saved to your drive C then to r3tdvb then to data.

      Go to My Computer then to C: then to r3tdvb then to data and copy the file for each month and paste them to your USB.

      Let me know if it worked :)

  8. Jorge says

    Good Day Ma’am, ask ko lang po kung anu-ano yung mga dapat at hindi na dapat dalhin pag magpapareceive na ng r3 files… ano po yung isesegregate saan at alin… thank you ^_^

    • says

      When SSS receive my R3 files, I just bring the following

      USB containing the files (of each month you wish to submit)
      stapled – 1 copy of SSS transmittal Certification, Employee File, and R5 Employee Contributions Payment Form Receipt
      Photocopy of the documents that I stapled

      The photocopy files will be submitted at SSS while the original stapled will be your personal copy and this will be stamped as RECEIVED. SSS then will save the PDF file of the R3 Input monthly collection lists on your USB. You have to keep and print that PDF as a proof and reference on file.

  9. Alona says

    Good evening Ma’am, tanong ko lang po kung san makikita ung TR/SBR number ksi po hindi na po ako makaproceed kapag nasa Create SSS Text File, please help……..

      • Alona says

        Okey na po Ma’am, I followed the steps above pro pagdating sa create sss txt file need ang sbr/tr katulad ng na e encounter ng iba…ung sbr/tr na nilagay ko ay kapareho ng date ng payment..Thanks God nakapag pasa n ako ng r3 sa sss office for posting… Sa iba, try nyo lang din po at baka makatulong….Thank you. :)

  10. Grace Bolivar says

    good afternoon .. paano po kung ndi ma open ung trsmittal report?? khit na mayroon na akong na update??? khit anong gawin ko po kc ndi pdin nag oopen ..
    tnx po .. need ko po reply asap ..

    • says

      If you didn’t do the steps properly, it won’t input correct data successfully. Make sure you didn’t skip a thing. Don’t forget to Create SSS text File before printing the reports

  11. DMAPS says

    how to save sss text file? dun mgbebase ung sss staff kapag ngpasa kmi nung print out ng SSS transmittal Certification, Employee File, and R5 Employee Contributions Payment Form Receipt db? everytime kc n mgkicreate aq ng sss text file nasesave naman xa kso dq n xa ma-open after. pano po tama way ng pgse-save? san po b xa dapat i-save? thank u po.

    • says

      As to overpayment of SSS contributions, please discuss and reconcile the account personally at the SSS officer assigned for employers

  12. Raymond says

    Ma’am good day. Sa applicable Period ng R3, i selected 03 2013 as the date for applicable month, but the message says “INVALID VALUES FOR APPLICABLE PERIOD”.. I tried so many times but i got same results.
    Pls help!!! Salamat

          • Tralala says

            I have the same problem, but mine won’t work (for March 2013) even if I try clicking on succeeding months (April-Dec 2013). What can I do to resolve the problem? This is the first time I have encountered this problem even if I have been using the program for several months now. Please help me.
            Thank you ^^

          • says

            Try re-installing the software again and check if it’s working now. If error still exists, try installing it on another computer. If there is still a problem, ask assistance with the SSS to update your system.

          • marissa velasco says

            hi mam Fehl this is the first time po na gumamit ng r3 diskette sa file…everytime po na nasa create sss text file na po ako and ieencode ko na yung date of payment, sbr/tr and yung amount nageeror po sya…ang lumalabas po is invalid values for input string feb 14 2013..ang date of payment po kasi is feb 14,2013 for applicable month of january..thanks po

          • says

            When I create SSS Text File. I just push the button and nothing more inputs. Please refer from the instruction above. Thank you :)

          • She says

            Hi Fehl,

            Its my first time to use r3 generator and somehow I got to use it easily using your given steps as follows.. the problem is that when I already gave the generated file from r3 to have it receive with SSS, the SSS gave it back to me for there are some file format error. They gave a piece of paper with the record of names of employees with error (incorrect amount of contribution/EC according to schedule). Well I understand the error the thiing is how will I resolve it?? The error comes out whenever I input the amount of SSSAmt. 1238 and ECAmt 10.00 the system saying Amount not in bracket. Please help. I’ll appreciate if you would reply promptly. Thanks A lot!

            PS how much is the ECC Amt. for 1550

          • joana says

            hi ask ko lang po kung panu iisave ung file ng sss sa usb pag nag sasave kc aku wala nmn lumalabas na nasave sa usb pa help naman po salamat

      • jerald says

        same problem, natapos ko na ung pag record ng may (5) then nung i uupdate ko na ung para sa JUNE (6) , nakalagay invalid values for applicable period …

    • says

      This one is for Windows XP and Vista although there was a newer version that was released which I stopped using since it was always acting up with errors. This was also the one sent to me by the SSS

  13. Danilo Tumangan says

    how could i retrieve all the data in the employee record maintainance. i saved it but i think i delete it at same time. thanks in advance.

    • says

      All you input and enter in the R3 File Gen. will be saved when you create SSS text file. Make sure you do the steps discussed above and print your transmittal reports per month. You can then save the SSS Text File at the USB and submit them to SSS. Your transmittal reports are your reference and copies together with the SSS R3 PDFs that they sent to you.

  14. RUTH says

    paano po ba mg download ng r3 dto website. nakakainis naman kc ang usb kong pinadownload sa sss office hindi nman nabubuksan pagdating ko sa office. nakakainis na tlaga pabalik balik sa sss buti kong malapit lang

  15. RUTH says

    hindi nga po eh. abotan nlng ako sa cut off ng submission. dapat sana sa mga first timer tangapin yong old form sa r3. hindi pa ako marunong eh. dagdagn pa na hindi inayos pag install ang progrm sa usb ko.

  16. khay madrigal says

    good morning po..tanong ko lng po sana kc ung company namen iisa lng ang trade name..bale ung isa eh branch lang..ang sabe kc sa ken nung nsa SSS hindi ko na daw kylangan hingan ng panibagong SSS number ung bagong branch since pareho lang den naman ng name..kung for example po eh 10 ung employees dun sa main branch,at 9 employees dito sa isang branch (having the same business name),pano po ang pagpasok nunn sa electronic R-3?thanks po.. :) snapo masagot agad ung tanong ko..urgent lang talga..

  17. Vi says

    Hi Fehl! Thanks for the very informative article. I have a question about when to submit R3 in which you wrote “You must submit them within 10 days after the applicable month of the payment.” How could you do that when the R3 generator only lets me enter previous months for applicable period? For instance, I just paid for April-May-June contributions but when I go and try to do the R3 generator, it won’t let me enter April, May, or June for applicable period. It only accepts March and before for applicable period? Is there something wrong with my R3 generator install? Are you supposed to be able to enter current month and ahead for applicable period?

    • says

      Yeah 10 days after the applicable month – that is even on the back of every R5 (Employer Contribution Form) receipt. Oh you cannot enter applicable month? How is that so? Is it your first time? Enter April first and do the steps discussed in the article above. Once you’re done, just enter May and so on…Don’t enter all months at once. I had no problem entering current months. This May I will be paying April, May and June as I’m always paying quarterly. And before I go to the SSS, I always make sure, I’ve done the R3 file too so I could save time and gas coz of going back to SSS :) I can enter April, May, June to the R3 even if I am paying on May

      • Vi says

        Lots of work but I finally figured it out. The R3 app I was using which was downloaded from the SSS site was the problem. I think it’s a newer version but will not let you enter current and future months for applicable period. This version will also ask for you to input Date of Payment, TS/TBR Number, and Amount paid when you click Create SSS Text file. Now, I downloaded an older version of the R3 app from some site that dates back in 2009 and this one worked. This version looks like the one being used here for your instructions. It wasn’t easy since it giving me errors and won’t install on the first and second computers(both windows 7) i tried. Finally, I installed it on a third computer, also windows 7, it still gave a couple of errors about missing dll files but it installed and seem to be working fine. This version doesn’t ask for Date of Payment and TS/TBR but it has a blank field on the Certificate of Transmittal when you print it. I guess you can write them in manually after you make your payment.

        • Vi says

          One more thing, when I installed the R3 app, I had to run it as administrator and set Compatibility Mode to Windows 98. I did this on all 3 computers but It only worked on the 3rd computer. So, this might still not work for others but worth a try if you’re having problem with inputting the correct applicable period.

          • says

            Like I said from the previous comments, I prefer using the old version of R3 than the new one because the new one acts up

        • says

          Geeez I’m glad you figured it all out :) The old version is more simple and is not acting up with lots of errors. You don’t have to write something on the Transmittal reports. Just print them as is and submit them. SSS will input them anyway after you give the USB and photocopy of the receipt of your payment

  18. Haizelle says

    Do SSS require all companies to implement this R3 Project? Because our contributions are not updated since November 2012 but our employer is regularly paying the statutory contributions. Another company is doing the payroll services for our company. But this company told us that they are giving the usb to SSS but still no update. Appreciate if you answer my query. Thanks.

    • says

      The R3 is for employers only. It was developed to assist employers in the monthly contribution reports. SSS tells that to the employer after they have given the certificate or plate bearing the SSS Number. So anyone doing the payroll or SSS collection and stuff of a company must collaborate with the SSS

  19. Maria Ivy Kyono says


    How can I encode 3 months payments on R3? I have to employees and I paid for their monthly contributions quarterly that is for January, February and March. And up to this moment I was still not able to do this R3 not until today I went the nearest branch and provided me with the application. I downloaded it here on my computer and I was on the process of updating the records, now my issue is, how do I do this? I paid for 3 months and the system does not accept this. Help!


  20. kristine says

    hello po.. bakit po pag pumupunta ako sa report generation para magprint. ang sinasabi, ” can’t open transmital report?

  21. kristine says

    mam ganun ba talaga? pag nagsesave po ako, employee list lang ang nasesave? bkit po wala ung transmital report?

  22. her lyn says

    im doing the SSS text file and when I entered all d required info needed if I will already update has an error date of payment..invalid values for input string April 10, 2013..whats wrong wt my work?

  23. says

    I’m doing SSS text File.. after I fill up the required info
    there’s an error .invalid values for input string “April 10, 2013″
    What’s wrong with my work?

    • says

      usual error encountered by others if using the new R3 software. That’s why I chose to use the old version which has no complications and errors.

  24. says

    ask ko lang paano hal. yung isand employee ay resigned n?pano ko mababago ang no. of employees at para hindi mag appear ang name sa employee list?..thanks

      • says

        even if i did’nt include him on the list he still appear, because i was already submit his profile before he resign..example 2012 he was still active and february of 2013 he resigned..and the no. of employee still the i have to press the delete? thanks

  25. billyE says

    Hi Fehl. This site is really informative.

    I have a question regarding R3 program. Whenever I put a value in SSS amount of my employee, it says “out of bracket value” why is that so? I am using windows 7 and old version of R3. Ang problem nito ay nautusan lang ako.hehe 1998 pa yung hinahabol ko up to now. I hope you will help me. Thanks!

  26. BillyE says

    Hello po Mam Fehl.

    Mam, ask ko lang po why po kaya may lumalabas na error kapag nilalagyan ko po yung sss amount. Ang error po ay out po bracket daw po yung value. Nautusan lang po ako e, hinahabol namin yung report ng R3 mula pa ng 1998.

    • says

      it means you have entered a wrong value/amount. You must consider the EC amount when you enter the values. (eg: less P10 to a SSS total contribution of one person). Someone also asked same question before. See the previous comments to know more

  27. mtex says

    Hi Fehl, from your earlier reply about separated employees you said you have never tried ticking No. 2.
    I use an updated version of the R3 program and I can’t figure out what to do with a separated employee. If I delete the employee after declaring him separated he gets deleted from all previous months. if I just declare him as separated and pick No, 2, the following month and input 0.00 in the EC and SS amount the values are invalid. I don’t think picking No. 3-No earnings would be correct because the employee is already separated and technically picking No.3 would mean that he is still employed. Do you have any updates on how to go about this? I checked the manual again but can’t find any instruction on this. Would appreciate any help from you and your readers. Thanks!

    • says

      I think you may just not include him anymore on that period. His new employer will have to tick him as newly hired and SSS will recognized that.

  28. rose marie calar0 says

    hi maam. I just want to ask kung paano po pagsasamahin ang mga transmittal reports monthly. Ung isang page lang ang transmittal report instead na 2 pages monthly.tenx po:)

  29. Duchess Salvador says

    Hi po. Just want to ask how to input the SSS number if Unified Multi-Purpose ID ang gamit na ID. Usually po 10 digits un SSS number pag Unified Multi-Purpose ID and gnamit it already consists of letters n numbers. panu po un SSS R3 system? Thank you po. :D

  30. Ems says

    Hi! Is it possible to PRINT the TRANSMITTAL CERTIFICATE and EMPLOYEE FILE in just one page? aksaya sa papel… Please say YES? :) Thanks.

  31. Lita says

    Hello po,

    Bakit hindi ko ma-open ang R3fileGen? Binigyan na ako ng SSS ng program pero di ko magamit ang R3fileGen.
    What should I do?

  32. Joseph Roy says

    Problem solved at error input string…

    ganito kase ang ginagawa nyu:
    (mmddyyyy) 02-21-2013 – wrong!! di nyu kase na gets ung naka parenthesis na date wala naman nakalagay na high pen (-)
    ganito dapat:
    (mmddyyyy) 02212013 – Correct!! ^___^
    gets gets gets nyu na ba? hehehe ako tagagawa ng ganan sa business namen di kase marunong sila tita sa computer.. ^^

  33. Aaron I. San Andres says

    Hi Fehl,

    Good thing I’ve found this article of yours about SSS R3 concerning the usage of this SSS application.

    I just have minor concerns and I’d certainly appreciate if you can help me understand the following.

    1. I’m trying to restore a backup “.mdb” file extension from version 2.0 diskette to R3 Generator (latest version). Is it possible?
    2. Question is, how am I able to transfer the backup file generated by the version 2.0 diskette application “.mdb” extension file into the R3 Generator when it says or according to the manual of R3, it requires a “.dat” extension file.
    3. Was able to load the “.mdb” into the R3 but I’m not able to open the files from the previous diskette 2.0 application.

    Does it make sense? Please help.

    • says

      Sorry I’m not yet familiar with the new software so I don’t know what to say about the back up using the new R3 software

  34. A-r Cruz says

    gud day.
    bago lang sakin 2ng R3 ..
    Ask q lang pag dating sa module ng “Report Generation”
    at mag click ako dun its either “Print Transmittal Certificate” or “Print Employee File”
    wala ng nag pa-pop up. kaya hindi ko ma print.
    Any idea lang po para magawa o ma troubleshoot e2ng concern q. tnx!

  35. Nikki says

    Hi Fehl. Helpful site.
    I am however having problems with the LMS project. You don’t happen to know why I can’t print transmittal form. Also, some people are saying I should install the old version of R3 Diskette project but I can’t find it anymore maybe you would know where I could download one?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated. All SSS personnel can’t seem to help me. I wonder why?

    Thanks in advance!


    • says

      Hi, Nikki. I’m using the old version of R3 because it’s the one I have mastered. Besides, what really matters is the data are being entered successfully and correctly in the SSS system. I’ve recently register an employer account coz SSS requires that now. There’s a function and feature in the employer’s online account about Uploading R3 data. I think soon all employers will use that. I’m making a post about that now and I hope I could publish it here this week. Thank you for dropping by here!

  36. cara says

    hi ms. fehl….

    im somehow having problems and trouble in installing the r3 file generator program po…. do u have any idea po bah, why is this so??? ano kaya kailiangan ko pang programs sa PC ko para mka-pag run ng r3…. thank you po..

  37. scrit says

    is it correct that my saved file names was R30390393320082004.02101439
    and how to open or recheck them? because its not possible to open those in wordpad, notepad it always shows codes only

    • SABBY MAY says

      i have same file name format. can’t open it too, it’s asking for a software or anything…
      ms fehl pls helps us. thnx

  38. MIC says

    Hi Ate Fehl,

    Ask ko lang po if kasama pa yung R5 sa pag submit ng transmittal at employee list sa SSS. Thanks po!

    • says

      Yeah the R5 Employer Contribution Payment Form is important as it is the receipt or proof you have paid. Attach it when you submit R3 reports

  39. says

    ma’am / sir pwede pobang saan pwedeng makuha ung r3 file generator at para maidownload kopo at magamit kopo sa pag submit ng mga recodrs namin sa SSS saang web kopo kuhanin ung ung file na r3 sir pls…….

    • says

      It’s available at the SSS website at Make sure you though you check the system requirements before you install the program on your computer. You can also ask the SSS for a copy of the software. Bring a USB so they can save it there. I asked one and they also gave me an instruction printed on a paper. They are so nice :)

  40. Mic says

    Ms. Fehl are you also using the LMS software of SSS? I can’t find a step-by-step tutorial as good as this one that you made for the R3. Can I have the link if you do have a tutorial for LMS? Thanks!

    • says

      I’m not using the LMS as I encountered errors with it. I’m using the older version of R3 and it’s doing good – no hassle, no error, no problem.

  41. MARS says

    hi! ask ko lang bakit di ko ma update yung applicable month for this may 2013….INVALID VALUES FOR APPLICABLE PERIOD?…Nag bayad na kmi (R5) so need ko transmittal certificate
    para maipasa ko sss yung R3 for may 2013

  42. says

    hello ask ko lang panu pag naglalagy ako ng SS number nkalagay dun SS number doesnt exist eh yun gngmit ng parents matagal na khit nung wala pa ung r3 project please help

  43. joanne says

    hi ms fehl. bago lang po ako sa r3 hindi pa po ako nakapginput since oct 2010 up to this date june 2013, magsisimula po ba ako magiinput sa oct 2010 and by month? pero ang payment ko sa sss quarterly. hope you will reply thanks :)

    • says

      The R3 is for employers. If you didn’t input in the past, chances are the contributions wont be posted. I suggest you check your contribution records by going to SSS. If you found out missing posts, you can then ask them to register your employer’s account online. You must be a signatory of your company to do the registration by the way.

  44. xtyam says

    Hi! Your webite is very helpful. Are employers paying for their kasambahay (in compliance of the the kasambahay law) also required to have this usb? We just registered them today and my helper who processed it did not mention anything about usb. Thank you!

  45. ROWENA says

    A blessed day Ms. Fehl. We have our problem regarding to our R3 we cannot download nor open the file for the submission. We are asking for your help regarding with this matter .
    Thank you so much hope you can help us . GOD BLESS YOU!

    • says

      Maybe the file in rar format so you must have a program in your computer to unzip the file. Try WinRar or install or download WinRar

  46. ROWENA says

    Good evening! we have already installed the r3gen.jar but the problem is that we cannot proceed to the next steps. If I encode the sss number of our emlpoyee it failed to update or save. What should I do? pls tell me. Thank you so much for your effort.
    God bless you! more power.

  47. thess fernandez says

    ask ko lang bakit dun sa under employee record,yung sss number lang na input ko.di na mailipat yun g cursor sa
    ibang box maliban sa close?

  48. lil says

    Payments are made for a quarter, so 1 receipt for three months. doing the R3 generation and uploading does not work because the SBR (receipt number) cannot be repeated. so i was only able to do it for january. feb and mar would no longer be accepted. What do i do?

    • says

      You may be using the new software for Vista and latest OS. I’m suing the old version of R3 and there is no need to input SBR on it so everything is working.

    • says

      It may work if the new R3 software is compatible with the new Windows 8. Since it’s so fresh pa, maybe we need to wait for SSS to provide the new software for Windows 8 users

  49. beth says

    Hi, ask ko lang po regarding sa posting ng contribution at loan payment. Bank express online po ang payment namin automatic na daw po yun na mag aappear sa sss. kelangan pa rin po ba ang usb to download ang mga files para submit sa sss para ma upload ang mga payment ng employees namin.

    Thank you

  50. Kevyn says

    ate fehl ganda. Ask ko lng po qng pde ung DATA folder nlng ung submit sa sss? then dpat every month of one quarter ba ung data folder?

  51. hansel says

    hi good day, ask ko lang if how can i open my file given by the sss. they extracted on my usb flash drive but i i cant open the file any program can i use it..sana matulungan nyo ko thanks..

  52. says

    my brothers are voluntary members..they will be paying their contribution can they post their payment thru this posting system? or this is exclusive for employers only? if they this applicable for all members then how can i get a copy of this system? thank u…hope to hear from u soon…

  53. YANA says

    hi! i just want to know how to encode the employer contributions on the r3 program? my prob is my dad paid the whole yr of 2013 and of course we only have 1 reciept and its not applicable online. Because through online, it only accept monthly payments. So i have to encode it manually on this friggin system/program of sss the r3 diskette which is so not a friendly user! hopefully u can help me i dont want to go back to the sss office again and again! thanks in advance!

    • says

      In the version I’m using, we dont need to input the receipt number so your inputs will be fine as long as you do each month

  54. jomar says

    Maam Fehl, anu po ba system requirements na angkop sa r3 po na ito?kc po myron akuh windows 7 starter 32bit d sya ng rurun or naiinstall ng lang po tnx.

  55. lora adalia says

    ask ko lng po kung nka pag post na ng r3 sa online kelangan paba yan e pa recieve sa sss? and what if nag increase ng salary so dba magbabago ang salary bracket, ano po gagawin ko sa online para d mag discrepancy sa salary bracke? thank you

  56. ma.loyola carlos says

    gud day mam our co.start 2008 and 4 kaming empleyado .we started paying our mos.contribution since jan 2008 till 2009 sabi nila we have to post our payment thru R3.SO ANG NAKAPOST LANG AY HANGGANG JUNE 2009 THE REST HINDI.kasi that time wala kami that we have nagproduce kami ng USB at ginawa ko ung sabi nila nagprint at nakafile sa usb.nang pinapareceive kona.year 2011 onwards lang daw tinatanggap nila.pano naman ung fr.july 2009 till dec.2009 at jan to dec 2010.hanggang ngayon dipa nakapost pati ung 2011 to this date dipa nila nirereceive what shall i do mam?

  57. Erlin P. itallo says

    hello mam, ask ko lang po panu po magdelete ng nagkamaling report…kasi po we are using sss online system reporting…yung report po napost ko sa july 2013 dapat june 2013 pa sana…kindly help me mam tnx…

  58. JOANNE says

    Gud day po! ask lng po pno ko input yung 1 employee na wlang middle initial. kasi po d ako maka generate if out of braket cya?


  59. shirley says

    mam,, i would like to ask,, because we pay already the r5,,we will submit it online,, our problem, same po ang sbr no. and sbr date di po namin ma submit ang ibang aplicapble months online sa sss,, what should i do?

    • says

      I think yes if the SSS number does not exist or has never been registered. If you are not sure about the SSS number you input for an individual, don’t input it. Verify it at the SSS to avoid major problems in the future

  60. Steph_Laine says

    Good day Ms.Fehl,I’m updating our company’s R3 files for the month of May to June 2013,but as I put the period covered Month 05 Year 2013, it says that it is INVALID VALUES FOR APPLICABLE PERIOD…what should i do about it?hope for your kind response Mam.thanks.

  61. Nika Galang says

    Just wanna ask why the records are not saved? if ever for the next month we need again to encode the names? Is there any way that we will just edit so for the next payment?

    • says

      You need to follow the steps one by one in order to not missed a thing. Create SSS Text File to save the Transmittal Reports and Collection list for the month. I’m currently doing the post about the latest R3 program and will post it tomorrow or Sat.

  62. Holland Park Apartments says

    Hey there! I know this is kind of off-topic however I
    needed to ask. Does running a well-established blog like yours require a massive amount work?
    I’m completely new to running a blog however I do write in my diary on a daily basis. I’d like to start
    a blog so I will be able to share my experience and thoughts online.
    Please let me know if you have any recommendations
    or tips for brand new aspiring blog owners.


    • says

      Hi there. Yes it requires massive amount of time and work at the start however, after you built the layout, security and needed plugins, you can focus on your content which depends on you. It took me 3 years to learn the stuff in blogging. My tips for you are: write what makes you happy and enjoy what you’re doing, write original evergreen topics, love your audience. Because I’ve got more tips, I will just post them in a new article here soon. Thanks for dropping by!

  63. jesse says

    Hi Ms. Fehl

    Just want to ask how to use the SSS LMS Program. Nainstall ko naman na po siya sa computer ko, nakakapag input na din po ako ang kaso kapag nagbaback up file ako or copy billing sa usb hindi po siya nagana ang tanging lumalabas ay ” PERMISSION DENIED”..tapos kapag magpiprint po ako ng transmittal report at employee list ndi po ako makapagprint kc ang nakalagay po is ERROR bad file ganun ganun..Nagpunta na din po sko sa sss para magpaturo kung paano,tinuro naman po nila lahat,kaso pagdating na sa actual kahit na sabihin na natin na sinunod ko naman lahat ng instruction , ganun at ganun pa din ang nalabas.. Hindi ko na po alam kung ano gagawin ko at nababahala na din po ako ksi baka mapatawan na kami ng penalty… Please sna matulungan nyo po ako..Thanks.

    • says

      I think the only solution for your problem is – bring your laptop at the SSS office and let them install the SSS R3 program for you and let them do the first uploading and reporting on the R3. make sure you see and understand what they are teaching you. Don’t be shy. They will gladly help you. :)

  64. beth says

    Hi, ask ko lang po. ang gamit po namin ay BPI Express link payment lahat contributions and loans. Kelangan po pa ba magsubmit R3 thru USB sa SSS. Sabi kasi pag naka Expresslink no need to submit R3 in USB.

    Please reply,

    Thank you

  65. Grace says

    Good afternoon po , I have a problem in creating SSS Text File when I encode the date of payment the program did not accept it, there is a note that I entered invalid values of date. What should I do?

  66. gie says

    mam ask ko lang kasi mag bulid-up po ako ng soft copy ng r3 report for the previous month e.. march 2013 nung ininput ko na ung date of payment, TR/SBR number at total amount ito ung lumabas invalid values. correct the values and try again. for input string “4/12/2013″. thank you so much.

  67. tu-an says

    bakit po ba kasi kailangan pa magubmiot ng naka usb… d nyo ba magawa kaya gusto nyo ng short cut, kami ang gagawa instead na kayo.. kaya nga my receing copy kau.. ang hirap nyo pang mag update…

  68. Erick says

    Hi Fehl,

    I really need your help. I cant print the Employee Text File List. An error occur that amount remitted is larger than than what is encoded. Please tell me what should I do?

    Many thanks!

  69. Tina Gonzales says

    Hi Fehl, ask ko lang panu ba yung dalawang beses mo napagbayad yung employee mo ng monthly contribution. Sa akin june yung double kaya walang july ng contribution yung employee ko. Inform ko pa ba ung branch ng SSS. Thanks and Godbless.


  70. Tina Gonzales says

    Hi Fehl,
    Pls advise what to do if if made payment for the same month of my kasambahay (After how many tries naintindihan ko na din yung r3 project nila) ngayon naman nagbayad ako sa bangko ngayon ko lanh napansin mali yung nailagay na applicable month dapat july ginawang june hay . . . manual kasi ang recibo sa bangko unlike sa mga bills payment ng malls. Pls advice


    • says

      You need to go to the SSS branch and update the payment. Bring your receipt and let them apply the correct month associated with the contribution payment. Ingat!


    Mam Fehl, kapag po ba nag send ako ng employee list, need ko pa isama yung mga resigned na?
    Pero binayaran na namin yung contribution nila. And may I know din po what are the requirements if close na yung company, how to process it on SSS? Thank you po.

  72. Fai says

    Hello! po Mis Fehl…
    Tanong ko lang po. Yung file po kasi ng R3 nang employer ko, pag-nag-i-inquire ako nang totals, @ employees daw kami kahit ako lang naman yung employed sa kanya. May isa pa siyang employee dati pero na-i-report na na separated last year pa. Ang kaso nga lang, parang nasa record parin ng employer ko ngayon yung separated employee niya. Ano po bang dapat gawin para ma-correct na 1 employee lang po at hindi 2? Sal;amat po..

  73. Lhai says

    hi…tanung ko lng san ba naku2ha ung sbr/tr number…tinanung ko kc sa sss office sv nila ung R-5 un ..ehhh nun tiningnan ko sa web wla nmnang number ehhh….sorry bago lng po sa ganitong system bank kc dati ung nagba2yad sa company nmn…tnx in advance po

  74. JANBADZ says

    hi miss fehl..
    kababayad ko lng sa sss and pinagawa ako nang transmittal certificate. kaso di ko alam ang format, may binigay sakin na file na r3 inisave sa usb ko. kaya ginawa ko ganito nalang (shown below)..i dont know kung tama ba yan..di ko rin alam ibig sabihin nag DTHRD kasi kinopya ko nalang yan sa usb..

    sa sample na nilagay ko na SANTOS KYLIE 3mos. ang binayaran ko nakapenalty nayan kasi delay ang contribution ko..di ko rin alam san ilagay ang penalty dyan sa transmittal certificate..kaya i need your help miss fehl..


    DELA CRUZ JUAN [null]
    Date: Sept. 26, 2013

    SANTOS KYLIE B 1********3 1872 30 JULY-SEPTEMBER
    MENDOZA REY D 0********1 624 10 SEPTEMBER
    GOMEZ NICK V 0********5 520 10 SEPTEMBER

    Total Number of Employees: 3

    one thing pa miss fehl..dun sa R3filegen under employee record maintenance, sa kaso pa rin ni SANTOS KYLIE, hindi acceptable kung pagsabayin ko ang total na binayaran ko for 3mos. sa SS AMOUNT and EC AMOUNT it will say “amount is out of bracket” but acceptable yung per month na contribution..
    Tanong ko lang san ko ilagay yung the two other months na binayaran ko sa employee record maintenance ko.. pls reply..thanks

  75. justin serafin says

    my question is, i copy the whole folder of r3 and transfer it to other computer. The program seems working properly, but i click the report generation it prompted run-time error. (i save it to my partition hard disk)
    hope you can help me. thanks in advance

    • says

      You need to re-install it again, not copy. Delete all files with R3 from your computer before you re-install. After you installed, reboot your pc. What R3 version are you using?

      • justin serafin says

        i dont know what version it is but i think it is made with visual basic not with java(based on what i see on sss website) i dont have the installer that i’m using, how can i download it and also how can i sync the files that i did into new installed r3. thanks you so much…

        • Fehl says

          Luckily, we have the complete steps here. See the next article entitled “How to Install the New and Latest SSS R3 Program” We put the link on the article above. God bless!

          • justin serafin says

            thank you ms. fehl, it already resolved my problem. thank you so much. god bless you

  76. jan says

    hi ms fehl, when i try to upload the r3 text file to sss website of our employer,it says,wrong file format.diba yun yung na-generate sa r3 program pag kinlick mu yung create sss text file???bat wrong file format xia???thanx poh

    • says

      I encountered the same problem recently. You’re not alone. I will give the update soon once I asked SSS and resolved my problem too :) If you have resolved it sooner, please share it with us here. :) Thanks!

  77. Jay says

    Wrong file format.
    Data error in the header record section of the file being uploaded.
    Loading is cancelled.

    anung format po ba dapat ang kelangan ng website? pag nag generate ako sa r3 then pag i-uupload ko na I encounter this problem. Pls help thanks

    • caloy says

      i got the same problem, “Data error in the header record section….” i have been using the same program (sloppy program) for a year now. and when they decided to change on how to enter the SBR # from an 8 digit to 15 digit in the program, all errors break lose, and they (SSS) didnt even bother to tell us.

      • caloy says

        i went to SSS this afternoon, telling them my problem, “Data error in the header record section…” and nobody knows about the error, and nobody knows how to fix it, they just told me to install the program again, really?

        the problem is in the program, (inside the file that you need to upload) the header is crowded with the new and long SBR # e.g. F00023234450091, its overlaps the date,

        • Fehl says

          I’m having same issues. When I try to upload R3 online the thing loads so slow so I always end up canceling what I’m doing. I think it needs a very big fix. And we have to wait for now.

          • Gretch says

            got the same problem here. I’m just doing the same procedure before and smoothly finished posting the contributions. what is wrong now :(

        • LYNN says

          i got the same error, i just called the SSS office here in iloilo this afternoon…
          he said…. open the file in notepad program, then find the payment date and the SBR number, adjust the spacing, it should have 22 spaces between the payment date and SBR number… after adjusting, you save the file then try submit it online…. mine works perfectly… hope this could help…

        • NEIL says

          i have talk someone from SSS. then she said that the SBR no. character count should be 30..if sbr no is less than on that number spaces should be added.

          • Marifel Dungo says

            SBR is Special Bank Receipt number. You only use it if you’re paying in Banks (Metrobank, BDO, Etc.) If you paid at SSS, you’ll use the SSS receipt number /Payment Ref. Number which is (right now) 15 digit. If you want to register as employee, you can go to the SSS personally. Go to eCenter to register. It’s free and they will help you if you’re having problems in registering :)


    paano po kung tatlong buwan yung babayaran, ano po ang kinalabasan na transmittal report, tatlong kopya o magbabago yung nasa isang kopya, medyong gulo lang po sa applicable period at sa mga amount na ilalagay?

    sana sagutin niyo po yung tanong ko. Salamat.

    • caloy says

      dapat gawin mo yung report every month using the program(month by month), di pwidi quarterly mag report using the R3 generator

  79. Joan says


    Please help, whenever i tried apploading the r3 gen file on sss online using the employer tool, lagi sinasabi ng file Data error in the header record section of the file being uploaded.
    Loading is cancelled. Pero before naman nakakapag submit ako ng R3 online sa mga previous months.

  80. ryan says

    na install ko na un r3 gen then na input ko na un employer details ang tpos sa eployee record na aq pakatpos ko mainput un sss number un details ng last name,first name and goes on ayaw na magtype gumana anu ba ang prblemA help me nmn thnx

  81. Francis says

    Hi mam,

    I have a question regarding the 10day rule to submit the R3 payments.

    We’ve just paid the payments/late penalty charges last May 2013 for the months of Dec 2011 up to May 2013.

    However, it seems that the online submission of the Contribution Collection list because even if i see the SBRs in the online inquiry, it’s not letting me submit the R3 payments stating that:
    The following problems were found in trying to submit this report:
    Payment details entered are currently not found in the SSS Cash Collection File.
    Please submit the collection list online once payment details are posted
    in your account which is accessible from your My.SSS’ Online Inquiry Module.

    Please advise. Thanks!

  82. Francis Mijares says

    Hi mam,

    We have already paid both contributions and late penalties last May 2013 for Dec 2011 up to March 2013.

    In the online inquiry tool we can already see the payments.

    However when trying to post contributions online, we are geting the ff error:
    The following problems were found in trying to submit this report:
    Payment details entered are currently not found in the SSS Cash Collection File.
    Please submit the collection list online once payment details are posted
    in your account which is accessible from your My.SSS’ Online Inquiry Module.

    Will we be charged additional penalties while we have not yet posted the contributions list due to this errror? (The SBRs are appearing in our online account though)

    Please advise how we can proceed with this issue as we are afraid we might be incurring more charges as well as our employees are not seeing any contributions posted to them.


    • LYNN says


      i encounter that problem, i have been waiting for my payment to be posted online but no posting for 1 week since i made my payment… so i have to wait another 3 weeks, if it is not yet posted then i have to go to the office to ask…. so hassle :(

  83. says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, please help… I got a copy of R3 File Gen from SSS pero nung i copy q n cia s computer nmin s ofis ayaw nyang gumana kahit follow ko n un procedure, sv sakin s SSS copy/paste q un R2 USB program s desktop ginawa q nman, then follow q dn other instruction pero same d pa dn ndi gumana.. so kol aq s SSS and sv sakin mgdownload n lng aq.. pareho dn nun instruction pero ganun p dn ayaw gumana. nang tumatawag aq ulis s SSS office busy n mag ppa-aasist sana aq s IT nila.. Can you please help… Thank u very much

    • Marifel Dungo says

      What Windows are you using? If they sent you the latest program, we also have a post about the step-by-step instructions for that. Find that post by going to SSS tagged topics

  84. Rosemir says

    panu po maedit un inquire totals sa r3? ksi po naupdate na eh di pa pala napalitan. panu po xea mapalitan. please help. thanks

  85. dona says

    hi po, panu po gagamit ng usb instead of diskette sa pagcreate ng sss text file? lagi po kasing insert diskette in drive A yung lumalabas.. thanks.. :)

  86. Jong says

    Yan po ang lumalabas na error sa SSS LMSTD program pag Windows XP gamit ko :

    “employee details report application-defined or object-defined error”

    “error printind employee details”

    pero pag W7 naman ang gamit “Out of Memory” ang error na lumalabas

  87. grace says

    hi po…im working on the R3, the company has overpayment of P1560.00, when i tried to generate it using R3, it prompts “insuffucient payment” because the contributions is amounting to P10852.00, anu po pde gawin? your response will be highly appreciated. thank you.

  88. Janis says

    Thank you for this article. It really helps me a lot. Hope marami pa ang matulungan nito especially to first timers…

  89. Iram says

    Nagbago po ng SS contribution amount yung mga employee namin this Jan. 2014, from Php 988 to 1045 na..bakit po kaya nag error? File generator says” Invalid amount for SS contribution. Amount is out-of-bracket.”
    Pls. help.

  90. CATHY says

    nasira po kc ung usb ko sa sss tapos sabi ng sss sakin eh pwede daw po akong mag download sa website nila panu po un di ko alamm naloloka n ako…..pwede bang bumalik dun tas sila nlng mag down load?will it takes a long time?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Yup you can download the software from the SSS website or if you go to the SSS personally. Just make sure though may USB ka if you will go sa SSS and tell them what pc you use – Vista or Windows 7 or 8

  91. Crizelle Villaflor says

    na install ko na po yung r3gen sa computer.. successfully installed naman pero bakit ndi ako makapg fill up sa mga field…? yung sss # lang nalalagyan ko ng info.. the rest ayaw ;c

  92. romeo says

    “the sss text file of this R3file with Applicable period 1-2014 might not have been generated. you may not continue creating reports” this messages appear everytime we click “PRIINT TRANSMITTAL CERTIFICATE”

  93. Richie says

    I’ve used this for several months already without a problem until now wherein an error message appears when i change the employee’s contribution.. it says “Invalid amount for SS contribution. Amount is out-of-bracket. Correct the error and try again.” Regardless of amount entered (P1.00 to P1,000) the same message appears. Pls help. Thanks

    • Marifel Dungo says

      There is a new update for the R3 program for the new SSS contributions 2014 brackets. See the post on our homepage. I shared how I made my R3 reports for January 2014 successfully. :) The steps and procedures are discussed on that post.

      • ramon fototana says

        Mam Fehl,

        Please send me r3filegen.jar file pls. hang pa rin po talaga… kahit ung r3filegenerator na installation after install hang na sa file maintenance.

        pls send pls. maraming salamat mam.

        sysad Claret school

        • Marifel Dungo says

          Just follow the instructions above. Save the 2014 File I sent on your email instead and follow the steps we discussed in the article

          • Jeneth Pradel says

            I already download, extract the file u send, but still i can’t open it.
            what should i do?


          • Jovenal says

            Miss can u send me another 2014 r3 coz i cannot open the EMPLOYEE RECORD MAINTENANCE its always gets hanged…this is my email add

  94. dana says

    good day, ask ko lng po kung pano mg-update ng sss contribution for increase, employed, registered n ho online and i can see up to date nmn payment, can i do it myself or ung employer mismo mg-update?


    good day po! ask ko lang po kung papano ko ma solusyonan ang prob ko sa pag fill up ng form sa R3 kasi parang nagkamali ata ako nang nag fill up ako sa mga names ng mga employees kasi pitong pangalan ang ang inilagay ko doon pero ng che ni check ko ang total walong employess ang total doon sinibukan kung ulitin ang pag fill up ng form pero babalik at babalik ang una kung mali na na gawa ko sana matulungan nyo po ako salamat……….

  96. marlene hernandez says

    bakit poh invalid applicable period abg message , kapag 032014,kc nagawa ko namn po ang 012014 at 02014,tapos ung susunod na mga month na binayaran ko, ayaw na,,kindly reply poh asap..thnks

  97. Dolly Trimucha says

    good eve.. please send me a copy of r3 gen…. ang hirap magdownload online..
    thanks. i need it asap.

  98. gelai says

    Our employer says bayad na daw sss namin pero tinatamad lang daw sya mag pa usb kaya wala post ng payment namin pag nagchecheck kami online sa contribution namin.nag aalinlalangan kami kung bayad na nga talaga nya yung ilang buwang contribution namin.

    • Fehl says

      If your employer is tamad and is not submitting USB SSS reports every month or quarter, your SSS contributions will never be entered in the system. It is a responsibility of your employer. Go personally at the SSS and request them to call your employer so they will do their job.

  99. Janice says

    Ms Fel, good day. can I also ask for a copy of R3 gen for 2014.? hope you could send me a copy.

    By the way, could you help me with my problem regarding sss contributions and how to encode it in the R3? Our February 2014. was paid but during encoding, i noticed that may 2 employees na may double deduction sa summary na ginawa. When I asked about it, they informed me na double yung binayaran sa 2 employees kasi di sila nadeduct nung month of Jan 2014. so ibig sabihin, ung contribution for 2 employees na binayarn for the month of February is both for Jan and feb 2014. ang problem ko kasi Ms Fel is how to encode it in the R3? kasi if i use the actual contribution for the month of Feb, di sya magmatch sa total amount sa SBR ko for Feb 2014 and di macredit yung for Jan 2014 nya?

    Ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin.?i’m new to this so i dont know how to solve this.

    Hope you could help me kasi nanotcied ko mas madaling maintindhan kasi ang pag instruct mo.

    Many many thanks.

    God bless.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      I sent it in your email today. You need to enter 1 month at a time. If you did an error in payment, you can request SSS office to make the other one for the next month para di double

    • Fehl says

      Check your computer and clean all your browser cache. Also check your available memory (disk space). Sounds like a pc issue to me

  100. Rex says

    mam good day! tanong ko lang po bakit ayaw tanggapin ung s remarks na “separated”. kc po ngresigned n ung employee namin. kapag 0.00 po ung ss amount g error po.

  101. DQ says

    Hello! Can I request for a copy of the latest version of R3 Gen? As per encoding of the SS and EC values, it shows “Out of bracket”.

  102. grace says

    itatanong ko sana mam ung sss nmin oct to january n2014 hnd pa n post s contribution, nag sama kc sa isang resibo ang 3 months na payment at my nag resign at my pumasok, ayaw nman mag send sa online, tas binigyan ako ng r3 file sa usb, pag dting sa bhay ginagawa ko, pagdating sa sss office hndi nbabasa, pabalik balik nlng ako dun, ganun pa rin, ano po ang gagawin ko. sana matulungan nyo po ako, salamat po

    • Fehl says

      There is a new R3 program for 2014 since iba na ang brackets and SSS contribution amounts for 2014. If you are reporting the 2013, you must use the old R3 program. If you are reporting the 2014 contributions, then you must use the new R3 program.

  103. Jm says

    Bakit ganon, invalid values for Applicable period? Nakapaginput naman ako ng March 2014 after nun sa April2014 ayaw na? I hope maayos at maimprove naman un system nyo na may bugs, anyway i hope someone helps me regarding this problem.

    • Jm says

      Ok na, thanks even there are no reply regarding in my problem. Ill keep you updated if I encounter some errors. Thanks anyway.

  104. Hannah says

    Hi po.. Ma’am nagka problema po kasi ako sa posting ko po.. Kasi hndi po nagkatugma ang payment ko sa salary bracket ko.. Everytime i try to encode my employees name my lalabas na.. “The salary bracket did not match your payment”.. Ano po dapat gawin ko? Sana mka reply po kau..

    • Fehl says

      Download the new version of the R3 and use the new SSS Contributions (see SSS Contribution Table 2014)

    • Fehl says

      It won’t save unless you create SSS Text File so it’s ok if you don’t delete it. If you created SSS Txt file, just go back to the SSS Employee file and edit whatever is wrong then UPDATE

  105. marivic says

    paano ko po ilalagay sa usb ung binayaran namin na contribution ng isang worker namin ay late na. sept 2013 to feb2014 .ngaun june 5 ,2014 lang kami nagbayad.nagpenalty kami .nakwenta ng sss.kaso ang pag input sa usb ang nahihirapan ako.

    • Fehl says

      You can still input R3 files even if they were late. Follow the correct salary and SSS brackets in the SSS table and you will be fine :)

  106. Beth R. Tumambing says

    Thank you so much for your help. I was able to received the R3 file generator that I requested from you. Thanks again.

  107. Claire says

    Hi Ms Fehl,

    Ask ko lng we are filing our contributions kasi meron nang Transmittal report and Employee file generated sa R3 program nila pero may hinihingi pa cla na report ng mga contributions.Ano po ba yung format nun and papano gagawin,typing lng ba sa excel or kelangan generated din sya sa R3 program?Hope masagot nyo po…thank u!

    • Fehl says

      Log in to your SSS EMployer’s account, you can print that report from the Static Info. Browse and you’ll find the list of employees contributions then print it out. Or just get a firm sa SSS and write them down one by one.

  108. AA says

    how do i print previous employee files?nakalimutan ko kasi iprint after ng transmittal certification. and anong program ang recommended to open the SSS text file?d ko kasi after creating. thanks!

    • Fehl says

      Exit the menu and Generate Reports again and print Employee File it will appear again. You don”t need to open the SSS text files, you only need to copy and paste them in your USB to submit to SSS. The SSS text File contains the same info like the Transmittal and Employee Files

  109. loi says

    Hi there. For instance, my employee status before is voluntary and then we updated his status as employed last week.. As his employer, When can we start our Employee contribution if we already updated our Employee Records in SSS R1A last week? Thank you in advance.

  110. Mon says

    Gusto q lang po sana itanong na if ever po b na napalitan po ung coverage status q from voluntary to employed ngayong June tapos hindi q p po nababayaran ang monthly contribution q from April to June pero that time po under parin po aq ng Voluntary. Pwede q po bang bayaran ang month ng April to June na voluntary rate? Tapos un pong month ng July start n po as employed?

      • Myron DLP says

        Dear Ms. Dungo,


        I just wanted to ask you for a small favor. Can you please send me a copy of the R3 program via email? I did not bring a USB stick with me when I registered the company, so I did not get the R3 program.

        Thank you very much!

  111. GRACE DELGADO says

    hi ms. fehl,

    tnung ko lang po kung ano dapat gawin. underpayment po ung january contribution nmin, sa bank po kmi lage nagbbyad, tpos ngaung month ko plang po ibbyad ung kulang nung january. ano po b dapat ko ilagay s R5 at pano ko po un gagawan ng transmital kung magkaiba yung sss receipt no.?? pls help me po!! tnx po!

  112. Betsy Tan says

    May I request for a copy of the R3 file generator, I cannot download it from the SSS website.
    I have the old file but I cannot open it.



  113. nice says

    good day! ask lang po bat nd ako makapagtype dun? hanggang SSS# lang ng employee yung the rest nd namin ma fill up. tnx po

  114. nice says

    thanks po. ask ko lng po panu pu ba ung sa applicable month? yun po ba ung record every month na papareceive? example po april-june di pa namin napapareceive, iisa-isahin pa po ba/ na april muna tapos gwa ulet ng may? tapos june? ang gulo po. hehe. :3

    • Fehl says

      Yup make a report to each month and submit files for each month. naguguluhan ka kasi sabay-sabay ginagawa mo. relax and breathe honey!

  115. evelyn says

    Good Day Ms. Fel.., I am working with r3 collection list through online, I already created a text file and already confirmed it and was successfully sent. But the saddest thing was, i forgot to print out the employees remittances, the only thing i had was a validation with transaction number , what would be the possible or easy way to reprint or retrieve the employees remittances? please help..,thank you :-) God Bless!!!

    • Fehl says

      No worries, you have the confirmation already. Your R3 collection will be automatically posted in the SSS. If you want to print the employees report, you can log in your Employer’s SSS online account and print it out

  116. NORMANHIR says

    Good evening Ms Fehl, based on my R3-R5 recon, i have accumulated a lot of overpayments. What form would i use to apply the overpayments to next monthly contributions? Could you please show a sample computation.

    Thank you.

  117. nice says

    good day po. ask po ulet bat po ganun nasi-save naman po sa USB, pero pagsinalpak na sa ibang computer nd na po nakikita ung mga file. lahat po nabubura na. thanks po sa sagot. :)

  118. marvin m robrigado says

    hi maam .good day ask ko lng po this i my 1st time to file in usb .and every time po na nsa create text file na po ako at ineencode ko na po ung date of payment ung sbr/tr and the amount ay nag eeror po sya nkalagay ay “invalid values for input string july 8 2014, ung kasi ang date kung kelan ako nagbayad for aplicable month of june..tnx po pakisagot po.

  119. chritzie says

    hi ms Fehl, tanung q lang kc im generating r3… ung employees poh nung april ay 25 then ngaung may ay 20 nalng poh.. nag update poh aq ng separated but ung total of employees sa inquire totals ay 29 for may na dapat poh ay 20 lang.. should i delete the records of employees sa employee record maintainance who were separated last april para mmaging 20 ung total? or may iba pong procedure na dapat gawin? thank you poh…

      • Joely says

        Ms. Fehl paano po namin sya maiinstall? once po kc na mgpunta kami sa site ng sss, at idadownload po namin ung r3filegen.exe..ayaw n po mgpatuloy bigla po extract po tas mwawala

          • Joely says

            Hi po, tanong ko ulit mam, sa lms po, pg po mgpprint kami sa report generation, sa employee file ang lumlitaw po ay “error printing employee details..” bakit po kaya?

  120. Ruby Faith Salvoro says

    hello po good afternoon….pano po pag ang amount sa R5 is greater than or less than sa R3?? mali kc ang amount na binayad namin SSS at ngayon lang namin nalaman when I posted it sa R3 diskette… pwde po ba yon? if ever may sobra, pwde pa ba un makuha? or if ever may kulang pano po bayaran? ano po pwde remedy.? kindly answer po…thank you.

  121. Don Rey Hernandez says

    my mali kc sa ginagwa ko sa R3 file ayaw maregister or ma add ung mga employees na inaadd ko, tas pag naglalagay ako ng ss amount at cc invalid dw ee.. un lng naman ung nkita ko sa report nun naunang admin na my hawak sa mga SSS ng employees nmin… tnx

  122. LOVE says

    hi ms fehl??

    ok lang po ba na hindi na gagamit ng R3 file Generator disket kc pwede naman makapag-create online.. tapos at the same time, i can print it without using the Wordpad statement under R3 file disket.. at kailangan po ba na 2 copies parin ang e-print??

    • Fehl says

      Yes, if you are paying monthly, you can already use the online uploading feature. No problem coz they send confirmation. :) You must print the confirmation though so you have copies.

  123. mike says

    Hello, I am also a first time user of the R3filegen, 2014 version. We have unposted payments dating back as far as year 2000. We also just recently paid contributions that were overdue, 2008-2009, 2011-07/2014. I have not been able to make the reports as I am having difficulty with the program.

    Question is, can the payments still be posted to the proper SSS numbers, esp the ones dating back to year 2000? If not, what is our recourse?

    Is it possible for us to submit a regular R3 form (paper) for the payments made from 2013 to 2000? Again, what can we do if this is no longer accepted?

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

    • Fehl says

      Hi there! I suggest you verify and check first at the SSS if the contributions back from those old years were already been posted so that you know if you still need to submit reports. The old R3 programs are not the same with the new one, 2014 and contribution brackets are very different. You cannot upload old contributions dated back before 2014 using the new R3 program 2014. The first thing you need to do is check the contributions at SSS if they’ve been posted by any means. Then make actions.

      • mike says

        thank you for the reply. actually, the said payments have not been posted that was why i was told to report it and was given the program. the person did not explain that it’s a new program and thus, useless if doing postings earlier than the current year. he was aware of the problem and yet wasn’t pro-active in helping.

        may I request kindly, for a copy of the older program be sent to me via email so i can rectify/resolve the problem.

        should the old program not work either, could i just give them the R3 paper copy and get them to upload/update our records in their system?

        your help is much appreciated! more power!

  124. mike says

    Hi again, please send me the older version of r3filegen through my email. it may just be the answer to my problem regarding the unposted items from 2000 onwards. thank you. have a great day!

  125. BERNARD says

    Hi maam i need help.. why it appears that an error occured every time i upload my files. i had been doing it right previously. it only happens this time.please help. big Thanks!

  126. eula monique says

    hi guys i need help, ano po ba yung pwede kong gawin sa R3 Project kasi i have a problem regarding sa pag-uupdate dun sa EMPLOYER RECORD na under ng FILE MAINTENANCE everytime i tried to change Applicable Period for the month of September then when i click update may lumalabas na msg: INVALID VALUES FOR APPLICABLE PERIOD. anyone can help me! what would i do?? Thanks

  127. roxie says


    • Fehl says

      SSS website is actually experiencing memory and bandwidth issue and their IT people are fixing it now. Let us wait and be patient coz that is all we can do for now

  128. AI says

    Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Good day!

    I really have a problem regarding SSS posting (loan). Nakapost na po kami sa SSS, however, yong data na nailagay ng staff namin, may mali-mali po. There were errors in the Loan amount, date granted and others have errors in the Names. Paano po namin i.edit yong na.isubmit namin na posting. We posted it online. Thank you so much.

    • Fehl says

      Go to the SSS personally and bring a copy of the uploaded reports, then request for correction. Also bring the SSS payment receipts

      • AI says

        Okay Ms. Fehl,

        Thank you so much. Usually, how long will it take to process such corrections? Actually, we were advised to post our payments online since sira pa po kasi yong system ng SSS for manual posting (posting through USB)…thanks again

  129. jeffee cantos says

    Gud day mam fehl… Mam tanong ko lang po bakit d po kami mkapag print transmittal certification at employee file gamit to SSS R3 ?

      • jeffee cantos says

        GOOD DAY PO!.,nag download po ako ng LMS sa website ng SSS. pero nagkaka error po. pag nag priprint ako ng report, “ERROR PRINTING DETAILS”pag sa employee list at sa transmittal ay “OBJECT ORIENTED ERROR” …pano po ba solution? need po kasi namin for our LMS report…tnx

  130. AURA VILLAMOR says

    i will ask if only create sss test lang po ung save ko sa USB forb reporting coz its been 3 years ive made report and i forgot and maybe update na… but i rememeber dalawa ung print each file the inquiry tools and the list of members…

    thanks in advance for ur reply

  131. berlyn says

    hi maam, tanong ko lang po bawal na pla ang reconciliation sa sss contribution ngayon, kasi may mga payments kame na nagkamali ung date of posting, like for an instance, na double payment nmin july2014, instead for august payment dapat yun. At isa pa may employee kame na nkaligtaan payment nya intead na 7 employess dapat binayad ng staff namin is for 6 employess lang . please help paano ang pag reconcile nito, at anong procedure of input sa R3 program sa late payment..thankz

  132. Bacolod Berachah Christian Academy says

    hi, good eve po… ask ko lang po kung pano e update ang bagong remittance amount. kasi tumaas po ang remittance namin. kaya lang pag nag encode na ako, ang old amount pa din ang lumalabas. ayaw tanggapin ang bagong amount. pls reply po as soon as u are available, kasi hindi pa kmi naka pasa ng transmittal and employee record beacause of this reason.

    Thank you po… God bless..

  133. Ye says

    Hi ms Fehl
    It’s my first time using R3 and your blog really helped me a lot, thank you!
    and I was trying to input the data for the employee maintenance but it keep on saying “INVALID AMOUNT FOR SS CONTRIBUTION. AMOUNT IS OUT OF BRACKET.” so it won’t update and kept saying to try again and I have no idea how to address the problem and i’ll be doing the sss contribution for the entire 2014. Any ideas on what to do? Thanks!

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