How to use the latest SSS R3 Program to Download Reports

Now that we have installed the latest SSS R3 Program, it’s time I share here how to use the R3 program to generate files, download, upload and print reports such as Transmittal Certificate and Collection List. All employers are required by SSS to submit such report for posting of employees SSS monthly contributions. Recently, SSS also assigned employers to register for online account to easily facilitate and access SSS employees’ files including contributions and history records, premiums, loans and other profile records.

Before you read further, make sure you have installed correctly the latest SSS R3 software. If you did, give me a high five and let’s proceed.

Take note, this software is for employers only; employees must not use this unless they are authorized signatory.

Why should we use the R3 Program?

  • To submit R3 Files to SSS – Collection List, Transmittal Certificate
  • To make sure employees’ SSS contributions are posted and updated
  • To facilitate in the online employer account of uploading and reporting

When should you use this software?

After payment of SSS contributions every month or every quarter, whichever you use. You can look at the SSS payment receipt at the back to know more about R3 submission.

Step-by-step Procedure in using SSS R3 Program

r3 1Click on the R3 Employer’s icon on your desktop.

A new window “you are currently encoding R3 for:”will appear. Choose the applicable period and hit save and continue.

sss r3 applicable period

in this example, I am encoding SSS contributions for the month of July 2013

You’ll be brought to the Main Menu window. Select the first widget which is File Maintenance.

sss r3 instructionsInside File Maintenance, you’ll have these 5 Tasks and you need to go through them one by one. Start from Employer Record Maintenance. Since you’ve done that, proceed to the next.

r3 4

Type your employee’s SSS info. Take note that you don’t have to put comma on the SS amount and EC amount. Just hit enter whenever you go along each box. Double check everything you have typed. If correct, select Update Record.

r3 5

You’ll see then the following message:

R3 6

Now select Inquire Totals. You’ll then see the total number of employees together with the total SS amount and EC amount for the applicable month you are encoding. If it’s correct, click OK and proceed to the next step.

R3 7

Select Create SSS Text File. Save the file in your computer. Choose the folder you desire and hit SAVE.

R3 8

You’ll then see a message like this. That is the file you need to submit to the SSS. You can save and download it in your USB flash drive or upload it on SSS Employer Online account.

R3 9

Return to the Main Menu and select Report Generation to print transmittal certificate and employee file.

You’re done. It’s so easy right? Share your experiences with this software by commenting. Thanks!

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Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with SSS. I’m a member like you and I’m using this SSS R3 software for my company. I’m just sharing it here to help others. If you have personal questions or inquiry regarding your SSS account, contact SSS.


    • mae says

      aling file po yung i. a.upload ko? 3 months n po aqng di makapag post ..on time nman kmi magbayad lagi na nlng sinasabi “The following problems were found in trying to submit this report:
      Payment details entered are currently not found in the SSS Cash Collection File.
      Please submit the collection list online once payment details are posted ?
      in your account which is accessible from your My.SSS’ Online Inquiry Module.” anu po yung gagawin ko? dati i used “create contribution list online” ok nman bat pag dating ng september di na ako mkapag. post? need an urgent answer. thank you po.

  1. Eric says

    Hi… SSS R3 program is about to expire by December 2013… Is there already downloadable NEW SSS R3 program for 2014 and beyond?

      • Dex says

        Ma’am Fehl, are you using the SSS Online in doing your report? Do you have any instructions or manual in doing so? Its kind of a big help knowing that submitting the usual r3 to the SSS Branch takes so much time.

        • Fehl says

          I was trying to upload R3 online but their system loads so slow so I submitted USB files again personally. I will publish teh instructions here about online uploading after I successfully done it :)

          • Dex says

            copy that ma’am, was hoping to try the online thing, though the advantage of not going to the SSS branch and wait for hours till your turn comes, I am still doubtful of the system online whether it will provide fast and correct statements or it will have discrepancies.
            ->i will do the manual thing for now then till ma’am Fehl makes a tut and shares her experience.

  2. ERICK says


    My officemate have some discrepancies on her payment. May I ask what should we do if the amount on the receipt (which was paid last week of September) is greater than the total amount of the employees contribution. Ex: Receipt amount: 394,700 < Total Employee Contributions: 395,000

    Thanks Fehl.

      • analyn says

        hi, just want to clarify po. example po ay ito:po ba o 322?
        sss contribution for april = 312 +10 = 322
        may = 322
        june = 322

        nag bayad po nung june 6
        amount paid including the penalties = 972.76

        ano po ang amount na dapat ilagay para sa report ng april, 972.76

        • Fehl says

          When I had penalty caused by late payment, I just input the SSS amount and EC amount in the R3. The penalties are not listed since there are no boxes for them in the R3 and they won’t matter anymore since penalties are not included in computing benefits. That is what I’ve done. SSS accepted the report and approved it. If you want to ask more about the penalties, you can ask SSS anytime

  3. jaireh faith says

    Good day po,

    Bago lang po kami na company callcenter here in davao,pano po ung mga wala pa pong sss numbers?

    Kase po kunware ang total contribution namin is 1m, binabayran kase namin ung mga walang sss at merong sss.

    so ang mangyayare po kunware, 600000 contribution sa may mga sss at 400000 sa mga walang number,tatanggapin po ba nila yan? sa R3 po,kahit di tally sa receipt?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      The first step is your company must register as Employer at the SSS branch near you. Your company representative or HR officer can do that provided they are authorized signatory. The rep will submit R1 forms and all requirements for registration. SSS then will give your company their SSS EMPLOYER NUMBER. SSS will issue certificate of this too or a plate bearing the number. SSS then will tell your rep how and when to remit employees contributions.

      All payments of contributions require every employee’s SSS number. You will have a big problem if you pay contributions of employees not registered in the SSS. Start from the first step – which is to register


    i’m new to this po sorry so dapat po ba separate report for each month? isa lang kasi ang employee ng mom ko ako ang pinag eencode… mejo confused ako maraming pinapaencode sakin so 1 month enter un gawa ng report change ko ung applicable period then gawala uli ng separate report? thanks po..

    • ANDREI MILAOR says

      tsaka kung magbayad po kasi sha either quarterly or pang 1 year so uulitin ko ung or naumber every time gagawa ako ng report kasi pang monthly ung report na nagagawa nung program? sorry sobrang newbie @_@

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Yup do the reporting per month and print transmittal report per month. I do the payment quarterly and uploading of reports quarterly too so when I go to the SSS, I can pass the 3 months same day. Tipid time and gas.

      • analyn says

        pls help me po. hindi po successfully uploaded ang ss text file na ina upload ko, at kung quarterly ang payments ko pag ini-input ko ang total amount sa system sinasabing amount paid is greater than the amount of contribution, total amount po b ng pinagbayaran ang dapat n mailagay dun o ung amount lang ng monthly contribution ang ilalagay sa amount paid?

  5. carla says

    hi! ok po ung online SSS inquiry regarding para alam mo if nahu2log ba talaga ng employer mo ung sss contribution mo.

  6. carla says

    Just information lang po regarding sa experience ko because i am an OFW, sa saudi and sinubukan ko pong mghulog ng SSS contribution d2 sa saudi arabia, anyhow dahil po sa sss online regarding sa transaction ok naman po na updated naman agad within 2 days kc saturday aq ngtry mghulog for the whole year of 2013. un po pumasok naman nung nicheck q sa SSS online.
    Ask ko lang po meron po meron po bang option dun sa SSS online na instead pag uwi mo sa pinas para mag loan is d2 na lang din po thru online mgprocess ng SSS loan po?

  7. Noemi S. Apolinario says

    Hello po Mam gusto ko po sanang mag volunteer ano po dapat ko gawin? na stop po ako nang matagal dahil sa nawalan me nang job.Hope you’ll answer me. thanks and God bless po.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      It’s important to remain an active SSS member to be eligible to benefits and retirement pension in the future so I recommend you never miss paying your contributions. If you’re not employed anymore, you can still resume your membership by updating into voluntary member. Go to the SSS and submit an update form and pay your contributions

  8. kristine joy says

    Hi! Just want to ask if may kailangan pa bang gawin before updating the file for 2014? Hindi kasi ina-accept yung SS amount. Out of bracket daw. Pero nag base lang naman ako sa latest contribution table. Thanks!

  9. ubhe salud says

    hi, nag aupdate po kasi ako sa rf3 ng bagong amount ng contribution pero di ko sya ma update kasi lumalabas sa system out of the bracket yung amount, nagbased lang naman po ako sa new contribution ng 2014, pano po kaya un? thanks

  10. Inna Victoria says

    Hi Maam, after you have saved and printed the transmittal certification and employee list..

    Ill just go to the nearest SSS to submit them? Or do I need to bring with me the USB with the soft copy of the R3 Text Files?

    Another thing, when I encode the employees on R3 and even with our online account, it always say that the amount is account of bracket. In the first place we follow the break. What would be the possible problem maam?

    Thank you so much!

    Been struggling with this since I got into the job. I hope you could help me.

    Best Regards.

    • Fehl says

      Yes, you need to submit a copy per month of the Transmittal and Collection List (soft copy and hard copy). Meaning your USB and print outs. It’s out of bracket because you need to install the new 2014 R3 version. I emailed it to you today in your gmail so you can use it. It’s the new one.

  11. Sarrah says


  12. Ivy Mae Abrea says

    Gud afternoon po mam. ask ko lang po kc ung Transmittal certificate q po s R3 ayaw po magprint. ano po pwde ko gawin? Thank you po!!

      • Gim Siena says

        Hi same problem, eto po yung message after choosing the print transmittal certificate button “The SSS text file R3 may have not been generated, you may not continue creating the report”.
        I hope you can help me. Thanks

        • Fehl says

          lease refer to our latest article about New SSS R3 Program Installation using new R3 File Generator Library

  13. LUNA says


    • Fehl says

      You only put the Remark (1) at the month when they were newly hired. Then just put Regular Employee (N) in the following months

  14. analyn says

    hi ms fehl,

    i paid the months of april, may and june 2013 last june 6, 2013 (single receipt), i successfully submitted the R3 file for the month of april 2013 using the receipt number for june 6, 2013. in submitting the may 2013 r3 file i am using the same receipt number, but i am having a problem during uploading, a message saying “File with the same SBR No. and SBR Date was already submitted.
    Loading is cancelled”, Does it mean payments for each month must have different receipts? but my actual payments was made in single receipts for 3 months, what should i do?

    pls help me mam. thanks so much.

    • Fehl says

      If you are using the Online uploading, you cannot use same receipt number on the next months. I also tried that one but I made the manual uploading instead (R3 USB submission). Submit the R3 USB files of May and June and submit a print out of April’s confirmation of successful uploading at SSS

  15. maeci says

    Good afternoon! ask ko lang, kasi may small business ako, bale ako ang employer right, then may 4 akong employees, dati kasi quaterly ako nagpapasa sa SSS, it means 3 months payment na un of past months. first time ko lang mag r3 file generated, sorry, hope you can help me. meron na akong nakainstall na r3 file generator then done na din ako sa step 2 na (employee record), kung 4 yung employees ko ikiclick ko lang naman ung “ADD” sa right side under sa (File maintenance, Employee record) dba?

    tapos? punta na ako sa (inquire totals) to checked if tama, den so on and so on na yun? tama ba?

    and another question, what about naman yung kapag online ka sa sss, then doon ka nag lagay ng SUBMISSION OF CONTRIBUTION COLLECTION LIST (R3) under sa sss account ko as employer, sama lang ba yun ng r3 file generated? please help. TIA

    • Fehl says

      Yup if you own the business you are the employer. You must register then at SSS as an Employer. They will issue you your company’s SSS plate and certificate that has your start coverage and SSS number. Follow the step by step instruction above in making R3 Reports. Add each employee and input their SSS number and contributions one by one. Then Inquire Totals. Once the totals tally with your month’s receipt, you’re good to go to Create SSS Text File. Follow the remaining steps and print your reports. Submit USB in SSS and have receiving copies.

      Yes, you can also upload R3 reports online. We have separate post about how to do that. Go to the related articles above to find How to Upload SSS R3 Reports Online.

  16. Joji Mae Ancheta says


    I paid the whole 2014 contribution of our employees last 12/26/2013. I was successful in uploading 01/2014 but cannot upload the other months due to same SBR No. and SBR Date.

    As u suggested in an earlier post, do I need to personally visit SSS Branch or there are available remedies online?

    How come the posted payment on the “online inquiry portion” also has the same sbr no, and date.

    I think the SSS cashier must encode it separately if thats the case :(

    • Fehl says

      Yes, the similar receipt date is an issue they need to solve. I think the online feature needs major improvement coz it freezes and pure of error. In the mean time, the personal submission is the solution if the employer paid few months in the same receipt

  17. jeff says

    my co worker resigned from her work effective may 30 2014. because of this, i need to update the employee record, so i find her sss number, then i put number “2” on the remarks and also stated the date of the effectivity of her resignation. the problem is, when i make a report for our contribution, the system would say “Insufficient r3 payment. correct the error and try again”, why? after i updated her record and put number 2 as remarks for her status. the system said the record was updated successfully….

  18. micci says


    thanks for sharing this! been struggling with the r3 gen file installation in the past few days. tried to inquire about this before in the branch but they are masusungit. i have one question though, when i enter 10 (october) for the applicable month, an error message will appear “invalid values for applicable period” bakit po kaya?

    thanks in advance!

    • Fehl says

      Maybe that is because you entered October when it has not started yet? I also had same issue but I successfully did the upload on the next month. Example, input October contributions on first week of Nov. Let me know if it worked.

  19. jayson says

    we cant update our record in employee record it says “invalid amount for SS contribution. Amount is out bracket… pls help us to solve this problem..

        • Fehl says

          That is incorrect. It must be 275 for SS amount and 10 for EC. Total contribution is then 285 (if the member’s salary is from 2250-2749

          • jayson says

            ahh i see.. kaya pala.. can you please give me the correct ss amount for members salary.. for 3000 above and 4500 above..

          • Fehl says

            Go to our SSS Contribution Table 2014 post and print out the new SSS table so you will know the correct SS amount for those salary bracket :)

          • jayson says

            ndi po match yong inquire total ko sa total ng receipt.. bakit po ganun? ng minus 10 lng po kasi ako para mkwa o yong ss amount, tama po ba yon mam?

  20. CARL says

    Gusto ko lang po sana itanong yung tungkol sa R3, since ako na po kasi naatasan ng Grandfather ko when it comes on this matter, wala din kase aq masyadong background on doing this, kasi na stop kami sa pag gagawa ng R3 nung 2009, nagbabyad kasi kmi madalas sa banko, to make this short, early this month we went to SSS para mag inquire kung paano sosolusyonan yung 4 yrs na hindi kami naka submit ng R3, then Mrs. Dela Cruz assists us on how and what are we going to do, kaso she didn’t told me na every year pla yung R3 program sa usb, e ang naka install sa usb ko po is for 2014, so habang ginagawa ko mga R3 every month starting 2010, ang nakalagay na date 2014? paano po ba ang dapat kong gawin ???

    • Fehl says

      Hi Carl. The new R3 program is for 2014 only since SSS contributions have changed last January 2014. If you will make the R3 reports for 2013 and the years before that, you need to use the old R3 program as they follow the old contributions

  21. jazzy says

    Hi SSS PLEASE HELP.., ineencode q po ngayon sa R3 generated yun pong june 2014 up to present nmin contribution, tpz po isa sa mga empleyado nmn may problem po yung sss number nag encode ko na po yung iba, xa nalang yung hindi. Then tumwag aq sa sss to verify it sbi need pumunta nung emplyedo nmn sa sss…pwd q pa po bang balikan yung inencode q pag nkuha nya na yung exact sss no. nya.? Worry q po kc baka na post na yun sa sss tpz d na pwede balikan..d po mag tatali yung recibo nmn at yung nkapost pag ngkaganun..

    Thank you and God bless

  22. JENNY says


  23. Lanie says

    gud day… gusto ko lang magtanong, our contribution april-may-june 2009, april-may-june 2010 and jan-feb-march 2011 ay nde naipost sa sss, but ung r3 naman namin ay may tatak na received, then now ipinapaencode para daw maipasok sa sytem, using the old version na r3 dos based, nasave ko na ung data sa usb, the problem is hinde tinanggap dahil kelangan daw may hardcopy ng transmittal and employee list, kaso nde naman ako makapagprint, nageeror, at dahil dos based program sya kelangan na printer eh lpt1 pa, ang hirap,, obsolete na un, ang akin lang kelangan ba na may printout pa, eh meron naman na nareceive dati para malaman kung sinusinu un at isa pa dba meron na ngang softcopy which ipapasok na lang sa system un,,, pahirapan ba naman kame, eh ung pagsasave nga nung dosbased program ginawan ko lang ng paraan eh,, hahahays… hope there is a solution, ok lang magprint kung meron kaung solution about sa problem na nalabas everytime nagpiprint ako ‘term/0 print error’ ito ang lumalabas thanks po

  24. Nico says

    Hello po, Good day! Newbie here, hehe. Nahihirapan po kasi ako sa pag encode ng data. kasi po ang pinapa encode sakin eh dated year 2013 pa, example R-5 Form Applicable Month is January-February 2013, SS Contribution is 312, EC is 10 total 322, tapos pag dadating po sa pag create ng SSS Text File
    yung recepit po ng payment dun ako nalilito eh, kasi ang amount po na nakalagay for Jan-Feb is 644. Ayaw po tanggapin ng system it says insufficent r3 payments correct the error and try again. tapos meron pa po akong another receipt which is for the month of march amounting to 966 pag yun na po nilalagay ko sa sss text file tinatanggap na po sya?

  25. lanie says

    Hi!I’ve been using r3 report for more than a year now.but recently, I’ve had problems on crn 12 digit number on one of our employee.the system said, sss number error.could you please help me?YThank you.

  26. Jhon says

    Hi! I have two questions regarding on this topic. I have been assigned by my father to create this R3 files. First thing, can I use the 2014 version of R3 in generating files or should I use an older version? If I need an old version, where should I get it? Second thing, while encoding the SS number of my father’s co-worker, it says invalid. I pressed enter many times but it is useless. What should I do?

    • Fehl says

      If you are making reports for 2014 contributions, use the 2014 version. If the contributions are dated 2013 and beyond, use the older version. Verify the SSS number at SSS, it seems that the name and the number don’t match

  27. tyrone says

    Miss fehl pa help naman po nag eencode po ako nung pang november 2013 tapos po ang date of payment ay february 2014 bakit po ang nalabas “invalid value for date. correct the error and try again.”
    tama naman po ung nilagay ko pero ganyan po ung nalabas.

    sana po matulungan nyu ako thanks

  28. elisa says

    Miss ask ko lang, may employee kaming nag resign ng Oct. 30, then yung report ko ng Nov. sumasama pa rin siya sa total, nilagyan ko naman ng 2 as separated at date, pero yung total kasama pa rin siya. I even try na lagyan ng separated date yung oct. pero pag post ko ng nov. kasama pa rin siya sa total. miss ano kaya ang solusyon dito? sana mareplyan mo ako agad. Thanx

    • Fehl says

      baka naman nilagyan mo ng amount kaya sumama sya sa total. dapat zero nilagay mo sa kanya or wag mo na isama sa next month. Cheers!

  29. danie says

    Good day po, tanong ko lng po if kunwari nilagay po ng hr namin sa r1 namin na ang date of employment ko is january 5,2015 pero pumasok po ako sa company october 1, 2014, pinasa nia lng po yung r1 last feb.5, 2015, ano pong effect nun sa contrbution ko?

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