Tourist Visa for South Korea Application Requirements in the Philippines

tourist visa south korea requirements philippinesThe requirements on how to get a tourist visa to travel South Korea if you’re a Filipino or in the Philippines are shared in this page. How much is the processing fee? How long will the visa be released? Good news is that South Korea had simplified the requirements to attract more tourists visiting SK. Also the 59-day or less tourist visa has no charge (meaning it’s free). There are also visa exemptions. Continue reading to know more.

Take note that this post is about tourist visa only, some requirements may be different for fiancé visa, student visa, working or immigrant visa, seaman and many more. There are separate pages for them. Some travel agencies also assist in processing but you need to comply with all the rules and requirements.

Primary Requirements:

Requirements in applying for South Korean tourist visa for Filipinos

  • Tourist Visa Application form – this can be downloaded online from the Embassy of SK official website or just get it personally at the embassy. You must properly fill it out and sign it.
  • 1 passport sized colored photo
  • Passport plus photocopy of the first page – make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 months
  • (optional) Photocopy and original previous or valid visas to US, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand or Korea

Download Tourist visa for South Korea Application Form here

Those are the primary requirements. If your status is employed, self-employed, student or someone who was invited by a Korean friend or relative, there are additional documents required. Check them below.

Additional Requirements:

South Korean Tourist Visa Requirements for Employed Individuals

  • Employment Certificate (Original)
  • Personal Bank certificate (Original)
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) photocopy or Form 2316 from the previous year
  • ACR or ICR (if you are a foreigner resident in the Philippines)

Requirements if Businessman or Self-employed

  • Business Registration from SEC or DTI and Mayor’s Permit
  • Personal Bank Certificate (original)
  • ITR (photocopy)
  • ACR or ICR (if you are a foreigner resident in the Philippines)

If personally invited to Korea by a friend, relative or a company in Korea:

The applicant is requested to submit original Invitation Letter and passport copy of the Korean national who invited him. If invited by a Korean company, submit original Invitation Letter and photocopy of the said company’s Business Permit.

Tourist visa Requirements for Students in the Philippines

If you are still a student and you will travel and visit South Korea for tourism purposes, you are required to pass the following documents aside from the primary requirements mentioned previously:

  • School certificate (original)
  • School ID (photocopy)
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)
  • Copy of parent’s passport first page
  • Parent’s Bank certificate (original)
  • Parent’s Employment certificate (original)
  • ITR (photocopy)

South Korean Tourist Visa Fees

59 days or less stay in Korea – Gratis or Free!

60 – 90 days stay in Korea – P1,500

Tourist Visa Processing Procedure at the Embassy of South Korea Philippines

No need for an appointment because processing is a first-come-first-serve basis. File the application at the Embassy Consular Office (Address listed below) from 9-11 am only, Monday- Friday. First timers must present their application at Windows 1 and 2. Frequent travelers or those who have confirmation of visa issuance already should go to Window 3.

122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634 Philippines
Tel. No. (02) 8569210 (consular section)

Fax No. (02) 8569024
E-mail: or (Consular Section)

Upon entering the embassy, you’ll need to get a gate pass and sign on their log sheet. There’s a specific and separate log for first time travelers and frequent travelers. Just sign where you belong. Then you’ll need to get another number from the reception, again you should know your category – first time traveler or frequent traveler. This number will be used when you approach the right Window. Wait for your number to be called. When you’re called, smile and greet the Consul/officer courteously and present your documents. The consul will check them and receive them. If no more questions have been asked and needed, be happy and pray. But that’s not an assurance though that you’ll be approved. You will be given a claim stub containing the date when you need to return to the embassy. That’s your judgment day. (smiling here) You need to return on that date to pick up and claim your passport and visa if approved. In case you cannot attend on that scheduled date, tell the Consul.

Depending on the Consul’s decision, processing of visa takes about 5 working days for first timers and 3 working days for frequent travelers. Releasing of visa is only from 2-4pm. Interview may be required before the result or issuance of visa depending on the Consul’s decision.

  • Single Entry visa or short term visa for tourists is also called C-3.
  • Double Entry C-3 visa is issued for those who plan to visit SK twice within 6 months thus this kind of visa has a validity of 6 months.
  • Multiple Entry visa have certain requirements for qualification. Should you wish to know more or apply one, just go to the SK Embassy.

Tips in applying for a tourist visa for South Korea

To have a smooth visa application and approval, make sure your requirements are all complete, signed and dusted before you apply. Also it’s convenient and helpful if you prepare extra photocopies so you can use them when you apply to other countries. Make sure your personal information are all consistent and that they tally with each other. Double check the info you have put in the application form and other documents like your complete name, address, birthdate, family info, TIN, passport number and the like. Also follow the procedures discussed above.

Tourist Visa Exemptions South Korea

  • If you have Philippines Official and Diplomatic passport
  • If transiting only to SK and going to the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and with confirmed onward ticket to those 3rd countries.
  • If going to Jeju Island only, you can stay there visa-free dor 30 days. There’s no direct fight though from the Philippines to Jeju. You can do this by going through a 3rd country in transit like Hong Kong or Japan.
  • If you’ve been to Korea for 4 times within the past two years with C2 or C3 visa or if you’ve been to Korea for more than 10 times (wow)

Share you tourist visa application experience with us by commenting below. God bless!


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    this is a wonderful hub and there is plenty of indispensable information here for all Filipinos who want to visit South Korea. I love this amazing website. Have a sweet day, Fehl. :)

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      Hello their my Thai lady :) Thank you for reading and commenting here. A follower asked about tourist visa for South Korea so I made this post. Have a fantastic day honey. Mwaaaah!

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      It’s not usually announced specifically but you can assess yourself if that amount proves you are financially stable and have the capacity to support yourself financially.

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    Hi, regarding for the requirement of student, i dont have any documents for my parents, like Itr, bank certificate etc… I am student, and my foreigner bf support me financially,, Ive been travel to thailand twice with my bf, so now we plan to go to korea.. what should I do? I mean what is the best way for myrequirements, i have everything except at my parents, can I just say that my bf will shoulder everything then I can show them his copy of requirements like passport, his company id,. Etc..

    • Gel says

      Hi, sandrq! We have the same case. I was wondering if you have tried applying for a student visa already and what happened. Tnx! :)

          • j-dragon says

            hello gel, will you please help me too, because im a student and my parents have no papers too like bank statements and etc. how could i comply with those requirements? i have my bank account named after me but im still a student and my parents were the one that support me. will you please help me with some advise? thanks

  3. rogel bien says

    Hi, just want to know if both parents passport and employment certificate are needed for their children in applying the tourist visa? How much is the amount in the bank certificate for each applicant? Thanks

  4. jean says

    Ask q lng po kz nid ng COE..balak kz nmin magtravel ng friend q after ng end of contract nmin d2 sa Taiwan. Pde b ung COE na ibbgay sa amin bago umuwi ang ipsa ? And also the ITR required po b tlaga un ? kz wala po kmi maibigay.

  5. domenic says

    what to do if both parents doesn’t have a passport
    I’m a college student
    me and my friend wants to travel to SK for a vacation of 1week
    what document should we prepair instead?
    thank you

    • Marifel Dungo says

      If you will travel with your parents, they need passport too and visa. You must start to get passport then apply for visa

      • Geraldine c. Tabanao says

        Hi,hello fehl,
        I just want to know if pwedi ba ako mgvisit in Korea within 1month without visa?


  6. Glenn says

    Hi there! Ask ko lang, how about those na may mga relatives sa Korea (ex. Tatay or Nanay, or both parents, or probably siblings) na nagtatrabaho dun? Would they be able to act as “sponsors” for tourist visa application? If yes, ano pong requirements? Thanks! :)

  7. Marites Pineda says

    Ask q lng po pano kuha ng visa s Ireland kc andun ang kapatid q and she doesn’t know how she can help me to get visa, tnx

  8. Dhinne says

    Hi miss fehl,good day,
    How to apply fiancé visa for Korea?
    What should I do first?
    Waiting for ur reply.

    Thanks god bless u,

  9. Jie says

    Hi good day! im currently employed for 7 years in BPO i can provide all documents that they need for tourist visa. I’ll ask i have friend and he has no job right now and i want him to join in korea what is the best way for him to go in korea?

  10. Dhinne says

    Hi miss fehl,good day,
    How to apply fiancé visa for Korea?
    What should I do first?
    That is the requirements for fiancée visa?
    Waiting for ur reply.

    Thanks god bless u,

    • Marifel Dungo says

      This article is for tourist visa only. Some requirements may add for fiance visa. Will publish a separate post about that in the coming days. Thanks and Happy New Year!

      • Dhinne says

        Ok,so thank u so much and I’m waiting for about fiancée visa miss fehl,
        Thank u for the reply and happy new year too god bless:)

      • Dhinne says

        Hello miss fehl ,
        I want to visit korea, but I am a student,and my boyfriend shoulder all my financial support,
        But I don’t have ITR from my parents, what should i do?

  11. PRock says

    Hi im planning to go to SK w/ my family. it it possible to apply for a visa w/o an actual appearance? im planning to have my parents bring my documents w/ them while they’re applying at the embassy. Is that possible? thanks a lot!

  12. erl412 says

    Hi. I’m self-employed, working online, but I haven’t updated my ITR. My last employment was in 2010. Can I still apply for tourist visa?

  13. heebummer says

    hi! my friend and i wish to visit korea for a week. but the thing is..wala po name ITR. we’re both self employed kasi po may small family business po kame. pero po may bank account.. pde po ba jun kahit wlang iTR?

  14. Sweets cuerdo says

    Hi! I would just like to ask, how much should be in the bank acct? And is it each individual… Thank you… Your reapond is highly appreciated…

  15. Jam Lee says

    Hi, I am going to United States for a business trip and before returning to Manila, I am planning to make a side trip to Korea (3 days). I understand that I don’t need a visa if I’m transiting to Korea and going to US however I would like to verify if I’m also exempted to get a visa when I’m coming from US and transiting to Korea then return flight is Manila. Please advise. Thank you :)

  16. mich says

    Hi! i would like to ask. i have a korean boyfriend and his parents are inviting me to visit their place and i have problem on employment cert. and ITR because I am a freelance worker. I have the bank account that could prove i am capable of going there plus my boyfriend’s parents will be the one spending my travel in korea. How could i possibly get a visa without those 2 important requirements?? or there will be no way for me to visit there?? Thank you!

  17. Arizha says

    gud pm… just wanna ask po ulit ano pong diploma ung need nila if ever maghanap cla? highschool or college? :) college grad po ako kaso nawala diploma ko..:( high school diploma at college certifiate lang ung meron ako.. pls reply :)

  18. Arizha says

    Hi po. Ask ko lang po kung ok lang po kaya sa embassy na hnd ko makuha ung passport ko dun sa day na nakalagay sa claim slip? March 10 po kc releasing date. Pwd po kaya march 11 ko kunin? Pls reply. Tnx :)

  19. mitch says

    hi, just want to ask, a korean company (the owner himself) would like to invite me to sk.. they will be the one to shoulder all the expenses, like house, plane tickets and the money.. although i am currently employed, i can present my itr, coe, but the problem lis i do not have a bank account.. do you think i will still be denied kahit yung company na mismo ang magsupport? they want me to process the tourist visa then dun nlng iconvert for working visa., they wil also provide the invitation sponsor letter… thank you

    • Marifel Dungo says

      The requirements for that kind of visa are different from a tourist visa. If you are requested by an employer, the requirements like your educational background, job background and certificates will be the most basis other than a bank account

      • chingching says

        Hi Miss fel, can I ask your email address? I really want to ask some questions.

        Meron po ba dito na na-grant and tourist visa without ITR? please help po

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    I’m done to complate all my requirements for student visa,
    Thank u for some information regarding on that miss fhel,
    Godbless you always:)

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