25 Best Tourist Spots to Visit on Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

Are you looking for the best places and tourist spots to visit on Bantayan island? We’re sharing the best travel guides and tips to see the scenic island of Cebu.

If you’re planning to travel to this tropical paradise, we also mentioned some of the best resorts and hotels to check in Bantayan island. Let’s start so you know where to stay and bookmark this post as your itinerary.

What is Bantayan Island?

Bantayan Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines and Asia. It is at the northernmost tip of Cebu, the “Queen City of the South.” Bantayan Island is made up of three towns – Bantayan (the biggest part), Madridejos (the northern part), and Santa Fe (the tourist hub).

How Bantayan Island Got Its Name?

We’ve asked locals about the history of Bantayan island, and we’ve got two answers:

One, it was believed that the first people who came and discovered the island found a little boy who used to guard and protect the island. They thought it was Sto. Niño. Sto Niño is the patron saint of Cebu. Safeguarding and protecting in our dialect means “Bantayan.”

Second, the word Bantayan came from the locals who used to guard the island from invaders. They would shout “Bantayan! Bantayan!” when they saw invaders coming closer.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bantayan Island

  1. Bantayan island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines because of its crystal blue waters, white powdery sands, amazing sandbars, and virgin islands.
  2. It’s not too crowded like many other famous beaches in the country.
  3. The oldest Catholic Parish Church in the Visayan Region (St. Peter and St. Paul Parish) is located on Bantayan Island Cebu
  4. Lots of activities to do like snorkeling, island hopping, jet skiing, kayaking, SUP, scuba diving, and other water activities
  5. Sky Diving is also what puts the island on your bucket list

How to Go to Bantayan Island in the Philippines?

Since Bantayan Island is located in the northern part of Cebu, we will share the most common route from Mactan International Airport. The port in Bantayan is in Santa Fe, where we can find most beaches and resorts.

There are two ways to reach Bantayan island:

1. By riding a bus and ferry

Bus (3 ½ hours) + Ferry (1 ½ hour). Take a taxi from Cebu Mactan International Airport to the North Bus Terminal. At the terminal, ride a yellow Ceres Bus going to Hagnaya Port. In Hagnaya Port, take a ferry going to Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. Ferry tickets for adults cost PHP180.

2. By airplane

Air Island Tours serves flights from Cebu Airport to Bantayan Island every day. Although it’s expensive, you’ll arrive in Bantayan in 30-40 minutes. The flight starts around P23,000 for three persons. Note that you have to contact their company if interested in their service.

Bantayan Island Travel Tips

Know the bus and ferry schedule to save most of your time, considering your hotel check-in time. Remember that the trip from Bantayan alone takes around 5 hours from Cebu MIA. We posted the bus and ferry schedules below for your guidance when arriving and departing Bantayan.

The color of the beach in Bantayan is amazing and beautiful, from 10 am until 4 pm. We’re telling you this because we know you love taking photos and videos. The sandbars look perfect, too, during those times.

We suggest you take the bus ride to Hagnaya Port as early as 7 am to avoid traffic on the way. It will make your trip comfy and faster. You’ll likely arrive in Santa Fe after lunch and just in time for your hotel check-in. If you don’t have a hotel, ride the bus as early as 6 am.

Book a beachfront room because nothing is beautiful as waking up in the morning and seeing a fantastic beach view.

bantayan island ferry schedule time

Bantayan Island Ferry and Bus Schedule

It is essential to know the schedule of trips, especially for the ferry. Remember the last trip on the ferry to avoid hassles and delays in your itinerary. Ceres buses from the North Bus Terminal are always available. Remember that the bus trip from the North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya Port takes around 4 hours.

25 Best Tourist Spots and Places to Visit on Bantayan Island

1. Beautiful Sandbars of Santa Fe

best tourist spots in bantayan island

The sandbars of Santa Fe are sights to behold and must-visit Bantayan Island tourist spots. They are among the best sandbars in the Philippines, we must say. They are located in Kota Beach and Budyong Beach resorts. Don’t miss getting an aerial shot of the dreamy landscapes here.

2. Virgin Island

Bantayan’s Virgin Island reminds us of the movie, The Blue Lagoon. If you want an unforgettable beach adventure, visit the Virgin Island, a tropical island paradise off the coast of Bantayan that is about 30 minutes boat ride from Sante Fe.

virgin island bantayan

Travelers can snorkel the pristine waters of the Virgin Island. You can also relax and sip your favorite lemonade at the cozy hammocks of the island. There are restaurants and beach activities, too.

3. Ogtong Cave

ogtong cave
Photo Credit: Kat Talita Instagram

Ogtong Cave is a popular Instagram-worthy place in Bantayan Island because of its magnificent crystal blue water and natural cave wonder. It is located within the Ogtong Cave Resort. Day tour access costs PHP100 per person. Stone-formed staircase will guide visitors to the cave’s deeper part.

4. Kota Beach

kota beach santa fe bantayan

If you’re looking for a romantic beachfront villa with a gorgeous view of sandbars, the perfect spot is Kota Beach. There are four things I won’t forget about staying at Kota Beach – the bamboo cabins, the powdery sandbars, and the sunrise and sunset moments.

5. Balidbid Lagoon

balidbid lagoon
Photo Credit: Winsiloog Instagram

A one-of-a-kind experience is paddling along the sparkling blue-green lagoons of Balidbid. Explorers can rent SUP paddle-boards at SUP Bantayan or schedule a guided tour into the tranquil shallows of this fascinating natural wonder.

6. Hilantagan Island

Take an island-hopping tour and include Hilantagan Island on your itinerary. Hilantagan Island boasts turquoise waters and powdery white sand. It’s also a sweet spot for snorkeling and beach photography sessions because it’s a private island in Bantayan.

7. Lighthouse and Cliffs of Kinatarcan Island

Kinatarcan Island is an exotic untouched island in Bantayan Island, Cebu. It’s also known as Guintacan Island. Exploring this island will let you experience a hidden paradise of white sand beaches, soaring cliffs, and enchanted lagoons. There is also a parola (lighthouse) in the middle of the forest in Langub, Kinatarcan Island.

8. Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is what its name refers to – the sand on this beach is so refined, like that of white sugar. It’s a long 1 km stretch of beach in Sante Fe that resembles the famous Boracay Island. The shore is lined with palm coconut trees, reminding you that you’re on a tropical island.

9. St. Peter and Paul Parish Church

st peter and paul parish bantayan
Photo Credit: Hey.zel.ly Instagram

St. Peter and Paul Parish is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It was built in the 16th century during the Spanish era in the Philippines. It was initially constructed in 1580. The church has distinctive paintings on its ceilings and a classic interior design. The ancient church is among the top tourist attractions on Bantayan Island.

10. Sky Dive at Bantayan Island

sky dive bantayan

Are you looking for an extreme sightseeing experience? Then try tandem sky diving on Bantayan Island. An altitude of 10,000 feet will give you an incredible island view. The exciting part, you can also choose to land on a white-sand beach. Yay!

11. Mangrove Eco Park

Obo-Ob Mangrove Eco Park is among the famous tourist spots on Bantayan Island. The Eco Park shares awareness about the importance of mangroves in our marine ecosystem. Rent a kayak and explore the greenish swamps or stroll along the bamboo walkways of the eco-park.

12. Camp Sawi

camp sawi bantayan
Photo Credit: ValerieJane09 Instagram

Obo-Ob Mangrove Eco Park is also popularized by the romantic-comedy film Camp Sawi. Don’t forget to have your photo taken at the same spot where the “Camp Sawi” wood plank is posted. It’s among the best Instagram photo spots on Bantayan Island.

13. Anika Beach Resort

anika beach resort bantayan

Anika Beach Resort is located in Roska Street in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. If you’re looking for great amenities, delicious foods, and easy access to other tourist spots, we recommend checking in at Anika. The resort is also swimmer friendly because it has swimming pools and shallow beaches.

14. Tristan’s Pizza

tristans pizza

What is a beach adventure without pizza? Tristan’s Pizza is the best-selling pizza on Bantayan Island. Tristan serves homemade pizza and other combo meals such as American breakfast, Filipino breakfast, and Mexican Omelet. Likewise, the little restaurant also serves healthy salads, lunch, and dinner.

15. Kiteboarding at KiteBantayan

kiteboarding at bantayan island

Aside from the Amihan beach cabanas, KiteBantayan offers kiteboarding lessons and courses for beginner and professional levels. If you want to learn a breathtaking sport, you can try kitesurfing. It’s really exciting! KiteBantayan has a certified team of instructors who can teach you the right kiteboarding moves.

16. Marlins Beach

marlins beach resort

We visited Marlin’s Beach, and we discovered the picturesque scenery there. If you’re looking for a nice view while relaxing or eating, then stop by Marlins Beach. The resort is alongside the white sandy turquoise beaches of Santa Fe. Their restaurant also serves local and international cuisines.

17. Paradise Beach

One of the less crowded tourist spots on Bantayan Island is Paradise Beach. If you’re looking for a secluded island vibe with white sands, pristine waters, and limestone cliffs, head to Paradise Beach. Don’t forget to bring water and snacks to quench your hunger and thirst.

18. Every Day Sunday Café

Start your best food trip tour at Bantayan Island by visiting Every Day Sunday Café in Santa Fe. The café is famous for serving great smoothie bowls, Western cuisine, and Filipino dishes. Of course, our favorite pancakes, waffles, and quesadillas are also available. It is open from 7 am to 5 pm (Friday to Monday), and 7 am to 3 pm (Tuesday to Thursday).

19. Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

Get closer to nature by visiting this wonderful park on the island. It has a mini-zoo, natural cave pools, 25X12 meters swimming pool, fish feet spa, cabanas, cliff deck, and function halls.

20. MJ Square

MJ Square is a food market on Bantayan Island serving fresh and tasty seafood. The food hub has many restaurants offering fresh squids, fish, crabs, scallops, and lobsters to be cooked the way you want. There are also some shops at MJ Square selling souvenirs to foreign visitors,

21. Budyong Beach Resort

budyong beach resort

Situated next to Kota Beach is Budyong Beach Resort. With affordable beachfront accommodation, you’ll also experience a perfect beach view of sandbars and the pristine blue waters of Santa Fe. The nipa hut cabanas, coconut trees, and white shoreline of Budyong will take care of your tropical vacation.

22. Santa Fe Butterfly Garden

The butterfly Garden in Santa Fe is another tourist attraction on Bantayan Island. It showcases up to 22 species of live butterflies and features a brief educational tour. The exhibit also allows a visit to the butterfly breeding area and a glimpse of adult butterflies first flight.

23. The Ruins of Bantayan Island

the ruins bantayan island
Photo Credit: Byahengnoi Instagram

Many travelers also like to visit another sought-after tourist attraction on Bantayan Island, the Ruins. The Ruins are the remaining structures of an old house damaged by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. Graffiti is painted on the walls of the ruins. The location is also near the famous cliff jumping spot by locals.

24. Coconut Palm Trees at Marikaban Road

Coconut trees are a perfect backdrop for a tropical Instagram post. Why not drop by the Marikaban Barangay Hall and stroll the nearby road surrounded by coconut trees? Who says you can only do this in Siargao or Bohol?

25. Old Kota Fort

Get outside Santa Fe and visit Madridejos to see the vintage Fort of Kota Park. The fort was built in 1790 by Gabriel Lazaro Mangubat, the first settler and founder of the Lawis Government. The historical structure is made of corals, limestone (apog), egg white, red sugar, stones, and sand.

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    • Resort hopping is allowed and it’s free. When you’re in Budyong, just walk few steps to the left and you’re in Kota Beach na. Then walk a few meters away to the left again, you’re in Marlin’s na 🙂

  3. Hello, me and my team are planning to go to bantayan on june 10-12.
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  4. Sta. Fe beaches are very nice…With long white sand bar that surrounds the island. You can do snorkelling and sightseeing..And if you really want to see all
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    • You can find Ceres Buses at the North Bus Terminal as early as 6am. I recommend riding bus from the North Terminal as early as 6 or 7 am to catch the Ferry scheduled to leave Hagnaya at lunch.

      The Ferry Trip Schedules for Hagnaya Port and Sante Fe, Bantayan are listed above in the article (see the pic). Just take note of the Ferry schedules because the buses are easy to find

  7. On Mactan Island which is just across the bridge from Cebu City there is a great place called Cordova Home Village, the prices are good and the place is very clean and up to date. you can visit their website and inquire about pricing and room type. They have free Airport pickup from the Cebu International Airport, actually the Airport is on Mactan Island so it is an easy trip to the Cordova Home Village. They have basic rooms and also with kitchens and 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms. Just inquire via e-mail at their website. Just a note the Sacred Heart Apartel on Bantayan is not a fancy place it is just a room with aircon. I stay at both places when I go to Cebu and Bantayan.

  8. Bantayan Island is a great place to visit/vacation. There are many low priced budget places to stay (just basic room for p400 a night with aircon) – Sacred Heart Apartel in the town of Bantayan is one that I can recommend. It is on the right side of the road going to the Bantayan Town Square from Santa Fe. If you like more upscale places then Otong Cave resort and many others offer finer accommodations at a much higher price. Rent a motorcycle and explore everything from the south to the north. Be careful riding motorcycles and observe all safety measures for a great time exploring Bantayan Island. I know this because I own beach property on Bantayan Island and will retire there soon 🙂 Very friendly and honest people everywhere on the island.

    • Thank you for sharing about cheap rooms with aircon. My sister and I will be in Bantayan on April and we want to explore the place more this time

  9. I’d stay away from Agoda they do not honor any refunds or adjustments they just give you the run around if there are any issues. You will never get any satisfaction from them. I have personally experienced their lack of customer service.

  10. At the north shore of Bantayan island in the town of Madridejos there is Kota Fort built long ago as a lookout for the marauding Moros. Also at the north shore there is Kota park with a nice beach and a long pier with a lookout at the end of the pier. Madridejos is a great place to visit and it is less crowed and much more peaceful and scenic than the main tourist spot of Santa Fe.

  11. Do not bother visiting Virgin Island. It is restricted to the beach landing area only, and there are extra charges. Nothing special there there to see anyway. Money is better spent to organise a barbecue and fun on Bantayan beach for the local children

    Not really necessary to book any accommodation ahead of arriving. Some places of course will not be to your liking. There are plenty of vacancies dotted around for the same price or less than as advertised on websites.

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