Guides How to Open BDO Nomura Account Online

IMPORTANT UPDATE: BDO Nomura is now BDO Securities, the full service brokerage firm of BDO Unibank in the Philippines. That being said, proceed to this link if you want to open an account:

How to Open BDO Securities Account Online

How to open a BDO Nomura account online? It’s so easy, and you’ll get approved so fast following the steps on this page. You won’t need to provide IDs and TIN on the initial application process because it is linked to BDO banking.

The withdrawal process is more straightforward as well because it is linked to your BDO accounts.

BDO, the number 1 bank in the Philippines, has partnered with Nomura Holdings of Japan in launching BDO Nomura Securities, Inc, a new online trading platform available for investors and traders.

We listed the latest online trading platforms in the Philippines, and BDO has finally joined the house of online trading brokers accredited by the Philippine Stock Exchange.

This new broker and partnership also aim to provide stock brokerage services to clients abroad and eventually provide a platform to connect Filipino investors to the international stock markets.

Wow, I am patiently waiting for international stock markets to be available on my online trading platform. Do you think BDO Nomura will be the first online broker that will cater to global stock markets?

Anyway, I’m sharing here how I opened my BDO Nomura account online. It’s effortless and simple. No need to submit IDs, proof of funds, and the likes. I am also surprised I did not have to provide TIN during the application process, although BDO keeps a record of it already.

how to open bdo nomura account

BDO Nomura Account Requirements:

Who can open an account:

  • Anyone, 18 years old or above, local or foreign

What you’ll need:

  • An Active BDO Online Banking Account with your updated mobile number (for OTP)
  • Some money or funds on your BDO account
bdo nomura investor profile

How to Open BDO Nomura Account Online?

  1. Go to BDO Nomura account opening page on their site
  2. Log in using your BDO Online Banking logging details and password
  3. BDO Nomura will send you OTP on your mobile phone. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) received via SMS.
  4. Tick the “I Agree” box in the Letter of Instruction and Consent and select from the drop down list to nominate a Beneficiary Account (for withdrawal process) then click NEXT.
  5. Click on “I Agree” in the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Fill out the Investor Profile, then click NEXT.
  7. Fill out the Suitability Form, then click NEXT.
  8. Re-type the CAPTCHA code, then click Submit.
  9. Review and double check the details of your Investor Profile and Suitability Form shown in the summary screen.
  10. After review, click Confirm to submit your application. A “Thank You” notification and acknowledgement will appear to confirm your successful application.
  11. Wait for an email indicating your successful application and approval. It also contains your Customer Code.
  12. Once approval email was received, you may already fund your account through the Bills Payment Facility (over-the-counter, online banking, mobile banking, ATM) indicating the following required details:
    • Company Name: BDO Nomura Securities, IncI.
    • Institution Code: 0491
    • Subscriber’s Account No.: Customer Code
    • Subscriber’s Account Name: Client Name
  13. Another email will be sent to you for the trading access instructions. You will need to nominate a Trading PIN using the provided Control Code to activate your account.
  14. Once your account was activated, you may now access your BDO Online Trading Account by clicking Online Trading Login at the upper right corner of your screen to nominate your new Trading PIN.
bdo nomura requirements

BDO Nomura Online Trading

I told you it was so easy. I suggest you open your account before 3pm because BDO has a cut-off time for processing of new applications.  Online Application submitted beyond cut off shall be processed on the next banking day.

Now that BDO has a new trading platform, do you think it will outperform COL Financial in terms of clients and its current standing as the best online broker firm? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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38 thoughts on “Guides How to Open BDO Nomura Account Online”

  1. Hello There,

    I cant seem to log in at Nomura. After signing up and trying to log in, it says, Invalid First Effective Date on the app on my iphone and when i tried on my laptop it says “Unable to log in. Please try again later”. I’ve trying since last night and cant get to work. I get my OTP via bdo app and my roaming number is now blocked coz i havent used it for a long time. Please help. Thanks

  2. Hi, If I am international how can I open an online brokerage account since I don’t have international Telephone number ?

  3. Dear Ms. Fehl,
    Thank you for your helpful explanations and replies to comments concerning BDO Nomura.
    My questions deal with actual purchases made by a client.
    Thank you for any assistance.
    1. As of this date, September 15, 2018, can a Nomura client purchase no-load mutual funds that are based in the USA? Example: Fidelity Funds, Vanguard Funds, etc.
    2. Can one purchase stocks on the NYSE or NASDAQ?
    3. If YES, to either of those questions, how does Nomura charge in such a purchase?
    4. If NO, then can you name any reliable Filipino locations with stellar credentials that can purchase such items?

  4. Hi Ms. Fehl.
    Been reading your articles from the time i got interested in stocks. I tried BDO Nomura and started buying. Now i got an email from them advising me that they have recorded my transactions with attached transaction details. However, there is a statement saying i need to settle within 3 trading days or else…what does it mean? My portfolio shows i have enough fund to cover these purchases. I sent them an email clarification but no response yet.
    Appreciate your help.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. hi!thank you po sa information regarding bdo nomura.tanong ko lang pwede po ba android phone lang gamit sa bdo nomura?meron ako bdo online banking account.seafarer po ako at interesado dto.salamat po sa sagot.God bless..

  6. I am currently working in hk..meron aq 2 accounts from bpi and metro..but the problem is Hirap mag open ng online stocks account kasi need ng tin number even s col financial..mostly po kasi s mga ofw WaLang I know n po through bdo nomura I can open for the stocks need ko lng po mag open ng account savings account s bdo db?then ok n po at mas lalo n po lalawak ang pag invest nmin mga ofw..thx ms fehl

  7. Hi Ma’am.

    Pwede po bang mag-fund sa sariling Nomura accnt. kahit below maintaining balance ang BDO savings accnt.?


  8. Ate, pwede or advisable po ba bdo “atm” savings account lang pra mkpg > online banking > then bdo nomura?

    May app po ba bdo nomura for ios/droid or bale sa internet browser po kpag nasa phone? ling sa browser pp irerefresh pa po ba or matic na po nagpapalit prices?

    Ano po yung PSE Tradex mobile na app? connected po ba yun sa Bdo nomura? prng may nbsa po kasi ko na psetradex ang gamit ng bdo nomura?

    • Yes, you can open online banking for your ATM savings account. Then open BDO Nomura. I did not see any app yet officially launch by BDO Nomura, same with with PSE Tradex, did not receive any official message yet from BDO Nomura about connecting that app

  9. how long it will take before you will be receiving your pin…because I am still waiting for the pin I’ve already checked the spam folder.. it’s been 2 days that i’ve sign up and until now I am still waiting for that pin.

  10. Hello maam Fehl,
    when buying stocks, ano po yung ilalagay sa Disclosed? tapos yung price bracket may mababa at mataas na price. if I select the lesser price tapos nakadisplay na tumataas na ang price ng stock, how will it affect the purchase? your response is greatly appreciated maam

    • Hi, you need to provide the number of shares you want to buy and the price from the ASK column. If you want immediate buy, choose the highest asked price or the second one. The order will be executed immediately that way

  11. Every time i click the “trade” button, i was asked for the PIN code and change it. Is there a default PIn code so i change it?

    Thanks for the answer

    • The PIN Code is the code that has been emailed to you by PSETradex. Check it out and use it or request a new one if it’s not working anymore

  12. dear ms fehl

    thanks for enlightening us in financial literacy and hoping that u will exert more effort to continue to help others regarding this matter.. cheers

  13. IT is not as user friendly as col and bpi trade, i am a bit confused, i cant locate my current balance.. and the otp is stressful hahaha, evrytime you log in, you have to input an otp.

  14. Dear Ms. Fehl,

    Thank you very much for the above post regarding BDO Nomura Online Trading. I immediately opened an account and just waiting for the email confirmation. Your post was very timely indeed.



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