Best UITF in the Philippines in 2021 (Top Performing UITF)

The following are the best UITF in the Philippines in 2021. The data includes a complete list of best performing UITF for equity funds, balanced funds, bond funds, and money market funds.

If you have Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs), you must be updated with the periodic ranking of UITF to know how your investments performed in the last months, quarter, or period compared to other UITF.

What is UITF?

UITF stands for Unit Investment Trust Fund. UITFs are pooled investments of different funds, companies, corporations, invested and diversified to other investments, stocks, bonds, securities, money market, and other funds managed by fund experts and fund

UITFs are regulated by the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas). That means you can open or start your UITF investments in your local bank in the Philippines.

Are UITFs the same as Mutual Funds? To answer that, please read “Mutual Funds vs. UITFs – Similarities and Differences: Advantages and Disadvantages.”

Benefits of Investing UITF in the Philippines

  • Diversification
  • Affordability
  • Expert Fund Management
  • Liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Regulated by the Central Bank

Why should You Invest in UITF?

This question is always asked so many times on the threads and forums, so it will be great to share the answers in this post.

Suppose you have extra bulges of money and want to invest them to earn some cash (higher than Time Deposits), and you are aware of the risks involved. You phone your banker and ask about any investment product that could give you that. In that case, they will surely give UITF as one of the options.

Unlike Mutual Funds, UITFs are now easy to open. The Philippine National Bank (PNB) started the UITF Online account opening in the Trust banking empire.

Eventually, other commercial banks like BDO, BPI, Metrobank, and other leading banks offer UITF through online banking. We can now open these investments online and enjoy paperless transactions.

As long as you have an existing bank account and available funds on your online banking, you can open or enroll your UITF and redeem or withdraw your funds from it.

best uitf philippines 2021

How to Choose the Best UITF that is Right for You?

To choose the best UITF suitable for an investor like you, you must know your investment goal and risk appetite. Decide by knowing your main objective. Why do you invest? Do you want to grow your capital for a long term, or do you want to invest for a year or two?

Likewise, you must know how much risk you can tolerate for your investment. How comfortable are you about market uncertainties, economic slowdown, and possible losses with your investment?

top performing uitf philippines

Best UITF in the Philippines in 2021

Top-performing UITF in the Philippines. Data will be updated every quarter. Data is based on YOY (in the last 12 months) ROI.

The financial market’s performance was not impressive in the previous year because the global market declined due to the pandemic and Fed hikes contributed to the fall of investments. But the economy started to recover with mass vaccination and re-opening of many businesses.

Financial experts and investors are still confident about the future growth of the economy, which will eventually lift other businesses and investments in the country.

Top 15 Best Performing UITF Equity Funds in the Philippines in 2021:

  1. Manulife American Growth Equity Feeder Fund (Php Unhedged Class A) 40.10%
  2. PNB High Dividend Fund 18.02%
  3. Security Bank Peso Equity Fund 15.46%
  4. UnionBank Peso Equity Fund 14.22%
  5. Manulife Asia Pacific REIT Fund of Funds (Php Unhedged Class I) 14.12%
  6. RCBC R25 Dividend Equity Fund 13.92%
  7. BDO ESG Equity Fund 13.81%
  8. China Bank High Dividend Equity Fund 13.39%
  9. Manulife Asia Best Select Equity Fund (Php Unhedged Class A) 13.14%
  10. Security Bank High Dividend Peso Equity Fund 13.06%\
  11. PRUInvest Peso Dynamic Equity fund 12.49%
  12. Manulife Asia Pacific REIT Fund of Funds (Php Unhedged Class A) 12.47%
  13. Bank of Commerce Diversify Dividend Focused Fund 11.82%
  14. AB Capital Equity Fund 11.61%
  15. RCBC Rizal Equity Fund 11.57%

Top 15 Best Performing UITF Balanced Funds in the Philippines in 2021:

  1. Manulife Global Preferred Income Feeder Fund (Php Unhedged Class I) 11.83%
  2. UnionBank Peso Balanced Fund 10.72%
  3. Manulife Global Preferred Income Feeder Fund (Php Unhedged Class A) 10.13%
  4. Robinsons Bank Balanced Fund 8.13%
  5. AB Capital Balanced Fund 7.60%
  6. China Bank Balanced Fund 6.86%
  7. BDO Peso Balanced Fund 5.98%
  8. RCBC Rizal Balanced Fund 5.93%
  9. Landbank Growth Fund 5.35%
  10. BPI Invest Balanced Fund 4.92%
  11. Robinsons Bank Tax-Exempt Retirement Fund (A Balanced UITF) 4.54%
  12. CTBC Bank – ATRAM Philippine Balanced Feeder Fund 4.53%
  13. Metrobank Metro Balanced Fund 4.09%
  14. Metrobank Metro Aspire Balanced Feeder Fund 3.45%
  15. UCPB Balanced Fund 3.32%

Top 10 Best Performing UITF Bond Funds in the Philippines in 2021:

  1. Manulife Asia Dynamic Bond Feeder Fund (Php Unhedged Class A) 6.25%
  2. UnionBank High Net Worth intermediate-Term Peso Fixed Income Portfolio 1.86%
  3. China Bank Intermediate Fixed-Income Fund 1.83%
  4. UnionBank Peso Tax Exempt Fixed Income Fund 1.81%
  5. Manulife Stable Income Fund (Class I) 1.34%
  6. BPI Invest Premium Bond Fund 1.19%
  7. UnionBank Peso Fixed Income Fund 1.16%
  8. Manulife Income Builder Fund (Class I) 1.10%
  9. Metrobank Metro Max-3 Bond Fund 1.01%
  10. Metrobank Metro Corporate Bond Fund 0.99%

Top 10 Best Performing UITF Money Market Funds in the Philippines in 2021:

  1. RCBC Rizal Peso Money Market Fund 1.48%
  2. Robinsons Bank Peso Money Market Fund 1.39%
  3. BPI Invest Money Market Fund 1.38%
  4. China Bank Short-term Fund 1.26%
  5. BDO Short Term Fund 1.24%
  6. Bank of Commerce Diversify Money Market Fund 1.11%
  7. AB Capital Short-term Fund 1.10%
  8. UnionBank Peso Short Term Fixed Income Fund 1.04%
  9. Metrobank Metro Short-term Fund 0.97%
  10. Security Bank Peso Money Market Fund 0.97%

Like other investments, UITFs have risks. Make sure you never put your money in one investment. It is essential to diversify your capital and to have regular income sources.

To learn more about UITFs, visit our UITF articles here.

Time is money. The earlier you invest, the more money you will make. Sharing makes blessings. The more you share this post with others, the more blessings will come your way.”

Fehl Dungo

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice or endorsement of a particular investment. Past performances do not guarantee future results. UITF and other assets have risks. Risk only the capital you’re comfortable to lose. Always do your own research before investing your money.

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  1. hello i currently invest 100k in 2 groups from manulife and i told to my auntie to put it on equity and bonds, since i am ofw and i will go back to redeem maybe 3 to 5 years from now. do you think manulife is a good investment company? and do you think it is better idea not to redeem in long term run…

    • Hi, equities right now are not performing very well so do not expect big returns although you’ll get profit in 5 years. With bonds, medium term is good as well. To learn more about Manulife, head over to their latest Fund Fact sheet and Prospectus. It’s available for all clients.

  2. Hi, ABF Philippines Bond Index of BPIAMTC keeps on going up since start of the year. Will it be wise to still subscribe at this time though interest rate (according to Bureau of Treasury) are now lower? Will does it affect the ABF Philippines Bond Index movement? Any thought. Thank u.

  3. hello, I am recently interested in investments these days but I don’t have much money to invest. Can you suggest a good investment for me with PHP5000-10000 investment, low/conservative risk taker so I’m thinking about money market or bond investment. Mas okay ba pumasok muna ako sa UITF bago Mutual Funds? and ano best company na maisasuggest mo po for that? thanks!

    • Hi, for the lowest risk, money market funds are available for UITF and mutual funds. You can start with UITF since mas easy ang pag open ng account sa bank na meron kang account. Cheers!

  4. Me and my husband are both ofw here in dubai, can you suggest us which fund fits for us, i want uitf in bdo, and also for my kids for their education in the future. Do you think equity fund is good for us? Thanku

  5. I never had any idea about investment. Reading your blog help me to wake up. I read all the question which is really good to understand about investment. I work in abroad and im planning to reire at 65, im 45 y/o. So i have 20 years more before retiring, what investment you can suggest so that i have an idea. And planning to start next year Jan 2019. Thank You for your advise.

  6. Ang lungkot pala ng ranking ng BDO balanced fund, which actually shows. Di naman siya ganun kadrastic ang bagsak and tumatalbog lang on the same numbers but still negative parin. Sakanila lang kasi convenient ang payment because of EIP.

  7. Hi po ms fehl, bago lang po ako sa investment and balak ko rin mag-invest sa money market. when will be the best timing to invest in money market?

  8. Hi Ms. Fehl, I’m a policy holder of BPI-Philam Equity Index Fund2 with Build-Life Plus rider for two years.
    I don’t have much knowledge regarding UITFs and MFs . I just read blogs and reviews that’s why I decided to invest. However, upon checking the account value, its getting lower and lower everytime I check my account.
    Will it recover eventually considering our current economic condition?

    • Index Funds were kinda slow in climbing up the charts since the start of the year. Be patient, all equities are suited for 5 years or so to appreciate in value. Cheers!

      • Hi Ms. Fehl, I am planning to invest in a UITF. Can you give me an idea if what are the top 3 banks that has a high ROI? I want to invest as a conservative and moderate investor.

  9. Miss Fehl, may investment na po ako, meron po ako VUL ng bpi philam, may UITF din high dividend ng bpi. maraming salamat po sa blog nyo , malaking tulong po ito sa akin, at sa kaibigan ko po. miss Fehl may tanong sana po ako, san po maganda kumuha ng balanced fund na bangko?? maraming salamat ulit sayo.

  10. Maam fhel,

    Anong equity fund ba sa bdo at bpi ang mgnda kunin? Ung bpi value equity fund ba at bdo equity fund ba? Kc s bdo may esg quity fund, may bdo index fund. Plano ko mag open ng uitf s dlwang bank n yn eh

  11. Hi Fehl,

    Since the market is very volatile (actually downward trend), I am actually inclined to put more money in my UITF Equities (BDO and SBC). Do you see any chance the market will reverse or will it continue the downward trend? Hoping to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you.

  12. hello po,

    can you suggest perfect investment company po? okay po ba tong Rampver Financials?
    i need at least top 3 po. I already have sunlife sa list ko.

  13. G’day Ms Fehl, i have several UITF (5 in high risk funds) in three separate banks since August/September, All five funds have tumble a fair bit! Your thoughts on the current financial market, taking into account the Donald Trump win…..

    • Equities are not performing well compared to 3 years ago. Since UITF are managed, you need not worry. Instead, take these times to buy more investments to make good returns when the market recovers

      • Ms Fehl.

        Just requesting for a suggestion, My BDO Peso Balance Fund is downed by this time, Do I have to withdraw my investment and invest it some other time, or just keep it as is and wait some time to gain momentum.

  14. Hi po Ms. Fehl,
    I have a UITF account with Metrobank for 2 years.
    Medyo bago lang ako sa investment, di ko pa kabisado lahat.
    How will I know its status and after 2 years ano na ba magandang gawin?

  15. Hi, Ms Fehl!

    I am one of your avid readers. Last year, I started reading about UITF and Mutual Funds. However, I stopped since I cannot comply with the requirements before (I think this was my reason).

    Ngayon po, gusto ko sana na seryosohin na at paghandaan ang future and magiging family ko. I am 26 years old, I have multiple savings account (2 Passbooks and ATMs) and I have a BPI SaveUp as well. Insurance wise, meron na SaveUp and SSS po meron na ako.

    Tanong ko po sana, I am not a risks taker, gusto ko sana maginvest na guaranteed meron ang ROI. Okay lng po sa akin ung matagal since yung passbook ko eh almost 5 years+ na.

    Freelancer po ako, and sa ngayon, okay naman po ang work ko.

    Pwede po ba kayo magsuggest ng mga products na bagay sakin?

    Thank you po and more power! 🙂

  16. hi ms fehl!

    i am interested to invest, since i am planning to avail of a long term loan, if my desired amount is approved, i would like to invest 500k to an equity fund type of investment for a 5 year term. is it advisable? or i will just be wasting time and money.
    please enlighten me, i need your advise. thank you!!

    • Hi, I don’t suggest using the money from a loan to invest on equity fund coz first, your loan has interest and you have incurred loss already. Second, equity funds are very risky and volatile. They need 5 years or so to appreciate in value. Make sure you invest only your own money or savings and that is only 20% of your total money.

  17. hello. do you know how can i add money from my savings account to my investment account through bpi express online? the teller said that i just need to click “subscribe” but i don’t know how to add. thanks

  18. Hi, sorry noob question here: What is Minimum Additional Participation? Am i required to pay this every month or just whenever i feel like it? Thanks!

      • Hello maam Fehl, I’M and OFW and a newbie with regards to investing UITF. I started to open UITF Equity fund in BDO last april 27, 2016 amounted to 100k pesos with limited knowlege about it. but as I go reading with your blog and other UITF websites in the philippines I gained information which makes me confused which UITF if better with high ROI, since I have and extra amount and I want to save for my Kids Education and my Future retirement. My question is? is it possible to open another BDO UITF Equity funds (BDO Sustainable Dividend Fund) aside from my existing acount since this type of equity funds have a higher ROI and with cheaper Unit price. Thanks

        • Hi Coleen. Thanks for visiting. Yes, you can open or add another UITF of your choice. Always follow your personal objective, risk appetite and goal and need not to worry as UITF are managed investments by experts 🙂

          • Hi Fehl,

            I went to BDO bank in SM Marilao and asked about Mutual Fund but I was told that their bank no longer offer it and I doubt it. Instead the lady bank personnel offered me other investment products which I’m not interested in.

            Is there a bank term or any other magic word that I need to utter so they can say that indeed they offer Mutual Fund?

  19. Hi Ms. fehl, im thinking na iwithraw ko po ung equity fund sa BDO which i invested on 12/15/15 at 406/unit… can i sell it if i gain 10% this May and shift to PNB equity or wag po muna? maybe ill be needing the money 2yrs from now.and also i want to gain more profit.

  20. What happen to SBC UITF performance? I’m starting to doubt how they manage our investment as other bank getting their performance pretty good after the election. any thoughts about this?

  21. Hi Ms. Fehl, I’m already 47, meron akong 2M invested sa BDO equity fund, ok lang po ba kung mag open uli ako sa BDO equity index fund or Balanced fund na lang, Option ko rin sana yung Philequity Fund. Tnx and God bless you

  22. Hi ms fehl, who are allowed to open the bdo institutional equity fund? I’ve seen in their site that you only need 1000 pesos to open an account. Thanks

  23. Hi Ms Fehl,

    just want to ask for your opinion on what’s the best type in UITF. and at the same time gusto ko din isabay ang pag invest sa mutual funds,

    Im an aggressive one and i plan to have short term and long term period.

    thank you so much. your advice is highly appreciated.

  24. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    How will the election period affect the UITF or the market? Is it because of major consumer spending? Also, is it good to buy units now or wait for a while (i.e. wait until its almost election time)? BTW, I am into SBC UITIF

    Thank you.

      • Depends upon the type of fund. If Equity Funds, I’d say negative ROI is just temporary, you need to take 3 years or so to see high returns for your fund.

    • If you’re into Equity Funds, I’d say don’t wait, buy monthly and continue buying until you reached your target period of 3 years or so

      • If the ROI, YOY, YTD is now negative(-), and i put fund yesterday while today have increase the NAVPU, is this consider an increase in profit?

        • It will benefit you if you bought shares when YTD was negative because NAVPU are lower and you’ll be eraning more in the future when NAVPU returns to normal and goes up

          • i learn a lot, and thank you for that..

            Negative today and also tomorrow but the trend is going up… time will come it will be positive…. hehe

  25. Hi Fehl,

    Thanks for your great article, I’m planning to invest in UITF, can you please recommend the best performing bank as of this Feb?


  26. Hi Fehl!

    I would like to seek your advice on whether now (Feb 2016) would be a good time to invest on UITFs that have a direct relationship with the stock market. I am specifically referring to the PNB Enhanced Phil-Index Reference Fund. Since it is directly tied to the stock market I assume that the NAVPU of the UITF will directly reflect the stock market. Since the PSE suffered a not so good year ender last year, compared to its peak the same year, I assume that now would be a good time to buy that kind of UITF since it is low price and forecasts say that the PSE will have a good year this year.

    What would you advise?

    Thank you po! 🙂

    • Yes, equities are lower these day so it would benefit investors in the future. Equity Funds are suitable for long term. The PSEI will eventually recover

  27. Hi Miss Fehl,

    What would be the best way to spend PHP100K for investing?

    I recently just applied for a high-dividend equity fund with BPI, but realized that would only be for the long-term. I want to grow my money, but there are also some short-term goals that I want to achieve (e.g. get married within a year).

    Given 100k, how would you recommend this money be spent? Should I spread it out among several UITFs/mutual funds? Thank you for your help!

    • Hi, you won’t get that much with your 100K with only a year. The longer you invest, the more you will receive. If you will plan for a year investment, the best option is Bond Funds or Fixed Income Funds but do not expect high returns for that. If you want higher returns, you need to take more risk by having Equity Fund like you mentioned and invest for 3 years or so

  28. Hi Miss Fehl, I’ve invested in SB High Equity (understanding the risk) fund last November 2015. i know it wasn’t performing well right now but i just noticed something. i tried to compare others bank NAVPU and it seems SB NAVPU dropped so much. is it because of fund manager’s strategy that leads to a lower NAVPU? need your thoughts about this.. thanks! =)

  29. hello po..ano po magandang uitf for students (savings from allowance)? i’m considering bpi equity value fund and bpi short term fund. What can u say po? thanks po 🙂

  30. Hi Fhel,

    I am into Security Bank Peso Equity Fund for almost a year now. I started investing during its peak this year and obviously, it went way way down. Kindly advise if its a good decision to buy more units.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, if you’re into equity and you know the risks and the suited terms, buying more when the market is down will benefit you someday


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