How to Redeem UITF Online in PNB

Here’s the step by step guides on how to redeem UITF online using PNB. We have mentioned from some articles here than the easiest way to open UITF online is by using PNB online banking. It is also one of the easiest ways to withdraw and redeem UITF money. We can either make a full redemption or make a partial redemption.

If you have opened Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) few months or years ago and you think it’s about time you redeem your funds and the profit it earned, you can do this already online and the cash will be credited back to your savings account or whatever bank account you have chosen on your online banking account.

How to Redeem UITF Online in PNB?

There are 2 ways to withdraw your money from your UITF investment:

  1. Redeem all your UITF funds
  2. Make a partial redemption only

How to withdraw all your UITF in full?

Step 1:

Log in to your PNB online banking account.

Step 2:

On your dashboard, go over UITF Investments and Redeem Participation then select Make a Full/Partial Redemption.

how to redeem uitf online

Step 3:

If you are redeeming all your UITF, select FULL.

how to withdraw uitf online

Step 4:

At the next screen, you will see a Confirmation of your Redemption and the details about it and your UITF.

how to redeem uitf online using pnb

Step 5:

5. Tick the box to Continue to agree with the Waiver.

uitf online philippines

Step 6:

The Notice to Client will be your Confirmation Receipt of your redemption request.


Step 7:

You will receive an email from PNB when your Redemption Request has been approved. It usually arrived the next day since the actual net proceeds of your UITF will be computed based on the NAVPU at the end of the day.

How to withdraw your UITF funds in partial amount?

In case you only want to redeem a part of your UITF, you can also do it online. You have the option to redeem some units or principal of your money.

All you have to do is follow the same steps like above except step 3. Instead of choosing FULL, select PARTIAL. The following screen will then appear:

partial redemption pnb

If you want to redeem amount of money, choose In Principal. If you want to redeem units, choose In No. of Units.

Follow Step 4 to 7 above to finish your redemption.

That’s it, you are done. It is very easy, fast and convenient to redeem UITF nowadays. Share this so your friends will know.

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12 thoughts on “How to Redeem UITF Online in PNB”

  1. hi there,

    ask ko lng po, i just made a fully redemption of my utif lat jan 17, 2019 and received email next day confirming receipt of your redemption request. just wonder until now i have not get my money back? how long is the processing do they send me follow up email that my request already grant? where goes my money? are they going to transfer it to my savings account? hope you could help me. thanks

  2. Hi tanong q lang po wat does minimum additional participation means? If i already have uitf investment or cop number. And i want to add additional minimum participation. Panibagong cop number nanaman po ba? Hope u reply. Thankz

  3. Hi thanks for ur post.
    I just wanna ask coz i just enrolled uitf in bpi.
    Im just confused on how to add funds manually on my equity fund? I dont seem to see any options so i can add weekly or any day that i want.
    Hope you can show me how.
    I dont have the rsp setup.

    Also i want to remove or permanently delete the bpi balanced fund. How do i remove this in my uitf list? I cant find any options to do this?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi!

    I would like to clarify something particularly on number five (5), it says there that it has a required minimum maintaining balance. Does it mean that I wont be able to FULLY redeem my investment because some money would/should be left?

    Hope you could help me as I am confused.

    P.S. Invested in PNB-Enhanced Phil Index

  5. Hello could you teach me, i just had my 1st cop for bdo eqty fund eip p2k a mo., its says in d cop that my orig. Partcpation amt is p11k, units of 24.1955 with p10,577.38… what does the amt of p10,577.38 means? Kumita ako ng p10,577.38? Or lugi ako ng p423 coz p11k invstmnt ko pro p10,577 lng. when time of redemption, ang mreredeem ko po ba is p11k plus p10,577.38? Thanks im jst confuse

  6. I love your blog! Do you know any website that i can start mutual funds? Im currently here in dubai and my only option is my PNB because they have online facility but again they are more of UITF. I have started there with small amount of High Dividend and Conservative Prime Peso. Im still studying it and willing to learn more before invest more, but im keeping my other option as well like MF. So please advise if you know any good website or company that do MF let me know. Cheers.

  7. Is PNB offering mutual fund products? I prefer mutual funds over UITF. UITF dividend I believe is subjected to a 20% withholding tax if Im not mistaken.


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