How to Get JR Pass (Japan Rail Pass) in the Philippines in 2021

JAPAN RAIL PASS – How to Get JR Pass in the Philippines in 2021? Or how to buy JR Pass in the Philippines? We can now get it online. JR Pass (Japan Rail Pass) is the cheapest and most convenient way to travel Japan and its amazing cities and prefectures.

On this page, we are sharing about the fastest and easiest way to get a Japan Rail Pass which provides unlimited way to travel by train, JR bus, airport transfer, and ferry in Japan.

how to get JR pass in the philippines

What is JR Pass?

JR Pass, also known as Japan Rail Pass, is an unlimited train access ticket in Japan. It is a special discounted ride-all-you-can ticket created for foreign tourists who visit Japan for tour and leisure purposes with a maximum stay of 90 days.

Benefits of JR Pass (Japan Rail Pass)

Having a JR Pass is very helpful and suitable to enjoy most of your travel time in Japan. Time is money, that being said, having a JR Pass will let you save more money whether you are traveling to your favorite spots in Tokyo or the most Instagram worthy places of Osaka.

The JR Pass will give you unlimited rides on all national trains in Japan including the Shinkansen bullet trains and Narita Express. The transportation in Japan is actually one of the reasons why I love coming back to Japan every year. They are always on time and they surprise me every time I visit a new city to explore or any food to crave for.

Having a Japan Rail Pass will save you lots of money and time especially if you want to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto on your first journey. Taking the bullet train alone is expensive but having a JR Pass saves the day.

Who Can Get JR Pass?

All foreign tourists who visit Japan for tourist purpose for a short period of time (90 days or less) can purchase a Japan Rail Pass. This means that you are eligible to get a JR Pass if you have a valid tourist visa or have a valid stamp as a temporary visitor in Japan.

Japanese Immigration has a strict policy with JR Pass eligibility. You can read more about the specific rules at this page especially if you are a foreign permanent resident, Japanese national and those who have dual citizenship.

How to Get a JR Pass in the Philippines?

  1. Buy your Japan Rail Pass online
  2. Choose your JR Pass type
  3. Enter passenger details
  4. Select your preferred payment method
  5. Confirm your JR Pass order
  6. Receive your Exchange Order (JR Voucher)
how to buy japan rail pass philippines

Where to Buy JR Pass in the Philippines?

You can follow the steps above. Once your order is confirmed, your Exchange Order (JR voucher) will be sent to you either in the Philippines (address you will provide) or in your residence / hotel in Japan.

The JR voucher needs to be exchanged for the actual rail pass once you are in Japan, up to three 3 months after the order was issued. Note that the Exchange Order has a validity period of 90 consecutive days.

How to Activate Your JR Pass?

When you arrive in Japan with your original JR Exchange Order (JR Voucher), go to any of the JR Exchange Offices (usually located inside of all main airport terminals, trains and metro stations). To exchange your voucher into a JR Pass, you will need your passport (with a tourist visa stamp/ sticker) with it.

You will be asked when do you want to activate your JR Pass. You are not required to activate your JR Pass on the date of the exchange. You can just activate it on first day of using it. However, the activation date can be up to 30 consecutive days after the exchange.

JR Pass Price in 2021:

Standard Pass:

  • 7 Days – $287 (adult), $144 (children ages 6-11)
  • 14 Days – $456 (adult), $229 (children)
  • 21 Days – $583 (adult), $292 (children)

Green Pass / First Class:

  • 7 Days – $383 (adult), $192 (children ages 6-11)
  • 14 Days – $618 (adult), $310 (children)
  • 21 Days – $803 (adult), $402 (children)

Check out the JR Pass free rides below. It can help you planning for your Japan trip itinerary. JR pass can connect you from the airport to your destination just like Narita airport to Tokyo and Kansai Airport to Osaka. You can also go from Tokyo to Mount Fuji and Hakone area.

JR Pass Tokyo Train Route

  • JR Yamanote loop line (Tokyo subway)
  • JR Chuo-Sobu line
  • JR Nikko line to Nikko
  • Mount Fuji and Hakone Area
  • Narita Express, connecting Tokyo with Narita Airport
  • Tokyo Disney Resort
  • Tokyo Monorail, connecting Tokyo with Haneda airport
  • Yokohama and Kamakura

JR Pass Kyoto Train Route

  • Haruka Express, connecting Kyoto with Kansai Airport
  • JR Sagano line to Arashiyama
  • JR Nara line to Fushimi Inari, Uji and Nara
  • Sagano Scenic Railway

JR Pass Osaka Train Route

  • Haruka Express, connecting Osaka with Kansai Airport
  • JR Osaka Loop Line and Tozai Line
  • JR Sakurajima Line to Universal City Osaka
  • Rapid JR Express from Shin-Osaka to Osaka Station

Japan Travel Advisory:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please visit the updated travel advisory from Japan’s official travel page at this link before you travel Japan.

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