Japan Travel Blog Guide with Sample Itinerary

This is my latest Japan travel blog guide with sample itinerary. We had a 9-day travel in Japan exploring famous parts and tourist attractions in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone and Mt. Fuji. I’m going to share here about out trip and some tips you can follow to travel easily and conveniently.

In this trip, we went for the Sakura Season (Cherry Blossom). You can also visit Shibuya Station, Tokyo Tower, Disneyland, Ueno Park, Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower, Universal Studios in Osaka with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Dotonbori, Bamboo Forest and all the famous tourist spots listed in the itinerary below.

How to Travel Japan the Most Affordable Way?

To book the cheapest flights, you can find an airline promo at airlinepromo.net and search for your desired dates. That website will give you the cheapest flights comparison. I recommend booking as early as 3 months before your departure to avail the cheapest air fare. That’s one of the best tips I learned before traveling to any destination.

You can start your Japan travel at either Tokyo or Osaka therefore, you can book for Tokyo (Narita Airport) or Osaka (Kansai Airport). Those are always the flights with the cheapest air fare compared to other airports.

Consider the weather before your travel to know what type of clothes you will need to pack.

japan travel blog guide
See the Torii Gates at Fushimi-Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan

When is the best time to go to Japan?

They say once you went to Japan, you’ll definitely come back because every season has a lot to offer. Every traveler cannot miss to experience the special season on each tourist attraction whether it is winter in Hokkaido or Autumn in Kyoto.

The weather in Japan is very cold during December to February as it is their winter season. Spring starts from March until April where the famous Sakura Season (Cherry Blossom) also occurs. Summer starts at June until August. Autumn starts at September to November.

japan travel tips
The famous Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan

Do you need JR Pass?

Yes, it will give you unlimited travel. JR Pass already includes train, bus and ferry. Train is the fastest and cheapest mode of transportation in Japan. I also recommend air travel for traveling from Tokyo to Osaka or some other parts of Japan that are far away to save time and money. Bullet train (Shinkansen) is costly in that case but if you are really exploring more places, buying JR Pass (Japan Rail Pass) is recommended for you.

japan jr pass

Japan Rail Pass can be used on trains, buses and ferries across the entire part of Japan. It can also be used on all shinkansen trains (bullet trains) except Nozomi and Mizuho trains and covers all the fees involved. JR Pass can be used for 7, 14 or 21 days. The price for 7-day usage starts at $255. JR Pass is very helpful if you are exploring Japan in a week or more.

harry potter japan
Do not miss exploring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside Universal Studios Osaka, Japan

Japan Travel Guide for Beginners

My adventures in Japan started in Tokyo. Aside from the photos here, you can also watch the video I made to sum up my recent travel in Japan. We went on the first week of April, the weather is still cold, and it was raining every other day. Apparently, weather in Japan every April has sunny and rainy days. I recommend visiting Shibuya Station, Ginza, Dotonbori at night as the lights are amazing. Cool to take photos.

You can use the itinerary below as a guide. It’s very easy to find the famous places and tourist spots in Japan as every train station will connect you to them. Every station also has staff and police so you can ask them in English any question about the place or route you are going.

onsen in japan
Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring) has therapeutic health benefits. Make sure you make time for one when you visit Japan

Do not miss experiencing the Onsen (Japanese hot spring).  Some 5 star hotels offer free Onsen for every accommodation. We checked in at Merveille Club in Hakone on the way to our Mt. Fuji tour. Unfortunately, the weather in Mt. Fuji did not let us see the iconic volcano. On my next travel to Japan, I’d definitely try some other hot springs.

japan travel agency
There are many shopping hubs like this in Japan

Japan Travel Video

Cheap Travel Package for Japan:

There are some available travel packages for Japan tours but I find them expensive so I just did a Do-It-Yourself travel. I saved around $1,000 for our 9-day Japan travel. I don’t use AirBnb so much these days because prices go up even when I clear out my laptop cookies and cache. I am liking cheap deals from Booking.com for all my hotel accommodations these days. For my flights, of course airlinepromo.net saves the day 🙂

If you’re not traveling alone, you can also save a lot for your food expenses since the usual restaurants where we dined offered unlimited rice. Big servings of food for one person can be enjoyed by two. People in Japan are very generous. Just a reminder though, you can’t take out remaining foods from restaurants in Japan.

Sample Itinerary for a 9-Day Trip to Japan:

Here’s a sample itinerary for you. You can also use it in making your Schedule of Stay when applying for your Japan tourist visa.

Day 1

Arrival at Tokyo Narita International Airport

– See Shibuya Station at night

Day 2

Tokyo Disneyland Full Day Tour

Day 3

Rest and relaxation in Tokyo while waiting for your flight to Osaka

Day 4

Universal Studios Day Tour

Day 5

Explore the beautiful Kyoto and its charming places:

Arashiyama District
Ryoanji Temple
Kinkakuji Temple
Ginkakuji Temple
Philosopher’s Path
Gion District
Kiyomizudera Temple
Sanusangendo Temple
Nijo Castle
Fushimi Inari Shrine

Day 6

Experience Nara for a full day tour of the following:

Kohukuji Temple
Nara Park
Isuien Garden
Todaiji Temple
Nigatsudo and Sangatsudo
Wakakusa Mountain
Kasuga Taisha Shrine
Naramachi Walk

Day 7

Back to Tokyo

Mt. Fuji and Hakone Tour

Day 8

Tokyo City Tour

Imperial Garden Palace
Sensō-ji Temple
Tokyo Skytree
Diver City
Shibuya Station
Meguro River
Meiji Shrine
Yoyogi Park
Takedori Street

Day 9

Flight back home

Rest and buy souvenirs

tokyo tower
Tokyo Tower

Japan Travel Guides and Tips:

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