How to get Barangay Business Permit Clearance (Requirements & Steps)

How to get a Barangay Business Permit Clearance in the Philippines? You can apply for this certificate and get it in a few minutes. Follow our step-by-step guide on this page.

What is a Barangay Business Clearance?

Barangay Business Clearance is one of the permits or documents required when registering a new business in the Philippines. This certificate is also needed when renewing your expired Mayor’s Permit or Business License, changing a new business location, and changing a new business commercial name.

Where to Apply for a Barangay Business Clearance?

You must visit your Barangay Hall or Office of the Barangay Captain in your area where your business jurisdiction is covered. You may always know this information when you have a business in the Philippines because you will need to renew your Mayor’s Permit or Business License every year or at the beginning of a new year unless you will be closing your company.

Barangay Business Permit Clearance Requirements:

how to get barangay business permit clearance

How to Get a Barangay Business Permit Clearance in the Philippines?

Step 1: Prepare your business documents

Prepare the necessary documents listed above and the funds to pay your Business Clearance or Permit. For first time applicants, the documents required include Community Tax Certificate, valid DTI Permit, and the clearance fee.

Step 2: Go to the Barangay Hall or the Office of the Barangay Captain

To apply for a new business clearance, go to your Barangay Hall or Office of the Barangay Captain where your business is located. Documentation and processing of clearance will only take a while, and it will be finished after few minutes, depending on the transactions being made in your barangay when you got there.

Step 3: Pay your Business Clearance fee

Processing fees ranges from 500 to 1,000 pesos depending on the location of the business or the type of the city where your business is registered.

Step 4: Claim your Barangay Business Permit

The last step is the release of your business permit. You will be asked to sign a confirmation that you received your certificate and the date when you claimed it.

Barangay Business Permit Sample:

In case you are wondering what a Barangay Business Clearance looks like and what information it contains. Every certificate may look different as every Barangay may have its own letterhead and certificate design and color.

barangay business permit sample philippines

Sample business permit includes the following information:

  • Official seal of the barangay
  • Business owner
  • Business name
  • Address of the business owner
  • Location of the business
  • Certification details in pursuant to the New Local Government Code of 1991
  • Date of issuance

Tips in Getting a Barangay Business Permit in the Philippines:

After your clearance has been issued, make sure you check all information on the certificate and do not leave the Barangay Hall unless every word and detail on the certificate is accurate. Some info like your CTC number and Business Name must always be correct.

It is important to mention that an Official Receipt is attached on your Barangay Business Clearance certificate. Some Municipal’s Offices would always require the attached receipt.

It will always help your business to keep photocopies of every original document or certificate so that you won’t miss having another copy in case you lost one. We always need such documents when we process another transaction.

You can also bring your old certificate when renewing a new one every year or whenever they expire.

Barangay Business Permit Validity and Expiration:

The certificate is valid within the year of issuance or until a new Mayor’s Permit is needed. Barangay Business Permit is a prerequisite in doing a business prior to securing a Mayor’s Permit or Business License which is renewed every January of each year.

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How to Renew Your Barangay Business Permit?

  1. Prepare your business documents including:
    • Old Business Permit
    • Latest Cedula
    • Valid DTI Permit
    • Processing Fee
  2. Apply for a renewal of your Business Permit at the Barangay Hall where your business is located
  3. Pay the processing fee
  4. Claim your new business permit
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19 thoughts on “How to get Barangay Business Permit Clearance (Requirements & Steps)”

  1. What if i have a small sari-sari store in our barangay,what permit i am going to get a barangay bussiness permit or a municipal bussiness permit?

  2. Just want to kmow why in our brgy specially our brgy captain told me when i talk to him after a day i requested my son brgy bussiness permit & told me that he will think first if he will grant the permit.

  3. Is there a minimum capital in securing for a business permit? What if I want to put-up a sari-sari store with initial capital of 5,000, do I still need to secure a business permit? Hope you can help me. Thanks a lot

  4. hi ask ko lng pag residencial lang nag patayo ng comshop kelangan prin poba ung business permit?
    compshop po business ko

  5. Good Day!

    Pede po ba mag pa guide? :(,, Me and my friend planning to start up a food business, I’m the one who will process all necessary documents, permits and license.. here is the thing, actually di ko pa po tlga nsesearch what are the steps and guidelines in terms of processing .

    Just want to ask Kung pede po bang iprocess ko muna lahat ng Docs like SEC registration since partnership kami kahit Wala pa kaming Business Address?

    Plan ko po Kasi process muna lahat ng docs saka kami bibili mga gamet, supplies and hahanap ng pwesto

    Ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?

    Salamat po

  6. Magandang araw po. asking lang po. ang isa po ba malaking kompanya na mag tatayo sa isang barangay ng kanilang planta. “like poultry farm”. ay kailangan pa din kumuha ng business permit sa nasabing barangay? kailangan pa din po ba ng approval ng sanggunian barangay na maka pag tayo sila ng nasabing business.

  7. Hello tatanong ko lang po kung nasa barangay po ba ang discretion if pwede po ako mag-operate ng 24 hour business or not? Sari-sari store po ung business ko. Thank you.

  8. Hello, I went to get a barangay business clearance. to my surprise they are charging me a whooping P1,800.00 and told me I have to renew by January AGAIN since is nov now. I dont want to assume they are just ripping me off, but so far I read blogs that says it’s 350-500

  9. Please help!! Ehat if the brgy. Captain will not signed the clearance permit, because we are opposition pulitical leader!! What shall we do??

  10. What if I loss may barangay clearance because may employee misplaced my barangay clearance should I get a new one or can i request a copy for my barangay clearance… thanks

  11. Hi i just want to ask regarding the business! What if the business is just small time like for example small pisonet business in our barangay only but i want it to be registered! Do i need to pay the BIR of 12% of total sales from my Pisonet monthly? Please help me! Thankyou!

    • Hi, yes you need to register your business. You must go first sa DTI, then at have your Mayor’s Permit at your Municipal’s Office then register at BIR. Once you have the DTI, it is required you do the rest of the steps to avoid penalty. If you’re not earning too much, you can pay Percentage tax of 3% of Gross sales sa BIR monthly. I will be making a detailed post about this here soon. See ya around!


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