Mayor’s Permit Requirements and Procedures 2024

How to Apply for a Mayor’s Permit in the Philippines in 2024? We are sharing here the latest Mayor’s Permit requirements and procedures. If you are a business owner or wanting to start a business in the Philippines, getting a Mayor’s Permit is one of the documents that is required to run a business whether you are a single proprietorship, partnership or a corporation.

What is a Mayor’s Permit?

A Mayor’s Permit is a license issued by a Mayor for a company for the operation of its business under its jurisdiction. This permit is renewable every year and the deadline for the renewal is before the end of January of each year.

How to Apply for a Mayor’s Permit in the Philippines?

Nowadays, it is very easy and fast to apply for a Mayor’s Business Permit. Make sure you gather first the complete documents needed before you go to the Municipal’s Office where your business is located. That is where you need to submit them, then get your certificate after a few minutes.

There are lots of queries asking us about the price of a Mayor’s Permit in Makati, Taguig, BGC, QC, Caloocan and the like. The cost of Mayor’s Permit or the license depends upon the type of business you will register. You should prepare and do the following:

Requirements in Getting a New Mayor’s Permit:

  • Application Form – you need to fill this out correctly
  • Proof of Business Registration (DTI / SEC / Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Contract of Lease (if Lessee)
  • Basis for computing taxes, fees and charges (e.g. Business Capitalization)
  • Location Sketch of the Business

Requirements for Renewal of a Mayor’s Permit:

  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Prior Year’s Print out of Mayor’s Permit / T. O. P.
  • Basis for computing taxes, fees and charges (e.g. Income Tax Returns / Sworn Statement of Gross Sales)

Steps and Procedures in Getting a Mayor’s Permit in the Philippines:

1. Secure Clearances

  1. BIR Certificate of Payment – go to the BIR Agent
  2. Sanitary Permit – go to the Health Sanitary Inspector
  3. Building Permit – go to the Office of Building Official
  4. Fire Clearance – go to the Bureau of Fire Department
  5. Zoning Clearance – go to the Zoning Administrator

2. File Your Documents

Go to the Filing and Assessment section and have your files verified by the business permit licensing staff and have your files assessed by the Municipal Treasurer’s.

3. Pay your Tax Order Payment

They will issue you (T.O.P.) Tax Order Payment which will be approved by the Mayor then you need to pay the amount at the cashier.

4. Claim your Certificate of Registration

After payment, secure your Certificate of Registration and have your Mayor’s Permit released. That’s the final step in securing Mayor’s Permit in the Philippines.

mayors permit requirements Philippines

That’s it. You will definitely finish the entire process in a few minutes especially if the municipal’s office has a one-stop registration. Every year they usually schedule a one-stop registration schedules every January because the deadline for renewal of mayor’s permit is on the last day of the first month of the year.

If you are just registering a new business, you need to visit each window, section or department for that matter, but you will also finish the process within the day.

Some municipal offices now accept online business registration. This is easier and more convenient. Same requirements are usually required. Find out whether your municipals office runs online registration.

Note that every municipal’s office might add some other requirements, but the list above is the usual requirements for many cities that I know. Every permit or license would look different, but the requirements are usually the same. If you want to see a mayor’s permit sample, check them out online.

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  1. Hi, I run an online business. I’d like to integrate the services of paymaya to make it easier for my customers to pay. However, one of their requirements is having a business permit or Mayor’s permit. Would it be possible for my online business to have a those?

  2. hi what is the requirement of the following to have clearance?

    1. Secure Clearances
    BIR Certificate of Payment – go to the BIR Agent
    Sanitary Permit – go to the Health Sanitary Inspector
    Building Permit – go to the Office of Building Official
    Fire Clearance – go to the Bureau of Fire Department
    Zoning Clearance – go to the Zoning Administrator

    • Hi 🙂
      For BIR Certificate of Payment, bring new BIR Form 0605 annual registration, and your quarterly tax payments for last year and your Tax Order of Payment from the previous year (if you have one). For sanitary permit, you will pay the necessary fee and they will inspect your business location. For building permit, you need an architect or engineer for your building permit. For fire clearance, have fire extinguisher at your office. They will also inspect your workplace. Same with zoning clearance

    • I have a couple questions, and I ask for someone who is a bit old enough to know how to cyber:

      (1) Is a Building Permit mandatory for all types of businesses such those (a) who only rents a tiny nipa-hut type structure, and (b) those who are on a very small scale, grassroot level ie. tindahang maliit ng kung anu-ano, tuba or coconut toddy, salt, etc.?

      (2) What are the excemptions, if any, as regards to the requirement with Building Permit?

      (3) If the house that a business person rents has no Building Permit, will it affect the person’s application for Mayor’s Permit?

  3. Could you at least put an image of the Assessment form to be completed to get the Mayor’s business permit? I’m confused, for there’s a BUSINESS TAX to be paid quarterly on the bills.. then there’s this BIR an another payments to be paid monthly /quarterly at their department/building.? Why is that? Double payments for taxes , one on getting the Mayor’s BP (that increases annually) an on the BIR’s..

  4. Hi! I just want to ask, is the basis for computing taxes for new business simply a financial statement that lists down the capital and loans (if applicable)? Thank you!

  5. Hi , just like to inquire about your company. It is you process documents in phil? Were is office base? Are you at singapore?


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