How to Get a PSA Birth Certificate (Requirements 2023)

How to get a PSA Birth Certificate in 2023? What are the latest, updated requirements and procedures? This is everything you need to know on how to get a PSA birth certificate (formerly NSO birth certificate) in the Philippines, online and abroad.

We also discuss the step-by-step guide on how to get a PSA birth certificate online and the different ways how to get an authenticated PSA birth certificate aside from going to any PSA branch, the fee and price you need to pay, the form you need to fill out. Get the stuff and numbers here so, check this out.

What is a PSA Birth Certificate?

A PSA Birth Certificate is the official birth certificate issued and authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to Filipino citizens documenting their live birth information including birthdate, place of birth, parents’ details, birth attendant, local civil registry number, and birth registration number.

how to get psa birth certificate philippines

PSA Birth Certificate Requirements in 2023:

  • Application Form (this form is provided by the PSA)
  • Certificate Fee (P155)
  • Valid ID for both the owner and requester of document
  • Authorization letter and ID of the document owner together with the ID of the requester are required if the requester is not the following: document owner, parent, spouse, direct descendant, legal guardian / institution in-charge, if minor

How to Get a PSA Birth Certificate in the Philippines?

There are 3 ways how to get a PSA birth certificate in the Philippines:

  1. At the PSA branch office
  2. Get PSA Birth Certificate Online
  3. At some PSA Accredited Centers

Procedures in Getting PSA Birth Certificate at the PSA Branch:

Update: Due to the pandemic, the PSA launched an online appointment system (CRS Online Appointment System). Hence, the procedures in getting a PSA birth certificate from any PSA branch will now require a confirmed appointment.

The good thing about getting a PSA Birth Certificate at the PSA branch is that you will be able to receive your authenticated PSA birth certificate without paying expensive fees.

The not so good thing about it is you might need to wait for a long queue because there are many applicants requesting for certificates every day. Likewise, the appointment system allocates slots on a first-come-first-served basis.

Step 1: Schedule an appointment through the PSA Online Appointment System

Make an online schedule to request your authenticated birth certificate through PSA Civil Registration Service Appointment System (PSA CRS). Prepare your valid email address and your active mobile number.

The Philippine Statistics Authority stated that minors are not allowed to book an appointment. If the requesting party is a duly authorized representative, the original copy of the authorization letter and valid ID must be presented.

how to get psa birth certificate online in 2023
photo credit: Philippine Statistics Authority

Step 2: Select your PSA outlet or PSA branch

Choose your PSA outlet where you want to set an appointment. Specify your region and PSA branch then click the “next” button.

Step 3: Provide your contact information for your appointment

Type your name (first, middle, last), email address, and mobile number on the online form. If you’re making a schedule for someone else, indicate their contact details and take note that all the reminders and requirements will then apply to them. If you’re requesting for someone else’s birth certificates, use your own personal information and contact details.

Step 4: Confirm your OTP

PSA CRS will send your OTP code to your email address to verify it’s yours. Type or copy the OTP number and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Fill out your application form for birth certificate

Fill out the application form by indicating your type of certificate request (in this case, Certificate of Live Birth). You may also add another certificate request. Proceed to the next field after you finished your document requests.

psa birth certificate online appointment

Step 6: Choose your preferred date and time of appointment

The page will now display a calendar where you can set your preferred date and time of your appointment. The dark colored boxes will indicate some available slots. Clicking a date will show the specified time and available slots.

Step 7: Confirm the details of your appointment

The page will display the details of your birth certificate request and schedule. Take a moment to review the information of your appointment before you confirm your appointment. Be informed that your appointment is non-transferable.

Step 8: Keep a digital copy of your appointment slip

You will now receive your Civil Registration Service Appointment Slip containing your confirmed booking with QR code. Keep a digital copy or print it out because you’ll need it when you’ll attend your appointment.

how to get appointment in psa

Step 9: Attend your appointment at the PSA outlet

Present your CRS appointment slip and accomplish a Health Survey Form. Get your PSA birth certificate application form (AF) and queue ticket number (QTN)

Step 10: Pay the processing fee

Next step is you will have to pay the application fee at the cashier. The latest fee and price of getting a PSA birth certificate is P155 per copy.

Step 11: Receive your copy of birth certificate

Wait for your certificate to be released on the scheduled date set by your PSA branch. Present your valid ID and official receipt (OR) to the Releasing Section. Before you leave the vicinity, make sure you check your certificate for any correction or error.

How to Get a PSA Birth Certificate Online?

This is the easiest, hassle-free, and the most convenient way on how to get a PSA birth certificate. You can also request your PSA document even if you live overseas.

The most legitimate way to get your certificate online is via the following websites accredited by the Philippine Statistics Authority. We recommend you only deal with them as they are authorized by the PSA. You need to go to their official websites.

  • (formerly

Procedures in Getting a PSA Birth Certificate Online:

Step 1: Visit an online website accredited by the PSA

Visit any accredited PSA online website mentioned above. Order your PSA Birth certificate by selecting the ORDER button and providing your details.

Step 2: Pay the processing fees

Pay the processing fees. Note that the birth certificate fee online is higher as it covers delivery charges and service fee. It is P365 per copy. You can pay using your credit card online or use your Bancnet card and pay thru an ATM. Payments are also accepted through GCash, ECPay, PayMaya, at 7-Eleven stores, Palawan Express, and Dragonpay.

Step 3: Receive your document

After the confirmation of payment, your document will be delivered anywhere in the Philippines within 3 to 4 working days within Metro Manila or 3 to 8 working days outside Metro Manila.

How to Get a PSA Birth Certificate in SM Business Centers?

The Philippine Statistics Authority has partnered with SM to process PSA certificates to facilitate and serve Filipinos better wherever in the Philippines. How long do they release PSA birth certificates? The usual release of certificates through SM Business Center is 7-14 days. The requirements are the same, valid ID, authorization letter if you have a representative, and processing fee.

PSA birth certificate requirements

Procedures in Getting a PSA Birth Certificate in SM Business Center

Step 1: Fill out a request form for PSA birth certificate

Fill out the application form for your request of PSA birth certificate. The receptionist or guard in SM Business Center will provide the form to be filled out.

Step 2: Pay the service fees

Pay the necessary fees. As of now, the fees for PSA birth certificate request through SM Business Center is P155 per copy plus P25 service fee each request.

Step 3: Claim your certificate at the scheduled release date

Claim your document at the releasing section of SM Business Services. Don’t forget to bring the receipt, your valid ID and authorization letter if you have a representative.

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