Interview with a Filipino Flight Attendant from Cebu Pacific Air

This page used to contain an interview with a Filipino flight attendant, Precious Chico and her journey to becoming a cabin crew of Cebu Pacific. The post has inspired so much people, went viral and popular online but due to massive inquiries and unexpected messages, Precious has contacted me and requested to pull out the post for privacy reason and to avoid unstoppable questions, messages and inquiries sent to her. Philpad respects her and her privacy so we deleted the interview here.

Furthermore, we are still open for related interviews about cabin crew. If you want to be featured, just contact us and we will email you.

Just want to share the best advice Precious has shared to all the Filipinos who dream the same dream to become a Flight Attendant:

Don’t be afraid to chase your dream. Nothing will happen if you keep on dreaming but do nothing to achieve it. 🙂 Be 100% sure that you want the job If you failed the first time, try and try until God gave it to you. 🙂 Most important thing is not to lose hope and wear you genuine smile at all times :)”

interview with filipino flight attendant

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My name is Fehl and I love interviewing people. These people are not celebrities, not listed in Forbes or Time magazine yet I feel someday they could be. Sometimes I just meet them at Starbucks or bump into them in Boracay or I just like their current Instagram. These people I know will inspire others. These people are Filipino…by blood or by heart – and that gets my attention 🙂

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191 thoughts on “Interview with a Filipino Flight Attendant from Cebu Pacific Air”

  1. Good Day! I am Alyzza Mae Medina, Grade 11 student from APEC Schools Concepcion Dos. We are making a research paper for our Research 1 Domain. This is all about being a Flight Attendant and I would like to ask permission if you can participate in this interview. I would be glad to have an interview with you to learn more about being a Flight Attendant. I know that you are busy and that’s why I assure you that this will take about 30 minutes of your time.

    The information will be use for educational purposes. Your identity will be kept confidential.

    I look forward to your response!

  2. ugh..Here we go again.. 🙁
    Like all of you guys here, this has also been my ultimate dream since I first laid my eyes on a FA uniform.But unlike many of you, I’m starting to lose hope and was actually about to let go of this dream job that I have long envision myself to be a part of that’s until I come across to this site—

    I’ve made a bunch of research and unfortunately I only stand 5’1 in height though my weight is proportional to that of the latter but then that’s just it, I’m a hobbit still (reality sucks). As of my teeth (ewan..bat di nila makuhang mgkapit bisig)the only prob. is that the upper teeth is hndi align sa lower teeth tipong medyo nkausli po.

    — I felt somewhat motivated to pursue my dream coz no matter how many plan b’s I’ve tried to come up with like maybe mg work abroad nlang ako ito prin tlaga yung gsto ko mging FA. Mag tatake nlng ako ng gloxi at mgb.brace. lol thnks po

  3. Hello.

    Is it possible that they will hire that have braces? It’s been two years that I decided to put braces on my teeth . I hope I am qualified even though i have braces but i have the skills and talent to become an F.A Thanks to my Dentist Doc Pam of Dental Center who really cares my teeth..

  4. Can i ask you ms. Fehl pwede po ba kahit kulang ng 3 yung teeth? Actually bagang sila so di naman kita kapag nag smile so pwedi puba nun yon?

  5. good day! i’m lea from Iligan city i’m 2 years college graduated my course is not related to tourism is that required in your company? this is one of my dream to become flight stewardess and i have the ability to speak different language my English is not that fluent but i will try my best. I have a pretty face, white skin, 5’3 in height but i’m chubby i don’t know if my weight is proportion to my height? i don’t have a perfect set of teeth and i don’t know how to swim im worried if im not qualified? Hoping for your soonest response!:)

  6. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    I just want to ask if its required na tourism ang course na natapos ng isang applicant? And also if pwede po ung may sungki ang teeth?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  7. Good evening po mam Fehl.

    I’m 17 years old,I’m skinny and tall and I’m willing to have this kind of my dream job since I was a kid, but now I’m a college student I was forcely pick a course of Hotel Restaurant Management by my parents but it not fits Me well, that’s why I have so many failure grades cause I don’t take it seriously they’re some students in my school campus walking by and wearing a flight attendant uniform I feel like I’m jealous all the time and I feel sad. But this summer I decided to shift on my course to tourism I was just reading and finding a blog about flight attendant and how I become a flight attendant and I found you’re inspirational letter, I thought I don’t have a chance to fullfil my dreams sometimes I feel like I’m giving up, but when I read this I motivate myself to pursue well thank you miss fehl . I’m gonna read this as always! ?

  8. Hi Ms. Fehl Dungo,

    I really want to become a flight attendant, is just that Im so worry of my scar in my left hand. It actually a seal of my fraternity. Is Pal or Cebpac accepting applicant that has a braces? I decided to have it for me to have a proper alignment of teeth for the preparation for FA. Im hoping for your merit response so that i can see how i can proceed for the next step. Thank you so much. 🙂

  9. Hi Ms. Fhel Dungo! I am a fresh graduate of one of a religious schools here in Philippines particularly Notre Dame of Kidapawan College..I have read your sentiments and comments of your followers. I get easily inspired with your help to your followers like me and I am aspiring to become the next well efficient, effective and with a good heart flight attendant for all airline passengers. Can you help me to make my dreams come true? I am male, handsome with a good structure of teeth and my height is 5’7”. I am looking forward making this dream into reality with your help. I will leave my number if you want me to contact (09486141487) Thank you, more powers and God bless you!!!


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