iPhone Forever Plan 1599, 1999 Globe Promo – Pros and Cons Review

Get a new iphone every year. One of the most tempting offers for iphone plans so far is iphone Forever Plan from Globe. Imagine getting the latest iphone every year. For gadgets and iphone lovers, it would surely be great news. But for practical and wise people, getting new iphone every year – what would you really get from it aside from paying too much for another 24 months and surrendering my current phone. In this post, we discuss the pros and cons of getting Globe iphone forever plan 1999, 1599, 2999, 5599 and 6999.

iphone forever plan 1599 1999 globe

iphone Forever Plan Globe Promo what is exactly it?

It’s really just like an iphone postpaid plan – only with the luxury of having to get the new iphone every time a new one is released and paying monthly postpaid bill and trading the former iphone.


  • Get iphone 5c by availing iphone Forever Plan 1599 + trading your iphone 4s and iphone 5
  • Get iphone 5s by availing iphone Forever Plan 1999 + trading your iphone 4s and iphone 5

Iphone Forever Plan Globe Promo

iphone forever plan 1999 globe

iPhone Forever Plans Pros and Cons

Pros and Benefits:

  • You can own the latest iphone every year
  • You can get consumable plans features or add another like unlimited LTE, unlimited call and text etc.
  • 0% 24-months installment plans are available for Allied Bank/PNB, American Express, BDO, BPI, Citibank, EastWest Bank, HSBC, Metrobank/PS Bank, RCBC Bankard, Security Bank/Diners Club and UnionBank credit card users.
  • Free 1-month Gadget Care Coverage – mobile insurance protection from theft and accidental damage

iphone Forever Plan Disadvantages:

  • Every year there is always a new iphone but your 24-month (2 years) contract is still not finished.
  • You’ll pay a 24-monthly bill according to the plan you’ve chosen (1599, 1999, 2999, 5599, 6999)
  • You need to trade in your old mobile phone or gadget and pay a One-Time Trade-In cash-out if applicable. Trade-in gadgets are subject to assessment by the Trade-in Officer for eligibility.
  • According to Globe TOS, subscribers cannot upgrade or downgrade their iphone Forever Plan until their 24-month contract has ended.
  • According to Globe TOS, Contract Period does not reset to 24 months upon availment of a new iPhone at any point between the subscriber’s 13th to 24th months in contract.
  • We always know postpaid plans are much expensive than prepaid or just buying an iphone without contract.


The latest iphone 5c 16GB selling price without contract is P29,000 if you will avail of iphone Forever plan 1599 5c 16GB, you need to pay a total of P38,376 (1599×24 months). Imagine how much you save. Literally, you save P9,376. Plus you’ll have a peace of mind without an obligation to pay a 2-year contract. There are some shops that sell iphone 5c as lower as 27,000. Hence, you save a lot if you would just buy in an instant.

The latest iphone 5s 16GB selling price without contract is P34,400 if you will avail of iphone Forever plan 1999 5s 16GB, you need to pay a total of P47,976 (1999×24 months). Imagine how much you save. Literally, you save P13,576. Some shops also sell iphone 5s as lower as 32,000.

For wise spending, it’s not practical to grab tempting offers like iphone Forever plans especially if you only earn gross profit of 20,000 a month or a little above that. Some people even earn less than that. Be thankful enough you have a cool-working iphone still even if it’s not the latest one. You can always buy one after 3 years or so anyway. There are far more important things in life to spend with – like spending more time with your family and friends.

Why not but Apple shares instead of buying every new iphone every year. That way, you will be a co-owner of Apple. You might be forever grateful then. To know more about investing, read our investment topics.

I’m done rambling here. Now it’s your turn to share your views. Comment below. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “iPhone Forever Plan 1599, 1999 Globe Promo – Pros and Cons Review”

  1. Can i trade my sony experia miro for an i phone forever plan 1599.

    Please im very desperate to have an i phone and with the idea of i phone forever plan you give hope to me.

    • They will assess your gadget for the trade and you’ll know once you went to Globe. They will also tell you how much you need to pay for cash out. I personally don’t prefer iphone forever plan because it literally is expensive if you compute the total bill compared to the real price of iphone 5c which you can buy for 25,000 only. Or just use installment if you wish. 5s is available around 33,000

      • HI Marifel,

        Just thinking out loud. I think you forgot to compute the all unlimited text, call and surfing as you have for the plan that is bunddled for a new phone.

        I get post paid plan because instead of me paying only for the gadget, my money gets to pay also the services.

        So to your post of
        “The latest iphone 5s 16GB selling price without contract is P34,400 if you will avail of iphone Forever plan 1999 5s 16GB, you need to pay a total of P47,976 (1999×24 months). Imagine how much you save. Literally, you save P13,576. Some shops also sell iphone 5s as lower as 32,000”

        You do save more in the contract because you need to add the 24 month consumable + the gadget.

        Am I right? Please advise.

        • Hi, I didn’t include there the services usage coz every person has different consumption and surfing nowadays is almost free because of wifi, you can also send texts or call someone using FB Messenger. I personally think, it’s wiser to just buy an iphone and just be free from all those postpaid fees. Less obligations, less expenses 🙂

  2. Hi. I have an iphone 3gs 8gb phone. I got the phone from my Mother who is based in UK. Is it eligible for the iPhone Forever Plan if I opt to trade it in? What are the unit/phone description allowed to be traded in? OK lang ba kung jailbroken yun phone? Kung naka open line? O kailangan yung unit tlgang from a Globe plan? Thanks

    • They assess every gadget for the trade-in. They have Tiers for the trade-in gadgets:

      Tier 1: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S – No Cash out required
      Tier 2: iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry Q10, HTC One -P4,999 Cash-out
      Tier 3: iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Curve/Bold/Torch, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Nokia Lumia -P9,999 cash-out
      Tier 4: All other gadgets -P11,999 Cash-out

  3. EH naka 3G ka naman. Di mo na kailangan maghanap lagi ng Wifi spot or magtanong lagi ng ‘may wifi ba kayo?’ pangalawa, kung mag avail ka ng 1999 plan, may kasama na siyang 600pesos na consumable amount, so parang 1999-600 = 1399 lang talaga ung binabayaran mo.. plus mas makakatipid ka pa kung ung 600 na consumable na amount na kasama ay i a avail mo ng Combos nila like 100 = 125 Texts to all networks. (tipid ka ng 25pesos). Diba?

    • Thanks for sharing your views. Forget 3G coz it’s LTE na and that’s amazing. You don’t need so much load anymore since you can also be connected with your friends via Facebook, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Viber etc.


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