How to become a Police Officer in the Philippines – PNP Requirements

What are the requirements to become a police in the Philippine National Police a.k.a. PNP? To become a policeman in the country you must meet the criteria and requirements listed below. I gathered the information from NAPOLCOM.

Working as a police officer in the PNP gives rewarding benefits, compensation and generous retirement pension. The salaries are good enough and the security is stronger than working in a private firm because you will be working in the government – means bankruptcy is unlikely to occur. The government will always have budget for all PNP personnel no matter what happens.

How to become a Police Officer in the Philippines?

If you are a cadet of PNPA (Philippine National Police Academy), pass the qualifying exam and training to become an official police.

If you are a graduate from a college or university and have a Bachelor’s Degree, take the PNP Entrance Examination (NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam). If you passed the exam, you will have the eligibility appropriate for the appointment to the rank of PO1 (Police Officer 1) as prescribed by Section 30 in the RA 6975, amended by republic Act 8551. The requirements for the qualifying exam are:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen

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  • Not less than 21 years old but not more than 30 years old
  • At least 1.62 meters height (Male) / 1.57 (Female)
  • At least 1.52 meters height (Male) / 1.45 (Female) if member of Indigenous communities
  • With Bachelor’s Degree

After you passed the exam, you can apply for a position at the NAPOLCOM. The appointment and recruitment requirements for police officer are:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Not more than 30 years old
  • At least 1.62 meters height (Male) / 1.57 (Female)
  • At least 1.52 meters height (Male) / 1.45 (Female) if member of Indigenous communities
  • With Bachelor’s Degree
  • With good moral character
  • Must have passed the physical, mental and health exam by any hospital accredited by the NAPOLCOM
  • Must be eligible according to the Eligibility Standards set by PNP – if you have passed or have a license to:

NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam

BAR or Board Exam

RA 6506 (Criminology Exam)

Civil Service Commission Professional Exam (CSC Professional Exam)

PD No. 907 – Civil Service Eligibility to College Honor Graduates

If you want to go for higher positions other than PO1, you can apply provided you meet the requirements for the particular rank you are applying. Promotions in the PNP are reached according to good performance and rank upgrades too.

If you passed the CSC Professional Exam, you are already eligible and you may need to just apply directly at the PNP.

I dedicate this page to all PNP police and especially to my dear Grandpa who was a retired police officer. Kudos to all PNP staff!

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  1. says

    i’m a NURSING graduate but not a board passer but i passed the CSC professional exam and NAPOLCOM exam. Can i apply for the position of PO3 or higher even tho i’m not yet a police officer(PO1)??

    • tony says

      no you can’t. entry level for police non-commissioned officers (pnco’s) from PO1-SPO4, the non-officer ranks/grade, is Police Officer I. except for professionals/technical like MD’s, DD’s, Priests, Engr’s, etc, they can apply/join the police service directly as Police Commissioned Officers (PCO’s)…

      • says


      • Reymar Masilang says

        Tanung ko lang po, kpag nkapasa na po ba sa CSC professional exam eh nd na kaylangan mag-exam sa NAPOLCOM? have a bless day po :-)

    • marklogan says

      No, there are only two entry level positions in the PNP- Police Officer 1 for the non-officers and Police Inspector and/or Senior Inspector for officers. PNPA graduates who joins the PNP shall automatically be awarded PI ranks while a private lawyer and/or a doctor who enters the service thru lateral entry mode gets a PSI rank. Your credentials would place you on the first option; promotion from PO1 to PO3 would take you about 7-8 years since each rank has a required time-in-grade. It’s 5 years i think from PO1 to PO2 and 2-3 from PO2 to PO3- this of course is on the assumption that you have complied all requirements prescribed (fitness, career or technical course, clearances, etc.). However, you may be awarded special and/or meritorious promotions for exceptional, outstanding accomplishments may it be on police operations (patrol, traffic, investigation, interventions) or community relations which would entitle you to an instant promotion to the next higher rank waiving or setting aside all these requirements.

      • says

        Hi, I am PRC- RN board Passer.. I wanted to be part of PNP but the NCIP is strict pertaining to height waiver requirement. It needs enough time to comply the waiver provided that my height is only 5’2″. What would I do to be admitted in the cops?Thanks!

      • MASON MURENO says

        Board passers such as Lawyer, Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist, Nurse, Engineer, Graduate of Forensic Sciences and Criminologists are qualified to apply while pilots, psychologist and IT graduates can also apply.

    • joel espinosa says

      mom ..pwedi po bang mag apply sa napolcom ng 2 years hgraduate o ilang units po ang kailangan kasi po pangarap ko po talaga maging police… pls help me..

      • clarknicholcabeguin says

        yes pwede yan pro you are under in the non uniformed personnel if kung gusto ka talaga na maging police e tapusin mo yn ng 2yrs pa

    • NORBERT GARRA says

      your CSC eligibilty you can apply now for PO1 if there is Quota but you can’t jump to PO3 unless you are now P02.

  2. Mark mics says

    It can’t be, initial rank for pnp enlistment is po1. If you’re a board passer u can apply for the rank of police inspector (lieutenant) as long as the pnp has a quota for nurses on lateral entry.

      • says

        Since you are a board passer already, you are considered eligible however you need to apply personally to PNP for the position and meet their requirements

        • ryan zabat says

          im registered elementary teacher… can i apply pnp training? to become police officer plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply

          • clarknicholcabeguin says

            yes pwede pro kailangan mo munang mag undergo nang mga qualifications sa pnp at least 21 years and not more exceeding 31 years of age

      • clarknicholcabeguin says

        kailangan mung mka pasa muna ng requirements sa pnp if qualified kba yn ang degree mo uk na yn hindi ka na mag exam pa sa napolcom

        • Christine says

          A Pleasant morning to everyone. I just want to ask if the poor sighted can take the criminology Course? I am a Graduating student of high school, and I have a problem in my eyes, but still I want to take the criminology course.

      • MASON MURENO says

        you must need to past the NAPOLCOM examination.. after you pass this examination you can now apply PNP. thats it

  3. Alex says

    i have my civil service sub-pro and professional but i dont have a napolcom examination. May nagsabi kasi sakin na kaibigan ko na once na may eligibility ka na kahit hindi ka na mag exam ng napolcom? Mag apply n lng daw ako for training. Is this true? TIA!

        • Jear says

          Yan din po ang tanong ko, do they consider those who have not finished their degree but having only 120 units.

          • rhoda says

            Hi I am very interested to take the exam and I am sure that I met the requirements. However, after signing the online registration form it appeared that scheduling system is closed for that category? why is it so? any help?

  4. exodus says

    good day. i heard that after passing the requirements and exams, you will be lined up for training. may narinig kasi ako na may sweldo or allowance ba yun kapag once na nag start ka na ng training. how true is this? magkano nmn? if you are the bread winner, xiempre cant leave your family starving. saan at gaano ba katagal ung training. correct me if im misinformed. TIA.

    • says

      The info for that must be discussed between the trainee and the trainer. They will orient you about your training and discuss the benefits of passing the course including the allowances if any.

    • marklogan says

      Yes, immediately after you take oath as PO1 your money clock starts to count. You will receive around 18k in a month, given bi-monthly or monthly in some occasion. This is true even while you are undergoing PSFTP training for 1 year- 7 months in training school and 5 months on field. The police training school is always near or collocated with the PNP Regional Office that hired you except for the PNP NHQ quota who are being trained exclusively in Laguna .

      • gp says

        Question q lng po what are the requirements n kailangan q iprepare kpg magffile n po aq ng training or yung PSFTP and saan q po b dapat ipasa ang mga iyun???

  5. lovely says

    hey guyz..i want to apply for lateral entry but i dont know how and what are the requirements?i am a license teacher and i heard that there is no need to take the entrance exam if you are a board passer…please help me..

    • tony says

      @lovely – i think wala lateral entry for teachers…if magkakaroon man, it’s with the PNP Training Service.

  6. says

    I am police officer 3 and a license medical technologist wanted to apply for a lateral entry for police inspector. am I qualified? is there a quota? is there a need for me to be assigned at any medical units in pnp in order for me to apply for latteral entry? Is there a schedule of exam this 2013?

  7. tInAy says

    Hi i’m an engineering graduate not liscensed (IE) and recently passed the CSC Professional Exam. Does that mean i am qualified for training? where do i need to go for application?

    • tony says

      tinAy – yes, ur qualified but there are other requiremnts to comply….visit the nearest Police Regional Office or police camp (proceed to R1 or personnel office) and inquire there. they know the recuitment program for the year (regular or attrition quota)..

  8. Fenris says

    Sir, medyo confused lang po aku, dapat po bang kunin lahat ng exams listed above and not only the NAPOLCOM exam?

    • says

      Nope, you have to take NAPOLCOM exam if you are not eligible or don’t hold any eligibility listed on the end part of the article

      • marglee says

        Mam 1.62 meters ung s male n height requirement pro pag e convert natin into feet hindi nmn 5’4 ehh, nasa 5’3.8 something

  9. ariel says

    Hi po,now pa lang aq gagraduate ,bachelor of education ang course ko, 29 yearsold na ko ngayong april 2 2013, qualified pa kaya ako ?

    • tony says

      definitely, meron PO1 recruitment for this year 2013…try to visit the nearest Police Regional Office or at Camp Crame (DPRM – RSD, fronting Camp Crame Gasoline Station)..minimum age requirement is 21, maximum is 30 yo before oath taking…my advice, take the NAPOLCOM exam, CSC prof and/or the board exam coz the board exam is needed if u want to become an Officer of the PNP (for some like MD, DD, Engr, Priest,)…the more qualifications/eligibilities u have, the better (edge mo sa iba)…almost all applicants ay meron 2 eligibilities, just for info…

  10. rose says

    Please contact me/// im a registered nurse i want to be officer how or where do i start?? do i need to take any exam?? or what

    • Guillermo G. Alhambra III says

      Goodmorning sir/madam, I’m an IT graduate, since na wala po kaming licensure exam, kailangan po ba mag take ng CS bago maki exam sa napolcom?

        • Mart says

          Hi gud morning im computer engineering grad and im 30yrs now,,what im doing or step, to become a pnp,,can i apply or not bcz of my ages?pls help and give some ideas ,,tanx

      • Christian says

        Hi Guillermo,

        Im also an IT graduate and currently a Pollice officer 1 for PNP. regarding your question. yes you need to take any of the mentioned eligibility that you mentioned for you to be able to APPLY for the service… I currently have a Napolcom Eleigibility and CS Prof.. but i did not declare “YET” my cs prof hehhehe..

  11. Elizalde Dagale says

    Maam/Sir ask ko lang po, if ever pumasa ako ngaung may sa Napolcom entrance exam may chance na po ba akong maging police within this year?

    • says

      if ever na pumasa ka u need to wait until the next cotta of applicants’ by cotta kc xa, example 500 ang kylangan na applicants but let us say na 1,000 ung nagaapply, dont expect na lhat ng 1,000 na un ay mgi2ng police’

      • Rose says

        @blue.. nag inquire aq s crame Im a registered nurse ang sabi sakin need ko lang daw mg pasa ng requirements… kelangan ko pa rin ba mag take ng exam

        • blue says

          @Rose If u asking that u still need to undergo napolcom entrance exam hndi na po, dhil as u’ve said registered nurse ka, meaning to say u already have an eligibility, oo kylangan mong mgpasa ng requirements w/c consist of ur personal infomation, and then ssbihin ung sked ng mga activity,

          a.) (BMI) body mascular index “height and weight”
          b.) neuro psychiatric test “written” d2 mdameng bmbgsak
          c.) neuro psychiatric test “oral” d2 mdameng bmbgsak
          d.) (PFT) physical fitness test or agility
          e.) medical examination
          f.) drug examination
          g.) Final Deliberation
          h.) oath taking for the new police recruit
          i.) 6 months PSBRC training
          j.) 6 months for (FTP) field training program “OJT to district”
          k.) Badge of Honor

          information given above is based on my experienced when i was also applying as a police. sana po kahit papano ay nakatulong ako, goodluck sa lahat ng balak pmasok sa pnp organization’

          • rose says

            Hi blue, what is neuro exam? uhhmm meron dn ba itong license as policE?? I MEAN ID license as police nurse….. salamat

          • jai says

            hello may i ask if still needed ang height requirement mahigpit b talga?5 ft lang kasi ako.registered naman ako..wala ba ibang paraan para makapasok?

          • sheena mae says

            Hi blue. Do u have any idea if pwde maka apply pnp ang highschool grad lang but passed the civil service proffesional exam?

            And how about if sub prof lang?


    • says

      you cannot enter as of now since Napolcom exam is on May 26, the result for that takes a months. Recruitment would be on June 2013 start. next quota is your chance.

      • aiki says

        hi sir ?? 1 day lang po ba ang pag pasa ng requirements para makapag exam sa napolcom ang hirap po kasing maka pag log thanks po . any answer will very much appreciated thanks.

  12. rose says

    at saka blue, kelangan ko ba magpagupit ng short hair? :( pls kkindly inform me asap 09434919271 heres my number kindly text me

    • blue says

      @rose no, wla po syang i.d if ever na pumasa ka sa neuro, thats part of the applying procedure to know if the applicants are capable to the job, alam mo naman stressful din maging police’ especially may firearms db’ dpat you know how to handle the situation’ un ung isa sa dahilan kung bkiit madaming bmbagsak sa neuro’
      and yes, gu2pitan ka ng maiksi’ barbers cut’ thats part of the training’ pero di ka basta2 gu2pitan habang nagaapply pa lng’ gu2pitan lng pag training na

    • blue says

      @mark informing u is not my job, i gave information and my personal experience to all person who wants to join pnp organization for them to strive harder to reach their goal. at kung ikaw ay umaasa lang sa ibang tao for sure di mo mara2ting pangarap mo’ you need to have ur own initiative, that’s one of the character of the police have.

      • Dash says

        Sir, I would just like to clarify. If a person has graduated a bachelor’s degree yet is not a passer of any board exam of his/her field nor the civil service exam. The person ought to take and pass the Napolcom examination first, before he is allowed for training? If the person has supposedly been a swimming and rappelling instructor for the PNP for some period of time would the person be allowed to go directly to train or would he still need to take the examination?

        I am just curious. Because there is this person who keeps saying that he’ll be going to training and all, but hasn’t come around doing so. Saying the training period hasn’t started. Let’s just say this is my quest for the truth or something of the sort.

  13. sss says

    May mga nagcomment na sa comment palang halata ng di papasa sa neuro…tsk tsk goodluck guys, I think if you want to know the schedule better go to ur nearest provincial office kung sa province ka o sa mga regional office if malapit sa inyo, …can also check “some” pnp website, so far sa pagbabasa ko sa mula sa posts hanggang sa mga comments, may napulot ako lalo na kay @blue thanks!!!

  14. marlon pabilona says

    isa po akung seaferer gusto ko po sanang mag police kaso 33 year old na ako..may puwang pa ba ako sa pnp para maka pasok..idol ko po kasi ang pinsan ko sa pagdating sa serbisyo sa bayan si atty.gil pabilona ng pdea..salamat po..

    • tony says

      pwd ka sa age waiver, provided you have a “special skill” na pwd mo magamit sa police work like martial arts, shooting, etc..d napolcom will determine it..sila magbibigay syo ng age waiver…’til 35yo ata pwd.

      • Ryan says

        Good to know that, may age waiver pla, 31 na po ksi ako, pero I’m interested talaga in joining the force, my only concern is I don’t have a special skill, teacher at IT/Computer Programmer po ako, sana ma consider as special skill din yun.

  15. says

    Gud am..My husband is BS in Criminolgy graduate, he dreamed on becoming a police officer, however, because he is living in remote area like masbate, he had hardships on filling for NAPOLCOM exam, now he is 34 and a Barangay Official, can he use this Eligibility to apply on PNP? He also took Civil Service Exam, hopefully if he pass can he use to apply on PNP?Thanks and God bless..

  16. says

    im wondering san kaya nila ipo-post ang needed no. applicants for lateral entry.. is it napolcom or pnp website?
    im an RN trying to enter through lateral entry and my exam pa ba?? ive read so many articles sa napolcom and pnp site pero im confused.

    thnx in advance

      • tony says

        zian & yessir – visit the nearest police camp…galing kasi sa Camp Crame directives/instructions ng recruitment quota/period/start of processing…

        • SnSn says

          @tony- I call the regional office in my area and they don’t have info f there is lateral entry this year. ang sabi tawag lang daw from time to time. is there any chance na e popost nila sa official website f there’s any announcement for lateral entry? im a registered chemical engineer and I want to join the pnp.

    • Gel says

      sa napansin ko, minsan sa mga Main Offices nalang yan pinopost at hndi na sa website kasi mahirap mag set ng deadline for the lateral entry. In reality, if mahirap mag apply ng PO1 rank mas mahirap for the lateral entry rank kasi it requires a minimum certain years of professional field practice (i think 5 years ata)…

  17. Ryan says


    31 years old na po ako, turning 32 this year, graduate ng Bachelor’s Degree, may chance pa ba ako? sana kahit 35 years old ang limit.

  18. buniel says

    for the info. of eveybody wlang relax na applicant. if u want to become a police officer you need to visit personally the nearest mun.police station, ppo or rpo simpling tyaga lang. dahil wala pang exact date for hiring this year its better u prepare ur self for agility test.

  19. Rey says

    lets say napasa mo yung lateral exam for pnp, ur a registered nurse for example, will you be assigned in hospital in camp crame forever, or you can commanding officer in some station? gud day po blue hope u answer my question..

  20. Oorah says

    sir i really have bad teeth kasi hindi ko naalagaan noon and now
    got crown dentures sa harapan tapos marami narin akong gap sa teeth dahil sa tooth extractions makakaapekto ba to sa recruitment ko??? TIA

  21. jhei says

    Sir/ma’am I really want makapasok sa pnp im a nursing graduate I tried to apply for the entrance exam @ napolcom pero bagsak agad ako sa height coz im only 160cm and the height requirement was 162cm..sabi nila kumuha muna ako ng c.o.c kung sn province ko..sad to say naloko ako ng mga taga ncip sa aklan,dhl pinaasa lang nila ko na mkakakuha ako ng naman kung sino pwede mapagkakatiwalaang pwdeng lapitan sa aklan province para makakuha ng c.o.c …i already compltd some of the req.ang kulang nlang ung late regstration ng mga lolot lola ko na katunayan na tubong aklan ang family ko and I belong to ati tribe..

  22. mj says

    tanung ko lang po kung pwede ako apply para sa commission officer board passer po ako ng criminologists and i was a missionary for 2 years pwede po ba yun?

  23. rox says


    Pwede ba mag-apply ang may eyeglasses? Nearsighted kasi ako. I’m very interested to be a policewoman. Thank you!

  24. joy says

    pano po kung nakapasa ako ng napolcom exam pero bagsak po ako sa civil service. okay na po ba yun or required talaga na pumasa ako sa civil service exam?.. thank you po in advance sa sasagot

    • says

      minimum height requirement for males is 1.62 m. They give consideration though for people who are member of the Indigenous Group. If you are member of that community, get a certification from the NCIP (National commission on Indigenous People) Main office of office on Muslim Affairs

  25. jumong says

    gudday sir. ask ko lng qng pde mgapply ung mga board passer na nurse at po1 na s commissioned officer o kya s lateral entry. panu po b process nun. ty

  26. rachel may flores says

    good evening sir.. I’m a criminology student, I’m 29 years old I’m on my third year and I will graduate at the age of 30 and turning 31 the same year because my birthday is May. I wanted to ask if I can still apply in the PNP under the age waiver if hopefully I passed the board? Will I have my chance to become a policewoman?
    Thank you sir..

  27. michael says

    good morning ma’am/sir… i’ve heard that there is a dental exam in the phase of recruitment … i have this dental problem like i do have dentures… pustiso kumbaga.. 2 ngipin lng naman… papasa pa kaya ako? and by the way….di ako nakahabol sa Month of June recruitment… kelan po ba ulit magaganap ang recruitment?
    *useful po ang page na to* Maraming Salamat po sa inyo! Mabuhay po kayo!

  28. prodigal prodigy says

    phases of examination;

    application folders submitted will be screen. those who are qualified will undergo the following phases. when you failed in one phase you can not continue( so ur disqualified ) to the next phase . please visit or visit ur local police stations to ask about the requirements.

    1st.neuro psychiatric examination interview
    3rd.physical/medical/dental exam
    4th.physical agility
    5th final commitee interview

  29. Gel says

    yung NCIP (National Commission of Indigenous People) certification ay para lamang po sa mga member po ng tribes ng isang region. hindi po ibig sabihin na kung may indigenous tribe po ang region na pinanggalingan nyo ay bibigyan napo kayo ng NCIP certification. binibigay lang po ito sa mga taong mismong ang pamilya nila ay membro po nung tribe. if an applicant is an NCIP member (cerification holder), he is automatically granted a HEIGHT WAIVER.
    kung gusto nyo po mag-apply for membership po, you have to talk with the tribe leaders/members themselves if papayag sila na ampunin ka nila.

  30. Gel says

    pede din po naman ma-waive ang height thru special skills as stated sa page 2-3 ng
    halibawa po ng special skills ay top-natchers ng board exams, Philippine National team athletes, cum-laude(s) and the likes…
    competitive po kasi talaga ang pagpasok sa PNP kasi inalis na po ang image na basta-basta lang ang mga ka pulisan naten, at because the PNP is aiming to provide quality public service…batas po kasi yung Height Requirement kaya hindi po talaga basta-bastang ipilit na sa PNP na tanggalin ang height requirement. pinapatupad ang po nila yung height requirement ng batas.

    • Gin says

      bkit naman kz my height requirment pa? nagapply nko before sa Camp crame, hindi ako natangap because of my height :( huhu 5.1 lng po kase ako :( huhu

  31. fraon s. uru says

    Good afternoon sir i am computer instructor in different schools and 5 yrs in service,. puwede parin ba akong mag apply bilang pulis kht akoy 32 yrs old na?

  32. says

    hello po.,ask ko lang po if qualified ung 5’3″ sa height i.t graduate.what if maipasa ko po ung csc prof.may chance po ba ung katulad kong 5″3″ lamang ang height?hindi po kasi ako kbilang sa indigenous wala namn din po ako academic awards.what should i do po para makakuha nang waiver para sa height requirements.tnx and more power hope you response

    • jhei says

      1.62m ang minimum height requirements para makapasok sa pnp,…pagkaka alam ko nagbibigay na ang napolcom ng height waiver kahit hindi member ng ethnic group hangang 1.57m….palagay ko unahin mo muna ang eligibillity mo bago ka mag request for that waiver…parehas kasi tayo ng problema coz i’m only 1.60m, kulang ng 2cm…..

  33. Jesse says

    hi. i a doctor, an anesthesiologist, how do i apply, what are the requirements and where and when do i pass the requirements? thank you.

  34. Sarahjane toring says

    Hello, pwede po ba akong mag.apply nang police kahit 5 flat lng aq? Maging qualified kya aq if mag.p.member aq sa Alimaong tribes kahit 5flat lng height q?

  35. xyruslou maling says

    good day, i am a male registered nurse and im 32yrs old with no experience in work, my dream now is to be a police officer or at least work under their department.. pwd pa po ba ako magapply?

  36. dudey says

    gud day po,ask q lng po nagStart n po kya ang PPE s ibang region jan?d p dn po kc ngstart s rgion nmn. Slmat.

  37. says

    gud day po,,,pedi pa po ba matangap ang gaya ko na 34 yo na mag apply ng police?,, isa po akong athlete sa track & field events marami na po akong nasalihan na mga meet,,pasado na po ako sa teachers board,,kailangan pa bang i.undergo nang medical exam?,,,

  38. says

    is it true po ba na kapag married kana hindi ka na pwede mag-police? salamat po sa magrereply because me and my boyfriend is planning to get married but he is still in the process of taking napolcom, etc. to be a police officer. salamat po :)

  39. Jeric Asuncion says

    Ask q lng po i am graduated political Science pde po b aq mgapply sa inyo for walk in khit nd n po aq mgtake ng civil service o kea nid po tlga n mgexam pra po mkpsok 5’5 height

  40. Chang says

    I’m a degree holder in Computer Engineering pero 33 years old na. 1 year work experience with AFP as Network Engineer, 12 years work experience (college instructor, NGO, semiconductor, and BPO.) May experience din sa firearm (.45mm, .9mm, 5.56 rifles.) Kahit kumikita ako parang may kulang. Wala yung fulfillment na parang nakatulong ka kaya gusto ko sana pumasok sa PNP.

    Pumunta ako sa NAPOLCOM Makati to inquire about the procedure sa age waiver and sa application. Sinagot sakin na hindi raw sila ang magbibigay ng waiver sa akin. Ang magbibigay day e yung department o office sa PNP na mag-hire sa akin. Nung pina-elaborate ko e inulit nya lang ang sinabi nya. Maghanap daw ako ng department sa PNP na mag-hire sa akin.

    Mejo naguguluhan ako. Diba ang PNP mismo ang mag-hire sa akin as PO1? Bakit may sinasabi pa yung sa NAPOLCOM na maghanap daw ako ng department? Sana naman may malinaw na way ang proseso ng recruitment. Ang dami nating gusto maglingkod lang pero di makita ang simula ng pila sa Step 1 pa lang.

    Pupunta ako ng Crame to check na rin. Share ko sa inyo ano makuha ko.

    • jhei says

      yan ang poblema kung minsan eh di nila masbi ng maayos kung papaano mag uumpisa para makakuha ng waiver…dapat meron silang nilalagay na standard guidlines kung papaano mag uumpisa ng di nasasayang ang punta ng tao…
      kahit ako pupunta ako ng napolcom para kunuha ng waiver dahil ang pagkakaalamko sila nag iisue non…
      iba na pala ngayon,sa mismong PNP na pala manggagaling ang waiver..

  41. marlono says

    hi. i heard about the news that PNP will be hiring 15,000 non-uniformed personnel to allow uniformed police doing administrative work to go to the front lines. how and where can i apply about this? thanks

    • Alfredo B. Yutuc Jr says

      Hi po Criminology grad ako wala po akong eligibility pwede po ba ako makapasok sa pnp plsssssss anwers po

  42. aj says

    s mga gusto po mgeaxam nguupdate po ang napolcom s website nla.. gus2 q rin sna mgtake ng pnp training im a registered RRT..sad to say ndi aq nkaabot ng qouta..sbe s site may re-opening ng exam mga 3rd week ng sept..sna mkpxok nq..

  43. trisha says

    i took da napolcom exam last may and i failed, i am a ncip member and somebody tell me that there is a 5 points previllages given to an ncip member upon filling for exam,how true is this and how to claim that points,plz help,tyvm.

  44. trisha says

    is there really a 5 points prevellages given to a ncip member upon filling for examination of napolcom,plz help,thnx

  45. kevin says

    gud pm po ma’am,sir
    na basa ko po kasi sa taas sa mga coments na mas binibigyan dw ng pabor ang may special skill gaya ng cum laude, mga academic awarde, what if po kung ang academic award po ay ”best in drafting” ok din po ba yun? Tapos po pg naka avail po ba ng online schedule ng exam sa napolcom website, tpos pag pumasa sa exam, priority na po ba sila? Thanks po sir,ma’am god bless

  46. Jimver says

    sir confused lng ako..i passed the csc exam professional and i already used it as eligibility to enter the PNP, Im PO1 now and promotoble ako next year..pwede n po b ako hindi kumuha ng PO exam??at ung CSC Pro p din po ulet gmitin ko..?ynx

    • Christian says

      Hi Jim,

      im also a civil service prof passer, please read napolcom resolution 2011-196. eligible na ata tayu for promotion,
      heheehehheh then again i have to ask our R1 kase parang hinde updated ang mga tao doon.

      pray lang tayu na hinde mag bago ang utak ng NAPOLCOM… pa palit plait kase ang decision nila eh hahahahha

      but to tell you lang… malakas ang CSC elegibility. its in the constitution… NAPOLCOM/DILG under the umbrella of the civil service kase. may laban tayu hahhahaha

  47. rhonnel says

    gud pm po sir/mam mag tanong lng po ako pwd ba ako maka pasok nang napolcom kahit HRM ang ki nuha ko? I`m from cebu city .,., I wait your answer thank you,.,.

  48. celso says

    gud day po!ask q lng po kung ksama ung computer engineer at industrial engineer s lateral entry,dba wla pong board un?,,.pno kung maipasa q po ung napolcom exam?da2an ppo b aq ng po1 o pwde n iapply ng lateral entry?,,.tnx po!

  49. dadits garcia says

    Hi im a nursing graduate I have plan to take napolcom exam but my problem I have tattooes posible po ba ko makapasok kahit my tattoo ako?

  50. chipz619 says

    ako height ko 5`3 Male po…pwede bko kmha ng exam? lmalabas kasi dun ung online application equivalent to 160 meters… kala ko ba tinanggal na ang height requirement sa PNP nung April 2013 nabasa ko sa STAR magazine…

    • jhei says

      sir 160m naba ngayon ang height requirment? san nyo po nabasa? pagkakalam ko kasi 162m eh…di pa ho tinangal ang height requirement pero nag bibigay sila ng height waiver hangang 157m sa male applicant..

  51. dudey says

    gud daY
    iba style ngaun recruitmnt dpat pasa s iq test.
    20%lng pas s region nmin.hope me remidial p pra s aming mga failed. Gudluck…

  52. robin says

    good pm po..i am 28y.o a chaplain of 1 religious organization..i already passed the career service exam..can i apply directly to the pnp?..dadaanan ko pa po ba ung rank na po1 or inspector agad pgkatapos ng training?.tnx.Godbless.:)

    • Christian says

      hello Father/brother sir,

      Please approach the chaplain service of PNP. im not sure how they announce their quota. but please feel free to go to camp crame. be assertive lang…. :)

  53. almiara usman says

    hello po, im 31 years old po, registered nurse,currently working in saudi arabia for 8 years.i have some bad tooth, and corrected eye glasses.please give me info on how to apply for police in phil.!do i have a chance with my current status?thank you.

  54. virgilio horos, jr. says

    @fehl: i am a 4 yrs graduate and a tesda nc2 and nc3 30 yrs old..ask ko lng f pano mkkuha ng waiver,dn san po eto kukunin?..tnx and more power..

  55. richard says

    tanong ko lng po kung kailan ulit start ng recruitment?may possibility po ba na this coming december or 1st quarter ng 2014?

  56. EL EL says

    Maam/Sir tanong ko lang po kung anu po ba tlaga ang pagkakaiba ng PNP-SAF officer sa ordinaryong PNP officer in terms of recruitment, training, at destination po ng work. Kasi may nabalitaan akong kahit daw d2 ka mag apply sa NCR sa PNP-SAF eh ma aasign ka pa rin sa ibang region..How true is this information po kase as of now nag aaply ako sa PNP-SAF kasi wala pang quota sa NCR..Sa mga may info jan need ko lng po ang sagot nyo..thanks

    • Christian says

      hello EL EL.

      PNP Special Actions Force (PNP-SAF) is one of PNP’s National Support Units (Like Engineering serviceHealth service, IT management service, MAritime unit, high way patrol, etc.) which of each are dedicated to their technical function. The only thing about SAF is that they are Specialized Combat Unit caters to suppression/neutralization of high level insurgency issues, Crisis response, counter terrorism, and blah blah ( i can tell you more about them but i had bad expereince with them.. during my PNP SCOUT training hehehhe)

      THUS being a National support unit (SAF) will make you be assigned anywhere in the philippines.. Di kase territorial unit sila eh…

      hehehhe para sa mga SAF dito (Sabog ang Fuse) ! hahahhaha

      • EL EL says

        Sir Christian, napaka ganda po ng comment nyo khit mejo nakaka discourage cnabi nyo..hehe ,pero mejo naliwanagan ako sa overview ng SAF. Atleast may kaunting idea na ako about this unit. Ofcourse para sa akin kung may opportunity you have to grab it wether sa SAF or PNP if you’re really willing to serve our country

        • Christian says

          Grab the opputunity bai. just stay away from SAF as much as possible. but if wala ka na choice sumali ka sa SAF… and transfer ka na lang ng teritorial unit after pag P03 mo :)

          • EL EL says

            thanks for the suggestion sir. My main objective for now is to enter the service ‘PNP’ no matter what kind of unit it is..

  57. LOURIE says

    hi i am an RN and currently taking up forensic as my second course..and i dream working in a crime laboratory someday..kailangan ba itake ung lateral enrtry sa pnp? thanks po

  58. mikel says

    helo po,civil engineering po ako pero di pa po ako license,pero ngayon darating na buwan ang board exam ko,5’10 ang height ko,ang problema ko po kc eh my tattoo po ako sa kanang braso,pwede pa rin po ba ako makapasok khit na my tattoo o kelangan ipabura?salamat

  59. clyde says

    Hi po. Graduate nurse po fako at gusto ko pong kumuha ng exam sa napolcom para s po1. Problema ko lang po kasi yung sa online application. Kasi po di ako makapasok saka rin po minsan di raw available ang online application tas yun na hanggang sa ma close na at di na pwede makpag file through online. Sa zamboanga peninsula po kasi ako. May iba pa po bang paraan para makapasok online. Or maybe just give me a tips nalang po kung paano makapasok sa online application. Kasi ang hirap po talaga pag sa online muna.

    • makabayan says

      @clyde,abangan m ang online from the very 1st minute ng 1st day ng sched kc kdalasan madaling araw ng bbukas kya wlang tulugan dpat

  60. dennis says

    good day mam/sir
    I^m RN taga northern caloocan po pero ung permanent add s cagayan valley,pwede po ba aqng mag lbas ng req. q d2 kh8 1 month palang aq nagstay d2? thanks

  61. Charles says

    Ask ko lang po, bali nurse po ako board passer. kaso lang 31 na po ako ngayon tapos sa july mag 32 na ko pwede pa ba ako matangap sa pnp? ano ba po yun age waiver saka pano ba gumawa nun? bigyan nyo naman po ako ng advice thank you!!!

  62. Jeza says

    Hello there!
    Hope merong makatulong sakin.
    I already have NCIP Certification for height waiver, pero asper infos na nasasagap ko, kailangan pang ipadala un sa napolcom together with some requirements.
    Meron po bang nakakaalm kung anong mga requirements ang kailangan isama sa NCIP certificate bafore ipadala sa napolcom as final process?

    Please help…thanks in advance!

    • Marifel Dungo says

      It’s a turn off not only with applying in the PNP but also to many jobs here. First thing they would always ask the applicant from local job interviews here, do you have a tattoo or body piercing…

  63. dave says

    hi po,

    i wanted to as if on going po yn hiring? where can i apply ? any pnp camp? big question is, ive just turned 31 this year and had a history of tb when i was in highschool. so may scare but im cured, been working for a numerous call centers. im passed annual physical exam. im also college grad.
    may pag asa kaya ako maging police?

  64. Fritz Von Paparon says

    sir gud day. i am a seaman and currently onboard in an int’l voyage. May PRC license po ako as d3. Pwde po ba yan? Gusto ko mag training pag uwi ko next year. Tga DAvao po ako i am 25 yrs. old. pwde po ba ko maging police? TIA

  65. john says

    ask q lng a register electronics communication engineer.Ece.. kelngan q pa po ba magtake ng napolcom exam para maging police??o pde na po dretso,,at anung rank pu kung sakali.tnx in advance.

  66. norbej says

    Good day,
    Anu ano b ginagawa sa agility exam. Lateral Entry applicant ako (FOCO) and naipasa ko yung CWE and psycho/neuro exam. Thank you.

  67. jeorge says

    hi im jeorge ,can i take a napolcom exam,even if im only 4TH YEAR coledge student as of now,bachelor of secondary education as of now!

    • EL EL says

      Jeorge, as of now nde ka pa qualified na mag take sa napolcom kasi isa sa mga requirements dun ay transcript of records mo in college at sa ngayon ay wala ka nun. I suggest na sa civil service ka na muna mag take dahil qualified ka na dun as long as 18yrs. old ka na.

      • jeorge says

        ma’am i don’t have any idea about civil service,can you explain what I’ve been , when i take civil service exam,,,or anu ba ung kakaputahan ng carier ko kapag nag take ako ,,,,thank you

  68. emarie says

    hi.. im a registered nurse and a masters graduate… i want to apply in lateral position… what would be my position if ever i will be hired and passed the needed requirements… thanks

  69. peter says

    hi po graduate po ako ng bs criminology kso nde ako agad nkpag take ng exam namen pano po ggwin k my chance pba n mkpsok ako sa pnp?syng kce course k

  70. Aldwin Alonzo says

    Hello Mam/Sir ,
    I Am Accounting Technology Student Ggraduate na sa March. CS professional passer din po ako.. Pwde na po ba ako mag apply pra sa PNP? mag eexam pa po ba ako ng Po1 exam pra makapasok? pls reply po.

  71. sol says

    hello apply sana ako sa pnp..pasado na po ako sa pnp entrance exam.. im from samar.. ask ko lng kung pwede ba ako kumuha ng mga requiremnts ko sa lugar ng aaplyan ko like in ung requirements ko tinangay ni yolanda nung nandun pa ako sa samar..thanx..GOD BLESS!!!.

  72. Ryan says

    Hi good evening, can I ask if there were some list of all requirements like what will be the requirements for physical and health exams before I apply in the NAPOLCOM examination.thanks and regards.

  73. Trex says

    Hi, gling na ako ng ncrpo last 3 days ago,, yung nagbbalak mag apply just complete your folder requirements at tatanggap n sila ng folder 2nd week ng January nxt year.. Wla png schedule ng recruitment for nxt year but tatanggap n sila ng folder just visit ncrpo rstu gor more info

  74. Trex says

    @ sol, yes aslong as my address ka na gagamitin here sa manila, ang problema lng minsan sa bgy clearance ay bka kailangan na registered voter ka dito. Well lapit ka n lng kung meron kng kmg anak dto

  75. carol altiche says

    Gud pm, ask ko lng po if puede pa s lateral entry ang husband q?he is BS Criminology graduate kya lang Barangay Officials Eligibility lng ang meron xa. Puede nya kaya gamitin ito/ I also heard of Lateral Entry Exams, Pano kaya mka avail nito/thanks.

  76. Trex says

    @Carol sorry hindi po pwede ang bgy eligibility.. Pls refer to the list of eligibilities set by the standards of napolcom yun lang po ang pwedeng tanggapin. If your husband is a prc licensed criminologist he can apply for lateral entry

  77. thessa marie bugtong says

    hi!! i just want to ask when the next filing for PO1 this 2014 would be. i just turned 21 last october kaya hindi na ako nakapagpasa. i’m a registered nurse.

  78. Trex says

    Wla pang announcement sa NCRPO. If you want to know just visit the camp’s RSTU and ask if they will accept folders na.

  79. Leonard says

    Hi! ask ko lang, what do you mean folder? ano yung mga nakapaloob dito? and RSTU stands for?
    I am a registered & licensed architect… thanks po :)

  80. Trex says

    RSTU means Regional Support Training Unit. Folder contains docs like Nso birth certificte, certification of eligibility/bar or board exam, PDS csc2005, and tor and diploma. These are the basic requirements when you go to RSTU then they will give you instructions there if what color of your folder is, depending on your district, and additional docs to be submitted. I encorouge you to go to your police regional office to inquire para alam nyo kung ano ang mga kailangan. That it is how you apply. It is better na pumunta kayo personally kahit wla pang announcement ng recruitment so that you will stay informed and updated.

  81. Leonard says

    Meron po ba ditong lateral entrants (commissioned officers)? Ano po experienced nyo?
    Sabi kasi ng ninong ko dadaan muna daw sa PO1 (non-commissioned officer) kahit board passer or pwedeng rekta na sa PI depende sa vacancies? thanks po.

  82. federico says

    gud eve… bagong nakapasa plang po ako ng board exam for criminologist, pwede po bang magtanung kung anu po mga requirements sa pag apply ng pnp…? salamat…

  83. ronald says

    hi ask ko lng po, board passer po ako ,,,kelangan ko pa ba magtake ng napolcom exam para mkapasok sa PNP…any comment po.. tnx po

  84. Trex says

    @Leonard tama ka depende sa vacancy. Pwede kng dumerecho lateral as long as may kota sila however mas priority din kasi yung na sa service na(po1) na eligible for lateral.@ ronald no need ng mag napolcom pero kung gusto mong magtake pwede pra double eligibility k

    • ronald says

      @trex, tnx,, may update po ba kau kong what month ang nxt recruitment ngayong 2014, kasi inaayos ko na ngayong january ung mga requirements ko..

  85. Trex says

    Ncrpo ako bro pero alam ko sabay yan sa ncr kasi tatanggap n cla ng folder by last week ng Jan pero wla pang announcement. Pumunta ka sa Regional Police Office 1 for more details. Mas daig ng maagap ang msipag!

    • ronald says

      @trex.. tnx…nag update ako sakanila pero, wala pa daw annoucement sabi ng region 1…. e popost nlng daw nila sa website po nila… ask ko lng po,, kaylangan pa ba tlga mag online registration? kasi nagpunta na ako sa headquarters ng lugar nmn eh, binigyan na nila ako ng list of requirements at malapit ko na eto matapos… problema ko kong paano e prepare ung folder? help po…

  86. Trex says

    Pare may tabbings yang folder kumpletuhin mo na muna tapos balik ka sa region pra kumuha ng table of contents pra malaman mo ang tabbings. Nung pumunta kaba sa region 1 office nakaproper attire kaba? Dapat pag pupunta ang applicnt kahit mag iinquire kalang ay naka type b ka. White v neck tshirt, maong pants at rubber shoes with proper hair cut pag hindi hindi ka talaga nila i eentertain ng maayos. Wlang online registration. Hanggang dito nalang ang ipapayo ko tol everything is up to you na. If you want to be a police you should be independent and resourceful. That is my advice.

  87. ronald says

    @trex.. tnx… by the end of january. hawak ko na lahat ng requirement ko na dapat kong e kompleto gaya ng sabi ng headquarters nmn d2…. thank you for ur advised….. pag nkuha ko na lahat ng requirements ko tsaka ako punta ng region 1 office…. tnx

  88. Trex says

    Go to the napolcom website, it shows there a graduate of any bachelors degree. Then ask your self or your school if you are a bachelors graduate. Kung hndi i suggest you join the armed forces if you are still within their age limit requirements. Thanks

  89. jhok horos says

    hi marifel and blue..gudmorning..ask ko lng po if saan mg apply if evr u wish to apply to pnp..kc somebody say sa napolcom dw..,if u wnt to apply dt position…napolcom or pnp regional?..tnx and more power..:-)

  90. geneoroso says

    hi po, i am a licensed teacher and a CSC eligible Prof, what would my rank if i apply and passed the police recruitment if i have a master’s degree or 36 units of my masteral?, would i be given a chance for the lateral entry? .or should start from PO1? .reply woul be much appreciated,,thanks,,,

  91. Mates says

    Hi madam, I am a member of the uniform service for 5 years, I want to transfer in the PNP but my age is already 32. Can I still be qualified to apply? Does age waiver honored?tnx.

  92. Augustus Caesar Lantajo says

    Hi Fehl! tanong ko lang, CSE-PPT passer ako,college graduate din AB Communications..plano kung pumasok sa PNP,qualified ako sa lahat..if ever pmunta ako personally sa PNP Regional Office for application at ipatawag ako, ano ba mga gagawin ng PNP saken? what about training?pano magsisimula at ilang buwan?what stage ng training magsisimula na may sahod na? sorry ha kung medyo specific mga tanong ko,papakatotoo lang ako..ü

    TNX FEHL! i’ll check your blog always for your reply!!! cheers!

  93. Jasson says

    I’m a CS Prof eligible and currently in the PNP service as PO1. Confused lang po, do I need to take PO exam to qualify for the next promotion. Thanks!

  94. Jeffrey says

    Hi guys, tanong ko lang. Gusto ko sana mag apply sa NUP police. I heard there are IT vacant positions in the PNP and was interested to apply for the said position. One of the requirements is certificate of eligibility for CSC Professional Exam. I am an IT Graduate and don’t have any board exam taken thus I do have credible trainings and seminars taken related to IT field in the past. “Am I eligible to apply for the said vacant position?” Also, I am planning to take the CSC Professional Exam soon.

  95. mars d. mugatar says

    Greetings po.ako po ay latest napolcom passer that was conducted last oct.i am already 30 and coming 31 and i am here in abroad working as a security for the royal families..i really wanted to be a policeman.kaso bago ako ako nakapasa or my result i am here in abroad na.pano kaya eto?i am very wiling to go home and prefer to serve my country if given a chance.kaso kasama kaya sa mga high tech course ko animala science kc ako….mga kabayan baka nmn my pwede tumulong sakin?

    • mars d. mugatar says

      Ma’am Trex baka kayo po pwede tumulong sakin?i wanna live my dream…please madali din po ako pakiusapan kahit nasa service na….

  96. richard natividad says

    gud am po,,sa region 1 po aku,pangasinan po..anu po mga requirements na klangang ipass sa pro1,ngaun o plng po ccmulan,,thank u po

  97. richard natividad says

    dko din po alam san po ang unang pupuntahan, sa pangasinan police provincial office po ba o sa pro1,,maraming salamat po,ill appreciate it much

  98. Ruth says

    hi, im a graduate of a 4 year course… commerce graduate but i cant get my credentials, my diploma and transcript because i have loaned from the school i am into for me to be able to graduate… theyll release it if i can pay the loan back… pwede pa rin po ba akong mag police?… naka take ako ng aptitude exam battery pra military, naka pasa po sana kaso na expire na po ang validity nung magbuntis ako…nung college.. never married pro may isa po akong anak… pwede pa po ba?… kung pwede ano pong mga requirements?.. anong first step na dapat gawin?… saan po ako dapat pumunta?… please response… thank you….

  99. Fryll Dimaano says

    Nakapagpasa na ako ng folder. Ang sabi tumawag nalang daw ako for registration or tingin nalang sa wbsite ng pnp calabarzon

  100. richard natividad says

    @Pj,,taga san ka bro s pangasinan?my fb ka?cge contact kita,naghahanap aku kasama at kasabay,dko kasi alam mga gagawin,salamat salamat bro, maraming salamat

  101. jesse says

    Good day!

    I’ll be turning 32 by June of this year. According to the RA 8551 an applicant may apply for an age waiver provided that he/she is not over 35 years old. But a waiver can only be granted when the number of qualified applicants fall below the minimum annual quota. My question is when should an applicant like me process the requirements for entry into the PNP? Should it be only after knowing that qualified applicants fall below the quota or should it be at the time when all the rest are processing their requirements? And another question: Should I process my application at the place where I am a registered voter or can I do it at the office nearest to my current address? I am a registered voter in Siquijor but I’ve been living here in Dumaguete for many years now. Please help. I would really appreciate your reply.

  102. BenRObz says

    pwede poh ba mag-apply yung mga CRIMINOLOGY students na ga-graduate this take the Entrance exam for April????

  103. Lawideena Araujo says

    Good Day! Bakit di ako makapasok sa ON-LINE EXAMINATION APPLICATION SCHEDULING SYSTEM ng PNP for new applicant.. any help and advice.. Thanks

  104. jun santiago jr. says

    about age waiver problem ko? for applying police officer kc i’ll be turning 31 by this year of may2014…may bayad ba pg magkuha k ng age waiver?pra sa requirements mo sa pag apply…

  105. superpipoy says

    If ever you fail to join in the police force of the Philippines, you can still work in the PNP force by applying for any vacant NUP positions in the PNP.

  106. d'dream says


    gud am. anu po ba yong guidlines in taking I.q test examination for PO1. now kac before you proceed on the proper neuro examination u need firs to passed the said i.q test examination.. i heard if you failed on that examination.. wait ka ulit ng 6 months to be qualified for Po1.. anu po ba talaga ung exact info jan.. thank you!!

  107. jayn says

    Good morning poh sa inyo sir.i would like to ask if tatanggapin ba ng pnp ang may tattoo. Its buddha and dragon in my left arm above sa siko. At sa likod ay pangalan ng anak ko. Im from region7 poh. Please reply poh. Thank you

  108. joel says

    gud day po, posible po ba ma tangap sa pagka police if 2yr vocational course po then 1 year po sa comerce, ived been a branch manager po kc sa isang rural bank b4 kya diko na nai tuloy ang degree course ko, mga 10 years po ako naging manager..

  109. NIno says

    NUP application Ended last march 3 here in Region 6//ill post for the update for the PNP hiring if i will have any info..

  110. milany corpuz estocapio says

    Pwede pa po ba mag-apply for NAPOLCOM Exam if more than 31 yrs. old this coming April 2014?

  111. Jorge Apostol says

    I am an overseas foreign worker (ofw) dito po sa taiwan. I already passed the P01 examination last 2005. Is my credential still valid? I am already 32 years old can i still apply in the pnp. Please help. THank you very much..and Godbless.

  112. jelly says


    gusto ko sanang malaman if pwede ba mag apply nang NAPOLCOM ang 2 years graduate? please answer me naman po..

    • mowz says

      depende yan sa kung san ka mapupunta. pero as a police, you will have no choice kung anong magiging trabaho mo sa PNP organization. kung halimbawa sa traffic ka i-assign, sa traffic ka, there is no “NO, I DON’T WANT” that’s why they’ll train you to do police works.

  113. mada says

    Im RN, papasa na sana ako ng lateral entry form, but they want the PO1 application form,. I really dont understand na? Bakit ganito?

    • mowz says

      have you already accomplished all the requirements? to apply directly to become commissioned Officer is very stiff. though there is a provision regarding direct lateral for nurses. however, it’s still on a case-to-case-basis.

  114. Karina says

    Hello! Im a registered nurse po and I want to become a police officer. How to apply po ba?Ano po ba dapat gawin? Do I need to take exams?
    TIA! :)

    • mowz says

      kailangan mo kumuha ng clearances: Barangay clearance, Police Clearance, Mayor’s Clearance, Prosecutor’s/Fiscal Clearance, NBI, Municipal Trial Court Clearance, Regional Trial Court Clearance. NSO Birth Cert, tapos yung mga credentials mo sa school kung san ka graduate: Gen. Weighted Average, Diploma, Good Moral Char, TOR na “For Employment Purposes” at pati yung eligibility… pag nakakuha ka na ng mga ganun, saka ka pa lang makakakuha ng Resolution at Endorsement from Peace and Order Council sa City Hall kung san ka nakatira. note: LAHAT NG REQUIRED DOCUMENTS AY KAILANGANG AUTHENTICATED NG ISSUING OFFICE…. pero para mas detalyado, pumunta ka na lang sa R1 ng Provincial Police Office (PPO) kung san ka magpapa quota tas hingi ka ng list ng requirements. and might as well ask all other questions you have in mind.

  115. fred says

    sir BSCRIM grad. po ako, ask ko lang po kong pwedi mkapag apply kahit wlang TOR? d kc binibgay ung TOR ng school namin, piro binigyan aq ng dploma, for imployment n clearance pwedi bng magamit un sa napolcom?

  116. jun santiago jr says

    question ko po…para sa lahat ng my alam kng san ba talaga pwde magkuha ng age waiver?tga south cotabato po ako…sa NCIP ba pwede mag kuha ng age waiver or napolcom office or pnp region 12? pls…answer question pra my info.po kami….thanks….

    • yishay says

      COMPONENT OF THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE at google. you will find some helpful answers regarding your question. I’m also concerned about age waiver.

  117. Vanderville says

    I’ve recently submitted the requirements for the PNP Lateral Entry Program for professionals. I’m a registered chemist, applying for a position in the Chemistry Division of PNP Crime Laboratory. I personally went to CRAME and inquired of the requirements. I suggest you do the same para maiwasan yung maling info at di ka pabalik-balik. Anyway, these are the initial requirements they asked me to accomplish:

    A. Duly accomplished Civil Service PERSONAL DATA SHEET (Revised 2005). You can download it here:

    B. NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate

    C. Certificate Of Eligibility: Civil Service (Authenticated by Civil Service Commission, CSC) or
    Board Exam (Authenticated by Professional Regulation Commission, PRC);
    Note: In my case they also required Authenticated Board Rating.

    D. Two copies of 2×2 ID pictures with name tag (BLACK and WHITE),
    one whole body picture, and one bust-size picture.

    E. Authenticated copies of Transcript of Records (TOR) AND Diploma.

    These should be compiled in a WHITE FOLDER WITH TABBING (As they instructed me, use a blank page before every set of documents; put a tag (A, B, C, D and E) on upper right side of the blank paper; since it’s tabbed, the letters should be sticking out. Parang ganito

    Make sure you’ve entered your contact details and e-mail address correctly sa PERSONAL DATA SHEET. They will contact you and inform you when they’ve reach the required number of applicants and when the training will start. God bless to all applicants.

    I hope this helps…

    • jhonalyn says

      hi good eve..tumatanggap p b ng applicants sa crame as a chemist..balak ko kase sanang magpass ng requirements kaso tapos na ata ung hiring nla?pwd p b ult magpass?

  118. RN says

    i think it would be better if mag inquire nalang sa nearest pnp station (Municipal, City, Provincial or Regional) to answers all your queries if you are really determined to be an police officer. and mapara mikita ung sample ng folder kung saan ififile.

    this year im planning to apply as a Non-commisioned police officer. im 25y/o, a registered nurse with master’s degree in nursijng and currently taking Doctor of Philosophy mjor in development management. as they said, applying for any position at the lateral entry is very stiff. looking at the whole picture for example, they have a quota of 5 nurses for the PI position and that is for the WHOLE Philippines.. Sasabayan pa yan ng Palakasan… tsk tsk.. it’s hard but it’s worth trying thou.. Goodluck to all fellow aspiring applicants.. +)

  119. benedicto oliquino says

    sa marine course(seaman course) 3rd year lang graduate na kame pero may 1 year pa kame sa barko pero di na kinaya ng budget dahil sa hikahos na pamumuhay,., gusto ko rin sana maging pulis para makapag silbi ako sa bayan ngunit sa mga nakikita kong sistema ng gobyerno ngayun mukang wala ng pag asa na matupad ko ang pangarap ko di man ako pinalad makapag barko gusto ko man na makapagsilbi sa bayan ko,., pero di na pala uso ang 6 months training,,. sana magkaroon ulit ng mga ganung pagkakataon sa mga kagaya naming di man nkatapos eh makapagsilbi kami sa bayan hindi sa inyo

  120. ben delubyo says

    at sana mayroon isang mataas na tao sa pulisya na makaisip ng ganung programa minsan nga mas matitino pa ang mga hindi nakatapos kesa sa iba

  121. JAMES POGI says

    FRESH GRAD PO AKO. And I want to serve the Government. I have taken already the cse-professional exam Im just waiting for the result. ayoko nmn ma-tenga d2 s bhay. What is my first step and saan po ako pupunta? 20yrs plang po ako sana pde n…..

  122. enzo says

    uhmm.. if i;m a criminology board passer what rank can i apply in in the pnp, :) do need to start from PO1?

  123. Cyus says

    hi! Graduate po ako ng Marketing Management this april ask ko lang po sana kung pwede ako mag pulis? yung tipong sa Crame lang doing Paper Works? pano po mag apply sa ganun? salamat po.

  124. mark angelo lazarte says

    Hi mam/sir, graduate po ako ng BSIT bachelor degree po, ask ko lang po if mag eexam pa po ba ako or diretso na po ako sa training ??

  125. Ferly Gregorio says

    Hello po..

    Graduate po ako ng AB political science (Cum Laude) pwede po ba ako sa NUP OR PO1? yun nga lang under height po ako,, I’m only 4’9 …I’m interested po mag apply and to become police officer someday.. ano po gagawin ko>? I’m 25 years old po.

  126. david tagorda says

    hi good day! I would like to ask if I can apply for a police officer?I’m a college undergraduate 1yr. only.thank you.

  127. Hazen Simeon says

    Hi good day. Im only 20. and turning 21 this december 23, 2014… kelangan po ba na mag.antay ako na mag-21 bago mkakuha ng entrance examination??…pls reply.. thanks

    • Jay Ar says

      Pwedi po magtake ng entrance exam sa napolcom kahit 20 ka pa lang pero kapag nag apply ka na, you have to be 21. Kasi ako sa March pa ako mag 21 pero kukuha na ako ng exam this november.

  128. jerson says

    Ask ko lang po if what would be my first step para makapag apply na Ploice Officer?
    Thank you. Graduated po ako ng ENgineering Courses pero hindi ako Board Passer

  129. Leo Daarol says

    Sir i just want to inquire if i would be able to enter the PNP, i am a graduate of marine course…

  130. Aldwin Jeorge Olivares V Olivares says

    napolcom passer po ako last april 2014, pero nagaalangan po kasi ako sa medical kasi po medyo malabo na ang mata ko 100/100 na po ang grado ng mata ko..tatangapin po kaya ako sa pagpupulis ko?

    • isagane says

      Hi im licensed civil engineer and napolcom passers . ano po ang gagawin ko para maging isan police officers . ano po ba ang requirements para maging police inspector . saan po ako mag aaplay. tnx po

  131. may ann alvarez agcon says

    Kppsa q lng ng napolcom exam last april 2014.ask q lng kailn kya ang next recruit cy2014 second sem sir mam?kc dto po sa r2 wala pa pong oath taking ang 1stsem tapos n po ung ibng region.

  132. mark vincent tolentino says

    once you have applied and sbumitted all the necessary requirements, how long will it take for them to reply to you and let you know that you can become a police office?

    thanks in advance for the info.

  133. vann says

    good day. off topic lang po itatanong ko.. tumatanggap pa ba ang NBI ng applicants as SI (Special Investigator)? I’m very interested kasi na magwork sa NBI. thanks

  134. bridel says

    HI! tatanong ko lang sana. I am a registered nurse. mahigpit ba sila sa dental exam? and ilang months or years po ang traning?

  135. jhonalyn says

    pwd p po bng mag submit ng mga requirements sa crime lab?chemistry division ko po balak mag apply eh..thank you po

    • Vanderville says

      Hi Jhonalyn, I’m a chemist too and I’ve submitted the requirements for the Lateral Entry Program (LEP) last March. Though wala pang tawag I believe may isa pang batch bago matapos ang taon, likely August or early 4th quarter of 2014. Kindly look up and check out one of my posts here (dated April 6) for the requirements specifically for us LEP applicants. If you’ve secured all requirements you can go directly to Camp Crame and submit them. I hope this helps.

  136. mike007 says

    hello po, tanong lng po ako kng pwedi ba aq mka exam ng napolcom? kelangan pba ng eye examination? kasi yung right eye ko ndi po 20/20 ung vision? pls reply me po.. salamat..

  137. girlie liscabo says

    hello po .ask lang po ako kung pwede ba akong mg’apply kahit hindi pa ako eligible?, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ang natapos kung course.asap thanks po

    • Fehl says

      There is always a competition so if you want to be ahead with your fellow applicants, make sure you’re eligible and you’ve got everything what it takes to be in PNP

  138. Darkman says

    The National Capital Region Police Office is now accepting police applicants to be part of the Philippine National Police with the newly implemented recruitment process.

    Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their duly accomplished application form – “PO1 Recruitment Application Form” downloadable from the internet to the District Personnel and Human Resource Development Division (DPHRDD) in their nearest Police District. The DPHRDD will conduct the interview, initial screening and will recommend qualified applicants to the Regional Personnel Records and Management Division, NCRPO.

    The NCRPO Regional Director, PDIR Carmelo E Valmoria ordered the Recruitment and Selection Section to strictly screen all applicants. This is to ensure that only qualified applicants will fill up the demands on additional policemen to secure the lives and properties of all stakeholders as well to reduce crime incidents in Metro Manila.

    Relatedly, applicants are advised to prepare the following requirements: duly-accomplished Civil Service Personal Data Sheet (PDS) Revised 2005 with two (2) copies of 2×2 coloured picture and one (1) whole body picture with white background, two (2) valid identification cards, authenticated birth certificate, Transcript of Records and Diploma, Certificate of Eligibility and Board Rating, local clearances such as Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance, NBI Clearance, Mayor’s Clearance, MTC and TRC Clearance. The lateral entrants or previously government-employed applicants must provide Ombudsman clearance while the PNP in service applicants must provide PLEB and DIDM clearance.

    Applicants must be a Filipino citizen with certificate of good moral character from the college or university, twenty one (21) years and above but not more than thirty (30) years old, standing at least one meter and sixty two centimeters (1.62m) in height for male and one meter and fifty-seven centimeters (1.57m) in height for female, he/she must not be more or less than five (5) kgs from the standard weight corresponding to one’s height, age, and sex.

    Furthermore, applicants must have any of the following eligibility: NAPOLCOM Eligibility, R.A. 1080 or PRC Board and Bar Examination, PD 907 or Civil Service Commission Eligibility. He/she must not have been dishonourably discharged from the military employment or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government and must not have been convicted by final judgement of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude.

    NCRPO prefers applicants with high scholastic records, with driving skills with Professional or Non Professional Driver License and computer literate who can excellently operate MS Office.

    Applicants will undergo and must pass the Neuro-psychiatric/psychological exam, Physical Agility Test, Physical//Medical/Dental Exam drug and physical tests; and the final Board Interview conducted by the chairman of the screening committee, other NCRPO key officers and representatives from NAPOLCOM and non-government organization (NGO).


  139. Darkman says

    Application process (based on my experience)

    1.Go to NCRPO RSS Office Taguig City, get an application form then fill it up then submit to the RSS office. After that, you will be given a cellphone number, text your full name and BATCH # (batch # will be given by the officer who evaluates your application form. After that you can go home and wait for a txt message for the information about when and where is the next schedule that you should appear and also details like what will you wear during the scheduled appearance.
    ( You should wear white V neck shirt, jeans, white shoes, bocap [can be bought beside RSS office someone is selling these caps and v neck shirts] , bring 2×2 and 1×1 ID, and 2 valid ID’s (TIN ID,PRC LICENSE,DRIVERS LICENSE,POSTAL ID WOULD BE JUST FINE).
    You should have an address here in Metro Manila, if none then you could use your relatives, boarding house,friends addresses where you can stay.


    Your height and weight is recorded. You should be standing at least one meter and sixty two centimeters (1.62m) in height for male and one meter and fifty-seven centimeters (1.57m) in height for female, he/she must not be more or less than five (5) kgs from the standard weight corresponding to one’s height, age, and sex.

    For under height applicants, you can acquire a height waiver in your own places…height waivers are given to indigenous or ethnic groups like the cordillerans etc…


    MALE 35 REPS

    MALE 35 REPS




    • Franz says

      hI! just want to ask for lateral entry applicants, ganito din ba yung req at process? pwede pa ba sa Nursing office ng CAMP CRAME magsubmit or dun na lahat sa CAMP bagong diwa? and regarding po dun sa mga clearance, lahat po ba yan o isa lang?

      • Darkman says

        Hi franz…I’m not really sure on the info for lateral entry but you may visit the link under… Regarding the requirements, yes I think its the same plus this one ” The lateral entrants or previously government-employed applicants must provide OMBUDSMAN CLEARANCE while the PNP in service applicants must provide PLEB and DIDM”clearance.” I strongly suggest that you visit the National Headquarters PNP at camp crame for accurate information…
        Goodluck and I hope this helps.

    • ALEX says

      Thanks for the info, hindi ka madamot sa info tol, di kagaya ng ibang batch na halos magbigay ng information parang gusto sila lang makapasok salamat ng marami goodluck

  140. ramesh p.marasigan says

    Customs Graduate po ako pero di pa po ako kumukuha ng licensure exams.35 yrs.old n po ako ngayon. Qualified pa rin po ba ako? Ano po ba mga requirements kung pwede pa?

      • emce says

        sir .nag aaral po ako ng crim .ngaun at ngaun lng ako nag aral ng college .1st yr plng po ako. at 29 yr old n po ako .pwede pb ako mging pulis.??? case mk grad.?

        • Darkman says

          Mapapaso ka na sir sa age 30 pero may age waiver hanggang 35 yrs old…ang hirap lng nun kung hindi ka makakuha ng waiver…try mo tanong sa mga kakilala mong pnp sir…

    • Darkman says

      applicants must have any of the following eligibility: NAPOLCOM Eligibility, R.A. 1080 or PRC Board and Bar Examination, PD 907 or Civil Service Commission Eligibility.

  141. Aldwin Jeorge Olivares says

    Hi Maam/Sir,
    Good day po,

    I am napolcom passer na po last april 2014 lang, ask ko lang po kung mahigpit sila sa medical pag dating sa mata …medyo malabo na po kasi mata ko as of now my vision is 100-100 na po e..thank you po sa mga information very useful po eto sa mga aplikate…mabuhay po kayo

    • ronnel says

      hello poh,,pwd pa poh ba akong mag.take ng napolcom exam,pero mag 31 na poh ako ngayong decenber 24 2015,,sana masagot nyo po,,salamat

  142. Ariel says

    Hi gud day po ask ko lng po kung ok lng dental ko kac pustiso dalawang ngipin ko sa harapan gawa ng motor accident, at may mliit po akong tatoo s legs ko mga 1×2 inches ang laki ndi nmn po nakikita, nag 30 po ako nung april, professional teacher po ako, nahihirapan po kaya ako sa pag aapply?

    • Fehl says

      Only you can know your capacity. Apply and see if you can have what it takes. Many people have asthma but still working regularly. If your asthma is not severe and is not happening very often, you’ll have more chance I think

  143. bridel says

    hi! PLEASE comment :)

    i am a nursing board passer. i want to join po sana. kaso may braces ako.. ayus lang po ba yon? or kelangan kong ipatanggal yung braces ko?

    • Fehl says

      I think you’re good to apply. Braces are not forever. If you’re applying for Flight Attendant, you might have to remove them but you’re applying for Police Officer in this case, you’re good. :)

  144. Christine says

    HI! Just want to ask. FOR LATERAL ENTRY applicants, sa crame po ba magsusubmit? and about sa clearances, lahat po ba yun? nbi, police, barangay, mtc and rtc?

    • Vanderville says

      Hi Christine, I’m a chemist and I’ve submitted the requirements for the Lateral Entry Program (LEP) last March. Though wala pang tawag I believe may isa pang batch bago matapos ang taon, likely August or early 4th quarter of 2014. Kindly look up and check out one of my posts here (dated April 6) for the requirements specifically for us LEP applicants. If you’ve secured all requirements you can go directly to Camp Crame and submit them. I hope this helps.

    • Vanderville says

      Here, I copied that post for your convenience. Good luck!

      Vanderville says
      April 6, 2014 at 10:54 pm

      I’ve recently submitted the requirements for the PNP Lateral Entry Program for professionals. I’m a registered chemist, applying for a position in the Chemistry Division of PNP Crime Laboratory. I personally went to CRAME and inquired of the requirements. I suggest you do the same para maiwasan yung maling info at di ka pabalik-balik. Anyway, these are the initial requirements they asked me to accomplish:

      A. Duly accomplished Civil Service PERSONAL DATA SHEET (Revised 2005). You can download it here:

      B. NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate

      C. Certificate Of Eligibility: Civil Service (Authenticated by Civil Service Commission, CSC) or
      Board Exam (Authenticated by Professional Regulation Commission, PRC);
      Note: In my case they also required Authenticated Board Rating.

      D. Two copies of 2×2 ID pictures with name tag (BLACK and WHITE),
      one whole body picture, and one bust-size picture.

      E. Authenticated copies of Transcript of Records (TOR) AND Diploma.

      These should be compiled in a WHITE FOLDER WITH TABBING (As they instructed me, use a blank page before every set of documents; put a tag (A, B, C, D and E) on upper right side of the blank paper; since it’s tabbed, the letters should be sticking out.

      Make sure you’ve entered your contact details and e-mail address correctly sa PERSONAL DATA SHEET. They will contact you and inform you when they’ve reach the required number of applicants and when the training will start. God bless to all applicants.

      I hope this helps…

  145. chester lumauig says

    i’m a BSECE graduate(not a board passer) and i have passed the CSC PROF EXAM, do i still need to take the NAPOLCOM exam inorder for me to be able to join the PNP?

  146. Aldwin Jeorge Olivares says

    Hi Maam/Sir,
    Good day po,

    I am napolcom passer na po last april 2014 lang, ask ko lang po kung mahigpit sila sa medical pag dating sa mata …medyo malabo na po kasi mata ko as of now my vision is 100-100 na po e..thank you po sa mga information very useful po eto sa mga aplikante…mabuhay po kayo

  147. hanzel says

    what if your are not a bachelor degree holder, im only 2 years diploma graduate….? if there’s any chance for me to take napolcom exam???

  148. lemuel says

    good day po.mag gragraduate palang a ko this october tanong ko lang po kung pwede ba a kong mag file ng naplcom exam? hindi q pa natapos yung degree ko..tapus ang filing hanggang august 15 lang..salamat po sa sasagot..

    • Jay ar says

      Naku Sayang, next exam ka na lang kumuha, pero actually nung mag file kami, di na kami hiningian ng diploma and transcript.

  149. Hanzel says

    Ma’am/Sir. I am a 4th year high school. Graduating. Gusto ko po sana maging Police pero ang kukunin ko pong course ay I.T(Information Technology) pag po ba I.T Graduate can apply the training of PNP?
    Kailangan kopo sagot niyo kasi nalilito po ako kung anong course ang kukunin ko. Thank you Ma’am and Sir.. :D

      • Aspirant says

        Go to camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan Taguig City. Make sure to wear v neck white t-shirt, maong pants and rubber shoes. Look for PNP saf office and inquire inside, You will be given a Recruitment Form and they will text you for Swim Test and Physical Agility Test (PAT) schedule.
        After you passed the swim and PAT test you will schedule for PPE or Psychological/Psychiatric exam ( make sure you are well prepated on this test because 70% of applicants were not hurdle this test).
        After PPE you will have Medical the last phase of recruitment. if you passed medical then Take oath…

        Mabilis ang process here in SAF make sure lang na you are very much certain to join this unit.

        Good Luck….

        Note: you must have atleast one of the following eligibility.
        1. Napolcom
        2. Board/bar
        3.CSC prof

  150. RME TO NAPOLCOM says


  151. mark cordova jemina says

    im graduating in for years coures,,,pero gust kung maging police,.anu ho ang madaling gawin para makakuha nang exam????? tnx!

    • aplikante says

      abangan mo exam ng napolcom twice a year yan. pili ka lang cs, board or napolcom kung sa tingin mo san ang madali mong ipasa dyan sa tatlo dun ka. para pwede ka ng magp apply.

  152. Rey John says

    Hi po

    sa kakabasa ko po wala papo sumagot sa may nag tanong sa taas…katulad ko rin po na naka denture(pustiso),,,,pwede po yung ganon mag aplly???passer narin po ako sa napolcom at may mga requirements na ako…kaso nag aalala ako kung pwede ba yung naka pustiso???TIA

  153. Mark Concepcion says

    good day sir, I am Chief Marine Engineer, 32 years old po. am I entitled for any lateral entry for the position of P/Ins?TIA.

    • aplikante says

      police na po ba kayo sir? police lang yata pwede mag apply ng lateral for the rank of Police Inspector na may mga eligibilities.

  154. Aspirant says

    I quit from PNP SAF… hirap .. sa medical p lang kinakatay na kami…
    I will just try Local Police valid pa kaya ung neuro ko from SAF to Local police?
    pls help to answer. thanks.

  155. marjorie says

    good day sir pwede po ba ako kahit associate lang po yung course ko 2 years lang po ahrm associate in hotel and restaurant management ano po ba ang pwede kong gawin?kung may chance po ba kaming mga 2 years lang ang kinuhang kurso, maraming salamat po

    • aplikante says

      wala yan. dapat degree holder ka. e tuloy mo na lang sa 4 years yan habang wala ka pang 31 years of age. para makapag exam ka ng napolcom entrance exam. at kung maka pasa ka pwede ka ng mag aply ng po1. sana nasagot ko po :D

  156. deniel says


    Ask ko lang po if need ko pang mag take ng exam ng csc or ng napolcom graduate po ako ng master in public administration. and kung sakali anung rank po equivalent ung MPA? salamat po godbless!

    • Aspirant says

      •Must be a Filipino citizen
      •Not more than 30 years old
      •At least 1.62 meters height (Male) / 1.57 (Female)
      •At least 1.52 meters height (Male) / 1.45 (Female) if member of Indigenous communities
      •With Bachelor’s Degree
      •With good moral character
      •Must have passed the physical, mental and health exam by any hospital accredited by the NAPOLCOM
      •Must be eligible according to the Eligibility Standards set by PNP – if you have passed or have a license to:
      RA 6506
      CS prof
      PD no. 907

  157. Kenji Apiado says

    Hello, Good afternoon po. Magkano po lahat magagastos kung sakaling gusto kong maging isang police officer?

  158. don says

    hello po. ako po’y isang criminology student ngayon pangarap ko tlagang maging isang pulis. ngunit may sakit akong chronic hepa b. sabi sa result fit to hard work. kahit na alam kong meron akong sakit di ko parin isinusuko ang pag-aaral ko nag nag gagamot n po ako. pwede parin ba ko makapasok sa pnp? salamat


    Gdpm. Im a LET passer but i am already 33yrs old. Ask qlng qng paano at saan mg pass ng age waiver. At ano po ang requirements. Thnks

  160. jove says

    hello po.

    I wanted to join in PNP. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education but not a board passer nor CSC. what are the steps in joining? and what are the requirements that I’ll be needed? thank you po.

  161. Ryka says

    Good day po .. Tanong ko lang po sa na if merong quota ngayong DeCember 2014 sa PRO 7 ?

    Salamat po .. God bless more power …

  162. chris says

    hello sir / ma’am ask lang po nakapasa na po kase ako sa PNP entrance exam
    and may naririnig po kase ako about sa requirements sa dental if my sira or hindi na kumpleto ung ngipin it means di ka mkakapasa pra mkpag training?totoo po ba un ?

    • Jay ar says

      Sa tingin ko hindi totoo yun. basta ipabunot mo na lahat dapat ipabunot at papasta ang dapat pastahin. Kailan ka nagtake ng exam at saan?

  163. bj plazA says

    good evening sir, can you give me some hints kung ano yung mga possible questions sa IQ test?and if possible yung answers dn po…kahit 3 questions with answers lng po…thank you po

  164. aden says

    sir just want to clarify… tama po b na s PNP dental qualification ay at least 20 natural teeth ang kelangan??TIA

  165. kenjipiado says

    Hello, I’ve already read all the procedures and requirements needed to be a part of PNP, Ask lang po if meron po bang mga babayaran para maging part ng PNP?. kung meron magkano po? Thank you. plano ko po kasing maging part ng PNP and I am only 21 years of age and a graduate of four year course

  166. Jo says

    Hello po, tanong ko lang po , kailangan ko pa po ba hintayin yung report of rating na galing manila bago ako makakuha ng certificate of eligibilty ko sa napolcom? nov. 9, po ako nag-exam , and i passed. thanks

  167. Mae says

    Gud day po.. Ma’am/ sir, I want to ask if what are the hiring procedures of PNP? I am a BS Computer Science grad. With Prof. Education Cert. and LET passer.. Could I apply anytime or there is a schedule for hiring? Update lang po ds 2015.. I really wanted to join PNP. . Thanks. .

  168. krissel says

    Good day!
    Ma’am/Sir ask ko lang po kung tanggapan na ng application sa ncrpo bicutan? and what color of folder needed? thank you

  169. Gil says

    Gud am sir/mam,
    Ask ko lang kung pwede ako sa waiver? 5′ 2″ lang kc ako at registered nurse naman..may height requirements din ba ang lateral entry?

    • tonyboy says

      ang alam ko sir kapag indigenous people pwede mag submit ng height waiver.. di ko lang po sure.. sa military sir pwede at least 5’0 flat

  170. Monique Orquiza says

    Hi, ask ko lang po kapag bumagsak sa neuro psychiatric test disqualified na po ba agad at wala ng chance para maging police officer? O pwede pa po mag re-take ng test? TIA. :)

  171. Roger A. Ampal says

    Good day,


    I am Roger A. Ampal, Age of 24 from Zamboanga Del Norte.

    BS Information Technology Graduate po ako.
    Ano po ang mga steps para mangalagad ng ating Bayan bilang PNP ?

    Mag Take pa po ba ako ng Exam sa Napolcom.?

    Thank You Please Help Me God Bless all.

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