DTI Business Name Permit Registration Requirements and Procedures

It’s now easy to register your business name and permit at the DTI. In five minutes, I got mine, and I will tell you the requirements, steps, and procedures on this page.

Are you an entrepreneur and want to open your own business in the Philippines? You need to register first your business name at the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).

It is the first document you would need to complete the steps in registering a business in the Philippines. Followed by getting a Mayor’s Permit and complying with tax requirements at the BIR.

DTI Business Name and Permit Registration Requirements:

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

  • 1 valid ID (SSS ID, GSIS, Voter’s ID, PRC license, Driver’s License, Passport or any issued government issued ID)
  • Application Form
  • Registration Fee per territorial scheme
    • Barangay P200
    • City/ Municipality P500
    • Regional P1000
    • National P2000

Now you ask me what do these fees mean? If you want your business name exclusive only to be used within your barangay, then pay only P200. Otherwise, you will need to pay P2000 if you want your business name to be yours only exclusively in the whole country.

  • Documentary Stamp Tax of P30 per application
  • Your Business Name (Prepare for your business name, think it very well and comply with DTI Terms)
dti business name permit registration requirements

Additional Requirements for those whose Filipino citizenship is acquired by naturalization, election or by any other means provided by law.

Present original and submit photocopy of the following documents:

  • Naturalization Certificate or Oath of Allegiance issued by the Bureau of Immigration
  • Affidavit of Election
  • Valid ID issued by the Bureau of Immigration

DTI Requirements for Foreigners or Foreign Nationals:

Present original and submit clear certified copy of the following documents applicable for you:

  • Certificate of Authority to Engage Business in the Philippines pursuant to Foreign Investment Act
  • Certificate of Authority to Engage in Retail Trader (Retail Trade Liberalization Law)
  • Or such other applicable law, as the case may be

Procedures in Getting a DTI Business Name and Permit Registration

The following are the steps in getting a DTI Business Permit or Registering your Business Name at the DTI.

  1. Bring the requirements and fill out the application form if you don’t have one yet, DTI will provide the form for you.
  2. Pay the necessary fees applicable for your business.
  3. Wait for a few minutes for your DTI business permit or DTI business certificate.

You can also authorize someone to process your business name on your behalf. Make sure you will give him/her an authorization letter and your representative is also required to present his/her valid IDs.

You will also receive an email from the DTI confirming your business registration. Cheers!

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  1. If you open bank account why is it you have to go back to dti and ask certification instead of presenting dti copy????

  2. Hi.. I am US citizen but Filipino by birth and grew up in Pinas. And like to establish a Sole Prop business. Do I need to submit this one Certificate of Authority to Engage Business in the Philippines pursuant to Foreign Investment Act.

    If so.. where can I get this Certs.?

  3. Hi…DTI lng ba permit needed sa online business? Anywhere yong location as long as may internet. And no of physical office.

  4. Hi,
    I own a condo unit. I want to lease it out. Do I need a DTI registration if I use my own real name in all transactions related to the lease?

  5. My registration has expired beyond 6 months, almost 7 months. Can i still renew it or need to apply new considering its slightly beyond 6 months. Thanks to reply ASAP

  6. Hi! I want to ask if I am required to renew my permit annually? Because mine is almost two years now. Thanks for the reply!

  7. Hi planning to franshise Keritoh Food cart here near at SM Baccpor I mean outside . Just to make it legal I want to get dti permit for it how much would it cost. I will be glad to hear you’re feedback thanks & best regards ?

  8. Can three (3) separate business entity owned by one person use the same dti permit in his/her 3 business. E.g. three (3) ecash pay centers use the same dti permit. Kindly send me feedback on my email. Thank you.

  9. We have food cart in one and our concept is DIMSUM, HONGKONG FRIED NOODLES, DUMPLINGS and SIOMAI. Kindly help on what is the best suited Business Name registration to DTI? Thank you

  10. What if I would only opt for regional clearance and not National? I am with TNVS
    and mostly my transactions are concentrated in NCR only and only a very few in North, Central or South Luzon. DO I HAVE TO CHANGE MY DTI registration from

  11. Hi , jst wanna ask if i hv already a dti bussiness name, but want to make a new one, is it possible? ( I hv a carpentry shop now, but want to expand and work in exibit events.. ) two bussiness name under my name….

  12. Hi. Thank you very much for the info. It’s such a big help. Can I ask you more pls? if born filipino by birth or since birth, theres no need of additional requirements right?please help too.


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