Google Philippines will be Hiring People after its Launch

I published a review about Google Philippines a year ago and people were asking if there was a Google Philippines office in the country. That time, the closest office was in Singapore.

The great news now is Google launched its country office in the Philippines recently in the new business hub, Taguig. It will be hiring people and staff to build the Pinoy Google Team.

Google office in the Philippines is the fifth one that opened in South East Asia following Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia including the existing regional branch in Singapore and Taiwan.

Its representative includes the ex-Friendster executive Narciso Reyes. People are thrilled to know the other executive positions like the head of marketing, sales, managing director, spokeperson and the like.

Google Philippines Launch

The Philippines is known as one of the leading countries in Asia and the world in terms of active role in internet usage, new tech-gadgets adoption, mobile consumption and engaging in every corner of digital media., and its youtube are constantly on the Top Sites in the Philippines. If you check out Alexa, you’ll know all the rest.

google philippines office hiring
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It’s right timing for the launch of the giant company representative in the country because the Philippine economy has been doing really good in terms of economic growth around the world. I’m sure Google Philippines would contribute a lot for this growth. Advertising and marketing will be on the rise with the whole economy.

Working at Google would be a real dream come true to some Filipinos now. If you are among the millions of people wishing to be working at Google, the possibility is almost easier to reach.

How to work at Google Philippines? Just wait for the openings and hiring of jobs. The latest jobs are always posted online at their website. I will put the exact address of their office here soon once it’s officially opened. Good luck!

Cheers for the launch!

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