My Experience Going to Dr. Tan – TCM Doctor in Binondo

As mentioned in my previous post, Best Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Philippines, I consider Dr. Tan Ci Shou one of the best TCM doctors in the country. Many of his patients also think of him as one of the best and most well-known Chinese Herbal Doctors in the world.

There are around 400 patients who visit and consult him every week. Dr. Tan is an expert on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Nowadays, his son also caters to patients in the same clinic in Binondo, Manila.

I just want to share my experience going to Dr. Tan, the famous TCM doctor. Before going to Dr. Tan, I learned about TCM through Organic Olivia’s posts on Instagram. Then I read some of her articles on her website.

Olivia cured many of her health problems through Traditional Chinese Medicine. I recommend you read her story. I’m sure your mind will be more open about TCM. I was fascinated with how TCM naturally heals the body. That’s why I started searching for the best TCM clinic in Manila when I had headaches.

I was having occasional headaches, and I consulted some ENT doctors. Luckily, nothing to worry about. The ENT just prescribed me some pain relievers. But after a few weeks, I experienced some weird headaches again, so I went to a neurologist.

After some tests, the neurologist told me it was just a hormonal thing, so he gave me some medicines. The medicines worked the first week, and when I returned to the neuro doctor, he prescribed fewer meds, but there were nights when I felt hallucinating and sometimes I had insomnia, so I stopped taking them.

Eventually, I found out I have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. I went to a TMJ specialist, and he gave me a splint and removed my braces. I felt so relieved, and my headaches disappeared.

I had to continue my TMJ treatment, so I would still feel a few headaches but not worse than before. I decided to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with my treatment. It’s very effective. Read my review below.

Dr. Tan TCM Doctor in Binondo – Review and Experience

I decided to combine a holistic approach with my TMJ treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’m in my early 30s, and I sometimes feel like hormones get the best of me.

As much as possible, I don’t want to be taking pain relievers, antibiotics, or any meds because I don’t want my liver to suffer so much. I want my body’s healing power mechanism to do its job instead of those meds working on me.

So we drove to Manila. Dr. Tan’s clinic is on the 2nd Floor Fu-yong Mansion, Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila.

I arrived there at 10 am. There were already around 25 patients in the queue. They were sitting there along the narrow hallway, waiting for their number to be called.

While waiting, I couldn’t help but ask some people sitting next to me about their health issues and TCM experiences.

A man in his 40’s told me it was his sixth time going there. He told me he was overweight before and he had a kidney problem. After taking the herbs prescribed by Dr. Tan and avoiding the foods mentioned by the doctor, his body is now normal. He is slim now, and he couldn’t be much stronger. TCM changed his life for the better.

A woman in her 60’s told me she could barely walk or stand up before. She would always feel fatigued. His son brought her to Dr. Tan. After taking the herbal tea regularly, she can now walk and move normally. She now visits the clinic alone.

I was glad to hear more stories, but my number was called. I went inside the clinic, and cellphones were not allowed because the Chinese doctor would check your pulse without using the typical stethoscope.

What does Your Tongue Say Something About Your Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The Chinese herbal doctor would only tap his fingers on your wrist, and he would know already about your health problems. Then he would check your tongue. He would tell you what’s wrong with you and ask you if you feel specific symptoms. You would be amazed how he could know them right away.

tongue color meaning traditional chinese medicine
photo credit: Organic Olivia

Dr. Tan will then ask you what you prefer – tea or tablets. I have chosen tea because the doctor told me it’s more effective.

He will then write down on a prescription paper the list of herbs you need to make the tea. You can buy the herbs at the Ching Tay Chinese Drugstore along Alonso street. They will give you a list of instructions on boiling the herbs. You can only use ceramics or clay pots.

Dr. Tan will also hand you a list of foods you need to avoid eating. Follow that list to achieve healing faster.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Has 5 Different Treatments:

  1. herbal medicine
  2. dietary therapy
  3. acupuncture
  4. massage
  5. exercise.

You already have the first two going to Dr. Tan. The rest three methods you can also apply at your own choice.

The first time I have taken the herbal tea, I already felt good. My headaches were gone, and I felt less bloated too. I also noticed my skin glowed lighter. You’ll get slimmer taking the herbal tea. The tea tastes so bitter, but the benefits are sweet.

At first, Dr. Tan prescribed me a 3-day herbal tea. Then I had to go back for a follow-up check-up. He prescribed another set of herbs for a week.

After a week, I went back to the clinic, and he told me my health was OK already, and I could stop drinking the tea.

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  1. Hello po Mam, ask ko lng po na treatment dn po b c Dr. Tan sa namamagang po 2 Legs ko Mula tuhod. Swelling npo sya kc sbi nung nagpa check up ako sa ibang doctor meron daw po ako Osteoarthitis. Nhihirapan npo kc ako lumakad. Thank you po

  2. Hi, do you have a link of Dr. Tan in FB or online? I can’t find them. If someone has it, kindly post (as very desperate of this illness of mine). I thank you in advance!

  3. Check their fb acct. As of now online consultation lang. Chen tan or tan james or chen john yan messenger acct pwede ka mgpa sched

  4. Been to his clinic twice…consulted the father & his son too…given herbal & capsules…..hoping it will work, I have a bladder cancer stage 2….on my 2 visits I spoke to about 10 people who have sworn of their relative & friends who have cancers & other terminal illness that have been totally cured by both doctors…same thing at the drugstore staff downstairs…they said most patients..lots of stage 4 cancer have been really cured…What I found to be mind boggling was both of them would just hold your pulse & check your tongue….& they would know your illness….I thought of going to the States for surgery/treatment but if my bladder is removed & the idea of chemo is pure hell….God I wish I would know soon….the progress & the cure of this dreaded disease…if you’re a believer or not…I’ve been told that the chapel at Perpetual Hospital performed lots of miracles to many terminally ill patients…I’m exploring both avenues…wish me luck…but go & check …even for curiousity’s sake.

  5. I’ve been to a chiropractor in BGC before to have my recurring headache checked. Right after the session, the pain lessened significantly.

    • Hi, I’m stroke survivor and my problem now is Spasticity on my right arm, hand and leg. Can Dr. Tan cure my Spasticity problem?

  6. Im 68 yrs 9ld this dec, i have a problem with my left pelvic, i have a hard time walking whenver i stand up from seating o when i walk up in bed

  7. merun ako osteoarthritis madam /sir…pwede kayang mareverse or marepair ang lost cartilage using the herbals ..thanks a lot

      • hi fehl, can i ask if dr. tan is on his clinic in binondo on june 22, 2019? or can i ask for contact number? i am from cebu city. hoping for your reply. thank you so much

  8. I went to see Dr. Tan, and he gave me the herbal prescription which I bought at the pharmacy. However, I was not able to take the tea yet because I could not find ceramic pots in the department stores. Is it okay to still use the herbs I bought even though a month has passed since? Or, do I have to buy a new batch?

  9. Hello from Cebu City. I only speak English. I wish to know if Dr. Tan is still having an office and how could I do to travel from Cebu to his Clinic? I mean, how many days should I stay in Manila. Is it necessary to go more than once there? I would need to book airplane tickets so I need to know in advance. Maybe you could orientate me.
    Also, do you know any affordable pension/hotel nearby? Do you have address, phone No., e-mail, etc.? Thanks for your patience.

    • Hi, yes, their clinic is still in Binondo as mentioned in the article above. I’m actually going there this week to help my aunt. Well, I think you should book hotel accommodation nearby. Look for airbnb. If you have another appointment, then decide how long you should stay. The doctor will tell you if you need another follow up appointment. You can contact me at my Facebook, link is displayed on my profile at the end of the article. Have a great day!

  10. Hi,

    My daughter was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Her adrenal glands are not functioning normally. Would like to know if anyone had the same condition and already sought treatment from Dr. Tan? Thanks.

  11. What do you use to boil the herbal medicine? I looked for a ceramic pot in Rustan’s, etc. but none of their pots can be placed over direct fire. Thanks.

    • Hi, I used clay pots to boil the herbs. There are people nearby us that make pots. Then I use clean cloth to filter the tea. You can also use filter paper.

    • Punta ka sa mandarin supermarket sa ongpin st. Meron binebenta doon itim na palayok na meron spout na. Nasa 415pesos yun. Ang brand enterli medicine pot.

    • Kay Dr. Fandialan, sa Panay Avenue, QC. She is the best for TMJ treatment in the Philippines. Message me on Facebook, I can give you their mobile number

  12. My father had ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) for 3 years His first symptoms were weakness in his hands and losing his balance which led to stumbling and falling. He never lost the ability to swallow or breathe. His one hand, then his legs, were affected first; then his arms. The Rilutek (riluzole) did very little to help him. The medical team did even less. His decline was rapid and devastating. The psychological support from the medical centre was non-existent and if it were not for the sensitive care and attention of his primary physician, he would have died . There has been little if any progress in finding a cure or reliable treatment. So this year his primary physician suggested we started him on Natural Herbal Gardens ALS Herbal mixture which eased his anxiety a bit,We ordered their ALS herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report this ALS herbal treatment reversed my dad condition. His quality of life has greatly improved and every one of his symptoms including difficulty in walking and slurred speech are gone. He will be 74 soon and can now go about his daily activities

  13. Hi. Are there areas to park one’s car nearby? And, are the stairs going to his clinic steep? I have rheumatoid arthritis and also tend to get vertigo. I have a hard time managing stairs even when I’m holding on to someone. Thanks.

    • Hi Nesy 🙂 Unfortunately I have no contact number and email address of their clinic coz appointments are first-come-first-served basis

  14. First time ko magpunta last Monday dahil sa wagas at napaka exciting mag kwento ng pinsan ko at asawa nya ng kanilang experience with Dr. Tan. Yung pinsan ko kasi pala may hernia o loslos gusto na operahan ng mga doctors sa hospital pero may nakapag sabi sa kanya subukan muna si Dr. Tan ayun hinde niya sinabi yung sakit niya pinulsuhan siya at tiningnan yung dila tapos gulat siya ng sinabi ni Dr. Tan na may loslos siya. Pinainom ng herbal tea at pag inom niya parang lalong sumakit yung loslos niya at pero para din bumabalik yung loslos sa natural na posisyon hanggang sa isang linggo o dalawang linggo lang ata magaling na siya. Bumalik pinsan ko sa mga doctors sa hospital at maging sila at nagulat. Kwento ko na din yung sa case ng misis niya may kanser pero pabuti ng pabuti yung kondisyon pinili niya ang natural kesa magpa chemo. Nagpupunta pa din siya sa medical doctor niya at ang sabi sa kanya eh ituloy lang kung ano yung mga iniinom nya from Dr. Tan kasi mabisa at umeepekto daw sa kanya.

    So ayun yung kwento pla ng pinsan at misis niya. Kwento ko naman yung sa akin tiningnan yung dila ko at pinulsuhan sabi sa akin weak lungs ako. Oo alam ko yun kasi galing na ako sa hospital 2 weeks on steroids therapy na din pero hinde mawala wala yung pag ubo ko, sabi niya din may fatty liver ako. Sa puntong yun hinde na ako naniwala kay Dr. Tan kasi sa isip isip ko paano ako magka fatty liver eh madalas naman ako umiiwas sa mamantikang pagkain saka bihira naman ako uminom ng alak. So napag isip ko na maghanap ng gastroenterologist at huminge ako ng request kung pde ba niya ako ma check up at gawan ng request ng labs fir fatty liver. Ayun pina upper abdominal ultrasound at iba pang labtest ako ilang libo din ang ginastos ko at laking gulat ko sa resulta “SEVERE FATTY LIVER” nagulat ako nasa 30’s palang ako at lalo ako nagulat na tama pala yung sinabi ni Dr. Tan kaya ayun babalik ulet ako kay dr. Tan para humiling na tea nalang yung ireseta kasi mas mabilis daw epekto kesa sa tableta

    • Hello po, kagagaling ko lng kahapon kay dr tan ( father) sobrang naamazed talaga ko..tinanong nya lng kung anong nararamdaman ko at sinabi kong hypertension..after nya kong mapulsuhan at tingnan ang dila,sinabi nyang may sakit ako sa kidney left side at malapit na kong idialysis..tama lahat ang sinabi nya, before ako nagpunta sa knya nakapagpa ultrasound, blood chem at eGFR na ultrasound ang nakita ay mild hydronephrosis ang left kidney ko, sa blood chem mataas tlga ang creatinine ko at sa eGFR low ang filtration rate ng kidney ngayon 1 beses p lng akong nakainom ng nireseta nyang herbal pro maganda kgad ang pakiramdam ko..pati ang ubo at sipon medyo guminhawa…nag alala lng ako nong una kasi may nasearch ako sa internet na bawal uminom ng mga herbal kung chronic kidney disease..nakapagdecide akong ituloy ko na pagpapacheck up kay dr tan..after kong mainom ang 3 pack na herbal magbalik ulit ako sa thu sa knya..Sobrang pait nga lng pro tolerable nmn.

      • can you ask him about patients who already started hemodialysis, is it still possible to have a normal creatinine level and eventually be freed from dialysis after taking his herbal concoction at the same time doing his scheduled dialysis.

  15. wow, your treatment was so fast. mild lang siguro case mo. did he tell you kung ano sakit mo after the pulse reading? sa father or sa anak ka?

    • Same question here. How much is the consultation/check-up fee and it will be greatly appreciated if you can give us at least estimated prices of the prescribed herbal medicines (teas or tablets). Thank you very much for sharing this Ms. Fehl and more power!

      • Hi 🙂 Consultation fee is 400. Depending on the herbal medicines prescribed, mine (7-pack for tea) for a week was 600. The herbs were from China. God bless!

        • Kht po kya mga tumors or cancer kya dn po dun kay dr. Tan.. mga ano oras po dapat andun pag ppchckup po dun sa old dr. Tan.. salamat po..

        • Hlo my clinic b kayo ng sabado/linggo gusto ko sana check up asawa my tumor s breast malignant kailangan tanggalin breast nya bfre xmas..subukon ko sna dyn..gagaling p kme ng bohol..leon..salamat po.

          • Clinic Schedule of Dr. Tan in Binondo:

            Monday – Friday: 9am to 12pm / 3pm to 6 pm
            Saturday: 8am to 12:30pm / 3pm to 6pm
            Sunday: 8am to 2pm

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