How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Online Using BDO

How to pay Sun Life Insurance using BDO online or BDO mobile app fast and easy – follow this simple guide on this page if you want to pay your Sun Life insurance premiums.

I recently got an investment with insurance from Sun Life Philippines. Honestly, it is one of the wisest financial decisions I have ever made since I started investing with stocks and mutual funds.

If you want to know the reasons why I opened Sun Life Variable Universal Life Insurance, you can check out this page: Top 5 Reasons Why I got Sun Life Insurance.

So far, I am amazed and surprised how much income and money my Sun Life investment makes to think that the premiums I am paying every year for my car are not making any profit at all.

That’s the great thing about Sun Life VUL. It is an investment and also an insurance product. It means you will be insured, and you will also earn money at the same time from the investments linked to your insurance policy.

When your investments perform well, your fund value will also increase over time.

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Online Using BDO Online Banking?

  1. Sign in to your BDO online account
  2. Select “Pay Bills
  3. Select “Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc.” as your Biller
  4. Enter your Payment Details
  5. Enter your Payment Schedule
  6. Submit your Payment
how to pay sun life insurance bdo online

Sun Life Insurance Premiums Payment Details

  • Company Biller – Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc.
  • Amount – your premium amount
  • Remarks – anything you want to note
  • Subscriber Number – your Sun Life Policy Number
  • Subscriber Name – your name and surname

Make sure you make the payment to Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc. You can automatically enroll this biller. Hence, the next time you make your premium payments, this will appear on your BDO company/biller options.

Your Subscriber Number will be your Sun Life Policy Number. You can check this out or confirm it by logging in to your Sun Life online account through the Policy Details section. You can also check your policy number at your Sun Life policy contract. This certificate is inside your Sun Life welcome kit booklet.

sun life insurance payment BDO online banking
Sample Sun Life Policy notification from Sun Life online account

Sun Life Insurance Premium Payment

After successful payment of your Sun Life insurance policy, you will receive a bill payment confirmation from BDO. You will also receive a premium confirmation notice from Sun Life to your email address. You can also access your policy details and past premium payments through your Sun Life mobile app or Sun Life online account.

Sun Life Insurance Payment Options

When we pay our Sun Life insurance premiums, we usually have the option to pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually. For other people, it is convenient to pay every year (annually) to avoid delays. On the other hand, some people prefer quarterly payment because it is lighter in the pocket.

Sun Life Premiums Due Date and Deadline

When should you pay Sun Life insurance policy or premiums? According to Sun Life, it must be paid on or before the due date, as shown in the policy contract. If you missed your insurance payment, you might still pay for your premium within the 31-day grace period to avoid lapses or skipped payments.

How to Avoid Late Payments of Your Sun Life Insurance?

Don’t worry about missing your payment because Sun Life always sends payment notices to our email addresses and mobile phones a month before the due date. If you don’t receive such notifications, please contact your Sun Life advisor or Sun Life customer service to update your contact details.

when is your sun life insurance payment deadline
sample Sun Life premiums payment due via Sun Life Policy Details

Another way to check Sun Life insurance policy due date is by visiting your Sun Life mobile app account. Log in to your account and see your policy details. You will find your payment notice and due date on the right sidebar when using a desktop computer.

Sun Life has an online facility where you can pay your premiums 25 days before or 31 days after your due date. Additional investment or top-up is not allowed through the facility.

What will happen if you missed paying Sun Life Insurance?

If you missed your insurance policy or premium payments within the grace period, your policy might lapse, resulting in a loss of benefits. To avoid that, always pay on time.

Can we pay Sun Life premiums abroad?

Fortunately, yes, we can pay our Sun Life premiums even if we are outside the Philippines. Sun Life accepts payments through the following payment centers:

  • Gcash
  • Wire transfer to any authorized collecting bank partners (BPI, BDO, PNB, RCBC, Security Bank)
  • PNB Overseas Remittance Center

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