BDO ATM Withdrawal Error – Did Not Dispense Cash

Here’s how to fix BDO ATM Withdrawal Error. What to do when you tried to withdraw money from BDO ATM but it did not dispense cash even though the money was debited from your bank account?

I recently experienced the same scenario. If you want to know how to fix this and how to get your money back as soon as possible, read this post.

The day after the scary earthquake, I helped my mom for grocery shopping in SM. We needed more cash so I tried to withdraw some money at the nearest ATM machine.

I was using my BDO debit card and I knew my current balance prior to withdrawing money so I did not make a Balance Inquiry check. I inserted my card into the machine, entered my PIN code and selected to withdraw 10,000.

BDO ATM Withdrawal Error

After a couple of seconds, the ATM slid out my card and the screen prompted me to take my card and wait for my cash. I could hear the machine counting out my cash already but this time, it was not fast like it used to be.

I waited for few more seconds, but nothing was happening. The machine kept on counting money but no money was coming out. I waited for 2 minutes, then 4 minutes, then 5 minutes. People were starting to fall in line behind me. I told them “sira ata ang machine.”

Luckily, there were security guards near the ATM machine as it was located near the entrance of the mall. I asked for help and was hoping for assistance. The guard told me “ATM might ran out of cash, better report it to BDO.”

I did not want to leave the ATM while it was still trying to count cash. I just asked my mom to go to the BDO branch nearby to ask assistance. While waiting for her, the ATM stopped the dispensing sound and it went back for the usual available new transaction. I still stayed there waiting…

My mom went back and told me I should check my cash balance and go to BDO. I made a Balance Inquiry. 10,000 was debited to my bank account. I went to BDO and reported it.

What to Do When BDO ATM Withdrawal Did Not Dispense Cash?

  • Do not panic
  • Make a Balance Inquiry
  • Keep your Receipt as a Reference
  • Call BDO Hotline at 631-8000
  • Report the Error
  • Wait for 1-5 working Days
how to fix bdo atm withdrawal error fast

BDO ATM Withdrawal Error Resolution

How to fix BDO ATM withdrawal error? As mentioned, I went to the BDO branch right after the incident when I tried to withdraw money from BDO ATM but no cash was released after it was deducted from my account.

As usual, there were many people in BDO. The kind BDO staff told me I need to call BDO hotline and report what happened. BDO branch also needed to make a report about it as well. I waited another time while the line was busy.

It was lunch time already. I told the BDO staff to cancel my call. I wanted to have my lunch. I decided to make the call at home instead. We wanted to go home sooner because of the possible earthquake aftershocks.

I called BDO hotline at home and reported the incident. The nice guy on the line told me it would take around 5 working days before the money would be credited back to my account. I asked him, how should I know when it’s credited back. He told me BDO will text me or email me so it’s important that my mobile number is updated.

I told the BDO staff on the phone that my mobile number and email address are already updated. I also asked if there was anything or any action I need to do aside from calling BDO. He told me, nothing I need to do more except to wait.

I sighed and said, “OK, then. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.”

BDO ATM Withdrawal Error Fast Fix

I was sure that they will return my money because every bank transaction needs to be in balance. The debits and the credits need to reconcile.

Thank God, I did not need to wait for 5 workings days. BDO gave 10,000 back to my account the next day. So yeah, it only took 24 hours after I called them. I received this text message from BDO (screenshot below).

bdo atm withdrawal error fix

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11 thoughts on “BDO ATM Withdrawal Error – Did Not Dispense Cash”

  1. Hi po nagkaron po ako same problem kanina lang po (while under ecq) landbank po ang card ko and since sobrang haba ng line sa mga atm ngayon, I tried to look for a more less crowded spot, and that is sa BDO atm.. My first use is no problem, pero ung 2nd withdraw kopo, dun na nagloko ang machine, I can also hear it as if mag lalabas na sya ng cash pero wala sya nila as.. And then ang tagal nya na stock, and after bumalik ung screen sa normal, when nag check ako ng balance ko the amount was already deducted! This is very frustrating especially these days… Plus the point na walang hotline available kanina as it was ecq and also Saturday… I hope Landbank and also BDO will look on this… Nag email palang ako sa Landbank, since I have no choice but to wait till Monday:((

  2. Hi, I experienced No cash dispense atm withdrawal BDO ATM offsite and my account is with BPI but BDO claimed successful transaction and no overage encountered. We filed request for CCTV viewing. Have you encountered anything like this?

    • Hi,

      We’ve encountered the same scenario. You can call the Customer Service from both your bank and BDO to file a claim. They would say wait 3-5 business days. Unfortunately for us, it’s been 8 business days already and the issue has not been resolve yet.

      Very frustrating.

    • Hi, I also experienced the same scenario. Pero wala akong receipt or any proof na di sya nagdispense ng cash. They are also claiming na successful nga ang widthrawal. It’s been 2 weeks already pero hindi padin naccredit back yung pera ko😪

        • @Jocelyn @ Jonas Nacredit na po ba yung pera nyo? I’m really frustrated na kasi for reinvestigation nanaman sya and I think same procedure lang din naman ang gagawin nila. I’m still thinking if I‘m going to request for the cctv retrieval becoz I have to pay another 1thousand and still no assurance of getting My money back when it’s should have been part of their investigation process. Pls. reply 🙁 I am hoping and praying @Ms. Fehl 😪

  3. And it’s not just for foreign cards. If your card is from a bank different to BDO, you should contact you own bank first, becuase BDO doesn’t have your money, the bank that issued your card does, BDO can’t fix the problem,

    You could waste a lot of time waiting in line for help from BDO, only to be told, “Go to your own bank”.

    The thing to check first on a “No Dispense” problem is, did the money actually get debited from your account? If it did not get deducted then really it’s not a problem. Just an annoying ATM malfunction.

    Be well,

  4. Hi Fehl,

    Nice to see a post from you again. We both have not been blogging much lately, diba?

    I have had several “No Dispense” incidents with BDO ATM’s over the years. I’v e followed the same procedures you did and always had my money credited back to my account … so, as you say, don’t panic people, it happens.

    One thing to keep in mind if this happens when you are using a foreign ATM card or a card from a different Philippine banking network is to realize BDO does not have your missing money. BDO acts merely as a money transfer contractor serving the bank which owns the card you use … so the refund/re-crediting of the funds has to take place in the bank which issued the card. Contact them immediately if a “no dispense” incident happens … BDO does not “have your missing money, the bank who issueed the card, the bank where your account resides is the one who must refund.

    • Hi, David 🙂 Yes, I’ve been doing some optimizing stuff lately so barely posting but I’m keeping up haha Thank you for sharing your experience with ATM withdrawal error. It’s a hassle when that happens. It’s nice to hear about foreign ATM card banking. Would help a lot of foreigners here. 🙂 God bless!


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