SSS Flexi Fund Program Review – Why OFW Should Get It?

Why OFWs should join the SSS Flexi Fund Program. Many have asked us to make a review of the new SSS Flexi Fund, so we have put all the details you need to know about this fund, especially if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker or related to one.

What is SSS Flexi Fund?

The SSS Flexi Fund is another Provident Fund program offered by the Social Security System specifically for Overseas Filipino Workers not over 60 years old, whether previously members of the Social Security System or not.

How to Get an SSS Flexi Fund?

The Program is open to all OFWs:

  • Recruited in the Philippines by foreign-based employers for work abroad
  • With source of income in a foreign country
  • Residing permanently in a foreign country

You must enroll at the SSS to set up your Flexi Fund account. Once registered, you can start paying your contributions to your Flexi Fund, or you can also pay it when you pay your SSS monthly contributions.

Any amount not less than P200 paid in excess of your SSS contribution will automatically be posted to your Flexi Fund account and earn interest income.

You have the option to contribute to your SSS Flexi Fund monthly, quarterly, or anytime you wish. That is why it is called FLEXI in the first place because saving is flexible.

To open an account, please follow the steps in opening an SSS Flexi-Fund account at this link: “How to Open SSS Flexi Fund Account?

Benefits of SSS Flexi Fund:

  • Tax-exempt and guaranteed by the SSS
  • Computed based on Average rates of SSS’ short term placements or 91-day TB (Treasury Bills), whichever is higher
  • Subject to quarterly re-pricing, thus reflecting current market conditions in the Philippines
  • Earnings are credited every month-end (compounded interest)
  • Augmented by the granting of Annual Incentive Benefits to qualified members (the higher the equity, the higher the AIB amount)

As an OFW saves or adds funds to his Flexi Fund, the fund will be invested on T-Bills or short-term fixed-income instruments. Unlike other investments, these funds are not so risky. Thus, earnings are guaranteed.

Hardworking OFWs can save better and earn better from the Flexi Fund while simultaneously being a member of SSS, which also entitles SSS benefits.

sss flexi fund program ofw

3 Advantages of SSS Flexi Fund Account:

  1. Early Withdrawal
  2. Annual Incentive Benefits
  3. Retirement, Disability and Death benefits

Early Withdrawal – you can withdraw your funds anytime or when you need them urgently. However, there is a pre-termination fee if contributions stay in the fund for less than one year.

Annual Incentive Benefits – a.k.a. AIB, may be declared depending on the fund’s year-end net income with automatic posting of AIB amounts to members’ accounts without complete withdrawal claims/benefits for the year. This is distributed based on shares to the total equity of all qualified members.

Retirement, Disability, and Death benefits – may be disbursed in monthly pension, lump sum, or combination of both upon contingency

SSS Flexi Fund Program Review

SSS Flexi Fund is SSS Benefits + Provident Fund rolled into one. If you have this fund, you will enjoy all the benefits given to SSS members, plus you will be able to save and earn money by adding up funds into your Flexi Fund whenever you wish.

Unlike other investments, earnings are guaranteed by the Social Security System because Flexi Fund is invested in treasury bills and short-term securities. You can build your equity in the long run and retire happy.

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35 thoughts on “SSS Flexi Fund Program Review – Why OFW Should Get It?”

  1. I’m excited to invest SA flexi fund,kaso after reading the comments and SA mga experience nila parang nagdadalawang isip tuloy ako kc Parang pahirapan parin pla,if you needed the money money badly dimo agad agad makukuha and asside SA ganung problema walang proper explanation Kung panu ka kumikita at ilang percentage makukuha mo,if meron man may magandang experience pls share.

    Ofw from Singapore

    • I went to one of the branches in Manila to withdraw my Flexi-fund. But after getting up at 4:AM and waiting in line for 3 hours, I was told they do not process the withdrawals at the branches. Withdrawals are only processed at the Diliman office because they are a special transaction.

      I hate SSS. They are making it difficult for everyone to withdraw their money so that they are still able to earn something out of it while the fund sits in their account.

  2. Mapagpalang araw po Ms. Fehl,

    I’m an OFW here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I’ve enrolled flexi fund just recently because i would like to save more money aside of paying my monthly SSS contributions that’s why when I heard this Flexi Program I browsed on the website of SSS and enrolled there. I have a concern, for what is the 1760 pesos? Or my monthly premium contributions at SSS? Is it mandatory to pay this amount in order for me to qualified in the program. Can you give me a sample quotation for that? Can I pay my flexi fund and my premium contributions in same transaction or it has to be one at a time? What I mean if its separate payment for both account.

    • Hello Mr Leonardo. I have the same querry that you have could you please share to me if the SSS Personel alreadyu responded to you?

  3. Hi, I am writing on behalf of my niece, Rodelia F. Dacuycuy._. She’s been working in Hong Kong for several years and has made flexi fund deposits for several years. She came home July of last year to care for her ailing father, who unfortunately passed away in September 2016. She came all the way from Cagayan province and went to SSS Batasan Hills this morning to withdraw her deposits as her family is in dire need of cash. She was advised of the following:
    1. There was no available flexi fund withdrawal form and they will text her once this is available; and,
    2. Withdrawal processing will take around 30 days.
    With this, she feels disappointed as she was made to understand before that making flexi fund deposits is just like putting money in a bank and can be withdrawn as needed. Is there any way to expedite the refund? She feels that the withdrawal process of 30 days is too much and that there can be a solution to the advice that was earlier given to her.

    We highly appreciate your reply.

        • nakakainis na tong SSS flexi fund na to ah. credited and bayad ko for sss flexi fund pero di nila automatic nilalagay sa ledger, para sana mag earn sya monthly. I have been contracting them many times and after several months saka lang nag reply at dun pa nereflect sa ledger. This month I paid again, pero di na naman nag reflect sa ledger. Kailangan ba talga lage kang mag follow up na ilagay nila sa ledger ang bayad??

  4. Hi Ms.Fehl Im already register to SSS-flexifund starting from march 2017. I already paid 1760 per monthly contribution From march-september 2017 .When can I start paying for my flexi fund? Should I wait for the month of October when I will pay for the monthly contribution.

    Thank you very much.

    • Once you have enrolled in Flexi-fund, you can immediately start investing.

      Because you are required to pay the minimum P1,760 before you can “spill” funds over to Flexi-find, you should make sure to consider your flexi-fund deposit every time you make your mandatory contribution.

      Remember, there is no separate payment for Flexi-fund unlike MP2.

      Since you have already paid for your contribution up to September of this year, you may include all of your money you intended to invest in flexi-fund in your October contribution. For example, if you wanted to contribute P5,000 for each month to Flexi-find since March 2017, you should pay a total of P 36,760 this October. SSS will take away P1,760 as payment for the mandatory contribution and will spill the rest of the money over to Flexi-fund.

    • Hi Ms Fehl,

      how much is the average % quarterly of this matls? Let say we take the 2017 as baseline …
      i started my flexi starting 2017 and added every quarter …i can see that my earning is below 1% which is frustrating. would be good that we could tell the guys how this really gain us.

      thank you

  5. I have a question about SSS Contribution & Flexi fund program. .

    1. Can I stopped paying my contribution after reaching 120 months ? and continue my flexi fund contribution ?

    2. After my 120 months contribution can I pay 4 months in a year only and continue my flexi fund contribution monthly ?


    • If you want to enjoy the benefits of being an SSS member like salary loans, etc…you need to be paying your premiums regularly even if you have more than 120 months contribution already.

  6. I would like to request a statement of my flex fund account would please send to my email address. thank you and best regards…

    Ranulfo D Palaca

  7. I tried to withdraw a partial amount of my flexifund to know how it works but the the process is not as easy as the UITF funds. I processed it last May 12, 2016 but until now I have not received my money from my funds. When I processed it, I was told I can get the money through the bank after two weeks. In short, you can not conveniently withdraw the funds. I am still waiting for the feedback as of this time. I am disappointed on this aspect of their service.

  8. I’ve started investing 10k monthly starting Jan 2015. By Jan 2016 AIB posted is 2,961. By June 2016 total earning is 3,502 less 1,835 management fee. For total contribution of 180k in 18 months, net earning 4,628.75

  9. Hi Ms.Fehl effective po ba. ang flexi fund kasi instead of having business . I’m working abroad much better dito n.a. Ing ako maginvest basta yearly po ang withdrawal.for example within 1year total contibution ko is 10k ,how many percent it is and how much will I get back for the period of 1year. THANKS Awaiting for asap reply.

          • Sinasabi nila ay nasa 4% daw, it mean 10k x 4%=400 pesos.
            As SSS told us, dont make flexi fund as your primary investment just try other investment vehicle, just continue contribute until you retired, dont withdraw yearly. ipunin mo ang tubo at kapag mag hihinto ka na saka mo kuhanin.

        • Ang investment po ay parang sugal, may panalo at may talo din. Although less risky itong Flexi-fund. Hindi nyo po malalaman talaga kung magkano kikitain, minsan katamtaman at minsan naman maliit lang depende sa market. Walang fixed percentage. Hindi tulad ng mga investment scam na may malalaking fixed interest tapos bigla namang maglalaho. Palagay ko hindi po ito pwedeng gawing pangkabuhayan buwan-buwan kundi parang additional savings with interest lang for the future.

  10. Im interested to invest in your SSS FLEXI FUND. Please send me further information regarding interest rates, terms and conditions etc.
    Please provide samples computation for rate of return for 100,000 initial investment for 5 years.

    Thank you.

    OFW Riyadh KSA


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