How to Pay SSS Online If You’re an OFW Member

How to pay SSS online if you’re an OFW member? Great news to all OFWs! Now you can pay your SSS Contributions online using the facility for SSS Online Payment for OFW, self-employed, and voluntary members.

The Social Security System has also launched an online service that allows us to pay our Loans online.

SSS Online Payment for OFW

This online facility and service will help all OFWs pay their SSS contributions, loan amortization, and loan repayments online, anywhere, anytime, without going to the SSS office, banks, or any SSS payment centers.

At the comfort of your own home, you can quickly pay your contributions online. SSS online platform will also help us minimize missing months of unpaid premiums and loan payments.

The online facility will help us easily monitor our contributions – if they are intact and wholly paid during our chosen payment schedules – monthly or quarterly.

how to pay sss online if ofw member

Don’t know how much is your current SSS contribution? You can check it out here: SSS Contribution Table 2021

Even if you are far away from working abroad, you can also view your SSS contributions online using the SSS Online Inquiry System.

You can use the SSS online inquiry system to view your past contributions, SSS static information and employment history, loan balances, and many more details. You can print them out as well in case you need copies.

2 Ways to Pay SSS Online If You Are an OFW:

There are two ways on how to pay your SSS contributions and loan repayments online. The first one is using Bancnet, and the second one is using online banking (to banks partnered with SSS like Unionbank, BDO, BPI, Metrobank. Eastwest Bank, and the like). We will discuss these two ways here.

1. SSS Online Payment using BancNet

We will start with the easiest way, via Bancnet. The great thing about this online payment is you don’t need a registration to make SSS payments. BancNet is also safe and secure and protects our privacy and security.

Benefits of using BancNet:

  • Safe and secure
  • No registration needed
  • No transaction fees
  • No charges

How to Pay SSS Using BancNet Online?

  1. Visit BancNet SSS Payment Portal at
  2. Select which bank you want to use to make your SSS payment
  3. Click the “I Agree” button on the “Terms and Conditions”
  4. Provide and enter your bank account details such as your ATM Card Number, account type and ATM PIN.
  5. Enter your 10 digit SSS Number + 6 digits containing the month (mm) and year (yyyy) – (XXXXXXXXXXmmyyyyy)
  6. Enter the amount to be paid
  7. Tap “SUBMIT”
sss online payment for ofw

2. SSS Online Payment using Online Banking

Some banks have already partnered with SSS to collect remittances for SSS contributions and loan payments. Depending on your bank, you need to log in to your online banking account, head over the Payments section, and select SSS as the preferred institution.

Then provide your payment details. So easy! If you have questions or want to share anything about paying SSS contributions online, share them in the comments.

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52 thoughts on “How to Pay SSS Online If You’re an OFW Member”

  1. Same sentiment here sa mga nag-post about BDO not having SSS in their list sa online banking. I wrote to them sa official FB nila that OFWs really need it since their service is built around ‘Finding Ways’ for people. I asked why the logo of Bancnet is at the back of my Visa debit card and yet they aren’t in the list of banks you can pay SSS online thru Bancnetonline. I guess what we can do is to mobilize and keep on sending them this request to have it available. May BDO Kabayan pa naman din sila. Mas OK sana for the SSS din to make it easier for us to pay them by having more options sa kanilang e-Payment scheme.

  2. Previously sa MetroBank Direct ako nagbabayad monthly pero bigla na lang nawala sa option under PAYBILLS\GOVERNMENT\SSS-OFW\

    ngayon pag click mo sa PAY BILLS\GOVERNMENT\ wala na ang SSS-OFW..

    Any update on how to pay via metrobank online?

  3. sana ma add din ng SSS ang credit/debit card payment option gaya ng Pag-Ibig para maging updated din kami na mga busy sa work na walang time lumabas. Sa Pag-Ibig updated lagi ako dahil sa online payment thru debit/credit option nila

  4. Hi! Papano ko po mababayaran yung naiwan kong SSS loan sa Pinas kahit nandito ako sa US? Ang bank account ko sa Pinas BDO lang, hindi pa rin po ba pwede until now ang BDO?

  5. with the recent changes sa SSS online payments, can we still pay them via MetrobankOnline using the PRN generated from my.SSS?

    Hassle yung changes na’to. Haist 🙁

  6. isa po akong OFW ditto sa Saudi Arabia ask ko lang po about the payment for SSS monthly contributions and Loan Restructuring program. dati po kasi pwedeng magbayad ng direct sa SKY FREIGHT Forwarder’s pero now po sa FAWRI remittance center na ang bayaran. pero sabi po sa SKY FREIGHT Forwarder’s kailangan munang humingi muna sa kanila ng reference number bago magbayad sa FAWRI. hindi po ba pwedeng diretso na agad ang bayad sa FAWRI remittance na hindi na dadaan sa forwarder. kasi po may chardge sa sa SKY FREIGHT na 70.oo pesos kada transaction tapos another charges naman sa FAWRI na 15SR. doble doble po halos ang binabayaran na charge. wala po bang ibang way na di na dadaaan pa sa forwarder para lang kumuha ng reference number. kasi po ang ang BDO online wala naman pong SSS payment until now. please ano po ang maisuggest nyo.

  7. Metrobank used to have this facility, and it really was convenient paying your contributions online until very recently it was revoked. 🙁

  8. I tried to register on bancnet online and there is no option for the BDO to register as your Bank.

    Bank Options:

    Asia United Bank
    BPI Direct BanKo
    CTBC Bank
    Citystate Savings Bank
    Enterprise Bank
    Entrepreneur Bank
    Equicom Savings Bank
    Phil. Postal Savings Bank
    Philippine Veterans Bank
    Philtrust Bank
    Sterling Bank of Asia
    Sun Savings Bank
    Tiaong Rural Bank

    • Hay naku.
      Ako nga rin Peter eh…. BDO kasi bank ko. Kaso, wala sa approved participating banks nga Bancnet.

      Sana may option to pay SSS online via credit card.

  9. SSS is included in Landbank Online banking dropdown sa payment. Pero it is asking foe reference number and I do not know what to input. It does not accept my mother’s sss account number.

    • I am paying my SSS online thru Chinabank and the reference goes like this:

      SSS No + Mo (xx) + year (xxxx)

      ex SSS NO: 1234567890
      Mo of payment: March = 03
      Year of Payment 2018 = 2018

      reference no: 1234567890032018

      Hope it helps

  10. Can I pay my loan amortization voluntarily even if i’m employed? This is so i can prevent my employer from not paying my loan again like before.

    • Yes. I did paying my own monthly loan amortization while I’m employed. I suggest to pay it directly to the SSS Office because your payment/s will be reflected within one to three working days..

  11. Hi, how can I specify na yung payment is for loan and not for contribution. I will be abroad pero yung loan lang muna sana bayaran ko online habang dipa stable ang job ko.thanks

  12. dapat po ba if online payment yung local bank lang po sa pinas pwedeng gamitin pambayad sa contribution…paano po if ofw wala pong bank account sa pinas pero meron sa foreign bank….pls advice….thanks

  13. Please help po im ofw here in dubai… Gusto ko po hulugan ung naiwan ko na sss loan pero hindi ko po alam kung paano.??

    • Sabihin mo sa mga naiwan mo sa Pilipinas na mag-inquire sa SSS, Ang kailangan lang nila is yung SSS number mo. Bibigyan ngayon sila ng calculation ng SSS.

  14. hello,

    Online payment every month. Thru sending in the bank . Palompon, Leyte PNB Bank , is that be allowed to sending , no bank account in the philippines . because I am stayed in Australia almost one year now.

    Please be advice or helping me about my distribution of sss online payment every month. Since I contributed on 2001 until 2014. i wish i will continued this year 2017.

    • Well, for one, it is very difficult to understand what you are saying. If you can write in another Philippine language, that would be more preferable so that the answers provided here can also answer those that have the same question as yours.

      Did you mean that since you have been in Australia for the past year. you have been unable to continue paying for your contribution? And that you wish to pay your contribution through PNB Bank in Leyte? (It actually doesn’t matter where your bank is because they offer the same services all throughout their network).

      If that is correct, then please consider the following.

      1. You can’t pay for your missed payments in the years 2015 and 2016, That means you have already lost 24 months of payment opportunities.

      2. You have until December 31, 2017 to pay for all the remaining months in 2017 that you have missed. After that, you only have until March 31, 2018 to pay for October 2017, November 2017, and December 2017 payments (last 3 months), If you were still unable to pay for those months by March 31. 2018, then you will have lost all of your opportunities to pay for the entire year of 2017

      3. You can pay your SSS contribution through PNB’s online banking. If you have a PNB account, you may enroll it to activate your online banking privilege. Please follow this link and follow the instructions there

      4. You can pay for your SSS contribution through any payremit centers in Australia. Please follow this address to check which payment center is nearest to you.

      5. SSS only requires a minimum of 120 monthly payments. After that, it just becomes an investment of diminishing returns. Since you have already paid a total of 168 monthly contributions (2001 to 2014 = 14 x 12 = 168) and assuming that you have paid all of the months in all those years, and that you paid the maximum contribution, then please consider the calculation below. It shows that you have to continue paying for the next 6 years (72 payments) if you want to get more pension (by P300) than what you can already get from your minimum (120 contributions).

    • No. Although BDO is a founding member of Bancnet, it chose not to avail of the services and facilities offered under the Bancnet network.

      Sorry to break it to you but there is no way to pay SSS through any of the facilities of BDO.

      Talking about the biggest bank in the Philippines that doesn’t care about the welfare of Filipinos, but only how to make the most money, Actually, there is very little profit for banks in doing business with SSS,

      And also, you can’t pay SSS through BPI and Metrobank.

      This article is so full of misinformation. The author did not research very well.

      • I guess the author failed to update this. Metrobank used to have this facility and when i checked it today to register my sss, it is no longer on dropdown list of government billers.

  15. nagbago na ba ang format ng reference number for payimg sss\before 1234567890122016 for dec 2016
    bakit ayaw i accept same format for jan 2017?

  16. Im’ an OFW and would like to pay my SSS Contribution for last year, Is it possible po na maihabol pa ang payment ko. Planning to pay from Jan – Dec 2016 and if possible till when kaya pwede pa magbayd? I tried to pay here sa mga Money Exchange Companies pero they refused baka daw kc mag bounce back.

    • Same question of your humble follower like Grace.Actually I asked my son to pay my delay payment contribution up to May,June, July,August and September 2016.But SSS staff didnot accept due to delay payment.Di po ba may one year grace period to pay ang mga Seaman? Thank you po kung sasagutin nyo itong tanong ko. FERNANDO REYES

    • di ako taga sss pero sa experience ko pwedi mong bayaran ang kabooang taon with in the year laang din pero yong last 3 months from oct- december pwedi bayaran until Jan 31 pag ka next year halimbawa 2016 hangang 2017 sa january yong last 3 months po

    • You can’t pay the contribution of a previous year. SSS collection for the previous year closes on 31st December of the same year. However, you may still be able to pay the last 3 months of the previous year until January 31st of the following year.

      See below:

      01-Jan-2016 ~ 31-Sep-2016 Deadline is 31-Dec-2016
      01-Oct-2016 ~ 31-Dec-2016 Deadline is 31-Jan-2017

      and the same goes for the any year unless SSS releases a new directive.

  17. How can I pay through BDO online? There’s no SSS Company / Biller Name on BDO to register my SSS Number / Account No. I think BDO is not yet partner by SSS?

    • Waiting for it to work as well. How to pay SSS using BDO is not yet available on their online facility for individuals I think but available on their cash management package system

      • Good day,
        Mam tanong ko lang po paano po ako makapagregister online?? Andito npo kasi ako sa dubai may naiwan po ako na loan sa sss gusto ko po hulugan pero di ko po alam ung sbr#/otc kasi hindi ko po sure kung naivoluntary or transfer as ofw ung sss ko..pede u po ba ako tulungan?? Salamat po.

    • SSS is not a biller of BDO.

      No chance to pay SSS thru BDO. Sad but true since BDO is like the biggest bank in the Philippines.


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