Ultimate Guide on How to Invest Stocks in the Philippines

Many readers requested an easy and complete guide on how to invest, buy, sell and trade stocks in the Philippines so I am sharing this page for all of you. I recommend you read this post completely, if not you can leave right now and be on Facebook perhaps and make Mark Zuckerberg richer. If you proceed, congrats because you now have one of the major things a good investor must have – willingness to learn.

Who knows after reading all of this, you decide to buy your first stocks of Facebook, or Google or Apple. Yay, that sounds so nice isn’t it? Being a stockholder of those big companies.

buy sell stocks philippines
Trading could give you this money and more…

Truth is you can but I suggest you start from your dear home, the Philippines. Invest stocks in the Philippines. Because it’s where you live and you are familiar with the companies already. You can easily monitor what’s going on with the economy. Just jump the boat of international trading once you learned the ways. Investing is a serious business.

Speaking of the Philippine Stock Market, not everyone knows that it is one of the oldest stock market in Asia Pacific. What does it say about us? It means our country had an active stock exchange even when other countries in Asia were just starting to boom. It means we must be proud of it and take time to participate. It’s here and has been here all along.

Why invest in stocks?

investment stocks computation sample
This is just an illustration of how anyone can earn money investing in stocks. Assuming a growth of 10% per annum

Why should we invest in stocks? Simply because your stock investment could give you bigger return than regular bank products like savings and deposit accounts. Geez, do you know the interest rate for savings account here in the Philippines? It is .10% as of today 2019. Don’t forget they are subject to 20% Withholding Tax.

Technically your stock investment could give you 50% or more in a blink of an eye. Yes, technically it could make anyone a millionaire in a moment especially if his stocks value climbed the Mt. Everest. You know what I mean.

What would I earn from investing in the stock market?

  • Money – it depends upon your investment, the value of the stocks you hold and the value when you sell them. You also earn from cash dividends. Choosing the right company to invest with is vital to earn thousands, hundred thousand, millions or billions.
  • Self-worth – if you became a stockholder, that means you are part of the 1% of the population of Filipinos who participate in the stock market trading. It gives pride and self-confidence too. It also means you are not afraid of risk. Life is short, “if you don’t take risk, you’ll be a wasted soul.”
  • Skills and knowledge – being a stockholder also means you are financially literate. In trading, you’ll learn more about the stock market, the economy status, financial and corporate aspects, top performing companies, profit and loss.
  • You earn a part of a company –if you have stocks of a company, you are part of it. Even if it’s just small amount, technically you can call yourself a stockholder. Stocks are shares of ownership of a corporation. If you became a Major Stockholder, you can be in the corporate or board room. Know what I’m saying?
buy apple stocks philippines

Requirements in Investing Stocks in the Philippines

It doesn’t require you to be rich or poor though it requires you to be wise. Before you invest stocks in the Philippines, you must have these 5 things:

Knowledge – you must have basic knowledge and understanding about the stock market, how things work, how to buy and sell stocks, when is the best time to buy is and sell stocks, what are the top performing companies, what is the latest trend, how is the economy, what is technical analysis, etc. – in short, you must know the Market.

The market is the arena and you need to get to know the arena and the players. Some serious investors attend seminars just to learn more about investing in the stock exchange. There are free seminars offered by brokerage firms and the PSE Academy. If you don’t find seminars in your place, no worries because you can still learn by watching webinars, and reading pages like this in Philpad’s Money section.

Time – how much of your time can you invest with this? In trading, you need to monitor the economy and the business world to know when to buy and sell your stocks. Usually traders have target time when to sell what they hold. Those who can’t monitor the market all the time, they choose to invest periodically and use the Peso Cost Averaging Method instead or just rely on their stock broker’s advice.

Money – you can use your money sleeping in your savings account or you can invest a part of your regular income monthly buying stocks. The minimum amount to open an online trading account is P5000. You can invest that amount or more monthly or periodically if you want.

You, as an investor – are you an aggressive or passive or conservative type of investor? Assess yourself. If you don’t know about yourself, your capacity and ability to take risk, then don’t put your eggs in the basket yet. Are you investing for a long-term or short term?

Risk tolerance – investing in the stock market may sound so scary especially to beginners. Don’t be afraid. Just think of the reasons why rich people become richer… Investing may be risky and may incur profit and loss. You can avoid loss if you focus in investing on the well proven companies which will stay here no matter what. Long term investing using the Peso Cost Averaging method is well proven.

How to invest in the stock market in the Philippines?

If you find yourself ready, then you must:

  • Find a Stock Broker – you must have a stock broker to deal with when you buy and sell stocks. We have the list of Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines here. You can either have one personally or have an online account. Find the list of licensed stock brokers from the PSE by calling them. I recommend doing the second option which is opening an online account from the accredited online trading brokers in the Philippines. Minimum fund is P5000. It is like opening a bank account so the requirements are the same – valid IDs, specimen signature, and the application form they will provide. Once you have an active stock trading account you are a stock investor then and you can start buying your stocks and selling them when you want.
  • Invest – invest in a company that is performing well. If you are very risky, you can surf the waves of the stock market. Different investors have different strategies. You’ll discover yours eventually. There are those who buy in a day and sell the same day. Like I said, as an investor you must have your target time and target stock value. Don’t be too greedy.

I consider it a smart way to use the Peso-Cost-Averaging Method and follow DailyPik’s stocks wherein you buy stocks from a Blue-chip company (top performing company) periodically (eg: monthly) for a continuous time and maintain them for a long-term, like 5 years or more. After that, see how much you gained. 🙂 Read our post about “How to be a Millionaire in the Philippines in 5 Years.”

Top performing companies I recommend to invest with

  • Ayala Land (ALI)
  • Banco de Oro (BDO)
  • Jollibee (JFC)
  • Ayala Corp (AC)
  • SM Investments (SM)
  • SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)

There are more on the list…

*These are well known and well-proven companies but historical standing and data do not guarantee returns*

Secrets of Successful Stock Investing

  • Invest early because time is money.
  • Invest regularly. Investing stocks regularly from a well performing company is proven profitable even if stock prices go up and down.
  • Invest long term. Like I said, time is money. Money and capital yield higher after many years.
  • Diversify your money. Build your wealth by putting your fund to different stock investment wheels like Mutual Fund in Equity and Trust Fund in Equity.
  • Thank God and share your blessings to your loved ones. What is a blessing after all if left unshared.

How to buy and Sell Stocks?

Choosing the online way of trading, buying and selling is so easy. You can buy or sell in your fingertips. You don’t need to call a broker. Just have your active stock trading account online and you can see your portfolio anytime. You can even see financial news and updates, view watchlists and live graphs. You can view your account, see stock quotes, stock positions with current market value. Trading hours starts from 9:30am to 3:30pm Philippine Time. You can withdraw proceeds or fund your account online too if your bank account has an active online banking feature. Online trading account by the way charge nominal fees like commission fees, transaction fees, VAT and other little fees. You’ll know these in the FAQS or Terms of your online broker.

Buying Stocks Online in the Philippines

Remember trading hours in the Philippines starts from 9:30am to 3:30pm. In this screenshot, as an example, I used one of the most reliable and trusted Online Trading platform in the Philippines, COL Financial (formerly known as CitisecOnline). Log in to your account and go over Trade, then tap the Buy button. Assuming you are buying shares of stocks from Jollibee Foods Corporation, type JFC beside stock code and press Quote, Main Board will display details about JFC. Focus on the Main Board and you’ll see columns for Bid and Ask. Bid details are in green, while Ask details are in red. Since you are a buyer, you’ll focus on the Ask section. Ask section displays the stock prices being asked/offered by stocks sellers. You’ll see too how many are selling. In the example, I chose to buy the middle offer (price of 151.10 per share). So type that price on your Oder Details. Type how many shares you want to purchase too. If you are under or over the allowed limit, a tab will appear. Otherwise, you may proceed. Preview your order then confirm to buy.

how to buy stocks using col financial

Selling Stocks Online in the Philippines

On the other hand, you have to select Sell button to sell your stocks. Assuming you have stocks in BDO and you decided to sell them when the price went 30% up, in the screenshot, it’s the same as our example above but this time, focus on the Bid column since they display the buyer’s bid info. Type the number of shares you wish to sell and the price you choose from the bid (usually you’ll choose the highest bid price). Preview your order and confirm it.

sell stocks col financial sample

Read more by going to How to Buy, Sell, Trade Stocks in the Philippine Stocks Exchange and Market

Online Trading Trial for Beginners

Wanna try the online trading? No worries, you can test-drive by just opening a demo account. A trial account is usually valid for 7 days. You can practice trading yourself before the real thing. You can also see the trading platform services and features your Online Broker offers. First, choose which online trading broker you want to use. See the list of online trading brokers accredited by the Philippine Stock Exchange here. All of this websites are secure.

I’ll be posting more investing and trading guides soon. Geez this is already almost 2000 words. So let’s discuss some more topics soon. Congrats for having an interest on how to invest stocks in the Philippines. Cheers!

My Quote for today:

Wise people buy Apple gadgets…wiser people buy Apple shares… wisest people do both.”

Are you ready to learn more about investing? Read our related articles below. Cheers!

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  1. Hi! I came across this article wanting to learn how to invest in stock market and I learned a lot reading the article however there is this question that I would like to ask that may seems not mentioned in the article or through the comment section. When investing stock and funding your account after finding the right broker (COL Financial) do I need to immediately bid for companies or just simply hold the money in COL Financial platform? With peso cost averaging method in Investing, do I need to invest with only one company or is it depends as long as I continue to invest monthly?

    • Hi JM 🙂 You don’t need to instantly bid or buys stocks. Juts do it whenever you’re ready. You are in control of everything 🙂

      Regarding PCA method, you can invest in different companies and do the method to each company. Cheers!

  2. Hi, In Selling stocks sample, you mentioned you usually choose the highest bid price. the highest bid price is 86.7 but you chose 86.5. Is it bec of the size? Please explain further. Thank you!

    • Hi Jen 🙂 I always want to execute the trade as quick as possible so I always choose the cheapest price with high volume of bids

  3. THANK YOU 😄

    • Hi, Marichu 🙂 Thanks you for finding this guide helpful. Investing in the stock market is exciting as a beginner. Once you are ready, you will definitely learn more from your own experience. Happy trading!

  4. Hi Fehl Dungo, I am Samuel Sarcia a license financial advisor. Can you email me or can I have your email, l have something to discuss with you. Thank you.

  5. Hi Ms Fhel.

    I am interested in investment long term, since I dont have time to buy and sell stocks.. i hope that you can post some articles about long term investments.. Like in the US they have IRAs and 401k or 403b investments. When I say investments you fund or invest your money monthly on a certain stocks through retirement account such as IRAs or 401k and you dont withdraw it until you reach a retirement age. In short you just let you money invested. Do we have these kind of investments in the Philippines. Please send me an email about long term investments in the Phils

    • Hi. You should check out Personal Equity Retirement Account (PERA). It’s like an IRA. Only offered by BPI and BDO so far though. There are also tax incentives since it was started by the government.

      • Hi Alexandra, I am license financial advisor, can we talk ? There is something I want to talk about with you.

  6. Hi, I am fil-american lives outside phil. What the best way to buy stocks in the Philippines online?, any recommendations for a long term investments.
    Thanks, Manny E of Las Vegas

  7. Hi Ms. Fhel,

    I’m studying stock trading online and thankfully, I saw this article. Halos lahat din ng nakita kong samples/tutorials COL financial ginagamit nila, i have concerns in regards to opening an account in COL, First, is there any registration fee? Second, is it like facebook which all you need is to just sign up? no physical appearance or what? I live in Bicol po kasi and wala po ditong COL Financial Office. Lastly po, easy to use po ba sya? hndi po ba hassle? hehe. I hope you can share to me what are the important things I have to know with COL Financial. Thank you in advance! More power to you and God Bless!

    • Hi 🙂 There is no registration fee but you need to fund your account just like a bank account. You can sign up without going to COL Financial but you have to submit the docs required. Follow the post I made in opening an account. COL will schedule a Skype video chat to you so they can verify it’s you. I’ve been using COL for 4 years now and I loved it. For more stock market guides, you can also visit dailypik.com

  8. hi i need your help i just want to ask if i want to invest monthly for a certain company and i will be doing that for 5 years.what to choose for validity in bdo nomura every time i invest. thank you.

  9. Hello,

    I’m a foreigner and would like to trade stocks in Philippines using COL platform. I believe there is lot of potential in trading right now in Philippines.

    Can i as a foreigner trade in Philippines stock markets? I would be coming to Philippines soon and I’m looking into trading while I’m there. Thank You


  10. Hi Geeky babe 🙂

    with your blogs about investing and being playful with to stock market has caught my interest i am a 21 yr. old student. and i am not really knowledgeable about this kind of stuff.. but as i was searching for options how to make money and not letting my student savings go to sleep, i saw this review and it was the same thing as what my cousin told me. that’s why i want to learn how this market works. please post more info im still on the process learning and i would really like to know more about this im planning to invest in the few weeks. hopefully studying your blogs will be enough and i believe very helpful.

    • Hi. Thanks for the visit and congratulations that you are now interested with stocks and investments. Starting young will give you more opportunity and money. I made guides on the site dailypik.com for fellow investors and beginners. See you there!

  11. Practical article . I learned a lot from the analysis . Does someone know if my business could possibly grab a template IRS 706 form to edit ?

  12. Mam Fehl im 20 yr old fresh gra. i.t diba minimum 5k invest sa COL Financial every month poba mag babayad ng 5k? or minsan lng tnx

  13. Hi ms fhel!
    i almost 2years now in investing in the stock market, and im dong PCA peso cost averaging, just lately i just want to figure out how i can compute my average price, let say i buy URC at 175.6 last month and i want to add now 20K pesos, just want to know if how much will be my average price, the current price is 199 pesos. More power to you and god bless!

  14. Hi Ms. Fhel,

    Just want to confirm. If you will sell stocks – you choose in the ask column which is in color red. and when you buy stocks – you choose in the bid column which is in color green. Thank you.

  15. Hello po mam,,I’m planning to invest po.ilan po b share ang pede kung bilhin if sa jolibee po bibili ng share..if 25 k po ang gusto ko invest.

  16. Hi. I just found your website and nakakatuwa kasi i’ve been wanting to invest sa stock market kaso i’m scared na magfail, i’m a student palang at wala masyadong alam but i wanna learn how the stuff works before i start investing, is there anything (aside sa seminars) na pwede kong gamitin as a guide or something like a walkthrough? I’m really sorry, i really don’t know much talaga.

  17. Hi Fehl, Thanks for this information and I enjoy reading it. I just want to confirm, okay bang mag invest kahit na hindi ka residence sa Pinas? Kung sakali mag invest ka, for instance nasa Canada ka, hindi ka kya malulugi sa charges when transferring your investment or sending your money periodically. Gusto ko mag invest for my parents, kung mag papadala ako ng 5k every month, baka yong kita ko sa investment ko mapunta lang sa charges ng money transfer. Any advice po mga guro?

    • Hi Romeo,
      Check mo to Ishare ETF.

      AC AYALA CORP 6.29


      Advise ko if you’re not a residence in Phils mas malaki ma charge syo dahil you will become as a foreign investor mas malaki tax mo once na withdraw muna account mo.
      Yang ETF ng Ishare (index Investing is 0.60 MER napakaliit ng babayran while you can still invest and kung mag open ka ng account sa Questrade
      libre lang ETF transaction nila wala ka babayaran pwede mo lagyan na walang charge sa broker. Avoid the hassle and you can invest on individual company and buy stock naka list to sa NYSE
      like PLDT Philippine Long Distance Telephone (ADR)
      NYSE: PHI – Nov 9 4:02 PM EST,
      GLOBE Globe Telecom Inc + Watchlist GLO:PM PHILIPPINES sa stock market sa Canada,

      Naisip ko na yan dahil nandito din ako sa Canada sana Mam Fehl pwede gawin yung direct investing na hindi na kailngan na broker.
      Meron kaya sa Philippines na pwede mag set up ng direct investing sa company na gusto mag invest. Sana po meron ganto para maiwasan natin magbayad sa broker everytime na mag invest tyo ng pera.
      Kung pupuwede mo sana na paki research po dahil mas marami po matutulungan tyo na kababayan natin dyan sa Philippines.

      Paki check naman po Mam Fehl and let me know kung meron dyan dahil mas madali sana mag invest kahit pakonti konti pera. Mas mapapadali sana kung mga kababayan na mag invest.
      Meron ako na research dyan about Pera Bill mas maliit maging tax ninyo kung maopen kayo dahil
      Tax Exempt Investment Income

      Maraming Salamat and More power to you. God Bless!!!

  18. If I started on COL Starter and my invested money amounted to P25,000.00 , will I automatically be categorized to COL Plus?

    Thanks Ms. Fhel.

  19. HI miss fhel, i just want to ask if where i can find or download the historical figure of the company like the asset and liabilities or the chart, in short the fundamental status of the company, and the past chart 5 or 3 years. Huge tnkxs Fhel! god bless!

    • Hi. You can open your trade account from a broker like COL Financial. You can mail your forms and email will be sent to you once approved or you can apply and fill up forms at any iRemit branch abroad, they are partnered with COL

  20. hi ms. Fehl im 19 yrs. old and a student from Cebu city i was really inspired about your blog and actually i really want to invest in a stock market but the problem is i really dont know how to start and what to do until i read your articles its very informative and gives me ideas about investing.

    i have one question though is there any other way to fund my account in COL Financial without going to PSE in Quezon City to pass the requirement forms?

    tnx btw! 🙂

  21. Hello! Thank you for this blog!! I’ve been reading your posts since I’m interested in the stock market but have no idea how it works. :/ Anyway, I have a question, what does the table heading “size” mean? Is size the same as number of shares?

  22. good day! is it possible to invest in philippine stockmarket even if you are not in the philippines? (ex. ofw)

    • Yes, any individual of legal age, regardless of place of residency is allowed to invest. You can do that by opening an online trade account like COL Financial, BPI Trade, Philstocks etc. See the list of accredited online brokers here in Philpad

      • I just want to expand this question, kung magpapadala po ng pera for investment, hindi po ba malulugi sa charges/fee when sending your money (for example 5K) periodically. Is there a best way or strategy to send your investment or transfer your money for investment? Usually they charge 10 CND maximum of 800 CND.

  23. Hi! ms. fehl,

    I am one of the newbie investor in stockmarket, i just want to know if how important to know the PE ratio in the company , and what is the ideal PE ratio na masasabing mo na mura pa sya, and what is the expensive the expensive PE? tnks and god bless!

    • P/E is actually what you pay for every Peso of a company’s earnings. In short it is the Price of the stock divided by the EPS. If the company is new, PE lower than 15 is good but if the company is already big and well established, you have to consider other quantitative and relative factors

  24. Hi Fel

    I have one question. I already invested -00,000 to col financial and and i have spare cash, I was thinking of investing it to UITF. Which do you think is better. investing it to UITF or invest it all to stocks through COL Financial? Thank you very much

    • Depending on your preference and status. UITF has fund managers so your fund will be handled with expertise but if you invest via COL, you’re in control of everything, you may profit or lose or may earn dividends. You know the answer, which is better for you?

  25. Hello thank u very for ur very helpful articles. Just a question about COLs programs. If i choose the EIP one, i understand they have those preselected companies. But can i also buy stocks from those small companies not listed under that program?

    • I personally use COL Plus so I don’t know if EIP is exclusive only for EIP pre-selected companies. All I know is that you can request an upgrade of account if you wish to upgrade from EIP to COL Plus account

  26. Girl, you really have an exciting articles to read every time I open your site..thumbs up to you!! Did you know that I learned tons of it and finally started my investment on UITF,MUTUAL FUND AND VUL… So far I got 8 investment all in equities and big thanks to you Ms fehl, I got 2 kids aged 11 and 3 and this may sound funny to others but can’t you believe it I already telling them about investing in the future and even discussing stock market to both of them ,my youngest just keep nodding LOL! Seriously thanks a lot. Now I’m thinking of getting my COL but I have to familiarise myself first and do some research coz man this is a serious business for me….keep up the good work and bless you!

    • Hi Yasi. That’s great. You’re giving your kids brighter future. Investments are great. Stocks investments can even make your kid multi-millionaire by age 20 if you start investing in a very good company every month 🙂 Check out our easy guides by going to our STOCKS menu

  27. im not sure if nag post ung recent question ko dito kaya ulitin ko nlang po 🙂
    very informative po ng blog nyo. kaka open ko palang po ng acct sa COL (5k) and im just waiting for their email para sa username and password ko, but im have still question in mind newbie parin kasi ako eh..

    1. sa prog nila na EIP my schedule calendar dun and im planning to set sa 300 or 500 weekly is that possible po ba??

    2. when the time comes of buying a shares diba mag notify sila sakin, so do i need to put an amount kung ilang shares ang bibilhin ko o automatic na sya mag compute sa 300 or 500 amount na sinet ko po.

    3. ano po ang ma advise nyo na quality company na pwede mag invest, ang mahal kasi nung mga nasa top list ehh. ung okay lang sana muna sa budget ko ehh..

    thanks sana maka reply ka .

    • Hi. Premium stocks are around 20 and up per share so that 300-500 budget could only buy few shares. Remember you also pay some fees. I suggest you do monthly schedule instead of weekly to be able to increase your budget around 2000
      2. EIP will follow your budget so it will automatically buy stocks for you using that amount you have set
      3. If you are using EIP, you can only invest using those Premium Companies listed under EIP.

  28. Hi Ms. Fehl please give me some advise po.., Nakakahiya man po dahil maliit lang yung pera ko 25000 ipon ko po yan simula january2015 . gusto ko po malaman kung san mas maganda i invest sa UITF (Security Bank) for 3 years oh mag open nalang po ako ng account sa COL at mag start mag invest sa stock market? tnx po..

    • Hi Vic. As a first investment, I recommend either UITF or Mutual Fund. If you already have any of the 2, then go for stocks directly 🙂 The reasons were discussed on my post about “My First Investment…” under STOCKS Tab

      • Salamat po Ms. Fehl sa advise. Bali meron na po ako investent under VUL sa generali.. at gusto ko po mag try sa iba nmang investment plan katulad po nito. salamat po ulit..

  29. Hi, laking tulong po ng blog nyo.
    I gained more interest in investing sa stocks..
    Question lang po, ung 5k po ba na pang open ng account is dapat ma maintain? or pwde na po ispend pra mapambili ng shares from the big companies.
    Balak ko is whenever my extra money ako eh ifund ko sa account then purchase.

    Thanks po!

  30. Hi Fehl, great and very helpful blog you’ve got here
    I’m also very interesting to invest in stock.
    Not sure if my concern already ask by others here.
    Anyway, what if the investor who invest in stocks thru online broker passed away.
    Who can claim his/her funds?

    Maraming salamat.

    • Hi, John. The stocks will be frozen and they will be part of the estate of the deceased investor which the family can claim. If they are 200,000 or below, they will be exempted from tax. If above 200K, they will be taxed according to the Estate Tax table of the BIR.

  31. hi fehl
    i just saw your blog and can you tell me where or what site can i use the 7 day trial for account or the demo account…

  32. Good day Fehl. Im newbie sa stock and i really appreciate all the information na binibigay mo smin and im very eager to invest na but i have questions na i hope u could answr.

    1. Ask ko lng po kung anu po ba ibig sabihin ng trading??? nabasa ko kc na meron ka na mentioned na active trading at passive trading. Ano po defference nila. Ibig ba sabihin nito ay pag benta ba ng share mo incase na hit na ung target mo na pagtaas na value nito? (please correct me if im wrong).

    2. Can you please give me example kung paano malugi sa trading?

    3. Incase na ibenta ko na share ko for a particular company pde ko ba gamitin ulit ung pera pra bumili ng other share instead na iwithdraw?

    4. Can i upgrade my acount from EIF 5K to COL PLUS 25K?

    my apology if this sounds like a silly question. thanks in advance.

    • Hi. Thank you Byron. These are my simple answers to your Qs:
      1. Trading is buying and selling stuff in order to profit. You can trade cars, gold etc. As to stocks, passive trading is spending little effort to trade in the stock market yet earning money while active is the opposite, putting too much time and effort, monitoring everything, focusing on everything coz you want to earn more and faster.
      2. You’ll lose money when the stocks you bought are worth less than how much you sold them. Ex. You bought 10 stocks of Jollibee last week for P225 but you sold them for P220 today, you lost around P50.
      3. Yes
      4. Yes, but you have to request COL or contact COL for the upgrade


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