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Another guest post from a Canada Immigration Consultant, Mr. Earl Blaney. He talks about the changes set to affect Canada’s Live in Caregiver Program. Salary, compensation package, requirements, and benefits were also mentioned plus live-in caregiver program’s recruitment process and it’s relation to the new Express Entry System.

Changes Set to Affect Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program Philippines

The Live in Caregiver Program (LCP), in its current form was introduced in 1992. The program is designed to provide access to caregivers for Canadian children, the disabled and elderly persons. The pay-off is decent earnings (an average of $ 10.50 per hour) and the ability to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) after 24 months of service (if earned in a 36 month period).

Filipinos have found it easy to qualify for the program and due to a combination of their training, caring disposition and language ability have been at the top of the demand list for individual Canadian employers. Approximately 70% of all caregivers entering Canada through this program are Filipino.

The program is so popular in the Philippines the Canadian embassy in Manila has been overrun with applications, this combined with the embassy’s increased administrative duties (now the added responsibility of handling applications from Japan and South Korea) has made processing times, and as a result the program itself, dysfunctional.

The current wait time for LCP processing via the Manila embassy stands at 39 months. This means that once an applicant is selected by an employer typically over three years pass from signing the work contract to the applicants ability to show up to work in Canada.

Obviously during that lengthy period most employers figure out an alternative care option, die or in the case of children enroll in school and the applicant is no longer needed. Time wasted, processing fees non-refundable.

canada live in caregiver program philippines
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Some placements continue to be made, despite the backlog, but the vast majority of these tend to be placements as “caregivers” to an “employer” who is actually a family member. In other words, a disguised family sponsorship scenario. Although there is currently no expressed prohibition against doing this, one is coming very soon.

Recently, Jason Kenney (Canada’s former immigration minister) has expressed dis-accord about this fact saying that the LCP has “mutated into a family re-unification program, which is not what it is intended for”, in his statement he mentions the Philippines being the biggest offender in this area. Bringing applicants to Canada to “work” for their own family is often disingenuous and it does not solve Canada’s acute need for caregivers. Expect the Manila embassy to reform their application review procedures accordingly.

Over the years, a multitude of “Caregiver Training Centres” have popped up in stride with the popularity of the program. POEA licensees are prohibited by law from charging their standard one month fee of worker wages for placing workers in Canada. To make up for this loss many such organizations have shifted their focus to developing training facilities or providing training programs, which provide the financial incentive to remain in the business of placing workers in Canada.

Catherine Bailey the Immigration Program Manager of the Canadian Manila embassy expressed recently that suspect quality of these “nanny-schools” is a major cause of concern for the embassy’s fraud investigation team. It is worth pointing out that in many cases applicants enroll in these programs due to pressure of their operators who package completion of these training as a requirement for overseas placement. It certainly is not in many cases.

Canada Live-in Caregiver Program Requirements

To qualify for the LCP program applicants simply need either 6 months of educational training in the caregiver field (this could include a nursing degree or similar), or have one year working experience in the last 3 years (nurses also qualify).

Aside from the unworkable processing times, ending the practice of employing family members, and unscrupulous training centers there is good news on the way. The government HAS announced upcoming changes are on their way to fix what is broken. With a critical shortage of elderly care workers projected within the next five years, Canada NEEDS this program working.

Chris Alexander has been increasingly floating the idea of including Live in Caregiver applications into Canada’s new Express Entry system, and it is widely speculated this is will be the government’s solution used to resurrect the LCP.

Express Entry is Canada’s new system for economic class immigration applicants (of which the LCP is a part of). Express Entry is modeled after New Zealand’s and Australia’s immigration program. Candidates have their profiles entered into a government database which is directly searchable by employers, who can select the best candidate, this triggers the applicant’s ability to apply for immigration.

Including caregiver applicants into this database is a smart choice. Rather than wait in a long queue or deal with placement agencies, caregivers will get direct access to employers. Processing times will be reduced under this new system from current 39 month wait times to only 6 months.

Canada live in caregiver program

Under the Live in Caregiver program the employer is responsible for paying the caregivers air ticket to Canada (and must do so upfront), the return fair is not the employers responsibility. The employer must also provide the caregiver with a furnished, clean, spacious room that has a lockable door. The employer has a right to collect reasonable fees for room and board (the amount , which differs by province can be found at the link below).

The employer must also bear the cost of paying the caregivers private health insurance and provide additional workplace safety insurance for the employee. Importantly the employer must reimburse the caregiver for any recruitment fees paid by the caregiver to placement agencies (it is ILLEAGAL under Canadian law to charge the worker placement fees, the POEA has agreed to enforce this under pressure from the Canadian government) rather fees can be charged by agencies to the employer only).

Other benefits related to wage, vacation pay and other government managed benefit programs (depend on the province of employment) and are listed at the following link: Canada Foreign Workers Benefits

To submit your application it is best to deal with a licensed immigration consultant from the ICCRC or a Canadian immigration lawyer.

Earl Blaney

ICCRC Member

The Canada Network Inc.

Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

Fehl is the founder of Philpad and has been writing online for 12 years. She has a bachelor's degree in Accountancy and a background in Finance. She is a licensed Career Service Professional and author of a poetry book at Barnes & Noble. In her spare time, she likes to travel and discover new places.

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  1. Good day, I just want to ask.

    1. I will be taking the NCII course to get a CG certificate at Asia Pacific Caregiver Ins., after I finished the course, do I also have to get employed as a caregiver or any work would do?

    2. Can my relatives pass an aplication for LMIA already while I’m still working?

    3. I would be taking care of my grandmother so I guess I need to get work experience with the elderly right?

    4. Lastly, do I need 6 months to 1 year of experience before my relatives in Canada can apply for the LMIA?
    I’m not rushing but my relatives need me as soon as possible.

    Hope I can get answers. Thank you!

  2. Good day!
    I’am currently working as a domestic worker caring children ages 7 and 9 here in Hong Kong for almost three years and planning to apply in Canada.
    I’am a graduate of only 2years course in college which is more than 72units. I know i am qualified to apply as nanny in canada base on my experiences and the required school credits. But what makes me stop starting to apply is that the 2years of college i have gained is not enough to apply for PR one i get there in canada add meet all the requirements for applying PR except this one. Knowing that 2years in college in phils is equivalent to a secondary graduate only in canada and to gain at least 1year post secondary is required to get PR. Im just being worried that i wont be eligible for PR for the whole 4years.Is it possible to continue study in canada of atleast 1year while working as nanny? Are there some schools in canada that offers courses for foreign nannies who wants to continue their studies? If so can you help me guide through this situation by giving me some informations so i know what to do.

  3. hello! andito na naman po ako ulit mgtatanong .. ? tanong ko lang po sana kasi yung pinsan ko my kakilala na nghahanap ng caregiver. Manganganak next year(april). Nirecommend po nila ako. Ngayon po minamadali na nila ako na makahanap na pwede kong makuhanan ng exprience na trabaho. Sabi kac nila by september or october(nextyear) mgpapa’adverise na. Meron na po akong 72units, CG certificate. Yung experience na lang po ang wala ako. Sabi ng pinsan ko mg’apply daw ako as soon as possible. Tanong ko po sana kung anong mabuti ko pong gawin? pwede po ba yon na kahit sandali lang yung mkuha ko na experience? kac sabi sa requirements atleast 1year experience. September po kac mgpapasa na ng LMIA yung employer. Sana po makakuha ako bga sagot .. thank you in advance! ?

  4. Good Morning po….Ask ko lang po sana kong may posibility po ba na ibigay ang LMIA na para sa akin sa ibang aplicant po, and after Lmia anu po ang next step kapag may agency ka po? ….Nasa Saudi po kc ako working as a nurse and nag aaply po ako as caregiver.
    Hope matulungan nyo po ako sa concern ko.
    God bless!

  5. Hi! I would really love to work as a caregiver, I have NCII in caregiving and healthcare services, but di ako nagtraining sa accredited school ng tesda, I am also undergraduate of IT, currently working voluntary or training sa isang aged facility, and also private caregiver from other relatives, qualified po ba ako?

    • I’m applying for caregiver I’m caregiver with NCII TESDA holder and certified Massage Therapist and also graduated of Bachelor Science in Computer Science I have training Basic life support in Red Cross and Have OJT at Dr. Cabuco Hospital. Thanks

  6. Hi I am a Registered nurse and wanted to get a working visa in canada. I have no work experience as a nurse just volunteer jobs from way back. Im currently working as a recruiter in a bpo here in the philippines. Im okay with any job in canada may it be an office job or healthcare related. Its just that i dont know where to start hope some one can help me out.


  7. Good day!
    I’m May,

    Tanong ko lang po, paano kung may 63 units ako… HS grad. and I took BS Nursing for 1 1/2 years then after nun nag-shift na ako ng CG course, qualified po ba ako na makapunta sa Canada as live-in caregiver? at caregiver student din ako ngayon (6months) at graduating na din po… sana po masagot po ninyo, thanks…

  8. Hi I just want to ask
    1. i dont have work experience in a hospital i graduated BSN im a registered nurse since 2009
    2. currently working as a medical coder since 2012
    3. can i still do some volunteer work sa hospital even if my relative sa canada is already processing my LMIA application?or doing volunteer work sa home for the aged will count if im currently employed as long as i can get a certificate from them?

    thanks hoping for your response

  9. good day, May employer na po ako dun sa canada, ask ko lang po kung ano mga necessary requirements kailangan ko iprepare, RN po ako dito sa atin . gaano po katagal ang lalakadin ng application ko po kapag approved na sila dun sa canada,, btw relative ko po ang employer ko dun,,salamat

  10. hi po magtatanong lang po ako about status ko, dalawa pos kasi yong kurso ko una is Bachelor in science in community development hindi ko po natapos yon one year lang po ako sa kurso na yan at yong pangalawa naka graduate ako for one year which is Health care services at Meron po akong diploma may mga certificates din po ako nong nag duty kmi sa hospital at community, pwede po ba kahit mag ka iba ang kurso.mag apply sa Canada ?.tinotal ko naman po ang units 93 lahat.
    andito po ako sa hongkong nag aalaga ng bata.
    Salamat po.

  11. Hello sir/ma’am, as i am reading all the posts i found them very helpful. Actually, i wanted to seek help too and wanted to try for the second time. I am a BSE Bacheor in Secondary Education graduate and had 12 years experience as a teacher in a private school both elem and high school. I applied last 2007-2008 as a caregiver since my friend sponsored me, yet my application was denied due to lack of 5 days from my care giving course, so i took again another 6 mos. of training and finished year 2009, I had also my NCII year 2007 but valid only until 2012. After that i didn’t reapply.
    May i ask if i can still use my certificates though they were already 9 years ago… My friend wants me to reapply, do you think their is still a possibility? do i still have to enroll again in a care giving course? Your immediate help and answer is deeply appreciated.. God bless

    • Yes, you can re-apply using your old certificates in CG courses, just attach those in your next visa application, You must have LMIA first before you can apply. Good luck.

      • wow, thank you so much, hoping for a positive result this time. Can i ask you other questions regarding my application just in case?

        • Ma’am, do i still need to have an experience in child care? I had experience but it’s my niece’ baby. Will that be okay?
          Thank You ma’am.

  12. hello po, may possible employer na po ako..tatay ng asawa ng tita ko. tanong ko lang po if wala akong magiging problema sa immig. for visa processing under LICP if:

    1. BSN grad july 2011
    2. work in call center from aug 2011-aug 2012
    3. passed board exam december 2012 in call center from feb 2013-may 2015
    5. took caregiving course oct-may and got NC 2 cert last june.

    I dont have any hosp experience but I took caregiving for 6 mos.. enough na po ba un para maapprove ako ng visa officer? thank you sa sasagot..Godbless!

  13. I completed the Bachelor of Nursing in Vietnam. I’d like to work in Canada as caregiver. How can I apply for this? Do they need any requirements? Thanks alot.

    • Are you a Vietnam citizen or a Filipino who only took Nursing Programs in Vietnam? Canadian employers are not racist, so you are welcome to apply as their caregiver especially that you are a Nursing undergraduate. Yes for sure, they have requirements, if you are coming or applying from Vietnam, there are certain requirements for you to be met in applying for your Visa application. But before that, you need firstly to have an employer who can hire you and apply a LMIA for you then later on you can apply for your working Visa. if you want to apply, visit the following sites:, or Goodluck

  14. Hi, I have a friend who is currently under LCP. His contract will end april 2017 and asking me to replace him after he finish the contract. I’m an RN and I’m currently working as contractual nurse for 1 year now (2 contracts). The reason for this is that the hospital doesn’t want to pay minimum wage and don’t want to pay for sss,philhealth,pag-ibig etc.. I can obtain Certificate of Employment from the hosp. but my main problem is about the sss contribution as a proof that I’ve work in that hospital. How can I solve this problem? Please help me guys

    • Hi, I think your education plus RN is enough qualification for u to be qualified.. Sss contributions is one of the proof requirements as employed for your experience but not necessary. I saw in other forum for LCP applicant that others are issued a work permit by VO with or without.experience as long as ur RN…im an RN too and still waiting for an employer to sponsor me. I have a sister in Canada that can help me soon.. Good luck to us..

      • Hi melz, thank you for your response! I have my employer already. They will process LMIA already because I passed the interview, however to be transparent, I’ve told them this dilemma that I’m going through. Now, they put it on hold up until I can fix the issue.. I dont want to spend money and time if I’m not sure that this will work. I need to make sure that Certificate of employment is enough to pass immigration.

      • Not only RN’s can qualify, even experienced Teachers of Kinder, Nurseries or Day Care/Pre-school are also qualified as they have more exposures in Childcare, I have met so many pre-school teachers (Teacher by profession) in the Phils. and other countries who just applied and landed to Canada as Caregiver. Some VO’s are lenient with the experiences requirements, some do not, So just submit what papers you have as a proof that you are meeting the required documents. Good luck in your soon LMIA application, then Visa application.

    • Just try to submit what proof you have that you are currently working in a hospital and any working experiences, or volunteers, and especially your RLE during your college, SSS is just a proof that CIC wants to verify your experiences. Since you are an RN, that is enough for you to qualify.

      • Hi impex thank you for your fast response. I in doubt that if I send all my documents they’ll still ask me for the sss contribution which is I dont have.. I graduated last 2011 and as from what I’ve read RLE will only be considered if its within 3 years from the time you apply for the visa. My last chance is this voluntary work in Hospital. Is there someone from here experience that instead of checking for sss contribution, they just call the hospital? thanks again

  15. Hi po. Meron na po akong LMIA from my employer. Ang problema ko po nung mag work ako sa employer ko as nanny dito sa Pinas, hindi po ako dineductan ng SSS/Philhealth Contributions. Hiniram ko lang po yung signed receipts ng sweldo ko as proof aside from sa letter of employment. Enough na po ba yun? complete na po documents ko, worried lang ako about sa doon na nabasa ko na kasama sa requirements. Thanks in advance.

    • Just submit your visa application without SSS or PHIC, try submitting it only with all your working experiences, and that would be enough, please see my reply to Neuron above. The same thing you will do, unless you are a Nurse or a graduate of Nursing or have an experience/exposures in DayCare, teaching in Kinder,Nursery or Pre Elementary.

  16. Hi! If I may also ask for a help, may you please specify what are documents needed to be authenticated in applying for a work permit for live-in caregiver in Canada. Like TOR College and High school diploma, HS form 137, police and NBI clearance, birth certificate. What else is missing? For school records, are those enough? What else should I do to make sure my school records will be accepted. Please advise.

    • No need for form 137 or HS certs, When you submit your application, submit them all in original forms, since they will return these all to you once results are done.

      You need to submit the ff:

      TOR college, Diploma, RLE (if you are a Nursing grad)
      NBI and/or Police Clearance (from other country you stayed up for minimum 6 months since you are 18 years old or ex-abroad).
      Birth Cert/Marriage Cert/Birth Certs of your children and spouse/partner.
      Training Cert (CPR/BLS and/or First Aid)
      Caregiving Course Cert with TOR (if you attended this)
      Work Experience Certificates (Current/Previous) related nor non-related to CG you can still submit.
      Volunteer Experiences (if related to Caregiving)
      SSS and or PHIC contributions (verifying only that you are legally working or had worked with that employment)
      PRC ID, if any
      Job Offer from Canadian Employer/Relative
      If you have IELTS or any Language Test also just submit
      Any credentials that may add to the assessment just submit
      All passports used just submit
      Medical Report ( only If you have done UpFront Medical, if not then No)

      Note: Submit them all in original forms, this may avoid questions of authenticity from Visa officers, anyway, they will return them back to you.

      • Thanks for your prompt response Impex! I’m actually planning to take the easiest way to go Canada by having 1 year experience as DH or caregiver in HK, and before I leave I’m thinking to secure my papers already except for NBI and police clearance which somewhat confuses me or If I will get it from the Phil embassy in HK once I need it already. By the way Iam not a nursing grad but I have the 72 units that they requires.
        Also I would like to clarify for documents to submit all in original form or whatever is applicable do I need to have it certified or what we call red ribbon? Your advice will be much appreciated.

        • Ooops, I am reading some new requirements of Agency in HK bound for Canada, they requires IELTS and a minimum of 2 years I think working in HK as a Household Worker, if I were you, Philippines is still easiest and fastest route to Canada with no IELTS or any language Test. Also if you are saying you have 72 units in college, meaning you did not finish the 4 year degree? In HK, agency will also assess you with your degree, sometimes chinese agents are strict with the compliance with the rules, i wonder why they are requiring applicants to have IELTS,since it is not yet required in Visa Application.
          Regarding your documents, as I have said, there is no need for Red Ribbon or any authentications, because you are submitting the originals of the documents and those alone are authenticated and no questions so far. Cheers and Goodluck!…

  17. Hi mam I have some questions itemized below:

    1. My mother applied family visa to get me but unfortunately my papers denied because at that time my mom processed my papers when i was 23 years old. My question is i will be applying for LCP does my previous application will have negative affect with my future LCP application?

    2. Having 6mos. completed Caregiving course would be enough in able get a work visa or should i have both the certification and at least 6mos work related experience?

    3. Do you have idea how long would it take to process my VISA under LCP?

    Hoping to receive advice from you thank you in advance

    Warm regards,


    • Hi Rima,

      To answer your questions please see below:

      1. There is no effect if you apply again, VISA officer doesn’t count your previous denied application, unless you are applying with the same visa category . This time you can apply for visa under In TFW Live In Caregiver.

      2. This time, they assess Caregiver through experiences, so 6 months is not enough to be able to be approved, but you can try submitting,

      3. In Philippines, it takes 2-3 months, with complete documents.



      • Thank you so much for your response mam would like to clarify even if i have caregiver training certification for 6mos. and have NCII Certifcation from Tesda I still need to have work experience in caregiving?

      • Mam I really appreciate your time in answering my question but i still have this question that bothers me

        1. Let say I completed the 6 months Caregiver Course. Do I need to have work experience related in caregiving or any work experience would be alright in able to approve my work visa?

        2. I’ve worked in a BPO company as a call center agent before would it be acceptable if i only had a work experience not related in caregiving but have completed Caregiving Course?

        Hope you could answer my questions

        Thank you so much and god bless

        Warm regards,


        • hi again,
          I would like to ask you first if you have already your LMIA on hand and you have an employer in Canada? And are you currently employed on whatever job unrelated or related to CG?

          In #1 & #2 – Previously (2 years ago) or even last year, there were applicants who were approved with only caregiving course as their proof of trainings & experiences, there were also CallCenter agent who got approvals, which are obviously not related to caregiving experience and education and training. As I have noticed this time, they are mainly focusing on experiences and exposures to Child Care, if you are a BSN graduate (or an RN), or if you are a Teacher in Kinder, Nursery or Pre Elem or in Day Care, you are automatically qualified and no need for caregiving course, however if your degree doesn’t count with those 2 above, and you only have 6 months CG course, a chance is 50/50. However, as I have told you, you can submit your documents, along with your credentials, trainings, certificates (First aid or BLS/CPR), employment certificates, SSS contribution or PHIC contributions of your current employer and police certificates, this is worth a try, there are visa officers who are lenient with consideration of the documents as long as they are valid and not fake. The 2 months timeline of Visa processing takes the Visa officers and agents to Verify documents from school, employment, training centers, family background, documents or certificates where it was issued from. So all of the documents must be valid and authenticated, as they screen each document submitted and match with the information you filled up in application form.

          • Hi

            Thank you for answering my question actually i don’t have LMIA nor employer yet but i have relatives who are already acquired their permanent residency in Canada. For now i have to finished mg CG course and try to submit my employment certificate as call center agent and will see if they could grant me a work visa. Thank you so much for giving us information more power and god bless

        • Hi Rima,

          So I believe, before lodging your application, you need to have at least the LMIA and Job offer from Canada, if your relatives in Canada can sponsor you through Caregiving and if they have a little child that you need to take care of, then they can apply for your LMIA, otherwise you won’t be able to apply without this. First thing, you need to finish everything from your side, CG course, experiences, trainings, etc. whatever it is related to the job you will be applying to, while later on your relative can apply your LMIA. God bless on your career.

  18. Hi po! Im planning to work live in caregiver in canada my friend in canada were looking a caregiving person in her father was 80 yrsold. I am Beed graduate and Im taking 6mos.caregiving course I have crtifcate in Ojt and Tor in caregiving school but No work experience related to the elderly care … But Im working in the manila health department health worker in the health center for almost 8 years contractual in service…Do you think that it is qualify in canadian embassy? Or what do I do to make more qualify? Thank you

    • You have to try, you will not know if you don’t apply and submit your documents to VFS Global. But first your friend must apply the LMIA first for her to hire you as a foreign worker. Regarding the experiences, since you already have the 6 months full time CG course and you are currently working, I believe it is basically enough for your visa application. Sometimes we can say all Visa officers have their own way of assessing applications, so goodluck to your LMIA application first.

    • Greetings …
      I want also to apply as a cargiver in canada and i have already a prospect employer… i am a BSN graduate and have a 2 yrs and 6 mos experience as a staaff nurse in a secondaryy hospital here in the philippines, am i qualified to apply? Or they just accept applicants that worked as a caregiver since there are new rules ..thanks

  19. Dear Impex,
    Your site is very helpful. Thanks for this initiative! I just have some questions. Please shed some enlightenment. Here are my queries :

    1. Is NCII assessment cert mandatory? Or care giving cert is enough?

    2. Assuming i have completed all trainings needed such as NCII certification and 6Mos care giving training, how can i have proof of employment?

    I will opt to work for a relative. I have read the SSS and Phil Health contribution slips as proofs, but since i will work for an individual person, the contributions that will reflect is self employed right? And also how can i have employment certificate for taking care of an elderly person? Thanks!!

    • Haha, thanks but, this site belongs to Ms. Dungo. I am just trying to help on behalf of her. To answer your question:
      1 – Caregiving Cert is enough, however if you want to add little factor to your credentials, you can take the NCII assessment too, it would be very helpful.
      2 – Let us assume you have these 2 credentials, I may say that these has nothing to do with employment or work experience,

      Additional Info:
      Are you a medical graduate?, if you do, then no need for working experience related to this, if you are an RN, you can use your RLE as the experiences, just like the other applicants do. If you are not a Nursing graduate, you can use the certificate of any employment/s you have had or your current employment and submit along with your visa application.

      If you will work to your relative and decided to make you as their employee, just make sure that she should make you as their legal employee by monthly contributions (Employer & Employee), that will surely help you with the requirements by CIC.

      You can get anytime an employment reference from the first relative of the elder. However you can just submit this as reference but not a certificate unless you have the proof that you are officially working with them like I said SSS or Philhealth Contributions.

      • Dear Impex,

        Well, thanks to Ms Dungo and to your valuable contributions. How come you are well versed about this program? How do you know all these?

        Anyway, thank you very much! Your suggestions make a lot of sense.

        I’d like to write my plans, and if it isn’t too much, please let me know if this will give us a good chance of approval. I am helping someone.

        1. Let’s call her Jane. She has 72 units in BS Education. We will enroll Jane to a care giver course for 6 months. Then she’ll take NCII exam.

        2. Simultaneously, while this 6 months is running, i will arrange a so called “working experience” for Jane with an elderly relative. We will pay the legal set up of SSS wherein there’s partition of employee and employer contributions. We’ll do the same in Phil health. We will set up that her work experience is at night as stay in care giver for elderly, while day time is her formal learning time for the care giver course.

        3. I am aware that the Canada’s minimum requirement is 6 mos care giver classroom training or 1 year experience (within the past three years) . But due to family reunification issues, this would be weak application if there’s no experience right?

        4. Assuming that LMIA will be available soon, essentially, Jane will have 6 mos care giver training, and 6 mos work experience. Is it wise that we submit already the application with that credentials? Is it strong enough to be approved? Or we should extend a little bit more for 8months to 1 year experience?

        5. And yes, Jane will be working for us in Canada, but the sole purpose of this is family reunification. Her prospective employer is aunt & uncle with different surname from her though. However, we won’t hide the fact that she is related to us for the sole reason that we are more comfortable to hire a relative to take care of our baby.

        Forgive me for this long post and queries. God bless you Impex. Let me know your input.

        • Thank you Ms, Nissi, reading your plans, undoubtedly you are the employer, and Jane is your niece, correct me if i’m wrong. Personally assessing your plans (my own opinion only though):

          Plan #1,- just make sure that Jane gets the course that is a complete (full course-training) during daytime and is accredited fully by TESDA, try to search in TESDA homepage the nearest school with Jane’s location, provincial area is no problem as long as it is TESDA accredited.

          Plan #2- If Jane will be employed as a Senior Caregiver with your relative while taking the course, and she will apply soon as a Nanny (In Home Caregiver) to your baby, this will in a way contradicts her experience requirements as a Caregiver. CIC (visa officers) evaluates experiences according to the job details and they are very particular with that, it will also be mentioned in her Employment Certificate soon when she applies her visa. So better to relate what will be her job in your family soon, so she could get either Elderly Care exp or Child Care exp while taking the course.

          Plan #3 – This is definitely true and they assessed both experience and caregiving course/training together in one application, so she should have these both.

          Plan #4 – Yes, once the positive LMIA is available (with 6-mos validity), and Jane finishes her CG and while currently working, she can submit her visa application. Sometimes, there are Visa Officers which are lenient and tolerant or let us say kind-hearted to accept and approve Visa of those who finished CG course and are having only little months of experience as long as she is currently working while the application is in process in the embassy, you may give it a try, but it is not likely you will get the visa approval, but it is worth trying, there are applicants who even doesnt have experiences in Caregiving or even unemployed, but luckily receives their visa. Some says, the application sometimes depends on the visa officers who assess the application, if she is moody on that time or happy at the time while the application is being assessed. So I suggest she submit her application as soon as she receives the LMIA from you after she finish her course/training and while she is working. If the first try of application is unlucky, she may apply again, and again, as long as the LMIA is still valid.

          Plan #5 – Relative as an employer is not that a problem anyway, there are recent approvals of visa, with sister or brother or in-laws are relative, it is not a big deal, as long as Jane will be assessed to be a qualified caregiver to your family, i dont’ see anything hinders in her visa application and approval. Also, in reference to what I said in Plan#2, if she is going to be hired as a Nanny to your baby, she must have also this experience related to the prospect employment, she will be denied if her experience is Elderly Care in the Philippines, while you will hire her as your Nanny, this will become odds with her application with regards to experiences. So plan this very carefully as well. Please remember that visa results is base solely on the application materials that are being submitted, the authenticity of documents always lies on the results of the visa 🙂

          I hope I have helped you with these inputs, let me know if you need something else or any more queries you may want to ask, I pray that everything will be alright with Jane’s application, Prayer of wisdom and will of the Lord are the best weapon for this, Goodluck and God bless too.

  20. Hello! I finished my Caregiving course sometime in 2005 and my brother in Canada already filed LMIA hiring me as caregiver for my nephew. My question is THe caregiving certificate which I have acquired 11 yrs ago still valid?
    I Have no work experience as caregiver ,I am currently working in Customer Service , Do you think I still have a chance of getting my visa approved or should i expect possible rejection? Is NC2 cert. from TESDa required by canadian embassy to become eligible under LCP program.
    What would you advice me to do to get a high chance of getting my application approved . Do I have to retake my 6-month Live -In Caregiving course. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing your response.

    • For now, experiences in caregiving is one of the top priorities in applying for work permit, You may submit with your application the CG Course you have taken on 2005, but it is not a guarantee that you will be approved. If I were you, get an NC2 first, this will be an added factor in your application. You do not need to get another 6-mos course, NC2 is enough points to take. You may try as well apply with your experience as CSR as you are currently working in, and get a payslips with SSS or Philhealth contribution print-outs. Get all the documents as much as you have to submit with your application when you received your LMIA, Also, they have been strict now for approval of relative as an employer because of family reunification issues, but it is worth a try, if you will be denied for the first time, re-apply and re-apply while your LMIA is not yet expired. Good luck.

      • Thank you so much for the quick response. One more thing Is IELTS also required or its just an added factor in my application? Thanks again, you’re such a big help..

        • IELTS is not required however we can say its a little factor, what has something to do is the experience, if you say your LMIA is now in process, submit what credentials and experiences you currently have when you apply for your work permit soon.

  21. Hi,

    I want to seek an advice from you. I am a graduate of BSEd Major in Computer Technology and been working as an IT professional for 12yrs++. I had a 1yr experience of teaching primary and secondary students during my practicum and also aiding my sister now as she was caught in an accident last September 2015. If I will enroll and take 6 months caregiving course, what is my chance in landing a job in Canada?

    • You will not qualify base on your degree and experiences, however taking a 6-mo course for Caregiving course may or may not qualify you to get a visa. Although one of the main requirements to apply for a work permit is an applicant must have at least 6 months training in a classroom settings whether in early childhood, infant care or nursing care, -this is somewhat not sufficient now to qualify for the experiences and training. If I were you, get a 6-mos training, and after that get a 1 year non stop caregiving employment or a nanny of your relative whether in a private family or in public. With this, you would suffice the requirements and possible to get the visa.

      • Hi,

        Glad to hear back from you. What if I already started my caregiving since September last year since my sister was caught in an accident. Although I don’t have a training yet, will that count?

        • Relative caregiving without a proof of being an employed individual is not eligible and it is not considered a working experience, however if your sister can become your employer as long as she has shared or will share as your employer in the payment of your SSS contribution or Philhealth, then you can be eligible to apply as Caregiver to Elderly or people with disability.

          • Hello. Just to ask for clarification. Is it MANDATORY to be in PAID WORKING CAPACITY as CG??!! I read back on previous threads AND someone said OK if work experience is voluntary CG, or even non-CG long as there’s medical background back in college on top of the 6-month training course & other related supplementary credentials such as NC2, 1st Aid, BLS, CPR??!!

      • Hi po good evening My name is Mary Joy P. Cayetano and I’m 26 years of age. I have done my Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant and Management. Is there any possibility to be qualified as a Caregiver?
        Thank you pro and God bless

  22. hello po! ask ko lang po sana kung ung educational background ko po is qualified po to apply in canada as a caregiver. Nag’enroll po ako ng hotel and restaurant management with in 1 1/2 year and then i was shifted in education but i only taken up with in half semester and i stopped. sa ngayon p9 gusto po sana ng pinsan ko mg’aral ako ng caregiver kasi kukunin sana nya akong live in caregiver ng anak nya. nakatira kasi sya ngayon sa canada. Kung mg’aaral po ba ako ng caregiver my pag’asa po ba ako na makapag’apply base in my educational background? hoping that i can get an answer from you mam!

    thank you and god bless! 🙂

    • Hi Marjorie,

      If you will base your education requirement, you will not qualify, and also you must have 72 units total in your transcripts to show to the Caregiving School before they can accept you, if you have finished the 1st semester in Education as additional to 1.5 years in HRM then you will qualify to enroll in any caregiving courses. And also if you will base alone in Caregiving course/training for 6 months, your application might get rejected in the embassy, as of now, 6 months training is not sufficient to be a qualified caregiver in Canada, you must show to them that you have a proper caregiving working experience for at least a year and currently working as a caregiver in a private family or with your relative. I will suggest you the following for you to be really qualified:
      1) Finish your studies and earned at least 72 units in colleges (HRM 1.5 year plus 1 semester is enough for you to qualify to enroll in Caregiving School and qualify to apply as an In-home Caregiver in Canada.
      2) Once you finished the Caregiving Course for 6months, apply in a private family or with your relative and make sure that your employer will pay your SSS and Philhealth contributions to the government. This is the evidence that you are working with them as an employed individual as this is one of the requirements of the Embassy in the Philippines to all the applicants in the Philippines.
      3) They said that relative in Canada as an employer is prone to refusal of visa from the embassy because of the reunification issue in Canada, but you must at least try to apply and if rejected, apply again until your LMIA is not yet expired.
      4) Once #1 & #2 have met, your cousin in Canada can apply an LMIA for her to hire you.
      5) LMIA application takes normally 6 to 8 weeks, but recently it only takes 1 month at least minimum to get the positive assessment.
      6) Once you received the positive LMIA and the Employment Contract from your cousin, you may apply the Working Permit in the Canadian Embassy in Manila.
      7) Make sure you have the NBI Clearance-for Visa Canada purpose, SSS or Philhealth Contributions print-outs, Employment Certificate, school credentials, passports, etc.
      In your current situation and to calculate your timeframe from getting your 72 units in college to actual working experiences after caregiving training, you will get at least 2 years from now and that is 2018.
      Good luck…

        • please compute your earned units in total (HRM plus Educ units), it should totaled 72 units to be able to enroll to Caregiver school.

          • ganun din po kung mg’apply ako ng caregiver in canada. may chance po ako na ma’qualified kung mg’aaply po.

          • ano po question mo marjorie? basta po ma meet mo lahat requirements na nasabi ko sa taas, you are qualified to apply….this is the first step..if you are talking about if you will be approved of visa, this is the 2nd step, as i have said you should convince and make the visa officer satisfy of your application, kahit na nameet mo mga requirements sa taas, it is not 100% you will get the visa..

  23. Want to work in Canada as a live in caregiver. I just finished 7 years in Singapore and 2 years in Saudi Arabia. What do I need to get done to go…

    • You are still not qualified to undergo live-in caregiver if you stop working already as a domestic helper. You have to continue your work as you apply in canada and provide all the documents you need like college diploma, yearbook, transcript of records, graduation pictures from college and it should be have a red ribbon from the malacanang proving that all the documents are not fake. Remember that false documents are not accepted in canada. Another requirements are NBI, MARRIAGE CONTRACT from NSO, birth certificate from NSO, police clearances, birth certificates of your kids from NSO ALSO. HOPE IT MAY HELPS YOU WHATEVER I WROTE IT DOWN HERE.

      • If she had at least finished 2 yr college it is enough for her to apply, if she says she had worked as nanny in SG and KSA, that is also enough for her experiences and travel history is fine. There is no need to submit college grad photos or yearbook, or birth certs of children, those are unnecessary, the VO will only get annoyed of those docs which aren’t irrelevant for now. Remember the more u submit irrelevant docs the more refusal of permit you will have. Now try to find an employer from job Bank Canada.

    • hi Nida, I apologized, you will not be qualified or let us say you cannot apply if you don’t have 72 units in colleges or did not finish 2nd year colleges or 4 semesters in college, because 72 units is one of the requirements of Canadian Embassy to be to apply as In-Home Caregiver. so finish your college until 2nd year, then from that time you may be able to do so.

  24. Hi! May I have the full name the one who prpcess the applicants visa? I and my employer so devastating about the bad news of my sister EDRALYN YANOYAN visa application on how they screwed her up and gave a hard time. The reason why I want to know is because we demand our money back/compensation.

  25. Hi! May I know the full name who’s the one handle/process visa’s applicants? I and my employer so devastating about the bad news how they screwed up my sister EDRALYN YANOYAN visa application. The reason why I want to know because we will demand money back/compensation.

  26. Hi miss/sir,
    I have NC-2 cert in caregiving , and also housekeeping NC-2, I have take cared before 72 y/o for 3 months but stop for it demise for cardiac arrest. I undergo Safety Institute Trng under the Phil. Red Cross Cebu Chapter. It covers BLS and even First Aid and even the disaster preparedness. And presently I am active Red Cross Volunteer. Can All this assist me in my application for LCP? Please help.

    • in the new strict process of visa application for Caregivers in the Philippines, 6-mos caregiving course is not enough now to be qualified for visa approval, in addition to the 6-mos course/training, you must have at least 1 year working experience in childcare, (nanny, pre-school teacher, daycare), this should be evidenced by your employer’s SSS contribution under your name. you mentioned about NC2, and other safety awareness certificates, this is only additional requirements to the 1 year work experience required. hope it helps.

  27. Hello ! ! where do I apply for skilled worker program in Canada? just want to get some idea’s form those who already pass through this kind of problem…thanks in advance.

  28. Good am! I want to ask, if I am qualify to apply under LCP . I’m RN and have voluntary experience in hospital and now working as a private nurse to elder patient. I am also had sss contributions but self employed member. I have a sister in canada and willing to help me find an employer. Do I possibly have a chance to qualify?thank u

    • yes you may qualify since you are an RN. however voluntary experience is not accepted, so don’t mention this in your visa application.

  29. I forgot to mention that I also have BLS and First Aid certificates. Yun nga lang no experience po ako. Pero I would like to apply and work as a caregiver.

  30. Hello po! I am a Registered nurse but I have no experience yet. Do I still have to study a caregiving course? Because I don’t have the certificate they called NC II accredited by TESDA. But I have a PRC license. I would want to work as a caregiver. Is it possible po na pwede ako mag-apply?

  31. hi,

    pwede po bang mag caregiver ang may hepa b sa Canada? or sa calgary alberta? please help me po sa info. regarding working abroad with these condition.

    God bless us po.

    • the panel physician will advise you to get treatment of 6 months prior to visa application, or the visa officer itself. Canada is very particular regarding the health threat of the applicants immigrating to their country, like TB, HIV, Syphilis while Hepa haven’t mentioned in the list.

  32. MS Fhel sana may mga mag post dito na mga applicant na ng caregiver pati timeline ng application nila para ma inspire mga member dito salamat MS Fhel sa matyaga mong pag answer sa mga question

    • FB group source-
      Amy Santos Cabusao
      November 3
      hi mga kaforum….I just wanna share this good news!
      Live in Caregiver applicant from Pinas processed was already approved her lucky Visa w/ medical done only but no speaktest….her employer is high medical needs from Edmonton Alberta,
      Oct.1,2015 – submitted her application to VFS
      Oct.5. – email for medical reciv
      Oct.7 – medical done @ IOM Makati
      Oct.22. – reciv email from CIC application approved
      Oct.28. – visa on hand by courier

  33. Good day!
    Hi ms fehl, I am a nursery and nicu nurse here in Dagupan CIty, Pangasinan. I am in the field for 2 years and 6 months to present. And also I had a part-time job atleast 3 to 4 times a week(12hrs per shift) for 7 months as a private nurse for a baby. Id really love to go to canada its really my dream to work there, but with financial problem i cant take ielts and pay for the agencies. I tried to submit a resume to job bank to some hospital but i didnt get any reply. Now ms fehl I want to apply as a caregiver but i dont know where to start because i dont have a certificate for that. I do have experience as a private nurse( the one i mention earlier) should i provide and how ms fehl? is a simple letter and with valid signature of my employer be okay? or what ms fehl?
    thankyou in advance. by the way your blog has been very helpful to us. keep it up! be blessed. thank you.

    • Cristina, since you are an RN and has a continuing work experiences in a hospital setting, then you are qualified to be a caregiver in Canada, all you have to do is look first an employer/family who maybe able to hire you and sponsor you from the Philippines. visit this website and filter your job search with “nanny” or In-Home Caregiver, so you will find all the families that are hiring caregivers, also when you apply mention that you need an sponsorship because you are in the Philippines currently, so they maybe able to apply first their LMIA to be able to sponsor you.

  34. Hello, thank you for this article. I experience first hand the thing you mention about the long application process. It took me over two years to get a working visa under the LCP. The Canadian family who hired and sponsored me didn’t need me anymore. Fortunately, they were kindhearted and agreed to continue with the sponsoring. While waiting for my visa to be approved, I was also looking for a new family to employ me the moment I get to Canada and I did find a new family to work for. I work in Canada as a Live-in caregiver from 2005 – 2009. Now, I am thinking of going back to work under the LCP again. Do I still qualify to apply under the LCP?
    Thank you.

    • Wow, you had worked in Canada for 4 yrs under LCP, why you did not apply for PR after your contract of 4 years? Anyway, if you want to go again in Canada, you will apply under In-Home Caregiver not under LCP and the LMIA (formerly LMO) is very hard to obtain now a days because of the government’s changes to Live in Caregiver in Canada. If you will find an employer who are willing to sponsor you and has patience to apply for the unfortunate paperworks in LMIA then you are lucky.. Applying for LMO (now LMIA) wayback 2014 until November is really easier than applying from December 2014 whereas it is very hard to obtain LMIA from that time. Hope you will find an employer who are willing to sponsor and wait for you, otherwise you are one of the thousandths applicants of Caregiver who are waiting to have a family, specially if you are in the Philippines. Goodluck.

  35. Hi ma’am fehl , I’m a registered nurse, had my volunteer certificate and worked as a caregiver for almost 4 years with employment certificate/contract.. I want to apply as a caregiver too in Canada but I don’t have yet my employer. I am very interested in applying for this ma’am.

  36. hi,ako po graduate ng 2 yr
    nursing axillary,and working as caregiver for more than 2 yrs,qualified po ba ko na mkpg apply as caregiver in canada?thank you

  37. Hello po, I have been working as a nursing attendant in the gov’t hospital for 20 yrs, Medicine ICU, I just turned 40. Ask ko lng po kung ok lng na hindi na ako mag undergo training sa Caregiver.

  38. hi! I would like to ask for any school in Manila that is TESDA accredited for Caregiving NC II and internationally competitive and advance institution when it comes to teaching and facilities (na sulit/worth it/makatarungan po ang ibabayad) for the school year 2015 ..thank you very much po kababayan!…

    • mam, ako po ay 45 y/o n po ako sa july 12, 2015 46 y/o na po ako mahirap po ba sa edad ko makapasok o matanggap sa canada bilang caregiver? pakisagot lang po!

      • there is no age limit (except Senior Citizen) in applying CGiver in Canada, if you are fit to work and you have enough requirements as the employer required, then the family may sponsor you.

  39. good day po,ask qo lng po qong pwede po aqong ma hire as caregiver papuntang canada,tesda graduate po ako,may certificate po ako at my certicate din po ako sa training.wala pa po aqong experience,bale yong naging experience qo lang nong ma ojt kami sa calbayog samar sa home for the aged.

  40. hi ask ko lang po na is it possible po kaya ko ma mahired o makapag apply po as a caregiver sa canada kahit po di po ako graduate ng caregiver!
    Graduate po ako ng bs. nursing pero di pa po ako license is it possible po kea.

  41. I finished caregiving (caregiver) here in Singapore I have plan to apply as live in caregiver @ canada.I also have an experience taking care of elderly & children care here for 3years.
    Is there a posibility that meets my standard?
    Thanks & Godbless!

    • What do you mean you finished the Caregiving (the CG course or the Experience), your experiences alone, qualifies you to meet the LCP requirements, regardless of if you have CG certificate, let me tell you one thing, CG’s training and courses in some other countries, is not acceptable unless the standards of Canada’s program for live in caregiver has met. Only TESDA in the Philippines are accredited by CIC.

  42. Good day mam Fehl,
    I’d just like to ask, I finished caregiving course with training. I had one 1 year experienced as caregiver in private home, would that working experience in taking care an elderly in home be granted? Thank you mam.

    • hi, Allison, your caregiver experience should have been documented, meaning, your employer had filed you an SSS or PHIC contributions, which assures that you were employed with them for a year, if you have that contributions, you can use that as a proof of your 1 year work experience and can apply for a Live-in Caregiver.

  43. Good day fehl.
    I am a Registered Nurse and also finished my BS in commerce. As of now i am working as real estate agent. Im just wanna ask if do i need to work as a caregiver as my experience before applying in canada as caregiver or not necessary,because im a RN? I have CPR and 1st aid certificate.

    Thank you so much
    Good bless 🙂

  44. Good Day po mam and sir:

    pede po ba ako mg apply as in caregiver po so nakagrad po ako ng caregive at naipasa ko po ang lincense ko po kahit po ba 22 pa lang po ako pede po ako mg work as in caregiver sa canada po
    thanks po.

      • Hi maam fehl
        Maam I had 18months experience sa pinas as health care assistant and morethan 3 years sa nursing home sa uk pero part time lng kc student ako dun my ielts din ako 6.0 GT. Overall band score ko. Do U think maam my chance ako para sa LCP. Nursing grad nga pla ko maam pero underboard lng ako.

        • Yes, because now the Canada Express Entry System requires IELTS passers. Since you have job experience + IELTS, lamang kana

        • Are you applying under Express Entry or under In-Home Caregiver Program? If you are applying under EE, then your IELTS and your experiences and education in Philippines and UK are advantageous in your EE filing, also you should have your Diploma, TOR’s assessed by WES ( or ICAS (, these will add your points in the system in EE, but if you are applying for Caregiver, your education, and experiences are enough to satisfy the requirement for CG (as Childcare or Elderly Care). Please take note that your work experiences in UK cannot be used as your work experience as CG, because it is only a Part Time work, and it doesnt count.

  45. Hi po ms fehl,
    I earned my certificate for caregiving last 2005. I have applied once but unfortunately I was denied. Is it still possible for me to get hired and be grant a working visa? What are my chances of getting hire if I apply for accounting jobs? Thanks

      • Thanks for replying…just wnt to ask also if u know someone who was hired as acctg staff…coz I know most of the applicants hired are caregiver. In your post u sited that applicants simply need either 6 months of educational training in the caregiver field (this could include a nursing degree or similar), OR have one year working experiennce either pwede or kailangan both? I appreciate ur time…ur post is very helpful God bless u

  46. Hi Fehl,

    Do I need to have an 1 year experienced as caregiver? Since I have a caregiver certificate.. waiting for your reply. Thanks.

    • Paid job experience is one of the requirements. Please read the article above and the other related articles to learn more. God bless!

  47. ask ko lang po dati may kaso po asawa ko sa singapore pero hindi siya nag file. witness lang siya sa kaso niya. ngayon nasa pilipinas sia. tapos sya ng caregiveing at nursing underboard. pwede kaya siyang mag apply sa LICP canada ma?

  48. hello poh…ask lang po ako kc my employer na po ako sa canada ang kailangan ko lng daw ay first aid cert at high school grad..sure na po ba yun para sa live in caregiver po??

  49. Hi Ms Fhel. I hope you’re having a lovely day. Itatanong ko lang po, is it possible na pumasok sa program na ito kung kamag-anak ng husband ko ang gustong kumuha sa akin as a live-in caregiver? Na-stroke po kasi ang lola-in-law ko and my tita-in-law is in need of help. Ganito po ba exactly ang gagawin? Thank you po in advance! 🙂

  50. pwede po ba ako magapply sa canada as a caregiver po tpos po ako ng caregiver and nursing assisstant po kaso 6 months lang po yung experience ko tpos nagwork n po ako as a massage therapist po

  51. Hi..i really want to work in canada but im not a degree holder also dont have any caregiving certificate,am i qualified for the position?as of now im working here in Qatar as babysitter..

  52. Hi! To give a little background of our Caregiver Training Center, the Fil-Canadian Training and Dev’t Center for Caregiver was established in August 01, 1999, a legitimate Training Center for the past 15 years and up to this present..To have a better understanding of our training center aims to help and assist our countrymen in fulfilling there dreams of working abroad as Professional Caregiver. The Live in Caregiver Program in Canada now Canada’s Caregiver Program open the eyes of the Filipino people add employment to the Filipinos.To achieve this, we have set a comprehensive, high quality training program to meet the requirements of the Canada Immigration Legislation and Policy of the LCP Program, equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills which will mold them into Professional Caregiver. We are proud of our SUCCESSES! Our graduates who are now working as Live-in Caregiver in Canada and now Permanent Residence. THANK YOU TO YOU CANADA!

    Sincerely yours,
    Elma Sanchez Ayop

    • hello po.. Maam saan po banda sa pilipinas yung live-in caregiver training school nyo? gusto ko po sana mag apply? after completing the trainings po,, tumutulong po ba kayo para maka pag work agad sa canada? please reply me asap at my email add I provided.. thank you

    • good day sir/madam, where i can apply any agecy you can give me. i have experience in senior caregiver almost 11 years in israel i graduated midwifery,now im looking for my tel; 09166890167

      • Hundreds of job openings in Canada has opened up for Temporary Foreign Workers this 2015!

        Fast processing times of application (3-6 months, varies on each application)

        • due to the changes in hiring Caregiver overseas, majority of these candidates have been set aside and the government of Canada would seemingly want to stop hiring temporary foreign workers this time, evidenced is very clear to all refused to process LMIA applications of the employers in Canada.

    • Dear Sir/Maam. Im a Seafarer for almost 5 years. Is it possible to work here in Canada. I hope you can suggest me if what i’m suppose to do, just to achieve my ambition…Thanks a lot and hear your reply soon.. God bless

    • Hi mam elma. Tanong ko lng po bakit wala po sa list ng tesda ung training center nyo po na accredited po kayo?im confused lang po.salamat!

  53. the program still exist?is it possible for me to apply as such?how and where?i am currently located at Cebu..i am a registered nurse but was not able to use it until now..thank you and god bless


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