Most Effective and Cheapest Ways to Whiten Underarms, Thighs, Knees, Elbows

I’m sharing the most effective and cheapest ways on how to lighten and whiten underarms, thighs, knees and elbows here. In Tagalog/Filipino – pampaputi ng kilikili, singit, tuhod at siko. What causes dark armpits, inner thigh etc and how to get rid of them?

This is kinda unusual topic here in my Health and Beauty category but because I have been asked by some readers and friends and because it is a very engaging topic in the female network, cosmo, salon, private chitchats and gossips, I can’t miss sharing this post.

Let me start this by saying nobody’s perfect. Even beauty queens have had their fair share of dark secrets. If you are too perfect, you’re so close to being a boring. (ok I’m just kidding on the last one) Before we know the ways on how to whiten and lighten up our skin, we must first know what causes dark underarms, singit, knees, elbows and others.

most effective cheapest ways to whiten underarm thigh elbow knee

Causes of Dark Armpits, Knees, Elbows, Inner Thighs

  • Friction – rubbing of the skin against other skin or something else, wearing too tight clothing often and putting your elbows in hard surfaces
  • Shaving and plucking – this cause trauma on the skin thru micro-abrasions. Our skin is so sensitive, when we shave and pluck it causes little and micro-wounds. When we shave often, we are causing micro abrasions again without even healed yet. This also causes chicken skin.
  • Harmful Deodorants or antiperspirant – the chemicals in these products could cause pigmentation which can result to darker skin.
  • Moist – moist or sweat can also cause allergies which can discolor the skin
  • Obesity – extra weight can intensify pigmentation and can cause darkness on the nape, underarms, back of knees and other parts of the body.
  • Hormonal Imbalance – such as when pregnant, some parts of the body like neck, nape, elbows and groins could be darkened.

There are more factors that cause dark skin on those areas but the above are the common causes.

How to whiten dark underarms, inner thighs, elbows and knees (pampaputi ng kilikili, singit, tuhod at siko)

Now that you know the causes, try to eliminate them to avoid skin discoloration and bring back a fair skin. If you are already maputi or have fair skin, I suggest you DON’T try other cosmetics and products because the more you try them the more your skin will not be back to normal. Our skin will usually go back to normal even without treatment especially if we’re still young. Our skin is capable of regenerating and curing itself, so let’s gives it a chance and time.

If however it didn’t go back to fairness, perhaps it’s about time to lean on the whitening products, creams or supplements out there. I suggest you apply the natural ways or use the mild products. I’m going to share some below which I consider so effective.

I don’t claim to have used all these products and the ways of applying them. This is a result of some friends, colleagues, and relatives experiences about using and applying these ways. I will mention though the ones I’ve used and found effective.

Pampaputi ng Kili-kili, Singit, Siko at Tuhod

Original Likas Papaya Soap

original likas papaya whitening soap

My sister used this one and it was effective. My sis used to shave and pluck her armpit excessively and noticed her skin in the Kilikili was not pantay anymore. So she tried Likas soap for 6 months nonstop and her skin went back to normal.

How to use it? Use it after your main soap during shower. Lather and leave on the armpit for 5 minutes then rinse. Make sure you use the original Likas as there are fake ones in the market. Also make sure you use this continuously in 6 months. Don’t use any other whitening cream or soap when applying this remedy. Important note: Make sure you pat your underarm completely dry with soft towel before you wear anything. You can also try this to other parts you want to lighten up.

Glutamax Soap

whiten dark underarms inner thigh knees elbows

I used this product back in college and I could say it was very effective. You’ll see the result even after a week of using it. I’m lucky to have a fair skin and I had no problem until one day I noticed my skin on the right underarm is not the same as the left. The left one was fair and fine. My right one was not so dark though. They were just not pantay (equal).

This soap has Glutathione which is famous in whitening and anti-oxidant. There are many Gluta capsules available but I didn’t want to try them because I prefer things naturally working and healthy inside my body. Maybe if I would be in my 40’s or 50’s that’s when I’ll try Glutathione. So I’d tried Glutamax soap instead because it’s applied externally not internally. It made my right armpit the same and fair as the left one in just a month. I try to avoid too much shaving now and using lighter deo to maintain my skin fair in my underarm.

How to use it? After your main soap when you shower, lather and leave on the armpit for 5 minutes then rinse. Use it every time you take a bath. In 3 months, I’m sure your fair skin will be back to normal (White) again. Important note: Make sure you pat your underarm completely dry with soft towel before you wear anything. You can also try this soap on other dark areas like singit, neck, elbow and knees.

Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced

mosbeau placenta white advanced

If you wanna whiten up your body completely, (sabay-sabay na – kilikili, singit, elbow, knees, etc) try Japan’s Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced. This is 100% made in Japan and approved by BFAD. It is also available worldwide – Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, US, Canada, UK, Germany, Dubai and Kuwait.

Mosbeau could make you the most beautiful like Angel Locsin (smiling here). It’s not really Glutathione, they claim the product has proven twice more effective than Gluta in terms of skin-whitening.

Like Glutathione, Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced also has powerful anti-oxidant capabilities. Its placental protein ingredients have exemplary cell renewing and anti-aging properties. And oh, it has Collagen and Vitamin C too which is awesome since those 2 ingredients are very good in protecting the skin from free radicals. Check its complete ingredients to amaze yourself.

What I like about it is it has Vitamin C already. Research shows that Gluta, Met and other whitening products show effective results when aided with Vitmin C. the only down side of taking this supplement is it’s not that cheap. Cost P525 for the 20 tablets. I know it’s effective because some of my friends are using this product.

How to take it? Regular take is 4 tabs a day. In as early as 14 days, you’ll notice the good results. The very good side though is, it has so many benefits – not just whitening but also anti-aging, moisturizing, detoxifying etc.

Natural Tips to Maintain White and Fair Skin

  • Don’t use deo and anti-perspirant excessively
  • Just use light and mild lotion like Johnson &Johnson baby lotions.
  • Avoid perfumed lotions and creams
  • Shower daily and regularly
  • Keep your singit, kilikili dry always.
  • Exercise daily to maintain hormone-balanced body and healthy immune system.
  • Take Vitamin C or eat fruits daily.
  • Scrub once in a while to eliminate dead skin cells
  • Use mild soaps like Olay Age-defying (imported) when you shower
  • Moisturize when you need to moisturize
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing

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Leave your comments and share your tips or share your experience if you have tried anything from the article.

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  1. Hi. I just wanna ask if its effective to use glutamax lalo na if my underarms have chicken skin. Nakakainis lang kase tingnan. You see, nagpapluck ako dati pero naiinis ako gamitin coz matagal so nagshave ako then nakkapal naman sya ng hair tapos i tried waxing din kaso di rin sya natatanggal agad. Ang masakit so nagpluck uli ako dun ko na napansin na medj nagdadark na sya but not really dark. Di lang sya pantay sa skin ko then may mga dots na din sa tinutubuan ng hair. Tas yung chicken skin nga para nagrough tuloy sya. Tas yung butlig na tinutubuan ng hair nagiging dark. I wonder if dahil lang sa hair yon. What dou you think i should do. Natakot din kasi ako gumamit ng kahit ano baka umitim yung kili kili ko. Thanks

    • Wag kana mag pluck and wax girl, nakaka-iritate ng skin ang plucking and waxing. Plucking and waxing will open your pores kaya machichicken skin din. Just shave nalang.

  2. Hellow.. i have a problem pagdating sa underams and singit ko.. nag gumagamit na ako ng lemon. Wala padn.. pag hnd naman ako gagamit ng anti perspirant nangangamoy at masyadong pawisin ako. I take a bath twice a day in the morning and before i sleep. Wala naman akong problema sa pag lilinis sa katawan pero hnd ko talaga matanggal tanggal tong maiitim na parte ng katawan ko.. 🙁 pls help.. nag start syang umitim nung elemetrary ako.. ngaun i’m 22 years old.. napakaburden para sakin hnd ko masuot ang mga gusto kong damit.. 🙁

  3. How about s 4yrs na bata po..ano po ang very effective n pampaputi pra s singit at kilikila nila…hoping na sana meron po s inyo nakakaalam..plllllleeeeeeeaaaase..thank u in advance..please

      • Problema ko po talaga yung sa singit napansin ko kase nangingitim sya malinis naman ako sa katawan. Gumagamit na rin ako ng kalamansi pero wala padin then ang problema kopo lagi nagpapawis bandang baba po kaya ang hirap paputiin ano po kaya pwede gamitin na effective po?

        • Let it dry lang always and use gentle lotion like Johnson’s or Vaseline yung hindi masyado mabango coz di na gentle lotion pag mabangong mabango. The more na basa or moist ang singit mo, the more na iitim so let if dry lang always

  4. Hello Ms Fhel BTW I love your blog about stocks and I’m an avid follower and is get good results by following your stock tips. What are your opinion on glutamax underarm whitening cream? Is it effective? Or is using the soap better in giving positive results. Thanks!

    • Hi, thanks for the visit. Glutamax soap was effective and I mentioned in the article how I used it. I think the cream is effective, too though more expensive.

  5. Is it normal po ba na maitim ang kilikili ng isang lalaki? Tulad ng sakin,nagshave din ako once or maybe twice kase sabi po ng magulang ko,kaya daw po nagkakabody odor ay dahil sa bacteria sa buhok nun.
    Ano po ba dapat kong gawin,gusto ko sana magsuot ng mga muscle fit na damit,kasi nahihilig na din po ako sa mga sports.Ano po pwede nyong irecommend na mas mabilis na pampaputi ng kilikili at safe?

    • Tyaka is it normal po ba kung dalawang hair ang nasa iisang follicle ng UA.
      Ganun po kase ung sa akin,Ano po ang dapat kong gawin ? 17 yrs/old palang po ako at nahihiya po akong magsuot ng mga sando at muscle fit na damit kapag naglalaro e.

  6. Pwede po ba sa 14 years old ang gumamit ng Glutamax? Effective po ba ‘yon para sa age na katulad ko? Reply po please.

  7. Morena po ako pero yung kili kili ko sobrang itim po. Pati na rin yung singit ko. Pumuputi yung kili kili ko pag walang hair pero pag tumubo na yung hair maitim nanaman tapos po para ng cactus yung itsura ng kili kili ko pagtapos ko magbunot ng hair and ang masama pa may mga mark na rin kili kili ko. Pwede ko po bang gawing primer soap sa buong katawan yung glutamax? As in yun na po yung gagawin kong permanent soap sa katawan. Safe pa rin po ba yun? Kahit pa magbuntis akoin the near future? I badly need your reply please. Wala po akong pambili ng mahal na pampaputi ng kili kili ko.

  8. Hi. Good thing I’ve read your article! 🙂
    Is it really effective to use the Glutamax soap? I’m using flawlessly U *extract soap lately*. Is it okay if I change the soap I’m using? I have a fair skin and the soap I’m using maintains my fair skin but I still want a fairer skin. Can Glutamax remove my scars as soon as possible?

  9. One of my friend recommended Qraa Underarm Whitening Cream for whitening my dark underarms .
    . Within 10 days of use there were visible results . Thanks Qraa Team for such amazing products.

  10. ano po ba dpat kung gamitin 18 yearsold napo ako pero di po pantay balat ko mas maputi po yong ktawan tapos maitim po yong face ko help naman po tnx 🙁

  11. ate fehl? pwede ba yung mosbeau placenta for 16 y/o? Cause I really really have dark elbows and knees and I hate it! help me please

    • You’re still young, taking meds internally is not recommended as our body develops more when we’re young. Appreciate your beauty 🙂

  12. ask ko lng po maputi naman po ak tapos yung underarm ko lang po tlga ung medyo maitim kasi yun nga po nag sshave and plucking ako si ate ksi 🙁 ano po ung pwede kong gamitin? bka po ksi pag gumamit pa ko ng glutamax na soap sumobrangm puti na ko

  13. Hi po ang itim po kse tlaga ng underarms ko at singit ko simula nung nag buntis ako at hanggang sa maka panganak!!ano po dapat gawin or gamitim!plsss po reply.thankd!

  14. hi ms. fehl, maitim na ung kilikili ko before, tapos ngayong preggy ako, lalo nangitim, may suggestions ba kayo na products pwede pampaputi ng UA safe for pregnant and lactating moms? thank you in advance.


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