How to become a Millionaire in the Philippines in 5 Years

Can a Taho vendor become a millionaire in just saving P2000? Can a regular employee who earns 10,000 to 15,000 a month become a millionaire in 10 years? Can you earn 5 million pesos in 5 years? The answer to each question is YES. Take note networking and is not involved on this. I’m gonna share about becoming a millionaire here by investing in stocks using the Peso-Cost-Averaging method. There are other ways to earn millions but I’m NOT gonna talk about the ‘others’ here.

How to become a millionaire in the stock market?

Why invest in stocks?

Yes, invest not trade. There’s a difference between the two. I’m talking about investing in stocks for a long term here. Like 10 years or more. Trade is buying and selling stocks in a day or few. Investing involves long term. If you will be investing in stocks every month for let’s say 10 years, you’ll surely accumulate millions of pesos because your fund will grow through capital appreciation and dividends.

To understand it better, imagine you have an apple seed and you will plant it now. After many years, the seed will become a tree and will bear fruits. It will extend more branches and bear more fruits year by year. Soon you can have thousand of apple trees. Imagine the profit you have earned after few years. Time is money.

time is money

To understand it more, speaking of Apple, do you know the stock price per share of Apple before iphone came along on June 2007? It was around $200. Now (March 2013) it’s around $444 and it was even around $750 at some point last year 2012. If you had hundreds of share and you do the math, you gained so much.

This kid has an ipad and wants some more....

This kid has an ipad and wants some more….

To get it even better, for example you became one of the major stockholders of Jollibee and owns now 10% of capital and Jollibee was worth 2 billion that time. After 10 years, it expanded globally and now worth 20 billion. Hey, remember you own 10%?  That’s 2 billion now. That’s just an example. See the stock chart of JFC (Jollibee Foods Corporation) below

stock chart jollibee

JFC Stock Chart (5 Years) taken from Bloomberg

Ok, I’m just trying to make a point there. Time is the most precious asset and choosing the right company to invest with is so important to earn profit in the future. Don’t just invest, be part of a huge company which will obviously be here after 10 years or more.

Another example why time is money:

sss gsis retirement

Why do we contribute to the SSS or GSIS every month? Simply because to have a generous retirement fund in the future. The more years of contributions, the more our pension would accumulate. It’s kinda same thing with investment earnings through compound interest. As Einstein said,

compound interest is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.

In pension, age is a big factor because your pension will be computed based on your CYS (creditable year of service) and some other factors like monthly salary or contributions.

So time value of money makes sense there right? The earlier you started investing, the more you will receive in the future. If you still can’t understand it, I suggest have a short break and indulge with Jollibee hot-fudge sundae. It makes my brain work well…perhaps it could do the same somehow. Besides, I have stocks at Jollibee (smiles).

Why Peso-Cost-Averaging?

  • Because you don’t have to monitor the market constantly and you’re not an expert
  • Because it’s not too risky
  • Because reality is – trading in the stockmarket is dangerous. One day, economic growth could be amazing; the other day there could be crisis. In order to avoid losing your money and risking it, choose investing in stocks by using the Money-Cost-Averaging method. We call it peso-cost-averaging here since peso is our currency.

PCA involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals over a long period of time. Example, you set aside a portion of your income, let’s say P5000 every month in a period of 10 years. You use that P5000 to buy stocks from a certain company that you believe will still be performing well after so many years. Companies like:

Ayala Land, Inc.

SM Prime Holdings, Inc.




and many more. Choosing the right company is so important. Make sure you practice buying your stocks regularly from the chosen company regardless of the stock price. Choosing the right company will give you high returns in the future.

peso cost averaging method stock market

This graph demonstrates how peso cost averaging works. Whatever the status of the economy, whether stocks price are high or low, buy still and keep practicing the PCA, you will profit anyway.

2 Ways to Invest in Stocks using the Peso-cost-averaging Method

Via online broker

Nowadays, we don’t have to call someone to invest or buy stocks from companies participating at the Philippine Stock Exchange. We can do everything online. Just choose your Online Broker and open an account with them. It’s so easy and much convenient. See the accredited online brokers in this page. BPI and COL are one of the well known brokers. Choose their Easy Investment Programs that use Peso Cost Averaging or if you want, just open an account and practice the method yourself.

Via UITF Equity Fund or Mutual Fund in Equity

Some banks like BDO offer Easy Investment Plan through UITF Equity Fund. That kind of UITF involves stocks. With this route, your investment is handled by a fund manager which monitors everything. They are experts and professional fund manager meaning they are already familiar with the economy and the market.  They have their smart strategies for good results. Holding companies are also very good. You can always see your Equity Fund Performance Report every quarter anytime.

Mutual Fund in Equity is also another way to invest in stocks as it also focus on stocks. Know more how to invest in mutual funds in the Philippines.

Now answering the questions one by one:

Can a Taho vendor become a millionaire in just saving P2000?

taho vendor millionaire

Let’s say a Taho seller earns P300 a day and he works 26 days a month. That will give him 7,800 a month. And he may have a family to feed and support so let’s say he could just save 2,000 a month. If he could invest his 6,000 every 3 months regularly for 20 years, our Taho seller can surely have approximately 5 million or less. Since some online brokers require minimum of 5,000, he could just invest 6,000 in the stockmarket every 3 months and practice that up to 20 years. So the answer is YES. If you don’t believe me, you better read Bo Sanchez and learn the ways how her maids invest in the stock market.

Can a regular employee who earns 10,000 to 15,000 a month become a millionaire in 10 years?

Let’s say your salary ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 a month. You less your expenses, maybe 5,000 will remain. If you are a shopaholic, please stop reading this. If you love buying the latest gadgets and just earn this salary range, please forget about this. If you are not really serious in saving money and are not disciplined enough, just try something else. Literally, 5,000 a month for 10 years would give you 600,000 if you save them on hand. If you save them in a bank, they would earn interest but that is not much. If you want to earn millions out of it, invest your 5000 a month in the stock market. If the Taho vendor earned less than 5 million from his investment, what more you? :) So the answer is YES. Take note, time is money. If you want to earn more millions, extend your target period from 10 years to 15 years or more.

how to become a millionaire in the philippines in 5 years

Can you earn 5 million pesos in 5 years?

I assume now you know the concept of this thread. I assume you are not a Taho vendor and you are earning more or double or triple of those salary ranges discussed before. Maybe you are an OFW so your salary when converted to pesos will amount to hundred of thousand every month. 5 million pesos in 5 years is so possible for you then. If you will still try the PCA method 40,000 every month for 5 years could give you close amount to 5 million. But then again, I expect you are earning more than the average bracket mentioned before so hey, I’m sure you know other channels on how to get your millions in just a short time – not just thru stocks but also thru business, interest income, trust funds and other vehicles.

investment stocks computation sample

Assuming the examples above grow by 10% per year. This is only an example.

How to become a millionaire in the Philippines for one year?

That question is easy for you to answer now.


  • The earlier you invest, the more money you will earn in the long run
  • Time is gold and time is money.
  • The key to Peso Cost Averaging technique is choosing the right company where you will buy stocks, choosing to invest long term and following your chosen time and amount to invest regularly.

Remember, money is not everything. There are far more important things than money – love, friendship, health and faith in God. Have all of them and you would be happy a billion ways. – Fehl


        • Marifel Dungo says

          Hi there. If you read the article, you can either invest in stocks directly by having an online broker or by being an investor of Equity Funds because they focus on stocks. If you’re gonna choose online broker, it is important that it is accredited by the PSE. See the list of acceptable online brokers on the link I provided in the article above. Also it is important that you have basic knowledge in stock trading and stock market. If you’re gonna choose investing in Equity Funds, there are funds available on local banks here like BDO, Metrobank, BPI etc. All you have to do is open an account UITF Equity Fund or Mutual Fund in Equity Fund. This option doesn’t need you lots of expertise in knowing stock trading because the fund manager do the tasks or strategies.

          • rayden says

            hi fel,..just want to ask if ever i open an account whether its trading or long term investment, how can i convert my account into cash or sale the shares that i have?in case i want to change stop on investing stock?…tnx for the article,..

          • Marifel Dungo says

            If you sold your shares, they will reflect on your account and portfolio. You can link your bank account so your proceeds will be credited on your bank account hence you can withdraw them. Everything can easily be done and everything is safe as long as your online broker account/trading account is accredited by the PSE.

          • rayden says

            tnx again fel, i hav another question. since my job is contractual, and it might not be possible for a continous payment monthly, is there any chance that i can make an adavance mode of payment, lets say for a 2 yrs or 3 yrs.? and in case i want to sell my shares, is there any specific length of time before it can be sold and link it to my account?are there any deductions on the side of the broker, like commisions or something.?

          • Marifel Dungo says

            You can also invest in one-time (single payment) not using the PCA or per month strategy. You can either do that on trading directly in the stock market or investing in Mutual Funds and UITFs. To learn more, read our posts about them. We have separate posts on those topics here at Philpad :) Just browse under the MONEY category.

            There is no specific time as yo when you should sell or buy shares. Only an investor knows that. It’s about one’s own strategy and timing. And it all depends on your goal. Like I said, every investor has a target. As to fees, yes brokers charge small fees on different transactions. You can see them on your broker’s account. There are also small fees like redemption fees for Mutual Funds and UITFs. You are welcome to ask anything here. :) I’m happy to help the best way I can :)

          • rayden says

            Mraming salamat sa reply Ms. marifel…i’ll try to understand the best i can…appreciate ur help with beginners like me…many tnx…sna lng hindi ka mgsawa sa pagsagot…slamat

  1. says

    Wow, this is awesome, Fehl . Cheeky Girl has stocks in Apple already. She is not stupid. Stocks can be tricky and go down, as her Apple shares dipped recently, but they are still incredibly high, by recent standards. Saving and compound interest, they are a beautiful combination. And money lets the investor do many good things in the future. Time is everything.

    Well done on yet another wonderful fact laden article, Fehl :)


    • says

      Hi there beautiful lady! Wow she has stocks in Apple? I’m not surprised hehe Curly works in a Hedge Fund company and she knows a lot of stuff and people in the field of finance. She is so financially literate honey. I made this post to open the eyes of people especially Filipinos to know more about investing and building their wealth. There are a lot of people here who just depend on their savings and little pension; some even don’t have one. Many Filipinos only earn the minimum wage, but that’s not an excuse to stay like that forever.

      I hope they read the post from start to finish. :) Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments. Mwah!

  2. says

    Hi Fehl,

    My wife and I are both 48 years old now and have about a million peso in the bank sitting in the special savings account for one year now (it started as a 100k-peso monthly deposit until it grows to a million), started a US$5000 in investment fund last September 2012 with PhilAm Life and 500K-peso investment (50K-peso-a-year investment for 10 years, maturity:10 years) but have a managed fund with Pru Life UK for almost 10 years now which have an almost 4-year arrears of around 100K pesos ( the account is still ‘IN FORCE’ ). We also bought a 2-bedroom condo unit along Shaw Blvd., Pasig payable at zero-interest for 5 years which we hope to be rent out after it is finished constructing in 2015. We’re not really sure if we are doing it right. Do you think it is still a good idea to invest in stocks? We need help from people like you who knows a lot about managing investment. Can you refer us to a trustworthy one?


    • says

      I think you are so in good hands :) Philam Life has been one of the best companies for investment and insurance. It sounds like you are in the stage of your life when your kids are all stable and you and your wife are just enjoying everything. You diversify your money so well and I adore you both for that. The condo investment is a smart move too since Shaw Blvd is a business spot and the place is accessible and near to other active places in the metro. You can just use the rent income to pay the monthly dues when it’s been occupied. I know lots of people are doing that :)

      I think it’s always a good idea to invest in stocks, just make sure you pick the right companies. Trading is always dangerous so the trader needs to know more of the stock market and the economy, monitor it regularly. It’s a full time job. So I suggest just invest and just trust the strategy of your fund manager whoever that is. I honestly am no expert but the big banks in the Philippines are always reliable. Ask about their Trust and Investment products. Try BPI, Metrobank, BDO and oh PNB (because it acquired Allied recently). You can also check out their Monthly Performance Reports online to know more of their holding companies. You have tried Philam, Sun Life is also an ace. If you wanna be aggressive and love to dare something new, start to invest alone by buying stocks online from a trusted broker and just build your own portfolio. :)

      Have a fantastic day, Rey :) Thank you for sharing your experience in building your millions. :)

      • buhawi says

        it seems like visiting philpad becomes a habit whenever i try to surf over the Internet ;-)
        ms fehl, do all the companies who are listed in the PSE or any other company who offer stocks/shares give dividends? can you give an example & exact figure? for example with jolibee, how much did you get let’s say last year?
        i also have a query about my grandfather’s (still) active stock in a company (Marcventures), which i only found out a week ago. do we as grandchildren have a right on those stocks? can we claim it? thanks a lot!

        • says

          Wow, I am so thankful visiting Philpad became a habit for you now. Please subscribe to us so you wont miss any of our new posts. Dividends are only given when the company decides to give them. It’s not every year though. It depends upon your stocks too. For a starter, maybe just hundreds of pesos. haha Regarding claiming of stocks, yes you can claim them if they had been given or handed on to you. You can ask your grandpa to transfer them for you too on your account so you can start trading them too.

          • buhawi says

            howdy?! ms. fehl, my grandapa already passed away more or less than 20 years ago while my dad had died on 2009… it just means that my grandpa’s stocks is approximately 20 years old. i only found out about it just recently over the Internet when i searched his name (wala lang kasi ako magawa nung time na yun hehe)..
            i think his stocks if i am not mistaken is 120. how much do you think its worth at present? how can we claim it? my father by the way has 2 sisters…

          • says

            It depends upon the company where he got his stocks. You can check the value of stocks at PSE official website or check it at some sites like Bloomberg. You can see there useful information like stock graphs daily, monthly, yearly. Company losers and gainers and other stuff like Stock Market and Financial news. Should you wish to claim it, you need them to be transferred to you or you can just ask a broker’s assistance with everything you need. If the stocks are big and the company is well known, why not keep them still and let them appreciate in value more? hehe If you wanna keep them, start to transfer them on your account. You need a broker :)

  3. ghie says

    hi, i am just wondering while reading your post. I dont have any idea how to invest stocks and everything here. i wanna try and make money on it but really not sure how to do it. pls help me. tnx

    • says

      Yes, I’ve made another post about trading stocks in the Philippine Stock Market. Check out the Related Articles at the bottom of the post. You can also subscribe to us to receive our latest posts as we will add more topics under that subject. Thank you and God bless!

  4. Kemberly says

    I have read Bo Sanchez’s book entitled: 8 secrets of the truly rich and Colayco’s book: Pera mo palaguin mo.
    Now as I embark to manage my money well I am searching for best mutual fund to invest my not so huge amount of money saved through working for months…. any suggestions??????

    • says

      I like the concept and strategies of BDO Equity Fund. Plus the companies they participate with are well known and have impressive performance. I suggest you try UITF in Equity for it involves stocks. It is so easy to apply because you apply on the bank and you can redeem then on the bank too. I also suggest you must have a target period when you will redeem your money. Don’t be too greedy. Try 6 months at your first time or if you are more aggressive, try a year. If you want more, try 3 years :) Anyway, the stockmarket has been doing very well now. Try 6 months at first :)

      I opened an Equity Fund account. I’m gonna make a post about it here soon. I hope to see you there :) God bless!

  5. aya baltazar says


    had a great time reading your post, much easier to understand :)

    ma’am, im still troubled with some questions in my mind…. hope you can help me… it posible to lose all your invested money in MF or UITF(and you cant get kahit single penny sa ininvest)? or the worst thing could happen lang ay hindi kumita yung money?

    2. Yung sample nyo po above? Monthly investmest of 5ooo for 10 and more years and become a millionaire…. Sa MF po ba yun or UITF? kasi, parang nakikita ko po , 1 , 3, and 5 years lang usually yung may percentage sa mga MF and UITF?

    3. PCA… applicable lang po ba ito sa UITF? how about sa MF

    4. Bakit po mas mahal ang unit sa sa UITF kesa sa MF? ex 6 pesos sa MF tapos sa UITF 3oo plus na po value ng isang unit

    5.for equity fund po ba, ako ang pipili kung san ko like ibili ung money? or bahala na po yung fund manager kung sang company nya like invest yung money ko

    6.. if i will start investing 5000 per month for 10 years by investing it UITF (without widrawal) will give me millions in the long run? tama po ba?

    hope you still have time to answer my querries to enlighten me… Thank you in advance ma’am Godbless

    • says

      Hello there. I’m glad you like the article here. I’ve just shared the concept of how to be a millionaire by investing stocks. Here are my answers to your questions. These are just my insights :)

      1. Investing can incur profit and loss however to Mutual Funds and UITF, it is less likely to happen to go bankrupt because as an investor for sure you choose the proven companies with great track records. Fund managers are experts and they monitor the market and the economy. There may be crisis every now and then, but as an investor, you invest anyway. :) The secret is to invest to proven companies where they will exist rain or shine.

      2. My sample from that you were referring was investing in stocks, assuming you invest to big and well performing companies and assuming it grows by 10% per year

      3. You can apply the PCA method on UITF and MF offering easy investment plans.

      4. It depends upon the Fund. See their historical graph so you know how they appreciate and depreciate in value. Look for the fund performance in Bloomberg or the PSE

      5. Yes, the fund managers do that task. As an investor, you should know what, why and how things work. So it’s important you check about the fund itself and their past performance reports. Those reports are available online or you can ask your fund manager. From those reports, you can know the strategies, graphs, and participating companies where your money is invested.

      6. You are investing and trading, not saving. Meaning, there is no guarantee. However, choosing the right companies to trade with can really give you that profit. If you’ll choose UITF, there are many kinds of them. I just gave Equity Fund as an example because the topic was about STOCKS.

      I hope you find this useful. What can I advice is, investing and trading can really provide wealth and profit however you must have 3 things aside from money: basic knowledge, risk tolerance and target time as to when you will redeem your fund or sell your stocks. Don’t be afraid to invest and don’t be greedy too.

  6. Girlie says

    hi Fehl, first time kong nakapagbasa ng tungkol sa investment, cost-averaging, mutual funds and UITF na naintindihan ko. you did great in showing examples, and it was more effective with “images”. even the thread of question and answers are helpful in building knowledge about investing. I would like to start investing next month with BDO UITF, that is my first choice and I am glad that you have also tried it. my questions are:

    1. for example i am investing via UITF with BDO on a monthly basis, say 5000/month for 3 years, and i failed to deposit once, or twice, what will happen to my investment? is there any penalty?
    2. is it possible to withdraw your investment in case of emergency? what are the risks?
    3. first time ko p lang mag-iinvest, and syempre may takot din ako, so i would like to ask: wala bang insurance ang peso-cost averaging?

    Thanks so much Fehl, i’ll wait for your reply. =) God bless!

    • says

      Hi, Girlie :) I’m so glad you find this article so useful. Yup, I’ve opened UITF EIP from BDO last Feb. and I’ll open one again of their Equity Fund (not EIP) this June. For your questions here, these are my replies:
      1. Right now, that’s called EIP (Easy Investment Plan) as you can invest monthly. You don’t need to deposit personally to the bank for your monthly investment because the money will be debited automatically. It’s ADA, auto debit arrangement so you cannot miss a thing. All you need to do is make sure you have enough funds in the savings/checking/or payroll account you maintained that is tied to your UITF account.
      2. You can withdraw/redeem your funds anytime but make sure not before the holding period unless you want to pay early redemption fee. Always check the NAVPU so you know if you incur profit or loss upon redemption. NAVPU is available on BDO’s website.
      3. Not that I know of. In investment, unlike savings, you may win huge money or lose some. Nobody really knows what the economy and companies will be. It’s always risky. You must be brave and patient.

      • Girlie says

        hi Fehl,
        wow, ang bilis mong mag-reply. i like it… i have read your blog about the procedure in opening your UITF account with BDO. maybe i’ll try the EIP first, testing muna… parang learning while experiencing. then next year when my finances are a little more stable, siguro mag-e-explore ako ng iba, pwede namang marami at iba-ibang UITF diba? basta kayang pondohan. thanks ulit, ha. sana lagi kang available to answer our questions, you’re so nice. =)

        • says

          Hello again Girlie :) I try to reply even things get busy… It’s a way of thanking you guys for always reading my posts here. I’m glad you will try UITF in Equity. I believe in it so much so I’m planning to maintain the EIP for 5 years. I know it would give me more than SSS or other retirement benefits as it is involved with stocks. UITF in Equity Fund and Mutual Fund are advisable to be long term anyway :) Cheers! Yup, pwedi madami as long as you can maintain them and don’t forget about the risk. I’m gonna post about Mutual Funds and UITF more in the coming days. See you there! :) Have a nice day, sis!

  7. Ren says

    Hi Ms.Fehl! You wrote a very good article. It opened up a lot of minds when in comes to financial literacy. I’ve thought a long time ago to invest my money in the stock market but I don’t know how to start. I really don’t have a clue what to do first to invest my money. I’m still a student now but I can save up my money to buy a stock. I hope you direct me in some way Ms.Fehl. A response would be appreciated and very helpful for me. Thank you.

    • says

      If you read my article about “How to Buy, Sell and Trade Stocks in the Philippines Stock Exchange/Market” you would know some idea. I think I’m gonna make another post about it here soon for beginners as there are lots of queries like yours :) And I’ll do my best to make it easier for y’all to understand. I hope I’ll see you there soon. In the mean time, read my post under the MONEY category so you can learn more. Thank you and God bless :)

  8. Henry says

    Hi Ms. Fehl! Much as I want to invest I cannot since I do not know the workarounds of the business world and of the stock market. Well not until I read your article. I have a question though, if for example my initial investment in a certain company is P5,000.00. Does that mean that I have to pay the company P5,000.00 every month until I sell the stock I own? Or can I just pay P5,000.00 and come back say after 10 years? I don’t know if once I own a certain stock I’ll have a monthly/yearly obligation to pay the company. You see I’m still in my second year of med school, so my only source of money is my monthly allowance. if ever I could only pay P5,000 every 8 months or so, depending on my expenditures. I hope you could help me with my dilemma.

    • says

      Hi Henry :) Thank you for the great comments here! If you choose the PCA or EIP in investing in stocks, investing 5000 is not required every month although it is recommended you continuously do it to let the PCA work for you. Investing is not an obligation, it is an opportunity. You are not required or obliged to invest an amount every now and then but it would be smart and wise to know how and where you put your money. If you will invest 5000 every month in a blue-chip company or well proven company in 3 years then stopped, your stocks are all yours and you can do anything you want. After 5 years or so, you can see they have increased their value so you may sell them. In investing you should have 3 things – knowledge of the thing you are getting into, time (as to when you will buy or sell) and money.

        • says

          There are many ways to invest money – through stocks, UITFs, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and etc. If you chose stocks, you have to know the basic knowledge about it before you invest. I suggest you open an EIP account in Col Financial or BPI once you are ready. Then experience would teach you more. :)

          • al says

            read books first :) knowledge is power. ms fhel might give you insights which company you’ll invest with but u MUST know how to position yourself. information is important too. about the company you’re going to invest witt might as well the track record of the company. i suggest you buy books. or watch online. :)

          • says

            Investing is a serious business. It needs a mountain of knowledge and experience to start one. I’m glad to share something about the concepts to encourage everyone it’s not that scary to invest. Thanks for your tips. God bless :)

          • al says

            agree :) what is scary is the lack of knowledge. hey madeloiselle thanks for this site :D honestly most of the site that ive been reading is not that applicable in our country :D glad you started this one. tip: try mining industry guys :P

          • says

            It’s a pleasure. :) We live to learn and learn to live :) Mining companies are interesting too since they are only few. :) Have a great day AJ!

          • al says

            gotta good news for seaker of short term higher yielding investment aside from banks. :) our gov’t have issued a 20b T-BILLS. effective on aug 5 2013. you guys can start buying them now :)

          • Rey says

            Please Advise which 3 stocks should i acquire for long term, 10 yrs putting money and additional 10 yrs to grow my money.

          • ymonpaulo says

            i have questions,

            1. can i invest in stock market one time only. like 5000pesos this 2013, and then 5000 again in the succeeding years?

            2. then for instance i invest in stock continuous consecutive months for 5 years, lets say 5000pesos per month, can i get back my share including the interest or dividends in cash?

          • al says

            in response to question # 1. yes. you can do that. you see stocks is like putting your money into a bank. the difference is stocks will give you limitless possibilities of earning (not like most banks which offers you .25% only) . the down fall is: you might lose all your money (but the good news is: you can buy books on how to invest PROPERLY) :)

            for question#2 you can have your money back. if you didnt lose ha :D

            hey miss fhel i suggest you have a chat box for this site :D

          • says

            1. Sure you can invest whenever you want to as long as you have the fund and you know what you’re doing.
            2. You have the full control in your shares and funds if you have an account and you have the control too when you want to redeem your fund. You can sell your stocks at the time you already want them to. If you are eligible for dividends, you can get them too.

  9. Jessica says

    Hi fehl. Im jessica, 23 y/o, I wanna start to buy a stock in. Jolibee or SM PRIME HOLDINGS INC. Currently I’m in Los Angeles, and I wonder if how can I buy stock online andhow can I monitor it. Can you recommend things that I need to do? I am so grateful that I found your blogs about investing and I wanna try it as soon as possible. Its inspire me to try investing while I’m reading your post and its always better to have back up plans for the future, working alone are sometimes not good enough specially if your helping your family. And can you help me to pick a great companies to invest with? Or to buy a stock? Its gonna be my first time trying this things so I will need your help. ;) thank you so much…

    • says

      Yes, we shouldn’t put our eggs in just one basket. Diversification and wise spending are good keys in building wealth. Yes, you can invest and buy stocks online by opening an account to accredited online brokers. I have also posted the list of accredited brokers here in philpad. Just see them in the MONEY category. These brokers allow foreigners too. If you are not in the Philippines, I think you can still open an account by providing them the requirements. I suggest you choose an online broker now and contact their support as they know the complete requirements and conditions if you are abroad. They will be happy to assist you. If you will go home in the Philippines that is much recommended too so you can sign papers and fund your account easily. If it’s hard for you to open an account while you’re in LA, you can ask a family member or relative (you trust) here in the Philippines to process things on your behalf maybe.

      There is also another way (alternative) to invest in stocks. It’s through Equity Funds. Mutual Funds and UITFs in Equity Funds are purely in stocks. So you can try them too while you still learn about directly trading in the stock market. In MF and UITF, you don’t need to monitor and choose the companies you will invest stocks with as these funds are already managed by experts (fund managers). Their performance I could say are safer and produce higher returns since you don’t need to be confused and monitor things anymore. Maintaining an account long term (3 years or 5 years) could give you much profit. In millions if you really invest that good. Oh sorry my reply went so long here. LOL I’ll put more post about UITF and Mutual Funds here soon. Thank you for reading. I’m glad to share useful stuff here. :) Mabuhay!

      • Jessica says

        I will be happy to read your post ;) even if how long they will be… ;) I’m so grateful to you because your helping us “newbie” in this investment stuff. And your helping us so much. Thank you for sharing your ideas… I’m jut a bit late reading your post cause I just went for my vacation there in the Philippines a month ago… and I’ve been there for 2 months. O well but its never too late to invest. ;) I will try all your recommendations while I’m starting and learning. Thanks a lot… god bless you fehl for doing a good deeds for us.

  10. says


    I just recently got employed as office staff. I didn’t sign any contract but I’m currently on a minimum wage of 10k net monthly income. I’m just renting a house along with a friend for 2k/month. Our house is walking distance to the office so fare is not part of my budget.

    On my case, will I be able to save enough money for investment. I’m planning on signing up to BPI trade EIP or COL financial EIP. I’m quite worried since my job is not permanent. I want to save and invest money for future and establish even a small business of my own. I’m not really sure where can I start. I’ve been reading about stocks for a year now, still I’m quite scared.

  11. Coco says

    Hi tanong ko lang po sana kung may tagalog site kayo na pede tumulong para makapag-invest kasi madami tayong mga kababayan na mahina sa wikang ingles.. Para po mas maintindihan ng ating mga kababayan. Salamat po… -coco

    • says

      I honestly wanna do one someday pero la pa budget as of now. Creating a website is not that simple. I hope you still learn from my articles here. I try to use simple English as much as possible. Thank you :)

  12. nong l says

    kung meroon akong usd2000/monthly investible fund for 3yrs, saan ko pwede i invest sa pilipinas.. usd ba o peso investment accounts… ty

    • says

      You can try Mutual Fund or Trust Fund. It also depends upon your risk level. Are you aggressive or conservative… If you’re in the Philippines, I choose peso account coz it’s easier to monitor though the dollar is doing good these days.

  13. says

    First of all, i want to thank you for the information you’ve been posting here in the internet. It’s the only source without complexity that I could find in the web to learn how to invest particularly in the Philippines and the reason why it is important. If olny I had knew about compound interest when i was in my childhood, my working years in my entire life would be cut in half. Well anyway i’m only 22 and its not yet too late to start investing. I’m working here in abroad but with only a small amount of salary but that would change soon! :) I’m currently in the road of changing my lifestyle by nourishing my self with a positive mind set. And for the change, i would like to make my hard earned cash to work for me. I’m sick of my money always controlling me. So tell me, if I started with a small base amount to a mutual fund, let’s say P10,000.00 then i will deposit a regular amount of P5,000.00 per month, can I increase my base amount and my monthly regular deposit after several months when I got a better paying job?

  14. Tina says

    Hi, Fehl.

    Nice to read your articles. Understand the we could enjoy the earnings of our investment from mutual funds once we redeem them of course. I’m 42 now. I have an equity fund since 2010 for my retirement plan. You’ve mentioned not to be greedy. If I redeem my investment after 3 years what do you suggest I do next? Re-invest?

    Upon my retirement, I wish to “live on interest” from my investments as this will be my only source of monthly income by that time. Could you share your insights how I could do this with mutual funds?

    Thanks a lot!

  15. Marlowie Tiong says


    I have this question, what if majority of the people invest on a particular well known company -is there a downside if the investors are not equally or at least fairly divided with the stock market? Because if not, maybe it is always an option to invest on this companies rather risk your money on a new comer or not so familiar company, if no one invest on them they could not work well in the industry.

    • says

      There is always downside and upside in investing since there is always risk. It’s like a big ocean – you decide if you swim, dive or float or even ride a boat or maybe a ship. It may be safe to invest with big companies but then investing with a new comer could make you big time too. Like those penny stocks for example, some risk takers buy them because they only cost a penny but one day unexpectedly they cost a hundred. That makes one an instant millionaire.

  16. Rey says

    Dear Mam,

    Can you help me to choose 3 companies (stock) for long term. 10 yrs putting money every month, then additional 10 yrs to let the money grow.


  17. ymonpaulo says

    hi… i just wanna ask for instance i invested 5000pesos continuously every month in 5 years.. and my share grew for 5million pesos.. is it encashable? or should i sell my share first before i get money?

    • says

      Yes your shares will be converted to cash if you trade and sell them. Even if they are not yet cash doesn’t mean they are not part of your equity ;)

  18. al says

    if i may :) i suggest you guys extend effort in studying the flow of our stock market :) it is fun to do and the fulfillment is priceless. :) happy investing!

  19. al says

    owel your call :D you can set the chat box naman :D anyway, i’ll start playing forex this week. hope you’ll have a blog regarthing that too.

    • says

      I did a page about forex somewhere else then I deleted the thing to update it more but I misplaced it. I’ll try to find it and post it here soon. Forex is another money wheel like stocks. It’s too volatile :) How’s your experience with it?

      • al says

        none so far. i’ll open an account palang. prolly tomorrow. depends on my sched :D but ill do it this week. since i have no experience yet i did some research about it. what i found out is that 95% of traders lose money. 4% successful and 1% earns really good. i agree that it is too volatile but i’ll try it anyway :D i think forex is all about INFORMATION. i love forecasting :D i hope you can find your forex blog :D might get info and ideas hehehe have you invested in tbills?

        • says

          I don’t do forex online. I do it manually hehe. Sometimes I keep hundred of dollars and wait for the time when the exchange rate increased by 3-4 pesos per dollar. I earn only few thousands though. It’s not too much but it’s fun. It really takes a long time if you’re only taking few hundred of dollars. I think if the money you exchange is 5 digits or more, Forex would be so cool. :p Treasury bills are cool and safer since they are fixed and issued by the government. I’ll be trying it in 6 months time after the official offer from PNB. Any suggestion about T-bills?

          • al says

            oh so you buy dollars then exchange it? hhehehe i think that is risky haha. good thing about that is you still have your dollar (regardless of the value) anyway in forex we talk about dollars against other know foreign currency (eg. yen, brit pounds, australian dollar etc.) im excited to do it actually, i might start with e few hundred dollars. i want to get to know it first :D about t-bills, well they are the most secured money making investment (they’ll print you money if they cant pay you :D). since you transact you with the govt. is is actually a question of HOW MUCH money can you invest. for example: you buy a 3 month t-bills at 5000. Essentially, our government (and its nearly bulletproof credit rating) writes you an IOU for 5,162.50 that it agrees to pay back in three months. In this case, the T-bill pays a 3.25% interest rate (162.50/5000 = 3.25%) over a three-month period. :D so lets say you have a 500,000 the government will pay you 516,250.00 not much earning right? but the best thing about t-bills is actually the assurance that your investment will earn assured interest. (its our government, yehey!) besides it is better than lending money to the banks (you dont save in the bank. you lend them your money :D).

          • says

            I don’t buy dollars, I receive/earn them so I just keep them and wait until the exchange rate in dollar to peso satisfies me. There are some Dollar High-Yield time deposits from banks here but I prefer my personal management hehe :p I agree with you about T-bills. Less risky and advance interest income is cool. :p Will surely try it soon. :)

          • al says

            high-yield time deposit but the problem is the exchange rate (you cant withdraw your dollar if its in time deposit :D) if the rate goes up good for you :D if not :D you pray hahaha. anyway, i have an account it forex already :D ill just try the virtual money first. wish me luck :D

  20. jameson says

    mr fehl, have you heard about manulife? is it good to invest my money there? please give me an advise before i start to invest my money.

  21. Jun Aguelo says

    Is COL Financial will require you to at least 5000 PER MONTH to buy worth of stocks?

    Because anyone can buy stocks below 2000. For example Jollibee as of of August 15, 2013 12:29 PM Last Price is Php 177.00 with the minimum board lot of 10. You can only pay as much as 1770 Pesos plus tax and commission it will not reach 2000 either.

    Thank you for answering my question.

    What I know First Metro Securities does not require a minimum amount if you have a Metrobank account.

    • says

      COL Financial has currently 3 account types: COL Starter which requires a minimum of P5000 suitable for beginners, COL Plus requires P25,000 suitable for active traders and COL Premium suitable for premier traders which requires P1 million. Each account has different features. The higher your level is, the more features you’ll have.

      For First Metro and BPI I think they require you to have an account with them and of course that account has funds already.

        • Marifel Dungo says

          For starters, I recommend Sunlife Financial Mutual Fund po. Learn the concept about Mutual Funds and UITF so you’ll know more. If you think you’re ready na po, you can invest at the stock market by trading real time po.

  22. john aaron arroyo says

    ma’am fehl, gud pm po…nalilito po kasi ko. san po ba maganda maginvest ng PCA sa UITF/EIP ng BDO, Mutual Funds, or sa COL/eip…target ko po 10 yrs and high returns…salamat po..

    • Marifel Dungo says

      It depends. If you want direct control on your account, invest personally through COL/EIP but you must know what you are doing. Stock trading is very risky. If you want easy access and don’t have effort and don’t know so much about strategies in stock investing, try UITF and Mutual Funds because they have their own fund managers. These managers are experts and will be the one who will manage your fund. You can learn more about UITF vs Mutual Fund on the related articles here at Philpad. We discussed the important concepts about them. God bless and thank you for commenting :)

  23. christian says

    Hi Fehl,

    It’s my first time to invest in UITF – BDO. I just want suggestions where to invest best that would bring higher return among the types of UITF: BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund , BDO Peso Balanced Fund or
    BDO Equity Fund (10,000 initial investment)? Can you explain the differences of those three? Many thanks – christian

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Hi there. When it comes to Trust Funds and Mutual Funds, the higher the return = the higher the risk. Equity Fund has the highest risk among the other types. I’m making a post about the answers to your questions and hopefully, you’ll see it this week. :) I want to share a lot of details about it and the steps in opening an account on that post. In the mean time, I recommend you read our post about Mutual Funds vs UITFs – Similarities and Differences which you can find at the related articles below or by going to our MONEY category. Cheers!

  24. Derek Berry says

    What i don’t realize is actually how you are not really
    much more well-liked than you might be right now. You are so intelligent.
    You realize thus significantly relating to this subject, made me personally
    consider it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and
    men aren’t fascinated unless it’s one thing to accomplish with Lady
    gaga! Your own stuffs nice. Always maintain it up!

  25. Bryant Ledoux says

    whoah this blog is magnificent i love reading your articles.
    Keep up the good work! You know, a lot of people are searching around for this
    information, you can aid them greatly.

  26. Marlon says

    Hi Ms. Fehl,

    I am really happy to know most pinoy’s are now aware about investing. I started investing when I was 26 yrs old. Each year I follow my investing strategy by putting 200k of my savings from 2 investment vehicle UITF/ MutualFunds/T-BONDS. I want to do this up to age 55, that’s my target age retirement. I’m just an ordinary OFW currently 35yrs old. Over all I have 18 investments now, which are now increasing year by year. I also trade forex currency for about 3 years now and accumulate extra income aside from my monthly salary. I just learn that in order to be free from financial problems (rat race), do what the rich people do. I also avoid getting unwanted expenses like having new phone new car, new house, etc, which most people acquired by applying loans from the bank. I share my simple investment strategy so that ofw just like me realized the power of investment and avoid being poor when they retire from working abroad.

    God Bless,

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Hi Marlon. :) You are doing the smart way of securing your future and the future of your sons and daughters perhaps and I’m sure it would benefit their sons and daughters or the next… I salute you and other OFWs who really think about stability and security. Geez you have so many investments already. Have you tried stocks investing from international markets? Cheers! God bless!

  27. Jay-ar Abrigo says

    Hello i just want to ask if anung magandang company ang pweding mabilhan ng stocks? nasa BPI trade kasi ako kaso yung 10k na inilagay ko d ko alam kung san ko pweding ilagay di ko naman alam kung ilan kikitain ng 10k ko after one month…

  28. Joel says

    Hi i would like to ask one question. Im planning to start investing on stocks for a long term of 5 to 10 yeas.
    Im still researching and learning how it works. If a certain company’s minimum board lot is 10, is it possible just to buy a minimum board lot for a particular company for 5 or 10 years? Or do they require more shares as time goes. Thank you and more power.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      They require different board lots. everything in the stock market is unpredictable. Change is the only certain thing

  29. Juni says

    Hi Fehl,

    thanks for this website and for the sound investing advises.

    My question is – can i buy JFC stocks in the bank itself? I cannot seem to find my friend’s advise that i can buy them on metrobank online.

    I am going home next week and id like to invest my ofw hard earned money :)


    • Fehl says

      Hello Juni :) Thank you for reading. You can buy any stocks listed in the stock market here in the Phil. if you have a broker’s account. You can choose from the accredited online trading platforms in the Phil. The link is mentioned in the article above. Then you can start buying or selling stocks using your trading account/broker’s account. Yes, some banks have trading platforms. Just check out the list from the link in our article. I will post online trading account sample here soon. Take care always and welcome back to the Phil. :)

  30. jasher calma says


    Thanks for this post.. I have a question, if for example sa Mutual funds ako mag iinvest, advisable ba na naka 100% EQUITY ang fund ko? Thanks!

    • Fehl says

      Thank you for finding this helpful :) Equity Funds are the most risky and but they usually produce higher earnings / income. For funds and investment like Mutual Funds and UITFs, always put this concept in mind: - the higher the risk, the higher the earning potential. It is advisable IF the investor is aggressive and wants higher returns eventhough there’s risks involved

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