New Philhealth Contribution Table 2014

Philhealth also released memorandums for the new Philhealth Contribution Table 2014. Effective January 2014, the premiums for employed members, OFWs, self-employed or individually paying member and those members under the Sponsored program registered in the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation will be based on the list below.

It is so important for all members and their dependents and beneficiaries to know the latest and updated premiums because it’ll all benefit them.

The main reason for the increase of premium contributions for employed individuals concerns about implementing benefits and due to uproar against increase by other government fees like taxes, tolls, fees, social security contributions and the like.

Philhealth Contribution Table 2014 for Employed Members

The table below applies to the employed category membership of the NHIP. According to the memo from Philhealth,

members shall be entitled to in-patient hospital care including all case rate packages and catastrophic illness in the Case Type Z Benefit Package, out-patient coverage and othe special benefit package under the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP).”

new philhealth contribution table 2014

Philhealth Contribution Table 2014 for OFW

New premium contributions of P2,400/year applies to OFW or those under the OWP (Overseas Workers Program) applicable to Landbased OFWs, either documented or undocumented.

philhealth contribution table 2014

Members under this category can pay either P2,400 for the annual contributions or P1,200 for the 6 months contributions.

Philhealth Contribution Table for Self-employed, Individually Paying Member

  • With monthly income of P25,000 and below – P2,400/year
  • With monthly income above P25,000 – P3,600/year

All members under this category can pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Philhealth Contribution Table 2014 for the Sponsored Program Members

Sponsored members whose premium contributions are fully or partially subsidized by their sponsors such as LGUs, Private Entities, Legislators, and National Government Agencies are under this category.

  • Annual premium of P2,400 is also applied to these type of members.

According to Philhealth, all sponsored members and their beneficiaries

shall be entitled to identified in-patient hospital care (including the Z Benefit Package), out-patient care services, and other health care services provided by accredited health care centers and providers. They shall also be entitled to the No balance Billing (NBB) Policy for health care services provided by accredited government health facilities in a non-private accommodation. Likewise, they shall also be entitled to the Primary Care Benefit 1 (PCB1) Package to be provided by their accredited Primary Care Benefit Provided where they are assigned and enlisted.”

Those health benefits sound so helpful. Health is wealth. Remember that in order to be eligible to benefits, we must always pay our premiums and avoid missing a month or months of unpaid contributions. Philhealth always require active membership and payment of premiums in availing benefits. It is always important to know our benefits and the requirements even if we are not availing them.

I hope though these premium requirements will not increase next year. They are too close to those private health insurance providers. Nonetheless, they must also increase health benefits packages and coverage.

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Do you prefer Philhealth or do you prefer other health insurance companies? Share your views darlings. :)


    • Marifel Dungo says

      You can request for it personally at Philhealth or Philhealth service centers at Robinsons or register online to have an online account of your Philhealth

      • angelo says

        Hi, I already registered on line but unable to find how to I can check my contribution summary, I was expecting like the SSS site in which you can click the menu and it will show all your contributions. TIA

          • angelo says

            Hi Fehl, thanks for the reply, I have another question please, I’m an OFW and paying i think a minimum contribution of 1,200 pesos (company pay for this) for one year, would I get a better or higher coverage if I increase my contribution out of my own pocket? can I do that?

            thanks again,

          • Fehl says

            OFWs minimum contributions is now P2,400 per year. That’s the latest, it’s no longer 1200 sad to say. Contributions are based from the current salary of the employee. If your salary increases, your contributions will too


    Good morning ask ko lang magagamit ko ba ang philhealth ko kung nag palya ako.di ko kc alam na di hinuhulugan ng ofc namin pag on board ako. isa po pala ako ofw. jan-feb 2014 eight hundred seventy five pesos. ang binayad ng ofc namanin tapos na sundan ng may-june 2014. pwede ko po bang gamitin ngayon

    • Fehl says

      Philhealth like any other insurance firm requires continues premium payments, if you missed a month, you might not be eligible for benefits.

  2. rose says

    Hello poh…pwede poh magtanong..two year na ko hindi nakakapaghulog sa philhealth ko …plwede ko pa po bng icontinuios ang pghuhulog…huhulugan ko nlng ung nkaligdaan kong taon..salamT

    • Fehl says

      Philhealth is insurance. We cannot pay the missed contributions in the past years or months. However we can resume and pay the last month and quarter, present month and the coming months.

  3. kc says

    Good evening….i have question… i started paying last april 2014 then by august i badly need their availment if i will pay from april to august.could i avail their service?if ever i can avail how much discount will i receive?

  4. ellen may says

    Hi mam gud day po ask ko lang po dati po akong ofw but now im here in the phil..ano po e continue ko po ung categoy lo as ofw or self employe nah??magbabayad kasi ako dis monday..i need to know pls reply asap

  5. mila says

    Hi, hanggang klan po b ang pgbabayad ng philhealth contribution? ito b ay tulad ng sss n my 10 days p extension?

    • Fehl says

      You can pay Philhealth contributions monthly, quarterly or annually. I prefer the annual payment coz it’s the most convenient

  6. Kat says

    Good Morning ask ko lang po yung requirements para sa new philhealth contribution table 2014. Para po sa company. Thanks

  7. ma. irine domingo says

    Gudafternun po, ask po scna ako kung halimbawang member po ako sa tarlac branch pwd po b akong mgbyad sa ibang branci para sa contribution ko?? Slmat po

  8. jewelsdane says

    hello po. Good day! My question lng po ako, last yr po ngmit q ang philhealth q, december 2013 and after dat hndi ko npo nhulugan. Pede ko p po bng hulugan ang months n wla akong hulog? Manganganak po kc ako s december2014, pede ko p po bng mgamit ang philhealth ko if mkpaghulog ako? Thanks.

    • Fehl says

      Philhealth is an insurance provider. We cannot pay the months we have missed that was so late however, we can resume and pay the present and following months. To enjoy benefits, continue paying and don’t miss a month so you can avail health benefits when you need them.

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