How I got My UK Multiple Entry Tourist Visa in One Shot

Hey guys! So here’s the post about how I got my UK multiple entry tourist visa in one shot. One shot meaning it was my first time ever applying for a UK tourist visa. Getting a visa to travel the UK is one of the most challenging as they say so I had prepared very well for it and completed every requirement needed. I did not apply until I felt confident I met all the requirements.

I always dream to visit London and some of United Kingdom’s astonishing and ancient castles and museums. UK, the land of my favorite writer J.K. Rowling (yeah I’m a Harry Potter fan) and Shakespeare, home of the One Direction, the Beatles, the Royals and the Queen and of course it is the home of my favorite person in the world.

Some parts of the UK like Northern Ireland are also known for shooting scenes from Game of Thrones (I’m also a fan), and oh seeing Scotland and its amazing Highlands.

how i got my uk multiple entry visa in one shot

Just a reminder:

The purpose of this post is just to share my personal experience to give you ideas about applying and getting a UK tourist visa successfully. Following and doing the same thing that I did does not guarantee you will get approved for a visa because every person and every visa applicant has different situation, different status and different documentation. No agency and no blogger can let your visa be approved. ONLY YOU can help yourself and only the consul can grant you a visa.

My status:

Single, self-employed, without relative or family in the UK, without any sponsor for my trip

How I got my UK Multiple Entry Tourist Visa in One Shot?

Because I wanted to get UK tourist visa in one application only, I did and I had the following below.

Have Some Travel Stamps

Before I plucked up the courage to apply for UK tourist visa, I made sure I have traveled to few countries already. A few stamps won’t hurt even if they are just Singapore, Macau and Japan. Even though my new passport was blank, I made sure my former one had some travel stamps.

Visa from a First World Country

I also wanted to have a visa from a First World country. First World countries include Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, USA and some rich and developed countries. You can also search online about the complete list of First Word countries if you want to check them out.

Have a Decent Bank Account

I worked so hard for my business to be stable to save more money. I knew traveling to the United Kingdom requires a lot of money not to mention a big bank account. The cheapest package from a travel agency I found was 3,000 USD. You would need that plus some pocket money. If you are paying for everything on your trip without any sponsor, you really need to show more proof you are financially capable and you can afford traveling to England and some parts of the UK.

Have Other Means of Income

Aside from bank certificate and bank statement, I also submitted a certificate of my stocks investment. I did this because there was a section from the UK visitor visa application form about shares of stocks. How I got the certification? No worries, you can follow the guides I shared in this article “How to Request Stock Certificate for Visa Application”

Submit Complete and Original Documents

The UK embassy requires the original documents and so I submitted the original ones except for my old passport (I submitted colored photocopies of its pages). They returned my PSA birth certificate though when they sent my visa. In my case, I submitted the following below:

  • PSA Birth Certificate (I submitted a latest one)
  • Passport
  • Old Passport with visa and travel stamps
  • Bank Statement (latest 6 months)
  • Bank Certificate
  • ITR (I submitted BIR Form 1701 since I’m self-employed with business)
  • DTI Permit (with my name and date the business started trading)
  • Mayor’s Permit (latest one)
  • Certificate of Stocks Investment
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Roundtrip Flight Reservation

I followed this visa guide:

How to Apply for UK Tourist Visa in the Philippines

There is no interview for the UK tourist visa application unless the embassy requested one for you. Submission of application is done via VFS Global. Just follow the guide (in this link) and you’re good to go.

You have nothing to worry about as long as you meet the requirements and your documents are complete and as long as you have provided honest and genuine details on your application form. The details must be consistent with the documents you are going to submit.

Other Visa Guides:

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16 thoughts on “How I got My UK Multiple Entry Tourist Visa in One Shot”

  1. Hello! any idea about the cost of expediting the issuance of a multiple-entry Standard Visit Visa good for at least 1 year? I plan on applying for one when I go for my annual leave in December. Thanks!

  2. Multiple entry pero yan po ba ung 10 year or shorter? Also pag nag apply ba specified mo ba na multiple entry ang gusto mo? Unlike sa US visa kasi isang type lang ang visitor visa (B1/B2) and it’s (almost) always multiple entry 10 year. I got my 10 year U.S. visa easily but I’m not sure kung swertehin pa ko sa UK multiple entry. Haha

    • Hi, it depends sa in-apply mong period. In my case, I only applied for standard tourist visa which is 6 months. I requested for multiple entry and they gave me multiple entry for 9 months

    • Hello ma’am, This was my first time applying for a tourist visa UK. I have my own business and I just want to know if do i need a travel history for that tourist visa UK.

    • Hi, they only returned my PSA birth certificate and my passport with the visa on it. 🙂 I had extra copies for DTI and mayors permit so it was ok for me

  3. Hello! Mam did you upload your documents online or scanned it at the visa center ? Is courier service available there? I did not buy online as i don’t have enough money anymore . Thanks

  4. Hello, I got my UK transit visa last month (November), because I had to take my baggage before I continued my flight to southeast asia from colombia. In my visa status (on my passport) it says “number of Entries: MULT” and “duration of stay: 2 days”

    What does it mean? Does it mean I can use the same transit visa for the second time next January if I want to transit through the UK airport again? and what does “duration of stay: 2 days” mean? Total 2 days (accumulated) from all of my transit time in UK airport OR i can transit up to 2 days every time I want to transit in the airport there?

  5. Hi, do you need to specify that your are applying for a Multiple entry Visa?
    I have traveled to France and Japan before as well

    • Yes, you have to indicate that you’re applying for multiple entry visa and include the reasons why, that helps 🙂

      • Hi, what will be the benefit/s of having a multiple entry visa?
        will you be required to travel to UK frequently because of it?


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